Question from metal_milita101

Asked: 4 years ago

Why does this suck?

Are the other assassin creed's ne gd cuz this one is pure garbage

Additional details - 4 years ago

sounds interesting thx for the update, i think thats the game ill work towards next. Again thx

Accepted Answer

From: KID3NIGMA19989 4 years ago

I agree with u 100% metal militia but the second 1 wuz ok but there is gonna be a party where u have to find some stupid codex pages and dere all over da place and 6 of them r gonna be really hard 2 find and datz juss gonna make u wanna brake da game but however on the other hand Assassins Creed Brother hood is the best one yet and another exciting thing about Assassins Creed brotherhood is that u get to have other assassins with u on missions but u have to recruit them and they wont be able to travel around with u they will juss be able to kill multiple enemies for u so u dont alwayz have to do most of the work. Hope my advice wuz realy useful to u

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