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3 Computers?

Ok, first of all, all I hear is everyone talking about two computers, Vidics and Lucys. But i found a third computer in this other room on a table with a bunch of chairs around it.I dont know how to access it. Also, i have already completed the story and i forgot to pickpocket vidic after memory block 6.I've already completed the game and i dont want to do the whole game again. I even replayed the entire memory block 6 but unfortunately, it just goes back to the end of the game when i finish it and doesnt go on with the story. :( So my main questions are 1)How do i get access to the third computer and 2)How do i access vidics computer now without restarting the entire game?


ACDCsTNT answered:

This is just an educated guess, but the reason I think you can't access the third computer in the conference room is because you haven't accessed Vidic's. All the computer's emails do is add more to the story, so anyway I don't think you can steal Vidic's code pen without restarting, that dosent stop you from unlocking any achievements is you care about that.
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