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What exactly is open conflict and how do you stay in it for 10 minutes? Also how do you kill 25 guards in a single fight? Before I get past 12 I either run out of guards or they rest will flee. Any tips on how to do these two?

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Lucario42 answered:

Open conflict is just blocking. Get into a fight with some gaurds and hold the block button until you get the achievement then you can ruthlessly murder the gaurds. You usually have to wait 10 minutes and don't run away or not have a weopen out and selected. It is called OPEN conflict.

For the 25 gaurds acheivement just go to Damascus's poor district, alert the gaurds, and run until you attract alot of gaurds. Kill them until 3 or 4 are left and run again until you attract more gaurds. Rinse and reapeat until you get the achievement.(Try not to run to fast and lose the gaurds and i said 3 or 4 are left because if there are less than that they will run away and you will have to start all over again)
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blink14blink15 answered:

Open conflict is just fighting, basically. i did that achievment by picking a fight with a bunch of guards, and just continually blocking. (just tape down the block button if your finger starts hurting) :)

i think i completed the 25 guards achievment doing the assassination at the funeral (take out your target last), but you could probably get it by picking a fight with a group of guards, running away without dissappearing, picking a fight with another group, etc. until you have 25 guards to contend with. (make sure you dont kill too many too quickly, or they will all run away).
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alexwuzh3ar answered:

The easyest way to get the achivmen to for the 25 gaurds in one fight is to do the second to last mission when you follow robert de sable to arsuf.
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azure_rune answered:

Whether red or yellow status, so long as the guards are chasing you, it counts as open conflict. I got it by starting a fight and climbing a high viewpoint. Just perched at the top for 10 mins.
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