FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

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Author: Warfreak
Version: 2.5
Date Started: 25/6/08


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History
[2] Background
    [2.01] Commander Shepard's History
    [2.02] Playable Classes
    [2.03] Squad Classes
[3] Skills
    [3.01] Combat
    [3.02] Tech
    [3.03] Biotic
    [3.04] Class Skills
    [3.05] Unlocked Classes
    [3.06] Shepard Skills
[4] Walkthrough
    [4.01] Eden Prime
    [4.02] The Citadel
    [4.03] Noveria
    [4.04] Liara's Dig Site
    [4.05] Feros
    [4.06] Virmire
    [4.07] The Citadel, Reloaded
    [4.08] Ilos
[5] Other Missions
    [5.01] The Citadel
    [5.02] Feros
    [5.03] Noveria
    [5.04] Virmire
    [5.05] UNC
    [5.06] Bring Down the Sky
    [5.07] Tali
    [5.08] Wrex
    [5.09] Garrus
[6] Armoury
    [6.01] Pistol
    [6.02] Assault Rifle
    [6.03] Shotgun
    [6.04] Sniper Rifle
    [6.05] Light Armour
    [6.06] Medium Armour
    [6.07] Heavy Armour
[7] Manufacturers
    [7.01] Manufacturers
    [7.02] Weapons
    [7.03] Armour
    [7.04] Upgrades
[8] Achievements
    [8.01] Achievements
[9] Codex
    [9.01] Primary Codex
    [9.02] Secondary Codex
[10] Space Map
    [10.01] Space Charts

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[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Credits
[D] Sites FAQ is on
[E] Copyright
[1.01] Introduction

Welcome to my 36th FAQ, and it would be my first in the RPG genre. This 
guide is for the PC version of Mass Effect, and while it will still work on
the XBox 360 version, it is built on the PC version, since that is the version
that I have. Just bear with me though, the port to the PC makes it basically
the same as the XBox version. Shame the PS3 doesn't have it. 

In this game, you control Commander Shepard, the human that like in most
RPGs, you have to save the world. But there are twists and turns along the
way, so be careful. Without further fanfare, lets begin.

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.1 [25/6/08]
Guide Started.

Version 0.2 [26/6/08]
Completed Chapter 2. Rather sluggish progress.

Version 0.3 [27/6/08]
Completed a third of Chapter 3.

Version 0.4 [28/6/08]
More on Chapter 3. Chapter 3 should be finished tomorrow. 

Version 0.5 [29/6/08]
Done Chapter 3 EXCEPT for 3.05 which I need to do a bit of research on.

Version 0.6 [2/7/08]
Completed 3.05 for now. Small update.

Version 0.7 [25/9/08]
This guide isn't dead, just distracted. Completed the armoury. 

Version 0.8 [3/10/08]
Update as usual. 

Version 0.9 [7/10/08]
Finished the DLC "Bring Down the Sky" pack. 

Version 1.0 [8/10/08]
More on the Walkthrough.

Version 1.1 [12/10/08]
Completed the Citadel Walkthrough.

Version 1.2 [14/10/08]
Completed more on the Noveria Planet.

Version 1.3 [30/10/08]
Last update before a 2 week break, my exams are coming up, so I do need to
prepare for that. Also, I have other things to do. 

Version 1.4 [20/1/09]
Completed Liara's Dig Site. I need my motivation back.

Version 1.5 [21/1/09]
Noveria and Feros complete.

Version 1.6 [22/1/09]
Completed the entire story. All the misc parts are left. 

Version 1.7 [23/1/09]
Started on side quests. 

Version 1.8 [24/1/09]
Completed most of the quests except the UNC quests. Completed a third of the
UNC quests, that leaves 19 more until all side quests are done.

Version 1.9 [25/1/09]
Completed most of the UNC quests, but not done completely. 

Version 2.0 [26/1/09]
Compelted UNC Quests. Started on Manufacturers, completed Weapons, missing 
Armour and the Upgrades.

Version 2.1 [28/1/09]
Finished the Chapter 7 and 8 parts. 

Version 2.2 [29/1/09]
Completed the Primary Codex.

Version 2.3 [30/1/09]
Completed a small part of the secondary Codex. 

Version 2.4 [31/1/09]
Completed Secondary Codex. Space is all that is needed for a completed guide.
That should be finished tomorrow with some luck.

Version 2.5 [1/2/09]
Guide Complete. I hope my first adventure into RPGs was a good one. Maybe I'll
work on Mass Effect 2 as well. Anyway, this was my first RPG guide, so I hope
it was a decent effort. 

[2.01] Commander Shepard's History

When you start the game, you have the option to have the game allow you to
create a custom Commander Shepard. If you do so, you need to have to do a
few things. 

First of all, you need to select a gender for your character. Like other
Bioware games, this doesn't really matter, but gender equality. Shepard can be
male or female. If you choose male, you get Mark Meer to voice your Shepard
and for females, you get Jennifer Hale, who does a great job. I personally
loved her work in Freelancer. But lets get back on track.

For the next part, you can change the name of Shepard. You can only change
the first name, because you can't have voice actors naming every possible name
on the face of the Earth. The default male is John, the default female is 
Jane, but you can change that. If course, in the course of the game, your
character will ALWAYS be called Shepard, and never by their first name. 

The next part is the character's background, their background on their 
childhood before they joined the Alliance Military. This choice out of the
three will effect a mission in the game, provide Paragon and/or Renegade
points and effect how you are viewed as a character in the game. There three
choices are:


"Both your parents were in the Alliance Military. Your childhood was spent
 on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting, never
 staying in one location for more than a few years. Following in your
 parent's footsteps, you enlisted at the age of eighteen."

 Paragon +2


"You were born and raised on Mindoir, a small border colony in the Attican
 Traverse. When you were sixteen, slavers raided Mindoir, slaughtering your
 family and friends. You were saved by a passing Alliance patrol and you 
 enlisted with the military a few years later."

 Paragon +1
 Renegade +1


"As an Earthborn, you had a rough childhood in the slums on Earth and have
 a gritty edge to your personality."

 Renegade +2

The next part is the military history of Shepard in this case. Again, it will
award Paragon and Renegade points based on your choice. This will also effect
how people will view you, and this will effect the conversations with 
several characters.

*Sole Survivor*

"During your service, a mission you were on went horribly wrong. Trapped in an
 extreme survival situation, you had to overcome physical torments and 
 psychological stress that would have broken most people. You survived while  
 those around you fell, and now you alone is left to tell the tale."

 Paragon +1
 Renegade +1

*War Hero*

"Early in your military career you found yourself facing an overwhelming enemy
 force. You risked your own life to save your fellow soldiers and defeat the
 enemy despite the impossible odds. Your bravery and heroism have earned you
 medals and recognition from the Alliance fleet."

 Paragon +2


"Throughout your military career, you have held fast to one basic rule: get 
 the job done. You've been called cold, calculating, and brutal. Your 
 reputation for ruthless efficiency makes your fellow soldiers wary of you.
 But when failure is not an option, the military always goes to you first."

 Renegade +2

After that, you need to figure out the class of your character, which is in
Section 2.02. Read that, choose the class and then you get the customise your
Shepard to whatever it suits you. You can have the most beautiful person as
Commander Shepard, or the most hideous, but in the end, it doesn't really

[2.02] Playable Classes

After figuring out the history of Commander Shepard, you need to choose a 
class to play as. There are 6 classes that you can choose from, each either a
pure user of Combat, Tech or Biotics, or a hybrid between two of them. 


The Soldier is your pure combat class, they are those who use guns to solve
all their problems. They can use all 4 weapons without relative ease, the only
class that is able to use Heavy Armour and they have the ability to use First
Aid. This is the best option for first time players because its easy to use,
point and shoot. The class of a default Shepard or a quick Shepard.

Via the appropriate mission, Shepard can advance into a Commando to improve
offensive power, or Shock Trooper to improve their defensive power. 

If you are planning to use soldier, you will definitely need Tech and Biotic
powers. Tali and Liara will be the best choice since they are pure Tech and
Biotic users. 

Base Skills: Pistol
             Assault Rifle
             Assault Training
             Combat Armour

Unlocked Skills: Shotgun
                 Sniper Rifle
                 First Aid


The Engineer is like the Soldier, a pure user, but of Tech this time. They
are the masters of cracking locks and hacking into systems, and also hacking
and disabling enemy units. Since the Geth are electronic, you can hack into
them to render them useless. They are going to be a support unit, since this
isn't Battlefield 2 and you don't get a Shotgun.

via the appropriate mission, you can upgrade to Operative to improve your
buffering skills with your Tech powers, or head to Medic to improve your
healing skills. Note that the unbalanced G36E was not included.

With this as your class, you want someone to fight, and someone to hack for
you. With this, you are probably going to stick to Ashley, a pure Combat 
Soldier and probably Liara for her Biotic powers.

Base Skills: Pistol
             First Aid

Unlocked Skills: Basic Armour


The Adept is the last pure user, the user of Biotics, or Jedi. With this,
you will be able to defend yourself with Barrier, or throw your enemies
to render them useless. However, they will lack the offensive power or the
tech power that would be required for an all round unit.

Via the appropriate mission, Shepard can upgrade to Nemesis to boost their
environmental biotic powers such as lift, while an upgrade to Bastion 
will improve their defensive biotic powers such as Barrier.

Your squad should consist of Ashley for her combat capabilities and Tali
for her Tech powers because Tech plays a very large role in the game. 

Base Skills: Basic Armour

Unlocked Skills: Pistol


The Infiltrator is a combination of Combat and Tech. They have the offensive
hacking powers of the Engineer and the long range and close range stopping
power of a Soldier. They are a very powerful class, the other being the
Vanguard. With Combat and Tech, they can easily go through the game without
need for a support squad.

Via the appropriate mission, Shepard can upgrade to Commando to improve
your sniper rifle skill or Operative to improve your disabling techs. 

It is best to have a Biotics user since they can help you bring down the
enemy whilst they are distracted. A Combat user couldn't hurt either.

Base Skills: Tactical Armour

Unlocked Skills: Sniper Rifle
                 First Aid


The Sentinel is the combination of Techs and Biotics. This can be quite useful
but there lies a problems. You don't have the combat capabilities of bringing
down the enemy. This class is again a support class since you can't take the
enemy down. 

Via the appropriate mission, Shepard can upgrade to Medic to improve the
healing capabilities or to Bastion to support offensive Biotic powers. 

Your squad should consist of Ashley to support your combat skills, or lack 
there of. The second should either be Garrus or Wrex to improve your combat

Base Skills: Barrier
             First Aid

Unlocked Skills: Electronics


The Pure Jedi class, the Vanguard is one of the most powerful classes, they
can combine Biotics and Combat together. They however, lack the Tech powers to
take down locks and that will seriously undermine your support squad. They
can easily knock down foes, throw them and fire. 

Via the appropriate mission, Shepard can upgrade to Nemesis to strengthen your
offensive Biotics or to Shock Trooper to improve the combat capabilities of
your character.

Your squad should consist of Tali or some other Tech user to ensure that you
don't have problems with hacking and decryption. The second should be one to
supplement your skills.

Base skills: Assault Training

Unlocked Skills: Shotgun
                 Tactical Armour

[2.03] Squad Classes

--==Ashley Williams==--

Gunnery Chief Williams is an enlisted soldier in the Alliance military who
served on Eden Prime. You encounter her whilst she is stuck in Eden Prime 
whilst it is under attack. She has been overlooked for fleet duty, hence her
relatively high rank and still stuck on a garrison. She is a Soldier, a pure
Combat class

Level 60 Skills with Autolevel

|Pistols             | |1| |2| |3| |4|                                     |
|Shotguns            | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Assault Rifles      | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Sniper Rifles       | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|                     |
|Combat Armour       | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|First Aid           | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9|                 |
|Assault Training    | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Fitness             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7|                         |
|Soldier             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |

--==Kaiden Alenko==--

Lieutenant Alenko is a ranked officer onboard the Normandy. He is a Sentinel
class, a mixture of Biotics and Tech, but he specialises in Biotics slightly
over Tech. One of the two humans that can be in your squad at any given time,
the other being Ashley Williams

Level 60 Skills with Autolevel

|Throw               | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Lift                | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10|            |
|Barrier             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7|                         |
|Statis              | |1| |2| |3| |4|                                     |
|Decryption          | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Electronics         | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|First Aid           | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Medicine            | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7|                         |
|Sentinel            | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |

--==Liara T'Soni==--

Liara is the Asari Scientist who spends her time researching. She is well,
class is Asari Scientist but it is closest to Adept, specialising in pure
Biotics without Tech or Combat help.

Level 60 Skills with Autolevel

|Throw               | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Lift                | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Warp                | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Singularity         | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10|            |
|Barrier             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Statis              | |1| |2| |3| |4|                                     |
|First Aid           | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |
|Electronics         | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|                     |
|Asari sCientist     | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |

--==Urdnot Wrex==--

Wrex is a surviving Krogan Battlemaster, and these people are the same as the
human Vanguard. They have a mixture of combat and biotics and that is a very
powerful combination. 

Level 60 Skills with Autolevel

|Assault Rifles      | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|                     |
|Shotguns            | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Combat Armour       | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Fitness             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|                     |
|Warp                | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Throw               | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11|       |
|Barrier             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7|                         |
|Statis              | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |
|Krogan Battlemaster | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |

--==Garrus Vakaran==--

Garrus is a Turian Agent originally working for the Citadel's C-Sec Police.
His class is very similar to the human varient of Infiltrator, a combination
of tech and combat. He is a capable squad member.

