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How do you open locked doors with the mini game?

I just started the game today and I just don't get it...

The mini-game to open doors where the A, B, X, Y buttons flash.

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Gamer364 answered:

You just need to press the button that flashes. You or your squad members need to have the right amount skill points in either the Decryption or Electronics skill tree (depending on what the door, container, or what ever it is and it requests) though.
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Chain_Gangsta1 answered:

In order to open locked doors, crates etc. You have to make sure you are at the right level the locked object wants, and when you are doing the mini game just concentrate. If you fail you can always use some medi-gel to bypass the security lock.

Hope this helped
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BobKaare_ answered:

Just a little addition to the answer from Chain_Gangsta1: It|s omnigel you have to use to open stuff if you fail the minigame, not medigel.
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