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How do I save Kirrahe?

I'm on a perfect run, and I have never saved Kirrahe before. So what do I need to save him. Also I will be saving Ashley at the end of the mission. Thanks!

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

There are four objectives when assisting Kirrahe.

- Disrupt geth communications. Head into the communications tower, and use the terminal you find there.
- Disrupt geth satellite uplink. Head into the satellite tower, then shoot the uplink node until it explodes and shoots sparks. It looks like a white rectangle with orange-ish markings.
- Destroy geth flyers. Take a detour towards the geth refueling platforms while approaching the base. Shoot and destroy the fuel tanks and the drones next to them.
- While entering the enemy base, make sure NOT to divert security attention to Kirrahe's team, instead taking on the bulk of the enemy forces yourself.

Complete at least 3 of the 4 objectives, then Kirrahe will survive. This is regardless of your choices later on depending on saving the team with the nuke or the AA guns, so if you want to save Ashley, just go and assist her wherever you sent her.
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Prince_Enix answered:

I didn't realize that Kirrahe could die, since he's always survived when I play. Although if I had to guess, I would say that he survives if you complete all the diversionary tactics when storming Saren's base on Virmire.

So cut off communications, destroy the geth flyers, divert troops to you, etc.
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Blank_Empty answered:

You have to complete all of the side missions on Virmire while storming Saren's base.
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DouglasFett answered:

From what I recall, besides the basic side missions where you take the pressure off Kirrahe, you also have to rescue the party member that escorted the Salarians. Logically speaking, if you save the party member who is guarding the nuke, the other party member and the Salarians get left on the planet and die. So, best bet is to rescue the party member that goes with Kirrahe.
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mmathersdah answered:

Destroy the geth flyers cut off communication and divert the troops to shepard
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Emimemfan answered:

To save Kirrahe you have to make sure you cut off the geth communications, destroy the geth flyers, and when you get to the base make sure you leave the alarm alone instead of setting off an alarm at the far side of the base, which is where Kirrahe is located. The locations of the communications and the geth flyers will be on your map as orange explanation points. The alarm is something you have to interact with to get inside the base so there is no missing that.
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