Level 60 Skills with Autolevel

|Assault Rifles      | |1| |2| |3| |4|                                     |
|Sniper Rifles       | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Tactical Armour     | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Assault Training    | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|                     |
|Decryption          | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Damping             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9|                 |
|First Aid           | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Training            | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7|                         |
|Turian Agent        | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |

--==Tali'Zorah nar Rayya==-- 

Tali is a Quarian Machinist, and due to the restrictions on the vessels of her
race, she needs to bring back something useful in order to be included. She
is the same as the Engineer, specialising in pure Tech.

Level 60 Skills with Autolevel

|Pistols             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |
|Shotguns            | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|                     |
|Basic Armour        | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10|            |
|First Aid           | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|                     |
|Electronics         | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Damping             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12|  |
|Decryption          | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |
|Hacking             | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|                     |
|Quarian Machinist   | |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|                             |

[3.01] Combat

Combat skills are basically skills that are directly related to the field of
combat, which means skills at using your firearms and wearing the body
armour, whilst being able to mount a tactical assault on a target. These
skills are normally acquired by Infiltrators and Vanguards, whilst they are
always used by Soldiers.

It is important to note that the skills will apply to their relative field,
so improvements for assault rifles will not improve accuracy for pistols and
so force, no cross-boosting. Also note that the effects ARE NOT CUMULATIVE,
so at level two, you don't get +5%+(+8%) Damage, you get 8% Damage, not 13%.

A lot of skills can be locked by the classes via other means, more on that
later in the achievement section, because these are "bonus" skills.

TO activate the abilities, head to the squad management page whilst in
battle. For PC, this is the space bar.


The Pistol is going to be the weapon of choice of most classes because that
are unlocked by most classes. Only the Sentinel class cannot unlock the 
pistol. The reason for using the pistol is because it is fast and accurate,
perfect for sniping, whilst having a quick cooldown compared to your rate of
fire. Also, investing in the pistol skill will unlock the Marksman ability.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
MARKSMAN - Increases accuracy by 60%, Increases amount of rounds fired per
           second, Decreases heat generated from firing rounds.

Base Skill For: Soldier, Engineer, Infiltrator, Vanguard, Quarian Machinist
Unlocked For  : Adept (Level 05 with Basic Armour)


Level 01 = +5% Damage for Pistols, +10% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 02 = +8% Damage for Pistols, +14% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 03 = MARKSMAN (+60% Accuracy with Pistol, +1 Round Fired/Second, -30%
           Heat Generated by Weapon, Lasts 10 Seconds, 45 Second Cooldown)
Level 04 = +10% Damage for Pistols, +17% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 05 = +12% Damage for Pistols, +20% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 06 = +14% Damage for Pistols, +22% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 07 = +16% Damage for Pistols, +24% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 08 = ADVANCED MARKSMAN (+60% Accuracy with Pistol, +1.5 Rounds 
           Fired/Second, -40% Heat Generated by Weapon, Lasts 13 seconds,
           45 Second Cooldown)
Level 09 = +18% Damage for Pistols, +26% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 10 = +19% Damage for Pistols, +28% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 11 = +20% Damage for Pistols, +30% Accuracy with Pistols
Level 12 = MASTER MARKSMAN (+60% Accuracy with Pistol, +2 Rounds Fired/Second,
           -50% Heat Generated by Weapon, Lasts 16 Seconds, 45 Second 


The favourite zombie slayer, the Shotgun does large amounts of damage at close
range, and because of that close quarters of the weapon, it lacks accuracy 
over range and a slower rate of fire. This is an unlocked skill, no class
can use this skill until it is unlocked by the relative skill required.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
CARNAGE - Increases Damage dealt by Shotgun, Increases Blast Radius but
          Reduces Accuracy.

Base Skill For: None
Unlocked For  : Soldier (Level 04 with Pistols)
                Vanguard (Level 06 with Pistols)
                Krogan Battlemaster (Level 05 with Assault Rifles)
                Quarian Machinist (Level 06 with Pistols)


Level 01 = +5% Damage for Shotguns, +10% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 02 = +8% Damage for Shotguns, +14% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 03 = +10% Damage for Shotguns, +17% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 04 = CARNAGE (+50% Damage for Shotguns, 2 Meter Splash Radius, -40%
           Accuracy, 45 Second Cooldown)
Level 05 = +12% Damage for Shotguns, +20% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 06 = +14% Damage for Shotguns, +22% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 07 = +16% Damage for Shotguns, +24% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 08 = ADVANCED CARNAGE (+100% Damage for Shotguns, 2 Meter Splash
           Radius, -40% Accuracy, 45 Second Cooldown)
Level 09 = +18% Damage for Shotguns, +26% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 10 = +19% Damage for Shotguns, +28% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 11 = +20% Damage for Shotguns, +30% Accuracy with Shotguns
Level 12 = MASTER CARNAGE (+150% Damage for Shotguns, 3 Meter Splash Radius,
           -40% Accuracy, 45 Second Cooldown)

*Assault Rifles*

The favourite weapon for everyone, the Assault Rifle does good amounts of
damage over range. They can fire pretty quickly and at a good range, at a 
cost of damage dealt and accuracy. You see, over range, the accuracy tends
to go out the window the further you get. The sad thing is, only Soldiers 
have this skill, the rest are squad members.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
OVERKILL - Decreases heat generated by the weapon and increases accuracy.

Base Skill For: Soldier, Turian Agent, Krogan Battlemaster
Unlocked For  : No One


Level 01 = OVERKILL (-40% Heat Generated by Weapon, +20% Accuracy with Assault
           Rifles, Last 10 Seconds, 45 Second Recharge)
Level 02 = +5% Damage for Assault Rifles, +10% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 03 = +8% Damage for Assault Rifles, +14% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 04 = +10% Damage for Assault Rifles, +17% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 05 = +12% Damage for Assault Rifles, +20% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 06 = +14% Damage for Assault Rifles, +22% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 07 = +16% Damage for Assault Rifles, +24% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 08 = ADVANCED OVERKILL (-50% Heat Generated by Weapon, +30% Accuracy
           with Assault Rifles, Lasts 12 Seconds, 45 Second Recharge)
Level 09 = +18% Damage for Assault Rifles, +26% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 10 = +19% Damage for Assault Rifles, +28% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 11 = +20% Damage for Assault Rifles, +30% Accuracy with Assault Rifles
Level 12 = MASTER OVERKILL (-60% Heat Generated by Weapon, +40% Accuracy with
           Assault Rifles, Lasts 15 Seconds, 45 Second Recharge)

*Sniper Rifles*

The Sniper Rifle is the best for long range kills. While the enemy is still
standing, keeping guard, you can take them out from a range. However, if you
don't have points in this skill, it will be very shaky. With more points in
this skill, the Rifle will become more stable, making is much easier to aim,
and that is surely a good thing. 

--==Unlocked Skill==--
ASSASSINATION - Increases Damage over a Short Period of Time.

Base Skill For: No One
Unlocked For  : Soldier (Level 07 with Assault Rifles)
                Infiltrator (Level 05 with Pistols)
                Turian Agent (Level 06 with Assault Rifles)


Level 01 = +5% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +10% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 02 = +8% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +14% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 03 = ASSASSINATION (+50% Damage for Sniper Rifles, Lasts 20 Seconds,
           45 Second Recharge)
Level 04 = +10% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +17% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 05 = +12% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +20% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 06 = +14% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +22% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 07 = +16% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +24% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 08 = ADVANCED ASSASSINATION (+125% Damage for Sniper Rifles, Lasts 20
           Seconds, 45 Second Recharge)
Level 09 = +18% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +26% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 10 = +19% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +28% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 11 = +20% Damage for Sniper Rifles, +30% Accuracy with Sniper Rifles
Level 12 = MASTER ASSASSINATION (+225% Damage for Sniper Rifles, Lasts 20
           Seconds, 45 Second Recharge

*Basic Armour*

Basic Armour is pretty much there for people who don't bother with anything
but Light Armour. Sure, it won't save you from bullets, but it allows you to
move faster. Best for Support Troops.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
SHIELD BOOST - Recharges your shield for a very short period of time while
               decreasing your accuracy.

Base Skill For: Adept, Quarian Machinist
Unlocked For  : Engineer (Level 06 with Pistols)


Level 01 = +5% Defence, +5% Hardening
Level 02 = +8% Defence, +8% Hardening
Level 03 = SHIELD BOOST (+30% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2 Seconds,
           -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)
Level 04 = +10% Defence, +10% Hardening
Level 05 = +12% Defence, +12% Hardening
Level 06 = +14% Defence, +14% Hardening
Level 07 = +16% Defence, +16% Hardening
Level 08 = ADVANCED SHIELD BOOST (+40% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2
           Seconds, -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)
Level 09 = +18% Defence, +18% Hardening
Level 10 = +19% Defence, +19% Hardening
Level 11 = +20% Defence, +20% Hardening
Level 12 = MASTER SHIELD BOOST (+50% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2
           Seconds, -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)

*Tactical Armour*

Tactical Armour will improve the defence of Light Armour AND, yes AND, Medium
Armour. That means whether the user is on Light or Medium armour, the defence 
and hardening is boosted. Medium Armour provides more protection at the cost
of your mobility. With this, you can wear Light Armour in the start and with
enough points, Medium Armour.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
SHIELD BOOST - Recharges your shield for a very short period of time while
               decreasing your accuracy.

Base Skill For: Infiltrator, Turian Agent
Unlocked For  : Vanguard (Level 05 with Assault Training)


Level 01 = +5% Defence, +5% Hardening
Level 02 = +8% Defence, +8% Hardening
Level 03 = SHIELD BOOST (+30% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2 Seconds,
           -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)
Level 04 = +10% Defence, +10% Hardening
Level 05 = +12% Defence, +12% Hardening
Level 06 = +14% Defence, +14% Hardening
Level 07 = +16% Defence, +16% Hardening
Level 08 = ADVANCED SHIELD BOOST (+40% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2
           Seconds, -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)
Level 09 = +18% Defence, +18% Hardening
Level 10 = +19% Defence, +19% Hardening
Level 11 = +20% Defence, +20% Hardening
Level 12 = MASTER SHIELD BOOST (+50% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2
           Seconds, -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)

*Combat Armour*

Combat Armour means that the defence of ALL armour is improved. That means 
that Light, Medium and Heavy armour are improved. Also, this skill is the only
one that allows Heavy Armour for you to wear. You instantly start with 
Medium Armour wearable and enough points will allow you to have Heavy Armour.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
SHIELD BOOST - Recharges your shield for a very short period of time while
               decreasing your accuracy.

Base Skill For: Soldier, Krogan Battlemaster
Unlocked For  : No One


Level 01 = +5% Defence, +5% Hardening
Level 02 = +8% Defence, +8% Hardening
Level 03 = SHIELD BOOST (+30% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2 Seconds,
           -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)
Level 04 = +10% Defence, +10% Hardening
Level 05 = +12% Defence, +12% Hardening
Level 06 = +14% Defence, +14% Hardening
Level 07 = +16% Defence, +16% Hardening
Level 08 = ADVANCED SHIELD BOOST (+40% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2
           Seconds, -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)
Level 09 = +18% Defence, +18% Hardening
Level 10 = +19% Defence, +19% Hardening
Level 11 = +20% Defence, +20% Hardening
Level 12 = MASTER SHIELD BOOST (+50% Shield Regenerated per Second, Lasts 2
           Seconds, -30% Accuracy, 4 Second Recharge)

*Assault Training*

Assault Training teaches you how to play around with your weapons, allowing
you to dish out more damage with ALL weapons. It will also boost melee damage,
which is done when the enemy is right next to you and shooting is not really

--==Unlocked Skill==--
ADRENALINE BURST - Resets all your cooldowns on your current skills that are 
                   on cooldown. 

Base Skill For: Soldier, Vanguard
Unlocked For  : Turian Agent (Level 05 with Tactical Armour)


Level 01 = +1% Weapon Damage, +30% Melee Damage
Level 02 = +2% Weapon Damage, +35% Melee Damage
Level 03 = ADRENALINE BURST (Resets Cooldowns, -30% Accuracy, 120 Second 
Level 04 = +3% Weapon Damage, +40% Melee Damage
Level 05 = +4% Weapon Damage, +44% Melee Damage
Level 06 = +5% Weapon Damage, +48% Melee Damage
Level 07 = +6% Weapon Damage, +52% Melee Damage
Level 08 = ADVANCED ADRENALINE BURST (Resets Cooldowns, -30% Accuracy, 90 
           Second Cooldown)
Level 09 = +7% Weapon Damage, +56% Melee Damage
Level 10 = +8% Weapon Damage, +60% Melee Damage
Level 11 = +9% Weapon Damage, +64% Melee Damage
Level 12 = MASTER ADRENALINE BURST (Resets Cooldowns, -30% Accuracy, 45 Second


The Fitness skill is all about physical health, and the more points you have,
the more fit you are, and that means the more health you have, which allows
you to rush into battle and wipe everyone out or stop and heal, or even tank 
it for everyone. 

--==Unlocked Skill==--
IMMUNITY - Increases your Defence for a short period of time, reducing the 
           amount of damage taken at the cost of accuracy.

