Question from nyghtGT

Asked: 5 years ago

Can you get the Ability useage achievements by making your allies use the abilities?

I was just wondering if you could get the achievements like "Lift Mastery" or "Sabotage Specialist" for example by making your allies use the abilities on enemies. I am a soldier so i cant learn any of those abilities, I've others characters so i could try and get these achievements but i was just wondering if i could use my allies to get the achievements.

Accepted Answer

From: Razor2664 5 years ago

No, you cannot use your allis to grind out the ability achievements. Only abilities used by Shepherd from his/her ability list will count towards the achievement. If you want all the achievements for using the abilities, you'll have to make 3 different Shepherds as the 3 different pure classes, those being: engineer, soldier, and adept.

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