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Where can I find Collossus Human Armour?

Maybe its just me, I dont know but I have collosuss armor Tali, Wrex and Garrus, but I cant find Collossus armour at any level for \humans/Liara...Ive gone to each seeler and checked with them, and ive gon back to my ship and talked to the Alliance guy. I have the kassa Fabrication license so wth going on?

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Well let me clarify some things

2nd playthrough, level 52

I have Collossus X for Tali Wrex and Garrus, but cant find the human Collusus armor, looked at Morlans, and tried the save load thing about two dozen times, still to no avail.

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grand_commander answered:

It's random. After you complete a story world, save your game before talking to the Alliance Requisitions Officer. Then talk to him, see his inventory, and exit if he doesn't have any Colossus armor. Then reload and try again. It can take quite a few retries, or you can get lucky and get it on your first go. Also, it will eventually show up in random loot. Morlan can definitely also sell suits of Colossus, though I've never bothered buying it from anyone else.

If you have the downloadable content, going to X57 and doing the mission they should have a suit of Colossus (you choose the size if you want it for a human, or it can be for Tali) for your reward at the end.

For Wrex, the Geth Armory license opens up some nice armors for him, though they aren't as good as Colossus. For Garrus, you'll just have to sweat it out and find something nice for him in a shop or in loot.
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Krethean answered:

I actually found Colossus VII and X (Both Human) in random loot during my runs on Insanity

You should start seeing that and Predator L, M and H X armour at either 50 or 55... somewhere around there.
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