Base Skill For: No One
Unlocked For  : Soldier (Level 05 with Assault Training)
                Infiltrator (Level 06 with Tactical Armour)
                Krogan Battlemaster (Level 04 with Combat Armour)


Level 01 = +10% Health
Level 02 = +14% Health
Level 03 = +17% Health
Level 04 = IMMUNITY (+50% Defence, Lasts 10 Seconds, 60 Second Cooldown, -30%
Level 05 = +20% Health
Level 06 = +22% Health
Level 07 = +24% Health
Level 08 = ADVANCED IMMUNITY (+60% Defence, Lasts 15 Seconds, 45 Second 
           Cooldown, -30% Accuracy)
Level 09 = +26% Health
Level 10 = +28% Health
Level 11 = +30% Health
Level 12 = MASTER IMMUNITY (+80% Defence, Lasts 20 Seconds, 30 Second 
           Cooldown, -30% Accuracy) 

[3.02] Tech

Tech skills are generally used as support for your troops and for other 
purposes. Tech skills are generally required to advance well, since they 
allow for decryption which means more loots, and that could never hurt. Also,
without decryption and electronic skills, you are going to have to bring in a
Tech specialist with you. I perfer raw firepower, so I went Infiltrator. 


This skill basically allows you access locked crates, computers and such
since there is some hacking involved. This skill also improves the damage
done by the Tech Mines. It will also give you the Sabotage ability, which
is pretty useful to say the least. 

--==Unlocked Skill==--
SABOTAGE - Increases what you can decrypt, Damages Enemy units, Overheats
           Enemy's weapons to disable their weapons, making them unable to
           fight, or forces them to go melee, which you counter with 

Base Skill For: Engineer, Sentinel, Infiltrator, Quarian Machinist, Turian
Unlocked For  : No One


Level 01 = SABOTAGE (Allows Easy Decryption, 50 Damage, 6 Meter Radius, 
           2 Damage per Second, -60% Accuracy, Lasts 15 Seconds, 60 Seconds
Level 02 = +10% Tech Mine Damage
Level 03 = +14% Tech Mine Damage
Level 04 = +18% Tech Mine Damage
Level 05 = ADVANCED SABOTAGE (Allows Medium Decryption, 100 Damage, 8 Meter
           Radius, 3 Damage per Second, -60% Accuracy, Lasts 20 Seconds, 50
           Seconds Cooldown)
Level 06 = +20% Tech Mine Damage
Level 07 = +22% Tech Mine Damage
Level 08 = +24% Tech Mine Damage
Level 09 = MASTER SABOTAGE (Allows Hard Decryption, 150 Damage, 10 Meter
           Radius, 4 Damage per Second, -60% Accuracy, Lasts 25 Seconds, 45
           Seconds Cooldown)
Level 10 = +26% Tech Mine Damage
Level 11 = +28% Tech Mine Damage
Level 12 = +30% Tech Mine Damage


The power of Electronics is similar to Decryption, it will allow you to open
stuff. In this case, Electronics allows you access to items that have been
damaged, and whilst exploring planets, this is quite important. This will also
provide the Overload ability, which basically overloads shields.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
OVERLOAD - Improves your Electronics access, Kills the enemy's shields, allow
           you to take down their health

Base Skill For: Engineer, Infiltrator, Quarian Machinist
Unlocked For  : Sentinel (Level 04 with Decryption)
                Turian Agent (Level 07 with First Aid)
                Asari Scientist (Level 04 with First Aid)


Level 01 = OVERLOAD (Easy Electronics, 50 Damage, 6 Meter Radius, 200 Shield 
           Damage, -20% Enemy Defence for 10 Seconds, -60% Accuracy, 60 Second
Level 02 = +30 Shields, +400 Mako Health Repair
Level 03 = +60 Shields, +600 Mako Health Repair
Level 04 = +90 Shields, +800 Mako Health Repair
Level 05 = ADVANCED OVERLOAD (Average Electronics, 100 Damage, 8 Meter Radius,
           400 Shield Damage, -25% Enemy Defence for 10 Seconds, -60%
           Accuracy, 50 Second Recharge)
Level 06 = +120 Shields, +1200 Mako Health Repair
Level 07 = +150 Shields, +1400 Mako Health Repair
Level 08 = +180 Shields, +1600 Mako Health Repair
Level 09 = MASTER OVERLOAD (Hard Electronics, 150 Damage, 10 Meter Radius, 600
           Shield Damage, -30% Enemy Defence for 10 Seconds, -60% Accuracy, 40
           Second Recharge
Level 10 = +210 Shields, +2000 Mako Health Repair
Level 11 = +240 Shields, +2200 Mako Health Repair
Level 12 = +270 Shields, +2400 Mako Health Repair


Hacking will basically help you by decreasing the recharge rate on the other
tech's cooldowns. Useful is you need some help there, but the AI Hacking 
power can make enemy units fight each other. Note that this works on enemy
synthetics, since organics don't have electrical brains. 

--==Unlocked Skill==--
AI HACKING - Turns enemies against each other, the higher the level, the 
             longer the duration and the strength of the enemy.

Base Skill For: No One
Unlocked For  : Engineer (Level 07 with Decryption)
                Quarian Machinist (Level 07 with Decryption)


Level 01 = AI HACKING (Turn Basic enemies against each other, Lasts 20 
           Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 60 Second Cooldown)
Level 02 = -6% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 03 = -9% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 04 = -12% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 05 = -15% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 06 = -18% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 07 = ADVANCED AI HACKING (Turn Stronger enemies against each other, Last
           25 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 50 Second Cooldown)
Level 08 = -21% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 09 = -24% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 10 = -27% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 11 = -30% Recharge Time on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 12 = MASTER AI HACKING (Turn the Strongest enemies against each other,
           Lasts 30 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 40 Second Cooldown)


Damping is the art of disabling your opponents of using their Tech skills or
Biotic skills. However, while it is nice and all, the majority of your enemies
are going to be combat orientiated, so it isn't all that useful. The Level
effect of the skill however, is pretty good, increasing the radius of the 
skills such as Overload, Sabotage and Damping.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
DAMPING - Damages enemies whilst increasing the recharge time for their tech
          and biotic powers. Also stuns enemy units.

Base Skill For: None
Unlocked For  : Engineer (Level 04 with Electronics)
                Infiltrator (Level 04 with Electronics)
                Turian Agent (Level 04 with Decryption)
                Quarian Machinist (Level 04 with Electronics)


Level 01 = DAMPING (50 Damage, 6 Meter Radius, +30% Recharge Time for enemy 
           Tech and Biotic powers, Stuns weak enemies for 3 seconds, -60% 
           Accuracy, 60 Second Recharge)
Level 02 = +10% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 03 = +14% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 04 = +18% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 05 = +20% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 06 = ADVANCED DAMPING (100 Damage, 8 Meter Radius, +45% Recharge Time
           for enemy Tech and Biotic powers, Stuns medium enemies for 3
           seconds, -60% Accuracy, 50 Second Recharge)
Level 07 = +22% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 08 = +24% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 09 = +26% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 10 = +28% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 11 = +30% Radius for Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 12 = MASTER DAMPING (150 Damage, 10 Meter Radius, +60% Recharge Time for
           enemy Tech and Biotic powers, Stuns strong enemies for 3 seconds,
           -60% Accuracy, 40 Second Recharge)

*First Aid*

Given that you are bound to take some damage while you are going to be in
battle, First Aid is relatively important since it will increase the amount of
health that your Medi-Gel will heal for you, and since you can only hold a 
finite amount of Medi-Gel and you don't want to run out dry when you are
facing massive amounts of enemy soldiers. 

--==Unlocked Skill==--

Base Skill For: Engineer, Sentinel, Turian Agent, Asari Scientist
Unlocked For  : Soldier (Level 06 with Combat Armour)
                Infiltrator (Level 07 with Decryption)
                Quarian Machinist (Level 05 with Basic Armour)


Level 01 = Medi-Gel restores 40 extra Health
Level 02 = Medi-Gel restores 50 extra Health
Level 03 = Medi-Gel restores 60 extra Health
Level 04 = Medi-Gel restores 70 extra Health
Level 05 = Medi-Gel restores 80 extra Health
Level 06 = Medi-Gel restores 100 extra Health
Level 07 = Medi-Gel restores 110 extra Health
Level 08 = Medi-Gel restores 120 extra Health
Level 09 = Medi-Gel restores 130 extra Health
Level 10 = Medi-Gel restores 140 extra Health
Level 11 = Medi-Gel restores 150 extra Health
Level 12 = Medi-Gel restores 180 extra Health


This basically decreases the time it takes for the recharge time for the
Medi-Gel. When you use Medi-Gel, there is a recharge time, and this skill
basically reduces it. The skill for this might a bit more worthwhile, since
the previous skills targeted syntethics, you now get to target organics.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
NEURAL SHOCK - Knockouts Organic enemies, which is basically a stun, and 
               deals toxic damage, which will keep attacking over time.

Base Skill For: No One
Unlocked For  : Engineer (Level 05 with First Aid)
                Sentinel (Level 05 with First Aid)


Level 01 = NEURAL SHOCK (Knockout enemy for 1 Second, 40 Toxic Damage, -60%
           Accuracy, 45 Second Recharge)
Level 02 = -10% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 03 = -14% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 04 = -17% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 05 = -20% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 06 = -22% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 07 = ADVANCED NEURAL SHOCK (Knockout enemy for 3 seconds, 80 Toxic 
           Damage, -60% Accuracy, 45 Second Recharge)
Level 08 = -24% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 09 = -26% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 10 = -28% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 11 = -30% First Aid Recharge Time
Level 12 = MASTER NEURAL SHOCK (Knockout enemy for 5 seconds, 120 Toxic 
           Damage, -60% Accuracy, 45 Second Recharge)

[3.03] Biotic

Biotic skills are basically mental powers, the power with the Jedi. They alter
the environment around you and can indirectly deal damage to your enemy while
erecting barriers to protect yourself. Note that the skills here with each
level improve the power. Therefore, Level 5 Lift improves the Lift ability.


As its name suggests, Throw means that you will push back your enemies, with
some slight damage to them. This will make close-range enemies much easier to
handle whilst it will kill enemies if they fall into something dangerous, like
lava. Note that the amount of Newtons means the force it is exerted on the
enemy, the more the better.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
THROW - Pushes your enemy backwards, whilst doing some slight damage.

Base Skill For: Adept, Sentinel, Vanguard, Asari Scientist
Unlocked For  : Krogan Battlemaster (Level 07 with Warp)


Level 01 = THROW (600 Newtons of Force, 4 Meter Radius, -60% Accuracy, 60 
           Second Recharge)
Level 02 = 650 Newtons of Force
Level 03 = 700 Newtons of Force
Level 04 = 750 Newtons of Force
Level 05 = 800 Newtons of Force
Level 06 = 850 Newtons of Force
Level 07 = 900 Newtons of Force
Level 08 = ADVANCED THROW (1000 Newtons of Force, 5 Meter Radius, -45%
           Accuracy, 50 Second Recharge)
Level 09 = 1050 Newtons of Force
Level 10 = 1100 Newtons of Force
Level 11 = 1150 Newtons of Force
Level 12 = MASTER THROW (1250 Newtons of Force, 6 Meter Radius, -30% 
           Accuracy, 40 Second Recharge)


Warp is a funny skill, it basically damages the enemy over a period of time
as well as decreasing the defence of the enemy, making it a much easier 
candidate for shooting practice. It makes it easier on yourself if you have
to rely on some firearms to take down the enemy.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
WARP - Damages the enemy over a period of time while decreasing defence.

Base Skill For: Adept, Vanguard, Krogan Battlemaster, Asari Scientist
Unlocked For  : No One


Level 01 = WARP (6 Damage per Second, -50% Enemy Defences, 4 Meter Radius, 
           Lasts 7 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 60 Second Cooldown)
Level 02 = Lasts 8 Seconds
Level 03 = Lasts 9 Seconds
Level 04 = Lasts 10 Seconds
Level 05 = Lasts 11 Seconds
Level 06 = ADVANCED WARP (8 Damage per Second, -60% Enemy Defences, 5 Meter
           Radius, Lasts 13 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 50 Second Cooldown)
Level 07 = Lasts 14 Seconds
Level 08 = Lasts 15 Seconds
Level 09 = Lasts 16 Seconds
Level 10 = Lasts 17 Seconds
Level 11 = Lasts 18 Seconds
Level 12 = MASTER WARP (10 Damage per Second, -70% Enemy Defences, 6 Meter
           Radius, Lasts 20 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 40 Second Cooldown)


Lift is the ability to move your enemies into the air, making them too stunned
to move and vulnerable to your suqad's firepower. When they drop back to the
ground, they will suffer damage, and might even die if they drop from a high
enough height. 

--==Unlocked Skill==--
LIFT - Lift your enemies into their air and fire on them to kill them.

