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Reach high points?

What are the Reach high points i only know the curch and castle in acre.

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If you press select you can view the map for the City that you are in. High Points are the same as View points and are marked on the map with the symbol of an eagle. If you have just unlocked the district it is unlikely that the map will contain these markers so all you can do it get up on to the roofs of buildings and look out for tall structures which have eagles flying round them.

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When you go to each city it shows you one View Point on your map, after you climb that and synchronize (Y Button) it should show all the others in the city on your map (Back Button) and you can move the cursor over them and mark (A Button) them and they will show on your mini-map as well.

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If you go back the the church or the castle highpoint, use you eagle vison to scan the city and you will see high towers and those are the rest of the highpoints use the streets or the roof tops to reach them.

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