Question from LilRalph

Asked: 5 years ago

Can you trust the Auto Level Up System?

Ever since i start playin this game i never let the auto level up system upgrade my character. Does the auto level up system really work and should i let it upgrade my character from now on?Can you trust the Auto Level Up System?

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From: Mr_Collins 5 years ago

It's not bad, especially for new players who just want to indulge in the story.

The point distribution isn't ideal, but I think the real drawback is that if you don't do your own levelling, you're probably less likely to actually use the new skills the computer gives you.

This is obvoiusly a bigger drawback for the ability intensive classes, but still something to think about for the rest.

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It works pretty well but i'd set it to only level up your allies not yourself

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