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Detailed Romance Guide?

This is probably asking a lot but does anyone know of a guide that discusses the romance plots more thoroughly then just a general "Conversation" chart? I know the walkthrus here have a general guide but I am on playthrough 3 and this Ashley Romance is bugging the hell out of me. Always manage to get Liara even when I basically talk neutral. If anyone understands and can help let me know. Thanks a lot.

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The "s" at the end of the last sentence is not suppose to be there. Sorry.

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Now just so we are clear, second planet as in second mission. Let's say I go get her(Liara) then I go to Feros and lastly Noveria. I don't want to talk to her after Feros right? Hopefully I got this right. Thanks for the help. Sounds like it should work this time.

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One more bit of info. I play a paragon and the guides I have read say to be diplomatic. Well paragon is not always diplomatic so if keep using paragon answer can I still continue the romance? I think last time I lost the line at the 5th convo when she talks about her grandfather

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A sure-fire way to make Ash Shepard's love interest is to not talk to Liara after the 2nd planet you have been told about (I think). This will make sure that you don't end up getting Liara as Shepard's love interest.

If you do decide to talk to her, if she tells Shepard that she hears rumors about Shepard(you) and Ash (assuming Shepard's a male), then tell her that Shepard(you) just want to be friends with her.

If you can't find a way to tell her that Shepard(you) just want to be friends, then after the 3rd planet (I think), Ash (in the case of the fact Shepard's a male) and Liara will both ask you who you like more as far as Romance is conserned. You can try to delay the choice for as long as you can, but you will have to choose between Ash and Liara in the end.

If you chose Liara over Ash or if you try to choose both, Ash will get mad at Shepard(you) and storm off. Make sure you pick the option that says "Sorry Liara" and Ash will be Shepard's(your) love interest. Don't worry if you feel bad about choosing Ash over Liara though, Liara is a bit embaresed about trying to get you to be her Love interest, but she does understands.
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