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Scan the Keepers?

I'm working on the mission to scan the keepers in the citadel. I can find all but one keeper and that's teh one in teh volus/elcor embassy office. I'm not sure if the game is glitched somehow but it never seems to be there and it's the only one I've got left to scan. Is there a possible way to reset the keepers so it'll be there or is it just a luck of the draw?

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grand_commander answered:

That particular Keeper is glitched, and often falls through the floor. Just save and reload the game a few times. You've had bad luck in the past, but he'll eventually spawn properly.
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TheMegamanX answered:

Just go to the office every time you visit the Citadel and it'll be back. Happened to me and it showed back up on its own eventually.
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