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Is there any way to lock on and hidden blade counter without switching to sword?

Altair is unstoppable when you get the hang of countering with the hidden blade.
But it only seems to work when locked on - if you're not locked on to an enemy (any enemy, not just the one you're attacking) the counter never works - is this the case?
If so, is there a way to lock on without changing weapon? The game changes to sword when I lock on, and enemies usually get to hit me a few times while I change weapons (worse, being hit cancels the weapon change animation)

bowserfan42 asked for clarification:

I didnt know you could counter with the hidden blade, can you please specify?


Emimemfan answered:

Well thats not really the case, see I had this problem too, The things I try are; to move your joystick toward the person that is trying to hit you and it should counter, also the hidden blade counter is different than the regular counter with the long or short sword, so that means you have to be very quick with the counter and that should make it work also. Hope this helps!
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cardshark1 answered:

To answer the original question, yes, you must be locked on to counter, and no, locking on to a hostile enemy will ALWAYS switch you to your sword. To give yourself time to switch back to HB, try sprinting away a short distance before locking on.
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Darkstar747 answered:

While you are locked on to an enemy just select the hidden blade and it should be selected as it shows the hidden blade animation, then you can use the counter
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