Base Skill For: No One
Unlocked For  : Adept (Level 06 with Throw)
                Sentinel (Level 07 with Throw)
                Vanguard (Level 07 with Throw)
                Asari Scientist (Level 06 with Throw)


Level 01 = LIFT (4 Meter Radius, Lasts 6 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 60 Second
Level 02 = Last 6.4 Seconds
Level 03 = Last 6.8 Seconds
Level 04 = Last 7.2 Seconds
Level 05 = Last 7.6 Seconds
Level 06 = Last 8.0 Seconds
Level 07 = ADVANCED LIFT (5 Meter Radius, Lasts 9 Seconds, -60% Accuracy, 50
           Second Cooldown)
Level 08 = Lasts 9.4 Seconds
Level 09 = Lasts 9.8 Seconds
Level 10 = Lasts 10.2 Seconds
Level 11 = Lasts 10.6 Seconds
Level 12 = MASTER LIFT (6 Meter Radius, Lasts 12 Seconds, -40% Accuracy, 40 
           Second Cooldown)


Singularity is basically a magnet power, where a ball of energy is formed, 
drawing the enemies into the ball, unable to fire on you or your team as 
they are being sucked by the energy into its centre. It makes it easy for
your Assault Rifle and Shotgun to make mince meat out of them.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
SINGULARITY - Draws the enemy into a ball of energy where they are unable to

Base Skill For: No One
Unlocked For  : Adept (Level 07 with Warp)
                Asari Scientist (Level 07 with Warp)


Level 01 = SINGULARITY (4 Meter Radius, Lasts 4 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 60
           Second Cooldown)
Level 02 = 4.25 Meter Radius
Level 03 = 4.50 Meter Radius
Level 04 = 4.75 Meter Radius
Level 05 = 5.00 Meter Radius
Level 06 = 5.25 Meter Radius
Level 07 = ADVANCED SINGULARITY (6.25 Meter Radius, Lasts 6 Seconds, -80%
           Accuracy, 50 Second Cooldown)
Level 08 = 6.50 Meter Radius
Level 09 = 6.75 Meter Radius
Level 10 = 7.00 Meter Radius
Level 11 = 7.25 Meter Radius
Level 12 = MASTER SINGULARITY (8.50 Meter Radius, Lasts 8 Seconds, -80%
           Accuracy, 40 Secpmd Cooldown)


Barrier is basically forming a barrier around you. This so done by 
increasing the shields that are around you for a short period of time, making
it hard for the enemy to come along and kill you. With extra shields, it makes
life much easier by simply charging into enemy territory and firing like
crazy, hoping your shields don't deplete.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
BARRIER - Temporarily increases your shields to defend against enemies.

Base Skill For: Adept, Sentinel, Krogan Battlemaster, Asari Scientist
Unlocked For  : Vanguard (Level 04 with Warp)


Level 01 = BARRIER (+400 Shields, Lasts 10 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 60 Second
Level 02 = +420 Shields, Lasts 10.5 Seconds
Level 03 = +440 Shields, Lasts 11 Seconds
Level 04 = +460 Shields, Lasts 11.5 Seconds
Level 05 = +480 Shields, Lasts 12 Seconds
Level 06 = +500 Shields, Lasts 12.5 Secpmds
Level 07 = ADVANCED BARRIER (+700 Shields, Lasts 16.5 Seconds, -80% Accuracy,
           50 Second Cooldown)
Level 08 = +720 Shields, Lasts 17 Seconds
Level 09 = +740 Shields, Lasts 17.5 Seconds
Level 10 = +760 Shields, Lasts 18 Seconds
Level 11 = +780 Shields, Lasts 18.5 Seconds
Level 12 = MASTER BARRIER (+1000 Shields, Lasts 23 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 40
           Second Cooldown)


This is basically a bubble where the enemy is unable to attack you, and cannot
move, but they are invulnerable to attack, that is, they cannot take damage
that you would want to dish out of them. Useful in close quarter combat so you
have enough time to pull out that shotgun, and long range combat where you
need to aim your sniper rifle at that pesky sniper.

--==Unlocked Skill==--
STATIS - Locks down the enemy where they cannot move or be attacked.

Base Skill For: No One
Unlocked For  : Adept (Level 05 with Barrier)
                Sentinel (Level 05 with Barrier)
                Krogan Battlemaster (Level 06 with Barrier)
                Asari Scientist (Level 05 with Barrier)


Level 01 = STATIS (Lasts 12.5 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 60 Second Cooldown)
Level 02 = Lasts 13 Seconds
Level 03 = Lasts 13.5 Seconds
Level 04 = Lasts 14 Seconds
Level 05 = Lasts 14.5 Seconds
Level 06 = ADVANCED STATIS (Lasts 17 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 50 Second 
Level 07 = Lasts 17.5 Seconds
Level 08 = Lasts 18 Seconds
Level 09 = Lasts 18.5 Seconds
Level 10 = Lasts 19 Seconds
Level 11 = Lasts 19.5 Secpmds
Level 12 = MASTER STATIS (Lasts 21 Seconds, -80% Accuracy, 40 Second

[3.04] Class Skills

Class Skills are where you get overall benefits based on your class. The
more points you spend on it, the bigger the benefit. Of course, the class
skill that you can upgrade corresponds to the class that you have. 


Being a Soldier means more health and higher health regeneration over other
classes, since you are going to be rushing into battle and they aren't. Much
more useful since you aren't going to stay behind the front lines and do
some supporting of your squad. You're just going to lay down cover fire. 
Except that this game doesn't provide a massive machine gun to fire. That 
would be cool.


Level 01: +4% Maximum Health, +3 Health Regenerated per Second
Level 02: +6% Maximum Health, +3.5 Health Regenerated per Second
Level 03: +8% Maximum Health, +4 Health Regenerated per Second
Level 04: +10% Maximum Health, +4.5 Health Regenerated per Second
Level 05: +12% Maximum Health, +5 Health Regenerated per Second
Level 06: +14% Maximum Health, +5.5 Health Regenerated per Second


The Engineer, being the Tech nerd that he or she is, decreases the time that
their tech skills need to recharge as well as increasing the Defence of the
Tech Powers. 


Level 01: -4% Tech Recharge Time, +6% Tech Defence
Level 02: -6% Tech Recharge Time, +9% Tech Defence
Level 03: -8% Tech Recharge Time, +12% Tech Defence
Level 04: -10% Tech Recharge Time, +15% Tech Defence
Level 05: -12% Tech Recharge Time, +18% Tech Defence
Level 06: -14% Tech Recharge Time, +21% Tech Defence


Similar to the Engineer, this will decrease the recharge time on Biotics and
increase the defence of the Biotics. Remember that the only reason the Soldier
doesn't follow this suit is because that they don't have any such powers to
play around with.


Level 01: -4% Biotic Recharge Time, +6% Biotic Defence
Level 02: -6% Biotic Recharge Time, +9% Biotic Defemce
Level 03: -8% Biotic Recharge Time, +12% Biotic Defence
Level 04: -10% Biotic Recharge Time, +15% Biotic Defence
Level 05: -12% Biotic Recharge Time, +18% Biotic Defence
Level 06: -14% Biotic Recharge Time, +21% Biotic Defence


A mixture of Biotics and Combat, it is reflected the skills of the Vanguard,
increasing the defence of their Biotics as well as improve the damage of their
pistols and shotguns, excellent for all round battle.


Level 01: +6% Biotic Defence, +5 Pistol and Shotgun Damage
Level 02: +9% Biotic Defence, +6 Pistol and Shotgun Damage
Level 03: +12% Biotic Defence, +7 Pistol and Shotgun Damage
Level 04: +15% Biotic Defence, +8 Pistol and Shotgun Damage
Level 05: +18% Biotic Defence, +9 Pistol and Shotgun Damage
Level 06: +21% Biotic Defence, +10 Pistol and Shotgun Damage


The Infiltrator, a mixture of Tech and Combat skills, is reflected in the
ability to decrease the heat generated by firing their pistols and sniper
rifles as well as improves the damage dealt by their tech abilities. 


Level 01: -5% Heat Generated on Pistols and Sniper Rifles, +5% Tech Damage
Level 02: -6% Heat Generated on Pistols and Sniper Rifles, +7% Tech Damage
Level 03: -7% Heat Generated on Pistols and Sniper Rifles, +9% Tech Damage
Level 04: -8% Heat Generated on Pistols and Sniper Rifles, +11% Tech Damage
Level 05: -9% Heat Generated on Pistols and Sniper Rifles, +13% Tech Damage
Level 06: -10% Heat Generated on Pistols and Sniper Rifles, +15% Tech Damage


The Sentinel, being a combination of Biotic and Tech, decreases the cooldown
on Biotic AND Tech powers as well as improving the damage and accuracy of
the Pistol, since that is their staple weapon for the time being.


Level 01: -3% Recharge Time on Biotic and Tech Powers, +2% Pistol Damage, 
          +4% Pistol Accuracy
Level 02: -5% Recharge Time on Biotic and Tech Powers, +4% Pistol Damage, 
          +7% Pistol Accuracy
Level 03: -7% Recharge Time on Biotic and Tech Powers, +6% Pistol Damage, 
          +10% Pistol Accuracy
Level 04: -9% Recharge Time on Biotic and Tech Powers, +8% Pistol Damage,
          +13% Pistol Accuracy
Level 05: -11% Recharge Time on Biotic and Tech Powers, +10% Pistol Damage,
          +16% Pistol Accuracy
Level 06: -13% Recharge Time on Biotic and Tech Powers, +12% Pistol Damage,
          +19% Pistol Accuracy

*Turian Agent*

The Turian Agent is a powerful class, since he can increase the accuracy of
his weapons and well as improving the damage dealt by his Assault Rifle and
his Sniper Rifle.


Level 01: +4% Accuracy for All Weapons, +4% Damage by Sniper and Assault 
Level 02: +7% Accuracy for All Weapons, +5% Damage by Sniper and Assault 
Level 03: +10% Accuracy for All Weapons, +6% Damage by Sniper and Assault 
Level 04: +13% Accuracy for All Weapons, +7% Damage by Sniper and Assault 
Level 05: +16% Accuracy for All Weapons, +8% Damage by Sniper and Assault 
Level 06: +19% Accuracy for All Weapons, +9% Damage by Sniper and Assault 

*Quarian Machinist*

The Quarian Machinist is more of a defence type, improving the defence of the
techs as well as improving the shields of the Quarian Machinist, making them
a great support player.


Level 01: +10% Tech Defence, +60 Maximum Shields
Level 02: +15% Tech Defence, +90 Maximum Shields
Level 03: +20% Tech Defence, +120 Maximum Shields
Level 04: +25% Tech Defence, +150 Maximum Shields
Level 05: +30% Tech Defence, +180 Maximum Shields
Level 06: +35% Tech Defence, +210 Maximum Shields

*Asari Scientist*

As a Biotics user, the Asari Scientist features lower recharge times on 
Biotics as well as lower recharge time on First Aid, with more health 
restored by the Medi-Gel.


Level 01: -4% Recharge Time for Biotics, -1% Recharge Time for First-Aid, 
          +20 Health Restored by Medi-Gel
Level 02: -6% Recharge Time for Biotics, -2% Recharge Time for First-Aid, 
          +30 Health Restored by Medi-Gel
Level 03: -8% Recharge Time for Biotics, -3% Recharge Time for First-Aid, 
          +40 Health Restored by Medi-Gel
Level 04: -10% Recharge Time for Biotics, -4% Recharge Time for First-Aid, 
          +50 Health Restored by Medi-Gel
Level 05: -12% Recharge Time for Biotics, -5% Recharge Time for First-Aid, 
          +60 Health Restored by Medi-Gel
Level 06: -14% Recharge Time for Biotics, -6% Recharge Time for First-Aid, 
          +70 Health Restored by Medi-Gel

*Krogan Battlemaster*

With power, Krogan Battlemasters will the skill adds more Biotic Defence
as well as Health Regeneration, with a extra boost in melee power since
they are powerful. With all that power, whats the downside, they are quite


Level 01: +25% Biotic Defence, +50% Melee Damage, +3 Health Regenerated per
Level 02: +30% Biotic Defence, +75% Melee Damage, +3.5 Health Regenerated per
Level 03: +35% Biotic Defence, +100% Melee Damage, +4 Health Regenerated per
Level 04: +40% Biotic Defence, +125% Melee Damage, +4.5 Health Regenerated per 
Level 05: +45% Biotic Defence, +150% Melee Damage, +5 Health Regenerated per
Level 06: +50% Biotic Defence, +175% Melee Damage, +5.5 Health Regenerated per

[3.05] Unlocked Classes

By completing the Rogue VI Luna Mission while you are on level 20 or above,
you can unlock a new class, depending on your class, you will have 2 classes
to choose from. Choose wisely. And only you can have this upgrade, your
squad members don't get to use this upgrade. 

*Shock Trooper*

The Shock Trooper is the upgrade is the upgrade for the Soldier or the
Vanguard. It gives you extra health to play around with and improves your
powers a bit. You get extra defence for the skill depending on your
original class, you get a boost to Immunity or Barrier.


Level 07: +18% Max Health, +6% Defence for Skill
Level 08: +20% Max Health, +8% Defence for Skill
Level 09: +22% Max Health, +10% Defence for Skill, 
          Barrier/Immunity Specialisation
Level 10: +24% Max Health, +12% Defence for Skill
Level 11: +26% Max Health, +14% Defence for Skill
Level 12: +28% Max Health, +16% Defence for Skill,
          Adrenaline Burst Specialisation

Immunity Specialisation         : Decreases recharge time for Immunity by
Barrier Specialisation          : Increases Strength and Duration of Barrier
                                  by 25%, Regenerates Shields at 40 per sec.
Adrenaline Burst Specialisation : Decreases recharge time by 25%.


The upgrade of the Soldier or the Infiltrator, this basically increases the
damage dealt by your class and gives a boost to Immunity and Assassination


Level 07: +6% Weapons Damage
Level 08: +9% Weapons Damage
Level 09: +12% Weapons Damage, Immunity Specialisation
Level 10: +15% Weapons Damage
Level 11: +18% Weapons Damage
Level 12: +21% Weapons Damage, Assassin Specialisation

Immunity Specialisation : Decreases recharge time by 25%
Assassin Specialisation : Decreases recharge time by 25% on Marksman and


The upgrade to the Engineer and the Infiltrator, this gives a boost on
your Sabotage and Overload as well as reducing the cooldowns.


