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Asked: 5 years ago

How can you do the Head-Lock grab during combat? ?

Any information will be greatly impreciated

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From: sampj 5 years ago

The move in question is randomly generated when you perform a knife combo kill, i.e. pressing the attack button exactly when the knife makes contact. It's random however to you'll just have to keep doing those combo kills until you get it.

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I'm not sure i know what you mean. There is only one grab and thats the one where you throw the enemies. The other thing i think you could mean is one of the counter attacks you can do if you equip the hidden blade. It is harder to counter with but that might get you the attack you mean.

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If u mean the one where you break their leg then snap their neck, it's a combo kill. Equip the short blade, and time it right, it's either that or a really cool throat slit. hope it helps.

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When you got the short blade futher into the game. You use a combo-kill (Press X and right as your blade hits them press X again). and he breaks his leg (Kicks his knee in) and then you grab his head and break his neck.

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