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Anything else? 1
Assassin's Creed Must Plays? 1
Assassins creed help memo 6? 3
Can you disarm enemies in assains creed, like you can in assains creed 2? 1
Disciple of the Creed -- Do I have to start over if I assassinate a target without a full DNA bar? 2
Do i keep all my viewpoints/Saved Citizens when i reload a game? 1
Gaming after finishing story? 2
How do i find a investigation for memory block 4 ? 1
How do I get to the top of the viewpoint in the bottom corner of Acre rich? 2
How Many? 1
In AC:BH what can I do after I beat the game? 1
Informer missions in Damascus? 1
Memory Block 3 (help?) 2
Message? 3
Theres no free mode? 2
Which game came after this one? 3
Achievement Help? 4
Achievement? 2
After you beat the game? 1
Altair's chronicles? 1
Altair? 2
Alternate language or subtitles? 2
Any way to watch cutscenes over again? 1
Break legs? 2
Can I keep my weapons? 1
Can I turn off the blood? 1
Combo kills? 1
Do you get anything for collecting all the flags and killing all templars? 1
Does any one know how to unlock the achievement conversationalist.? 2
Enemy outside Masyaf? 2
Giant hole near the gate to acre? 1
Has anyone experienced a second Altair on the road to Arsuf? 3
How do i get acess to the computer? 4
How do i get on top of the creed head quarters? And is there any other cool places to climb? 1
How do i kill an enemy like a true assassin? 4
How do i shot knives? 3
How do you ride a horse? 1
How exactly do you get the Gifted Escapist achievement ? 1
How to get eagle's flight achievement????? 1
How to go into the confrence room? 1
Hunger of knowledge? 1
I am having a hard time with the gentle push, any tips?? 4
I dont get it? 1
I killed a Templar, and it didn't add to the total killed? 1
I missed 1 piece of dialog for the Conversationalist Achievement? 3
Is it possible to not get demoted? 3
Is the only time i'm able to acess arsuf is when you have to kill robert? 1
Is there any use of being able to access the confrence room? 1
Is there any video after the credits? 4
Is this supposed to happen? 1
Just wondering about conversationalist achievment? 1
Missing a finger? 1
My Situation? 1
New game or not? 1
Now what? 1
Open Conflict For 10 Mins? 4
Password to scientists computers? 1
Saveing the game on memory block 7? 5
Specifically, how can I save? 1
The writing on the wall? 2
What are the different assassinations with the hidden blade? 2
What do cutscene glitches do? 2
Where can I find the Subtitels options? 1
Who are the harassers? 1
Why does this suck? 1
Why is there a good Evil soldier??? 3

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