Level 07: -4% Recharge on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 08: -6% Recharge on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 09: -8% Recharge on Sabotage, Overload and Damping,
          Overload Specialisation
Level 10: -10% Recharge on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 11: -12% Recharge on Sabotage, Overload and Damping
Level 12: -14% Recharge on Sabotage, Overload and Damping,
          Sabotage Specialisation

Overload Specialisation : +2 Meter Radius, +50 Damage, +200 Shield Damage, 
                          -5% Enemy Defence
Sabotage Specialisation : +2 Meter Radius, +50 Damage, +1 Damage/Second, 
                          Lasts an Extra 5 Seconds


The upgrade to the Engineer or the Sentinel. This improves their first aid
and medicine skills, as you would assume from the name, Medic.


Level 07: -15% First Aid and Neural Shock Cooldown
Level 08: -18% First Aid and Neural Shock Cooldown
Level 09: -21% First Aid and Neural Shock Cooldown,
          Neural Shock Specialisation
Level 10: -24% First Aid and Neural Shock Cooldown
Level 11: -27% First Aid and Neural Shock Cooldown
Level 12: -30% First Aid and Neural Shock Cooldown,
          First Aid Specialisation

Neural Shock Specialisation : Lasts 25% Longer, +40 Damage
First Aid Specialisation    : +80 Health restored by Medi-Gel, Negates toxic
                              damage, revives your fallen allies.


The Bastion it the upgrade to the Adept or the Sentinel. This improves their
defensive biotics powers and reduces their cooldown times that those skills


Level 07: -18% Biotic Cooldown
Level 08: -20% Biotic Cooldown
Level 09: -22% Biotic Cooldown, Barrier Specialisation
Level 10: -24% Biotic Cooldown
Level 11: -26% Biotic Cooldown
Level 12: -28% Biotic Cooldown, Statis Specialisation

Barrier Specialisation : Lasts 25% Longer, +40 Shields per Second
Statis Specialisation  : Enemies under Statis can be damaged with this


The final upgrade, and the boost to the Adept and the Vanguard. This improves
the power of the biotics and makes them last longer.


Level 07: +4% Throw Damage, Biotics Last 4% Longer
Level 08: +6% Throw Damage, Biotics Last 6% Longer
Level 09: +8% Throw Damage, Biotics Last 8% Longer, Warp Specialisation
Level 10: +10% Throw Damage, Biotics Last 10% Longer
Level 11: +12% Throw Damage, Biotics Last 12% Longer
Level 12: +14% Throw Damage, Biotics Last 14% Longer, Lift Specialisation

Warp Specialisation : +25 Damage, +2 Meter Radius
Lift Specialisation : +4 Meter Radius

[3.06] Shepard Skills

There are several things that only Shepard can possess that everyone else 
cannot. Such things are Paragon and Renegade Meters, Charm, Intimidate and
Spectre Training.


Paragon is basically the good side of the game. In the game, you need to make
choices, and there are two ways of doing something, the good way and the evil
way. The good way will net you paragon points, such as resolving a situation
without conflict. The path of the Paragon means that you co-operate with
other people as well as be selfless, that is, not selfish. 


The second option is the Renegade. This is where you show your appreciation
for the quicker solution, being impatient and being selfish. Your solutions
here normally involve killing or discriminating against someone. This is the
path of the Renegade, the more evil path. 


Charm is basically the skill of the Paragon Meter. The higher the Paragon
Meter, the higher your Charm will be allowed to use. Although Charm doesn't
actually do much in battle, it does do a lot. In conversations, certain 
conversations require a certain level of Charm to activate the Paragon
path. Also, Charm will give you discounts at stores. Quite useful if you
are going to buy some high end stuff.

Level 04: Store Discount, -2% off Store Items
Level 08: Store Discount, -5% off Store Items
Level 12: Store Discount, -8% off Store Items


Intimidate is the skill of the Renegade Meter. The more Renegade points you
have, the more Initmidate points you will use. Remember that these skills
are like normal skills, you need to invest talent points in them. Anyway,
more intimidate points means that you can use the Renegade option in your
conversations. Also, like the Charm levels, higher levels of Intimidate may
work to your advantage.


Level 04: Motivated Buyer, +2% selling price on items to stores
Level 08: Motivated Buyer, +5% selling price on items to stores
Level 12: Motivated Buyer, +8% selling price on items to stores

*Spectre Training*

This is one of the best skills there are in the game. Spectre Training is 
available only to Shepard, since he is the Spectre in the game. This will
boost health, all your powers, your accuracy and it has one of the better
skills in the game, Unity.

UNITY - Revives your fallen suqad members with health and shields at the
        cost of lower accuracy.


Level 01: +2 Accuracy, +0.4 Accuracy Regeneration, +5% Maximum Health,
           +1% Damage of all Powers, +1% Duration of all Powers
Level 02: +3 Accurary, +0.6 Accuracy Regeneration, +5.5% Maximum Health,
           +1.5% Damage of all Powers, +1.5% Duration of all Powers
Level 03: +4 Accuracy, +0.8 Accuracy Regeneration, +6% Maximum Health, 
           +2% Damage of all Powers, +2% Duration of all Powers
Level 04: UNITY (Revives Fallen Squad Members with 15% Max Health and 40%
          Max Shields, -45% Accuracy, 150 Second Cooldown)
Level 05: +5 Accuracy, +1.0 Accuracy Regeneration, +6.5% Maximum Health,
           +2.5% Damage of all Powers, +2.5% Duration of all Powers
Level 06: +6 Accuracy, +1.2 Accuracy Regeneration, +7% Maximum Health,
           +3% Damage of all Powers, +3% Duration of all Powers
Level 07: +7 Accuracy, +1.4 Accuracy Regeneration, +7.5% Maximum Health,
           +3.5% Damage of all Powers, +3.5% Duration of all Powers
Level 08: ADVANCED UNITY (Revives Fallen Squad Members with 20% Max Health
          and 60% Max Shields, -35% Accuracy, 120 Second Cooldown)
Level 09: +8 Accuracy, +1.6 Accuracy Regeneration, +8% Maximum Health,
           +4% Damage of all Powers, +4% Duration of all Powers
Level 10: +9 Accuracy, +1.8 Accuracy Regeneration, +8.5% Maximum Health,
           +4.5% Damage of all Powers, +4.5% Duration of all Powers
Level 11: +10 Accuracy, +2.0% Accuracy Regeneration, +9% Maximum Health,
           +5% Damage of all Powers, +5% Duration of all Powers
Level 12: MASTER UNITY (Revives Fallen Squad Members with 30% Max Health
          and FULL Shields, -30% Accuracy, 90 Second Cooldown)

[4.01] Eden Prime

--==On the Normandy==--

Well, you start this game on board the Normandy, and you're name, regardless
what you have chosen, will always be Commander Shepard. You are here after
a jump on the mass relay and you will be watched carefully by Nihlus, a 
Spectre. As he leaves, Joker and Alenko will express their distrust of the
Spectres, and you get a choice.

 +2 Paragon Points for agreeing with Joker's mistrust of Spectres
 +2 Renegade Points for dismissing your crew

Anyway, you need to head to the briefing room, Captain Anderson is waiting
for you in there. On your way, talk to Navigator Pressly, which is talking 
with Chief Engioneer Adams. Pressly isn't very happy with fact that there is
a Spectre on a routine mission. You can investigate further and this will
allow you to get some more information. Throughout the game, you can 
investigate further with the people you encounter, and viewing eithers that
lie around, because these will add to your Galactic Codex, which also happens
to give you EXP for it as well. 

After talking to Pressly, you can talk to Corporal Jenkins and Doctor Chakwas
who are talking there. You can talk to both of them, in particular, Jenkins,
who is going to be in your team for the mission on Eden Prime. Grill Chakwas
for more information for your Codex.

 +2 Paragon Points for Supporting Corporal Jenkins
 +2 Renegade Points for chiding Jenkins that its about the Mission first

Head to the briefing room and talk to the Turian Spectre Nihlus, who will
talk very briefly with you about the mission on Eden Prime before Captain
Anderson walks in and briefs you completely about the mission, and what you
are going to be doing on Eden Prime, you need to recover a Prothean Beacon.
The Protheans have been wiped out about 50,000 years ago, and they helped 
humanity to propell into the position it is in right now. 

The whole point of this mission is to recover it and send it back to the 
Citadel for analysis by the scientists to uncover more about the Protheans, 
and as a side note, you are being watched by the Council for possible 
admission to the Spectres. Soon, you get a transmission from the colony 
about an attack on Eden Prime, this mission just got a lot harder. Talk
as much as you can with Anderson, grill as much info out of him, and lets
get ready to head to Eden Prime. 

--==On Eden Prime==--

Once you get on Eden Prime, the whole place is on fire. You are teamed with
Lieutenant Kaiden Alenko and Corporal Richard Jenkins and all of you have the
most basic equipment, the default guns and weaponry. Ahead of you, you should
turn left, but head right into an outlet for a nice upgrade vault, and loot
that. Then, lead west. You will see little brain/gas/air bags, but they don't
do much, so practice your guns on them. A few practices and you get the hang
of combat, for now anyway.

Head West and you will reach a cutscene, where you send your team forward, and
Jenkin gets killed by some ambushing Geth Drones. Draw your weapon of choice,
most likely the pistol or assault rifle, and take down the three drones that
are there. Once the drones are down, you can talk to Kaiden about Jenkins.

 +2 Paragon Points for allowing Jenkins to have a proper burial
 +2 Renegade Points for dismissing the importance of Jenkin's Death

To your left, there are some upgrades there, as well as some Medi-gel, which
acts like the healing substance in this game. There are another set of three
recon drones, so there is some more target practice here. Move forwards to 
where the Geth are and you get another cutscene of a soldier being pinned
down by the Geth. Looks like you need to help.

There are some Recon Drones and some Geth troopers that are here that you
need to take out, weapon of choice them to death and talk to Gunnery Chief
Ashley Williams, the person who is going to fill out the rest of your
team. There is another crate here, be sure to look for it.

 +4 Paragon Points for welcoming Ashley to your team
 +4 Renegade Points for resisting Ashley to your team

At the dig site, there are many more Geth here. You need to learn, by
now, if the game hasn't taught you already, that you can take cover. Draw
your weapon and walk against an object, such as a crate or tree trunk in
this case, and you will automatically take cover. This allows you to see
what is going on, fire when you aren't under fire, and protection from
enemy fire. 

Quickly take out the Geth Troopers. They are pretty weak, all you need to
do is to shoot their shields down, and they are easy prey to most weapons.
Or you could just place two sniper shots to send them packing. The beacon
isn't here at the dig site, so you need to head to the Camp Site for 
further information. The Camp Site is up the hill, so head up. 

--==Camp Site==--

Ahead are some spikes, with some impaled Alliance soldiers up there. Poor guys
but once you get close, those spikes will fall down, and those Soldiers are
going to be attacking you. These are called Husks, they are basically shock
troops that lack any weapon, but they will run up, explode, killing your 
shields and damaging you. 

You want to keep a fair distance from them, but here, you might want to
use the shotgun. They can take a fair amount of melee damage, do Biotic 
powers are quite useful here. Make sure they can't move and take them out
from a distance. This isn't the last we've seen of these Shock Troops. Make
sure to raid the upgrade kit here as well, some nice loot there.

There are two buildings here, and now it is a good time as any to teach you
how to unlock and override electronics in this game. This is an extremely
useful ability for you to know how to do because a lot of good items and
game functions are behind this simple minigame.


A lot of items are either secured, or broken, and through a high electronics
and decryption skill, you can unlock or repair these items. There are three
grades of decryption, easy, average and hard. The harder it is, the harder
the mini-game is. Also, you need a set amount of points for each level, to 
play with Easy, you need 1 point, Average = 5 and Hard requires 9. Of course,
if you have enough skill, you can omni-gel the machine, but that requires a
fair amount of Omni-Gel, on average, 15 to 25.

There are two minigames, each depending on the platform you are playing. 
Xbox requires you to match symbols, which is relatively easy, but they get
harder as they go along.

PC is completely different. There are four circles, and your goal here is
to send your little pick through all 4 circles, without being hit by the
red blocks and hit the centre. Red blocks will send you back to the start
while orange blocks are stationary obstacles. The harder the level, the 
more red and orange blocks there are. You only have 15 seconds, and failure
means you need to Omni-Gel the machine to death. 

--==Camp Site Continued==--

Anyway, in one of the buildings there are two survivors, it looks like two 
scientists, given their lack of weapons. There is a Dr. Warren and a Dr. 
Manuel here. Warren will tell you that the Beacon that you are after has
been relocated to the spaceport, which means that you have a lot more work 
to do. They will also talk to you about the attack, which was a disaster
for the Alliance, through Manuel's unwanted talking. You can shut him up or
let him keep talking, you get points out of this.

 +2 Paragon Points for treating the survivors well
 +2 Renegade Points for shutting Manuel up via force


After a complete looting of the campsite, you can follow the path and this 
will take you to the space port. You might want to hang back a little bit
and you can use your sniper rifle to kill most of the Geth from a fair 
distance. That would help a little.

