Question from KageKiller245

Asked: 5 years ago

Achievement being weird?

i'm not complaining about this but at the beginning of the game i got the achievement for having a full sync bar...
How did i do that?

Additional details - 5 years ago

It was my first playthrough... did that happen to anyone else?

Additional details - 4 years ago

No, I mean i got it in the very beginning, At the tutorial.

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From: 1001Human 5 years ago

The Absolute Symbiosis achievement has several glitches, and it often gives itself to you without you even finishing the needed requirements.

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Is this your first playthrough, or have you already beaten it once and your playing through it again?

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Is the achivement where Altair and Desmond are fully syched?

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If it is, that not way too hard to get. All you do save citizens and over look viewpoints

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The synch bar at the top needs to be full in order to get absolute symbiosis, this is impossible to do unless yo find all the view points, do all the investigations and save all the citizens, if you just complete the assassinations u won''t get a ful synch bar

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But yes you will encounter glitches along the way, i got the achievment for killing 100 soldiers with the hidden blade in the tutorial so yes the game glitches

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You are supposed to get the achievement when the tutorial is completed if you got it before that it has glitched

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