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What are the different assassinations with the hidden blade?

I have found a few but sometimes I will kill some one and not know how I did that certian kill.

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I have found both of those. But there are two i cant figure out. Its when your running and you run into them killing them and then you lay them on the ground.

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an_Evil_Goat answered:

1001Human is right about all of those, but I have two to add. While standing still in front of or behind your target, hold RT and hit X. The one from behind is, by far, my favorite.
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1001Human answered:

There are around six. The first, is just hitting X in front of an unaware target, and you'll stab them quietly, and they'll die. Do the same from behind, and they'll die the same way. Now, if you hold the right trigger, run at them, and hit X, Altair will jump, and land on his target, whilst stabbing them. Do this from either side. That's four.

The last two are more tricky. You have to be climbing on the side of a building for this to work. Just climb about the equivalent of two stories up, and wait for your target to come into view, then hold the right trigger, and hit X. Altair will jump from the side of the building and kill them. You have to be low enough for this to work. The second, you have to be on a low building. Simply run at your target, and target them. When you reach the edge of the building, hit X, and Altair will jump and kill them.
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