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I am having a hard time with the gentle push, any tips??

I am in the beginning of the game, please answer the question, after you get done laughing, lol.

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LittleTFan answered:

Just hold down B when walking through a crowd. You don't have to time your button presses when you want to push someone out of the way. It's the same with pickpocketing which you'll do later. Just hold down B.
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agentnnc answered:

If you're sprinting and immediately release RT and press B it will take Altair about 1/2 a second to slow down enough to gently push people.

Remember, you just have to hold it and he does it by himself. As for pickpocketing, if you're too close to the guy and hold B, he'll go to pickpocket.
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jaxter432 answered:

I had the same problem when i started the game. Just hold down the B button the whole time while passing through the crowd.
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HiimCyrus answered:

rastello lots of people had the problem when they started i did too i tried pressing once then pressign it a bunch....untill i found out u need to HOLD it :P i kicked mysef for not figureing it out sooner lol honest mistake
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