Question from 1relyt

Asked: 5 years ago

how do I get the keeper by the avina terminal?

The one in the presidium

Additional details - 5 years ago

I have the scanner and i have 19 out of 20 of the keepers scanned. i am on my second play through so im not new to the game

Accepted Answer

From: grand_commander 5 years ago

If it says Scan then you just need to "use" the Keeper to scan it. If it says "Examine" then you either don't have the quest or (more likely) have the quest and have examined the Keeper already. If you're still missing a Keeper, check the map of the Citadel on GameFAQs: there is a map of the Citadel that has marked, among other things, the locations of all of the Keepers.

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It should just say scan after you get the scanner from Chorban.

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