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I am out of medi-gels?

So i'm out of medi-gels on ferros and i cant find any (im underneath and just started fighting the huge plant thing). almost none seem to drop and i cant go back up to my ship and i have almost no health! what do i do???

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Mr_Collins answered:

If you have any medical mods for your armor, equip them to your party members and wait for them to do their job. Otherwise, be careful and save often.
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bennyboobuddy answered:

I agree with Mr.Collins his option is the only option you got other wise if pushing forwards is to tough your just SOL.
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dinodowns answered:

You should have healten regen shields.
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IronSaviour answered:

This is without a doubt the easiest way. Simply equip all your armor slots with the Medical Interface and just sit out of combat. This will let you regenerate health at a pretty good rate without the use of the Gels. This effect is stacking and can be done for all characters. This can also be done at any time when you wish to conserve medigels for a larger fight or something such as that.
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TheDrunkenHobo7 answered:

If you have low health a good way to kill the Thorian creepers is shoot them as they run up to you then melee them. they will always fall to the ground, and you can do this before they hit you. You will have to be careful of the asari though. This is just if you dont have medical interface.
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dudefish64e answered:

I had this same problem; the thorian creepers just don't seem to drop medi-gel. Here's the strategy I used to get past this part:

1: Equip either toxic seals or medical interface-type armor upgrades. If your armor has two upgrade slots, use both. The toxic seals help you if a creeper throws up on you, and the medical things make healing faster, the best substitute you have for medi-gel.

2: As soon as you see an asari clone, use damping on her to disable her biotics, and then kill her as quickly as possible.

3: Get into a position where the thorian creepers can only come at you from one side. Get out your shotgun (don't worry if you're untrained with it) and shoot them as they get close or melee them if your shotgun is overheated. Both of these knock them over, hindering their progress towards you as well as hurting them.

If you try enough times, you'll eventually make it through. Enjoy.
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