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How do I get past memory block 4?

I'm in memory block 4 and have gotten all the viewpoints and citizen rescues thus far BUT the map won't display the missions like eavesdropping or pickpocketing in spite of the view points and the fact I've made contact with the bureaus. Can someone help?

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nvanhae answered:

Just look around the city for viewpoints which may not be marked on the map (can't remember). These are marked by circling eagles. Just keep unlocking view points and eventually investigation missions should pop up on the map.

I got stuck on this too, the game isn't too clear about what to do, especially if you ignore what the bureau guys, like me >_>.
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bobbyrk answered:

If you listened to the men in the Bureau's, they tell you where to go. But, in essence, you'll need to go to a different district in a city to continue. Check the walkthroughs or search through the topics on the board to find out where you need to go.
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GatemanSP answered:

You remember those huge blue walls that would pop up in the earlier when you tried to go to the other districts of the city? Well a part of those should be down now allowing you to go explore a party of the city you could not previously.

The game won't baby sit you anymore and give you all the locations for things, so what you gotta do to get all your objectives on the mini map/radar is to climb the view points in area, most view points will have that little wooden post thing sticking out of the edge for you to crouch on.

Then having climbed the view point it will show you your other objectives and you just continue on from there.
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Arkem3 answered:

Each time you go to a city to do a different mission, you have to talk to the guy at the bureau for each assassination.
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dubsar0 answered:

I'd just sprint or free run all over the city into any grey areas on the map and watch for eagles.
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