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Is there anything I can do about Banes? Dr. Michel says he was working with the military so Garris says talk to Anderson. Anderson says Banes is dead, talk to Kohoku. Kohoku says the missing unit he wants me to find were the ones who found Banes's corpes then I cant see what else to do. Can I do anything else or am I dun? Sorry for any spelling errors.

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grand_commander answered:

You can do Kahoku's mission to find out what happened to his team. That mission will, in turn, lead to a quest line involving the people involved in the death of Banes (though the game never explicitly says this, it doesn't have to). They're rather unkind people who value their secrets.
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Robcasper answered:

Maybe Banes will be revealed in ME2.
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jmarotti answered:

I've talked to Kahoku about Banes my second time through, the first time I didn't even start on Banes until after Kahoku left (when you find out what happens to his men, he leaves). You can go through the missions either way.

The gist: Banes is dead, just like Anderson and Kahoku say he is, however, Cerberus uses his name. Once you go around to some systems (after Kahoku leaves), you'll eventually get a transmission from Kahoku. He'll tell you about Cerberus, and you'll get a whole slew of Cerberus missions after the first one... this is where you learn the story of what they are.

From what I've heard of ME2, Shepard is in Cerberus, so it's worthwhile to find these missions.

I suggest everyone hit every system before you do the last mission to start the last half of the game (usually Virmire for me). Complete all the sub missions and you should get a good idea of all the stories and how they relate. Hope you enjoy time in the Mako! ;)
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