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So what exactly is the meaning for all the writing?

After you complete the game, what does all the writing mean? and Does it have a purpose?

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1001Human answered:

That explains all the emails and symbols in the ending.
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prototype-rk answered:

I dont realy remember all the writing but if you will see reviews about it you will get your answer,thats were i got mine
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LGTX answered:

I think Ubisoft was trying to mislead us, make us think the next game would be about ninjas(There were many pagoda drawings and Japanese hieroglyphs), so I guess it's nothing important.
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grim_7 answered:

The writing is suposed to keep u thinkin and it keeps that going in to the second game giving u hints on what it means so youll have to buy the second game to find out.
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SirhcSsarg answered:

The actual writing is from the previous people that were trapped in there and used for the animus, it doesn't have any particular meaning. If you read the e-mails in the board room on the laptop it'll tell you about the previous subjects and what happened to them and why you have eagle vision.
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Jag_Killer answered:

Actually they do have a meaning if you go to the faqs tab one of the links if you scroll down to the bottom it will say wat they mean (you read from bottom right corner to top left)
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thebrutekiller answered:

Yes it has a meaning i just cant remember it and you should cheke out to see what the meaning is.
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