Otherwise, you want to bring in some heavy firepower and start to take out
all the Geth and the Husks that are here. There are little canisters here
that make your job a lot easier. When the enemy decides to go near one, shoot
the canister to make it explode, taking the trooper down with it. When you
have taken down all the Geth, don't need to the market just yet, there are
some nice goodies lying around.

First, there is a little inlet to your north with a broken object that will
net you some grenaders, and more importantly, omni-gel. Now, there is a 
farmhouse directly south of the port. Unlock the door and three farmers will
burst out. They're in on a smuggling ring, and since they can't be stuffed
to find the smuggler, they will hand over a nice pistol for you, and the 
Stinger II is a decent weapon for starting, since you are using a I weapon
instead. You can also Charm or Intimidate the farmers to give the identity 
of the smuggler as well as for an extra upgrade. 

 +4 Paragon Points for using Charm twice
 +4 Renegade Points for using Intimidate twice
 +2 Paragon Points for using Intimidate then Charm
 +2 Renegade Points for using Charm then Intimidate

Before you leave, don't forget about the locker in the farmhouse for some
more bonuses. 

Head to the platform and you will see what happened to Nihlus, and as you
can guess from the cutscene before, you can guess what his "friend" Saren
did to him. We'll he ain't moving, but someone else is, someone behind the
crate. Powell. The smuggler from what the farmers told you. If he will tell
you what you can already guess, Nihlus was killed, end of story. If you talk
to him about his smuggling operation, he will give you the extra grenades 
that he was withholding from the Alliance military, which could have been
handy then. Charm or Intimidate him for an extra upgrade for you. Before you
leave this area, check it out for a medicial kit and there is another upgrade
kit in this area. 

 +2 Paragon Points not trying to kill Powell
 +2 Renegade Points for effectively calling Powell a coward

--==Finding the Beacon==--

Continue along the path and you will need to take out three geth troopers. I
suggest a Shotgun here, you are going to be in close quarters combat, and the
Shotgun is the best for that. Before you head down the stairs, I suggest that
you go and take down the Geth Destroyer there. That thing needs you to have
Kaiden throw things at it to make it go kaboom. When you head down, there is
a train, swarming with Geth.

Kill all those that decide to run close to you, that would make them not
run, but there are still a lot left. Use the Sniper Rifle to take them out 
at range while taking cover, which makes it a lot easier on you, and your
health bar. Take out all the Geth, collecting the med kit along the way
and activate the train to head to the next area. 

Now, you get a cutscene where Saren decides that it would be a good idea to
remove all evidence that he was here, so he orders the Geth to set up some
bombs to take out the area. There are three bombs in the area, and all you
need to do is to activate the bombs to take them out, press E (A for Xbox)
and volia, done. 

Before you take down the first bomb, you should head up the ramp, take cover
and use the Sniper Rifle to take down as many enemies that you can see. There
are some Geth Shock Troopers here, they are the powerful brothers of the 
normal Geth Trooper, with more health and a bigger shield. The Sniper Rifle
is important of you want these suckers down fast. 

Head up the ramp and across the bridge to take out the first bomb. Take out
the remaining Geth, using as much cover as you can, and then move up. You 
can easily find the remaining bombs with your minimap. Also, there is a 
counter to show the amount of time you have left. Watch it and defuse all the
bombs. Make sure you clear the area for crates and the like, there is at least
one here.

Finally, you need to head west through the opening there and that is where
the beacon is. There are a few troopers and a few husks there as well, which
you might want to take out. Then, clean out all the crates and kits in this
area, there are a fair few here. Then, touch the beacon. Well, either Ashley
or Kaiden will touch it and Shepard will intervene, wiring a vision to you
and then, EXPLODES! YEE HAW! Sorry, couldn't resist. 


You are back on the Normandy, Dr. Chakwas and Captain Anderson are there to
talk to you. After all the talk there, it is best that you talk to the crew
as well. 

You can explore the ship. You are on the middle floor of the Normandy, where
you can find Ashley outside the med room. The Captain's room is also here. 
At the back, you can find stairs to the top level or an elevator to the
engine room. Down there is your requisition officer, who you can sell and
buy upgrades and weapons from, as well as the Mako, storage lockers. Down
here, you can also access the engine itself. 

On the top floor, you can find the command deck. Here is the galaxy map,
which is important later. While you are here, explore a bit. Anyway, you
want to talk to Ashley and Kaiden after the events. When you are done, go
talk to Joker to bring in the Normandy to the Citadel and finish this 
section once and for all. 

[4.02] The Citadel

--==The Citadel==--

Welcome to the Citadel where you will now talk to Captain Anderson and the
Ambassador to the Council, Ambassador Udina. the Ambassador is here to try to
convince the Council to kick Saren off the Spectre Team and you are crucial
evidence for him, so you need to head to the Citadel Tower to plead your
case before the council. Looks like you need to get moving. And somehow, you
get to keep your guns, but your shots won't kill anyone, they won't even
care that you fired your assault rifle so many times, they don't care at all.

Anyway, you are going to be new to the Citadel. This is one of the palces that
you are going to need to get to know a lot better. Right now, you are starting
at the Embassies. There is another embassy next door, and when you head left
down the stairs, you get to head to the Presidium. Here, you can see the
Receptionist and there is an Avina VI terminal, as well as Rapid Transit. 

Up the stairs, there is a bar, C-SEC head security office as well as a 
Diplomat research section. There are several VI terminals here, you should
grill them all for information. Anyway, across the water are the Consort 
Offices, the Bazaar and the Bank. Thats pretty much it for the Presidium 
locations, except that there is an elevator to the top. 

There are many things that you can do right now, there is a Hanar and a 
C-Sec officer trying to annoy each other, you can hack computers in 
Ambassador Udina's office as well as Executor Pallin's computer, who is
the head of C-Sec. You will come across the request for the release of a 
body, but they are all side quests that are all covered in its own section. 

Anyway, all that aside, you need to use the Rapid Transit system to head to
the Presidium area of the Citadel Tower. You will then witness a fight between
a C-Sec officer called Garrus Vakarian and the head of C-Sec, Executor Pallin.
It looks like Pallin doesn't want Vakarian on the case of Saren since there is
no luck, but after talking to Garrus, he says that he will keep up the fight
against Saren and keep digging for info. More on him later. But now, head up
the stairs and talk to Capt Anderson, and head into the hearing on Saren.

--==The Hearing Onwards==--

Well, it isn't any shock that Saren himself appears via visual link and 
refutes the claims, and since they aren't going to believe you, they toss
out the claim due to lack of evidence. Well, there are going to be three
sources of the information or the evidence that you need to refute the
claims that Saren was a good Spectre.

Your choices are Garrus Valakian, the C-Sec officer who was launching an
investigation into Saren. Or you can follow the Ambassador, who will suggest
that you look for a retired C-Sec officer, a human one, by the name of 
Harkin. If you ask Capt. Anderson, he will suggest that you go and look
for Barla Von, the contact who has links with the Shadow Broker. It is best
that you go and do all three for a much better picture. 

--==Barla Von==--

Barla Von is in the financial distict of the Presidium area, he is pretty much
next to the market, which is next to the consort's office. He will talk to
you about his services and about Saren. Saren has, apparently, displeased his
boss, the Shadow Broker, who is more than happy to help you in your quest to
take down Saren. For that, Barla Von will point you in the directions of the
Wards, the C-Sec academy, and find a Krogan called Wrex. 

If you aren't familar with the Wards, the Wards are an underground nightlife
area. The Ward contains the Medical Clinic, the Chora's Den "Gentleman" Club,
the Flux Nightclub and the Markets. At the Medical Clinic, you will be able to
purchase medi-gel as well as med upgrades. Chora's Den is a hanging out place,
Flux has gambling and the markets is a place to buy and sell stuff. C-Sec
Academt is here as well, which provides access to your spacecraft. More on 
Wrex later, because there is a plot conflict here.

--==Harkin and Garrus==--

Well, if you follow the lead from Ambassador Udina, you will need to talk to
the retired C-Sec officer Harkin, who is currently in Chora's Den. Head 
there via the mass transit, and as you enter the walkway into Chora's Den, you
will be ambushed by two assassins. Luckily you have your weapons, and there
are only two of then, so you can easily take them out. Take cover behind the
walkway and snipe them. Or run up and shotgun those suckers.

Anyway, head into Chora's Den and you will bump into Wrex. Off he goes, and
you need to talk to Harkin. He will essentially tell you that Garrus is in the
Med Clinic and you can find him there, as well as some interesting facts that
Captain Anderson was considered to be the first human Spectre. Whoops, guess
someone didn't tell us that. 

Head into the Med Clinic and you will see that your friend Garrus is being
targeted by several thugs, who obviously need to understand that you don't 
shoot in a hospital. Garrus manages to target and remove the thug holding the
doctor hostage, and you need to mop up the rest. Since you are in 
exceptionally close quarters here, take cover behind the divider and shotgun
all the thugs in sight, the run up and shotgun the rest of the thugs. Talk
to Garrus and he offers to join your Squad.

Now that you have several members to choose from, you are able to pick and
choose a squad. You are only allowed two members, so pick the two members
that you want to be teaming up with you and use them, accept and move on.

Anyway, Dr. Michels tells you that a Quarian that has information about 
Saren's motives went off to talk to Fist, the owner of Chora's Den and an 
employee of the Shadow Broker, the person who purchases all the information
on everyone. But, as a nice plot twist, Fist has decided to work for Saren 
and has taken the Quarian as a nice hostage. Looks like we need to clear him
up, but this is a good time to find Wrex.


You don't need Wrex if you decide to get Garrus, because Garrus will lead
to all the information about Fist and the Quarian, and Wrex, if you choose
to follow the Barla Von path, will tell you exactly the same information, but
it is best if you decide to get both of them, because you can then make both
of them join you.

Anyway, Wrex is at the C-Sec academy, and they aren't obviously having a 
friendly conversation, so talk to Wrex and he will offer to join you, but
he wants to make sure that Fist is dead, after all, it was in his contract
to make sure that Fist dies, and he will get what he wants. Now that you have
the information that you need to get the Fist, you need to head to Chora's Den
for a nice shootout.

--==Chora's Den Shootout==--

Head to Chora's Den and the club itself is a massive shootout. You might want 
to play with the Sniper Rile here, it is best of you can take cover and pick
off all the enemy units one by one. There is a bartender and several thugs
to take down, as well as a Krogan. These guys will have a large amount of 
health and will regenerate their health over time, so you want to take them 
out pretty quick. These thugs are relatively easy to take out, a single sniper
bullet is enough to take them out.

You need to enter the door, and there are some dock workers there, taking up
their guns and pointing them at you. Normally, you will need to kill them, but
if you have enough charm or intimidate points, you can convince them to drop
their arms and get lost. 

 +2 Paragon Points for convincing the workers to surrender via Charm
 +2 Renegade Points for convincing the workers to surrender via Intimidate

Now you need to deal with Fist himself. Enter the room and you will see Fist
as well as the two turrets. You really want those turrets down first, and to
do that, you might as well use a pistol and concentrate all your fire on the
turrets. Get your teammates to do the same, and Tech powers are good at 
disabling them for a good period of time. 

Once the turrets are down, he will surrender and if Wrex is on your squad at
that certain point in time, to furfil his contact, he will kill the Fist. Or
you can kill him yourself if you want. Before you can kill him, he will tell
you where you can find the Quarian with the evidence that can take down Saren
himself. She is currently in the alleyway, so head there.

 +2 Renegade Points for killing Wrex or agreeing with Wrex's Actions


Head out of Fist's Office, after you have looted the place for some good items
and rush out of Chora's Den. You will have to deal with more thugs here, so 
take some cover and shoot them all down. Rush into the alleyway where the 
Quarian is going to be ambushed, follow your map if you really need to so you
don't get lost. 

You will see the Quarian get ambushed by some Turians and Salarians, and you
need to protect her. Out comes the guns and you need to shoot them all. The
salarians are rather easy to kill, but their tech powers can make it a pain
to play with your weapons. When it is all over, off to the Ambassador we go.

The Quarian, Tali, presents the evidence to the Ambassador which is a nice
recording of Saren talking to someone else about the attack on Eden Prime, 
and that implicates himself as well as someone else. This time, you bring the
evidence to the Council for real evidence. 

--==The Second Hearing==--

Back at the Tower and this time, you have proof to bring down Saren along
with his Spectre status. The Asari Councillor is able to identify that the
unknown voice is Matriarch Benezia who is helping Saren and the Geth. That
brings in another person we need to take care of, unfortunately. The Council,
mindful of that fact that the races in the Terminus systems would unite if 
they send a fleet there, they will have a better plan, make you a Spectre
and you go take down Saren.

 +2 Paragon Points for being Polite to the Council
 +2 Renegade Points for having a very big hubris to the Council

--==Spectre Aftermath==--

Now that you're a Spectre, you need to clean up whatever you want to do on
the Citadel and then head to the docking bay via the C-Sec Academy. Here,
you will talk to Captain Anderson, who is effectively handing over the
SSV Normandy to you. They also provide you with three solid leads, one 
about the Geth who have recently attacked Feros. There also seems to be 
Geth interest on the planet of Noveria. And there is a lead about the dig
site of Benezia's daughter who is somewhere in the Artemis Tau Cluster.
You get to choose where you want to go. 

 +2 Paragon Points for being respectual of Captain Anderson
 +2 Renegade Points for being reckless

When you enter the Normandy, you get the ability to make an address to the
crew of the ship and you get points for it as well. You inform the crew of
their mission as well as your policy about the people that are on board.

