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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can i find templars?

I cant seem to find any templars can anyone tell me where they are???

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Well these show you flags and templars, just scroll down to the achievement and click on the map you want and it'll show you a map with dots that show their locations:

but i found this one to be more helpful as it shows images of where they are:

to be honest with you though, i suggest watching a video on YouTube like 'assassins creed damascus poor district flags & templars locations part 3' from kariookami44 the video quality's not very good but they are useful to find any that you miss

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In the kingdom and any of the cities except Masyaf. I'd use one of the links above to find their exact locations unless you enjoy roaming.

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There is exactly 30 templars in the kingdom. 10 in each cities (Damascus, Jerusalem, Acre). After the first couple of mission's when you are free to roam the Kingdom, thouroughly look EVERYWHERE or simply download a map. In the story mode when certain sections are still closed off, roughly three to four Templars are in the section you are in (Poor, Middle, and Rich). So if you play the game from the start it's pretty simple to achieve. Although on some playthroughs when you are in an encounter with a Templar city guards may interupt the battle and you'll have to re-do a battle with the templar to get the real kill.

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