Question from RoboGamer37

Does the Infinite Money Glitch with Dr.Michel STILL work?

I saw a vid on an Infinite Money Glitch with Dr.Michel and there was one comment that said:This Glitch doesn't work anymore.

RoboGamer37 provided additional details:

Is this true?

RoboGamer37 provided additional details:

Yeah,it's patched.The sell price is less than what I bought them for.Lucky for me I saved before I did this.

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NakedSnake1964 answered:

If the glitch exists, then it should work as Bioware has never released a patch for Mass Effect for some reason.
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shadowwolf1917 answered:

Just try it for yourself, I've did it before and it works. They MAY have released a patch that keeps this from happening, but I'm not sure.
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