 +4 Paragon Points for suggesting cooperation with all races
 +4 Renegade Points for suggesting that humanity can solve all problems

--==Should you Revisit==--

If you revisit the Citadel when you are in command of the Normandy, Rear
Admiral Mikhailovich, obviously a Russian, and commander of the 63rd Scout
Flotilla, will ask if he can inspect your vessel. You can accept or deny
his request, since you are above him, but you get the EXP and some rewards
off him if you do.

 +2 Paragon Points for denying inspection using Charm
 +2 Renegade Points for denying inspection using Intimidate
 +2 Renegade Points for refusing an inspection outright

[4.03] Noveria

--==A Bad Start==--

Well, if this is your first plot planet, this is going to get off on the
wrong foot. As soon as you dock, you are already being questioned by the local
forces, and I don't like the tone that they were taking. Land at Port Hanshan
and before you can even head into the building itself, you will be confronted
by the local security forces, led by Captain Matsuo, who is in the employ of
Elanus Risk Control Services. She also happens to be head of security and
they ask to take control of your weapons. 

Whatever happens, the intercom will cut them off and tell them that you are
indeed a Spectre. They will tell the forces to hold their fire and let you 
keep your weapons. 

 +2 Paragon Points for allowing them to confiscate your weapons
 +2 Renegade Points for not letting them touch your weapons

Anyway, head through the building and sooner or later, you will reach the mini
bar area, where the weapons will set off an alarm. Gianna Parasani, the 
assistant to the administrator to the Port, will allow you to pass. She has
some interesting news for you, Matriarch Benezia and several Asari Commandos
have passed through several days ago and headed to Peak 15. You need a garage
pass to head outside, and you need to see the Administrator for that. 

At this point, if you have Liara on your team, she will ask if you want to 
reconsider if you want her on the team, after all, she is going to be facing
her mother. Or, if you have her and she isn't on your team, one member will
ask for you to reconsider deploying her instead.

Also, at this point, you can head back to the docking bay and talk to Captain
Matsuo and talk over what happened back then. Sergeant Stirling won't be too
pleased, but we'll deal with her later, but Matsuo will be pleased somewhat.

 +2 Paragon Points for accepting the apology
 +2 Renegade Points for refusing the apology

--==Corruption, of the Grand Scale==--

Well, you need to find the Administrator, Anoleis, who is at the southeast
corner of the first floor, you need to use the lift first. Talk to Parasani
who will let you in, and you see, of all people, a Salarian. He will not give
you a pass, since you are chasing Saren, and that Saren is a major investor 
and that makes Benezia very important. The only way that you will get the 
pass off him is from the Smuggling mission and giving the goods or dishing
out the dirt, but that really is a crappy prize.

Anyway, head outside and talk to Parasani again, who will lead you to a Lorik
Qui'in who is in the hotel, which requires another lift ride. He is at the
hotel lobby and sitting at a table. Talk to him and he says that he isn't 
happy because Anoleis denied entry to his Synthetic Insights office because
Qui'in has some nice evidence that Anoleis, unsurprisingly, corrupt on a 
grand scale.

Just at that point in time, there is a nice deal for you. Qui'in knows that
some off duty Elanus Risk Control Services guards are currently under the 
employ of Anoleis and that are in the Synthetic Insights office currently in
the office looking for the evidence that Qui'in is holding. The deal is, get
rid of the guards, recover the evidence for him, and he will get you the 
garage pass that you want. 

However, don't leave the hotel for the evidence just yet. There is an office
here that you can access, and you get a mission from it, as well as the 
security system for the Synthetic Insights office. You want to disable it for
a much easier time.

Head into the offices, which is on the floor that Anoleis is on, near the
garage, and you will find the Elanus guards there, ransacking the place
as Qui'in said. Guess he was telling the truth. You will encounter some
guards straight away, but with some charm, you can get them to leave without
firing a shot. Or guess scare them off. 

 +8 Paragon Points for convincing the guards to leave using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for convincing the guards to leave using Intimidate

You still need to fight your way through the rest of the guards to access the
upstairs office there, but there is a lot of cover to take behind the walls
so pistols here are a good idea, its a tight, but large area, so shotguns are
not as effective, and pistols are accurate. Head into the office, loot the 
place and grab the evidence. But then, you have the evidence, then what?

--==Evidence, Then What?==--

You should leave the office, but you can see someone in the distance. It is
Sergeant Stirling, who isn't all that happy, or pleased to see you here, after
you have killed so many of the Elanus Guards. Well, they were doing something
illegal, and you are a Spectre, and above the law, but still, they aren't 
going to be happy. You can talk about it all you want, it still won't help
you, you need to fight. 

 +2 Paragon Points for saying that you acted in self-defence
 +2 Renegade Points for not even trying to defend your actions

Stirling is a biotic, and your best bet is that you run back to the office and
take cover there. Her biotic powers are quite powerful, but she will stay at a
range. Whip up the sniper rifle and snipe her at a range, but her powers can
be quite annoying, so take some cover, and shoot. After she is down, you still
have a fair amount of guards, but compared to Stirling, it is quite easy to
take them down. 

Head out of the office, and when you exit the elevator, you will meet Gianna
Parasani, but don't worry, you don't need to quickly pull out your gun and 
kill her. She asks you to meet her in the lobby with Qui'in, so do so.

She then introduces herself as an undercover agent, the horror! She has been
there to investigate Anoleis, of his corruption, which you seem to have done
but on a grander scale. The Noveria Board seems to think along the same lines
and they have been trying to get evidence. Wait, Shepard can get evidence 
within half an hour of arrival, and the Board can't even get a shred of 
evidence for several months. The power of the Spectre.

Anyway, she wants you to convince Qui'in to testify against the Lord of 
Corruption and that should be enough to take him down. And now she promises
you to bring in a nice garage pass. Everyone who is against Anoleis seems
to offer Garage Passes at will. She will also give you some information about
Peak 15 as well. 

--==Wrapping Up Port Hanshan==--

You now should try to convince Qui'in to testify against Anoleis while you
are in the lobby. If you have enough Charm or Intimidate points, you can 
easily make him go and testify against Anoleis, and you get a MASSIVE amount
of paragon or renegade points for it. However, failure will send some credits
your way, more if you use Charm or Intimidate on him as well. If you can't
convince him to testify and give the evidence, you get the garage pass. 

 +24 Paragon Points for convincing Qui'in to testify via Charm
 +25 Renegade Points for convincing Qui'in to testidy via Intimidate

 +500 Credits for returning the evidence to Qui'in
 +750 Credits for returning the evidence to Qui'in using Charm or Intimidate

If you managed to make him testify, head down the Anoleis' office and talk
to Parasani. Now you have the evidence and Qui'in is going to testify, you
are going to need to take him down. Now, you have an interesting choice on
what you can do, you can help Parasani in her investigation, or double-cross
her, to betray them both. 

You can do the right thing, and help Parasani convict the corrupt 
administrator and send in to prison. Or you can sell the evidence to the
administrator and you get the pass. Nope, crap prize. Finally, you can
refuse the hand over the evidence, and Parasani and Anoleis fight, and 
both die. Your choice. But at the end, you still get the pass, so lets
head to the garage and finish with this port. If you choose the last 
option, you can get the pass of Anoleis, his body, and sell the evidence
back to Qui'in. Win, win. 

 +8 Paragon Points for getting Anoleis arrested for corruption
 +2 Renegade Points for selling the evidence to Anoleis
 +24 Renegade Points for double-crossing both of them, getting both killed

Head to the garage, and finally, some action. However, there are some geth
here, and they consist of the weak Stalkers and the firepower of the Geth
Destroyers. What can you do to end this quick?

Run quickly, sprint all the way to the Mako, access and unlock it, head 
inside and use the cannon to make mince meat of the destroyers. If you are
on foot, the destroyers are more or less going to kill you, so you want to
use the Mako for defence. Cannon the stalkers as well, the minigun isn't
very effective for making a quick meal out of them.

After the firefight, Captain Matsuo arrives exactly after the battle. What
great timing, arriving in time not to become reinforcements. They say that
Benezia must have brought the Geth in the crates, the thousands that she
took with her, so you are going to have a bit of a problem here. And there
are a lot of Geth to contend with.

--==The Path to Peak 15==--

There is a cold hazard of Level 1 outside, so if you wonder too long to 
trigger the hazard, you will take damage, so don't wonder for too long or
walk too far from your vehicle or you will take some damage. Which isn't
very nice.

Stay on the road, and keep scanning the minimap to show you the enemy Geth
from a distance. You might need to move a bit closer to engage them with
your minigun and your cannon, but that isn't that bad. Jump to avoid the
rockets. There are geth Rocket Troopers and Armatures all over the road
which makes it very hard to travel effectively. 

The road is armed with upgrade kits by the abandoned vehicles as well as
on the road, which makes it worth your while to keep your eye on the road
as well as on the side for some nice upgrades. Turrets are also all over
the map, so you might want to squint a little in the distance, if it isn't
white on a white background, hash it with your cannon.

Clear and move quickly, especially through the tunnels where rocket troops
seem to continue till no end, and head to the end of the road, which is the
Peak 15 Lab building. This is just the beginning of a long fight.

--==Trying to Make Contact==--

Enter the building and head into the large garage room. There are a lot of
enemy forces here to fight. Take cover where you can and try to single out
geth units so you can take them out. There is a Juggernaut here as well,
and that is the biggest threat that you can see. You really want that one
down, so try biotic or tech powers to make it stop, and you keep taking
shots at it.

Eliminate the Krogan as well, they can dish out a lot and receive a lot 
of damage. Then, the single geth troopers, who are weak and easy to take
out with single shots. At the end of the room are more Krogan, so whip out
a Sniper Rifle to take them out from a range. In fact, this room is big
enough to use a Sniper Rifle effectively, with cover. 

Loot the room, then continue to the admin level by using the elevator. If
you hate insects and spiders, like I seem to do, you might want to finish
the rest of the level rather quickly. 

After you leave the elevator, you are going to need to take out the geth
in front of you, but there is a single problem. A new type of monster called
the Rachni. They are an insect type monster, that were meant to be extinct,
but I guess someone changed that. There are two type of Rachni, there is 
the worker, who is rather small and easy to kill, but they are pretty damn
fast in terms of movement. The Soldier is damn stronger, have a ranged 
attack that will poison you. That can take a beating, so be careful.

These guys make you reassess how you are going to play the level. They will
spring out of the vent shafts, so you are going to be in some really close
combat situations, I suggest carrying a Shotgun or Assault Rifle at close
range to let loose a massive barrage to get rid of them should they pop
up. When you are done here, you can head into the core of the lab, and there
the problem gets even worse. 

--==Mira's Core==--

Ahead, there is the VI for this lab, and you need to reactivate the VI to
figure out what the hell is going on. Take down the ranchi, and head into
the core, using the elevator to the core. Now, you have a choice on how you
reactivate the machine, use 100 Omni-Gel or solve a puzzle. 

This puzzle is simple. There are three columns, and what you need to do is
to move all the blocks in a way so that all the blocks move to the other
side. You can only move the top block, so the answer I'll give is based on
the number of the column. The left is 1, middle is 2 and right is 3.

1 -> 2 
1 -> 3 
2 -> 3 
1 -> 2
3 -> 1
3 -> 2
1 -> 2
1 -> 3
2 -> 3
2 -> 1
3 -> 1
2 -> 3
1 -> 2
1 -> 3
2 -> 3

Mira heads back online, and she informs you that there are two systems that
you need to restore before you can go anywhere. You first need to repair the
landline on the roof, so the tram can go someone. I make a note that you 
should only move now if you are carrying a shotgun or assault rifle, so your
guard is up at all time.

Head up to the roof and get ready to fix the lines, but there are a hell of a
lot of ranchi there. They aren't extremely close, so use the pistol or 
assault rifle to take them all out. Use the radar to figure out which is the
best place to use cover, and take your time. Move all the way to the back to
fix up the lines, after you have taken down all the ranchi. 

Back down to the core, you will find some more ranchi here, so take them out
before you head down to Mira again. Now, you need to fix up the reactor, or 
the fuel for the trams. There are geth here, so arm appropriately. Use the
radar again to figure out all the enemy's location, take them out, and then
fix up the lines. And back to Mira you go, and back to killing the ranchi that
appeared out of nowhere. And now, you can take the tram.

--==Public Transportation==--

Head towards the tram platform given that there is now an active and working
path to the trams. Now, you need to pass a decontamination chamber but there
are ranchi units there. Now, the best part is that if you have high electronic
skills, or some unit does, use it to take out the ranchi by having it toasted
to death.

Or you can access the area, or get Mira to open the area, and you can get 
inside and kill the ranchi units yourself. Now, since the way is clear, you
can take the tram, and off you go.

And you end up to a bunch of elevators, and head up on it, and you meet a 
group of humans who are securing the position against enemy ranchi. Captain
Ventralis is in charge, and using your charm or intimidate skills, you can
get him to reveal the defences here, and some more talk. After the talk, you
can finally get into the action since some more Ranchi attack, so help fight
them off. 

Since he can see that you are trying to help, he will now give you a pass 
to find the Matriarch. What you do and how you get their is up to you.

 +2 Paragon Points for saying you are helping
 +2 Renegade Points for saying you aren't helping
 +2 Paragon Points for attacking the invading ranchi

--==The Labs==--

What you want to do now, besides get to the labs, is to help around since you
aren't going to be back here anytime soon. There are two ways to get to the
labs, the first is to break your way through the security doors and get in, 
killing all the ranchi as you go along, and the second involves you going 
under the main pathway, in a maintenance tunnel, and avoiding a firefight.

For those who want to go in, all guns ablazing, all you need to do is to 
breach the security door in the mess hall, defeat the drones, defeat the
guards and then defeat all the ranchi. This is the fastest approach but it 
costs the most lives, but is the most rewarding. 

The second involves finding a cure. You need to go and find Dr Cohen, who is
apparently trying to develop an antidote for the toxins that they were 
making in the lab. Not a smart idea, to have a toxin you don't have the 
antidote for. Of course, charming his pants to make him gay or scaring the
crap out of him gets you more intel.

If you are going for the cure, you need to talk to the Captain to get his
go ahead to head into the quarantined area. You can now enter it, and the
ERCS guard will let you in. Inside is the machine, so you can make the
cure by having the meter fall between the first and second limits, so it is
in between, and it is a cure. Practice makes perfect.

After the cure is done, it seems that there is an Asari in the room, the
same Asari from the mess hall. Alestia is a servant of the Matriarch, and
she is here to kill you with a few geth troopers. How nice of her. Now,
since this is close quarters, take cover and whip out the assault rifle or
shotgun, and pump her full of lead. That will teach her a lesson or two
that murdering guards is not the way to go.

Head back to Cohen and give him the cure. If you have the adequate charm
or intimidate skills, you can get some medical supplies that he was saving
for the guards from him. 

 +24 Paragon Points for finding the cure

Now, you can take the maintenance tunnel to reach the labs. Now, no matter
what route you took to the labs, attack, sneak, or both, you reach the point
where you face the Matriarch. And boy, this is one boss battle you want to

--==The Fight==--

You start the battle, and it begins with Benezia calling in Asari Commandos
and Geth Troopers into the battle to help her. Don't bother fighting her, 
you need to take out the commandos first. They are dangerous, since they are
biotic users as well as having nice guns, and they charge into your lines, so
use the assault rifle here. 

Take cover when you can, but don't stay there for long, the Asaris will blow
up your cover with their guns. Move fast, and take down all the 
reinforcements. There are about 3 waves of 2 units at least, and most are the
Commandos, so you really need to watch your health, and invest in the gel that
can save lives. Your own biotics are useful against the Asari whilst the Tech
powers can take down the Geth Snipers.

When you somehow have managed to take down all the reinforcements, its time
for another cutscene. Benezia shows that she was brainwashed by the ship of
Saren's, and she gives all the info she has whilst she still is in control of
herself. After she goes insane, quickly kill her. You don't have much time
before she calls in more commandos, so kill her quickly, since you have no
choice, and then kill off the reinforcements. 

Seriously, on paper, or on this guide, it appears easy, but I've had to do
this mission a lot of times because it isn't all that easy. On insane, well
it truly is insane. 


Now that the Matriarch is dead, the Ranchi Queen will use the Asari 
Commando's dead body to communicate with you. She admits that all the 
ranchi that run rampant cannot be saved, and she has a request that you kill
them all. Now, it is up to you whether you want to exterminate the ranchi
for good. This is a decision that leds to genocide. Personally, since I hate
these bugs and since they "were extinct" to start off with, I killed the
damn queen. I hate bugs.

 +24 Paragon Points for sparing the Queen
 +25 Renegade Points for becoming Warfreak and killing the Queen

Now, if you want, you can help the queen by clearing out all the ranchi in
the hot labs. You can do this by heading down to the hot labs and speaking
with Yaroslev, who gives you a code that will set off a neutron purge device
that will clear off the ranchi, but before the code is given, he is killed, so
fight back. Collect the code off his corpse, and then head to the back of the
laboratory to access the Mira terminal from there, input the code, and then,
the ranchi come. They rush into the room, trying to kill you. Your safest 
option is to run to the elevator and escape.

Or you can just avoid this whole thing by leaving Noveria by taking the tram
and because the facility is overrun, the Noverian Executive Board just nuke
the damn place apart, wiping them all out.

Back on the Normandy, the council decides to give a call, and they ask you
for the information from Benezia. They also talk about your actions. I just
wished that they would back off. It isn't like they are the ones doing all the
hard work.

 +2 Paragon Points for defending your actions, politely
 +2 Renegade Points for defending your actions, aggressively.

[4.04] Liara's Dig Site

--==Finding the Dig Site==--

Well, the dig site is somewhere in the Artemis Tau cluster, and you need to
get the Normandy into that sector, and then head into the Knossos system and
finally, land on the Therum planet.

--==Making Contact==--

When you land on the planet, there isn't much of a choice on where you go, it
is pretty much a dead straight path. Move ahead in the Mako, and this is going
to be where you are going to start facing a lot of enemy fire. There are a 
lot of enemy geth here, and they are even dropships to bring in even more
reinforcements, which you need to kill.

Move ahead, and if you can see them, snipe the turrets with your Mako, and
if you have no other option, head outside and snipe enemy geth units with
your sniper rifle. This is a great map for sniping target practice.

Move ahead, and soon you will see the refinery, except there are a lot of
turrets there, so you need to take a detour to the north, on the little
side path. Move up, taking down the turret, and you see a little area, which
is where you want to be.

There are a lot of troops here and there, so head out of the Mako and start
to use your weapon of choice to take down the Geth units. Check outside
and inside, cleaning out all the storage units there are, and there is quite
a lot to steal. After that, activate the gate, and move onwards.

Back in the Mako, move forward and you will face some powerful mechanised
geth units. These are powerful, so stay in the Mako and keep firing on them,
taking evasive action when you need it, which is quite common, since they
do take a fair amount of heavy firepower to take down. 

Keep moving forwards, and you will head into some tunnels, which also happen
to contain some rocket troops, so you need to make sure that your Mako can
really dish it out to take them out before they can take you down, which
will be a problem. Keep heading forwards, until you reach a clump of rocks
which you cannot pass. From here, you need to move on foot. Make sure that
your best weapons are equipped.

--==On Foot==--

Move on foot forwards, guns drawn, and not before long, an enemy sniper
has you ready and makes quick work of your radar. Pull out your sniper rifle
and show him that you are far superior with a sniper rifle. Take him out
and move forwards. As you head up the hill, more geth troopers are waiting
for you, so quickly take them out. There are now more Shock Troopers and 
even another sniper to take out. Move quickly, or use some Tech powers to
disable them.

Move towards the mining camp, and this is probably the most dangerous part
of this mission. There are a bunch of Stalkers and even an Armature, which
is extremely hard to deal with on foot. 

Now, use your minimap and take out all the stalkers, and that would be the
easy part. The Stalkers will make your life hard since they harrass you 
whilst you try to take out the armature, so take them out first. Once you
have done that, take some cover if you want to take down that armature.

You want to be in cover, since a single energy blast from that thing will
kill you, so you only want to be exposed when you fire some shots at it.
To take that sucker down from a distance, which is the safest thing that
you can do, is to use a Sniper Rifle, and snipe him. Given that it is a 
big target, that isn't hard,, but remember, the armature is damn powerful
so you need to be safe.

--==The Mines==--

Move onwards, and there more units in the mine itself, and they are at a
closer range, so use a pistol or assault rifle, the one you want is the 
one you shouls use. There are a lot of enemies in this tight space, and
there are even snipers, so make sure that you take some cover and take 
them down quickly.

When you move all the way down to the elevators, you will head down and
see the person you want to rescue, Liara. Unfortunately, she is trapped
inside a nice little security device, and she needs help to get out, and
you are going to help.

Move down, killing the geth in your path, and head towards the bottom of
the mine, and making mince mechanics of the geth that are in the way.
Move towards the mining laser, and activate it, and that will make a path
that you can use to rescue Liara. Make sure that you collect all the
weaponry and items on this level now, you don't want to do so after you
have rescued her.


The problem now is that there is a nice earthquake, and you need to run for
your life. The next problem is that there is a Krogan Battlemaster, as well
as his Geth escorts, and you need to take them out before you can leave. The
Assault Rifle and the Shotgun are nice weapons given the close range you
are in. Not exactly time to use a Sniper Rifle.

Move and get rid of them, and run back the way you entered the mine, and
get to the surface. Once you get there, you are saved by the Normandy and
you get back to base, and Liara will offer to join you, and discuss about

And that quick rundown should wrap out the Jobsite, there is only one more
core planet to visit before we get on with it. 

[4.05] Feros


You arrive on the small colony of Feros, and it is quite small, because of a
single reason, the Geth. Anyway, you land at the docking bay in Feros, and
you are greeted by one of the colonists. Ask you arrive, he informs you that
you are required to see Fai Dan, who is the leader here.

After that, out of nowhere, a nice rocket decides to hit him, and you are,
straight away, forced into a firefight with Geth soldiers. Take out all the
enemies, using your best weapons, probably the Assault Rifle or Pistol, and
take out all the enemies, and when that is clear, enter the colony.

--==The Colony==--

The Colony of Zhu's Hope is what is left of this settlement, so follow the
sign all the way to meet this Fai Dan, who is the leader, like I said. You
have a little chat with him, but before you actually figure out what the
hell you are here for, the geth decide it is an excellent time to attack.

This time, you aren't facing a small group, there is a large force to
talk out this time. Follow the geth corpses, that you will kill, and move
onwards, and take out all the forces in the initial wave of enemy troops.

Follow them towards the tower in the settlement, which is in the north-west
of the colony. This is where you pull out the best weapon, take some cover,
and start firing on all the geth forces. There are a hell of a lot of those
soldiers here. There is also a Destroyer was well, and that requires a lot
of power to take down, so whip out the Sniper Rifle before it comes too

After all the enemy geth units are down, which nets you a hell of a lot of
loot to play with, and that will force the geth dropship, which is where all
the soldiers are coming from, to retreat and that will save the colonists, 
for now anyway.

--==Colony, Take Two==--

After you have taken down all these suckers, head back to Fai Dan and talk
to him again. He tells you that there are a lot of problems facing all the
colonists, which happen to be coming out of the ExoGeni facility. That is
the lead for you, but he also says how there are Geth outposts, critical
supply shortages and power outages are impacting on the colonists and if 
you have the time, you should help them fix it. 

 +2 Paragon Points for deciding to help the colonists
 +2 Renegade Points for refusing to help, only wanting to stop the geth

Before you start doing anything, head into a freighter which is the home of
the Blakes. Calanth complains of some headaches, yet they don't know the
cause, and even the other colonists say that they experiene some of these
headaches, yet they don't know what is causing it all.

 +2 Paragon Points for being concerned about Calanth
 +2 Renegade Points for only being concerned for yourself

Head into the tunnels and you will find a man called Ian. He will be in 
some sort of pain, yet there is no cause of it. You can help him or 
threaten to kill him. Afterwards, talk to Fai Dan, who will comment that
it is probably because they lost so many people that people are in some
sort of trauma. But you'll find out the real reason later on.

 +2 Paragon Points for trying to help out Ian
 +2 Renegade Points for trying to kill Ian

--==On the Road Again==--

Head upstairs towards the garage, where your Mako will be parked. And yet
again, there is another ambush, where a Geth Recon Drone decides it is a 
good time to attack the colonists, so destroy the sucker. Once that one is
done, head into the Mako and move outside.

And just when you head outside, another dropship turns up and decides its 
time to drop in some armatures in front of you. Snipe them and take them 
out before you proceed, since that is all you can do. Move along, and keep
an eye out for some tunnels, which will lead to some nice goodies, which 
probably will help you out. 

Ahead, you will hear something from a weigh station, so head into the
station, where you will find some of the survivors from the geth onslaught.
There are a few things you can do here. One is that there is a man named
Gavin who has a quest for you, should you take it, involving the 
retrival of some data disks. The other is that a lady named Juliana who
is looking for her daughter Elizabeth, who is inside the ExoGeni facility,
whilst the other survivor, Ethan, says that she is probably dead, since the
Geth have overrun the facility. 

--==ExoGeni, The Genie's Out of the Bag==--

Head inside the main level of the ExoGeni facility, and now, you have to
go by foot, there is no more room for the Mako. Now, what you need to do is
to head southwest, and down the little ledge you go. With that, you cannot
head back to the Mako unless you disable the energy barrier that was 
blocking your path earlier.

On this level, somehow, Elizabeth (Liz) is still alive, and she will tell
you that the geth are here to find the Thorian, a biological lifeform 
that ExoGeni is apparently keeping. She gives you her access pass which 
allows you to access the entire facility. That is very suspicious...

Anyway, after that ends, a pack of Varren, which are the Krogan's lovable
pet, will enter and attack. Use the Assault Rifle or the Shotgun, because
these animals only attack up close, and that means that if they get inside
close range, that pump-action might have a use after all.

Anyway, continue and move up the stairs, and you witness a Krogan Commander
who is trying to access a VI for information. He sees you, and into another
fight we go. Don't people know that fighting doesn't solve all the world's
problem? Anyway, after that fight, which involves probably assault rifles and
a bunch of biotics, access the VI, and since you have Lizzie's pass, you get
the information you want.

Apparently, the Thorian was the reason ExoGeni is here. It produces spores
that will, when developed, can control people, and in this case, the colonists
on the planet. That is the cause of the headaches. And like I said, Liz's 
story isn't what she claimed it was. Why else would she have an all areas

--==Breaking and Entering==--

Head east, and from there, you see that one of the geth's ship is powering
up the energy barrier that is blocking your way, and that the ship itself
is attached via some anchors, and in order to cut the power, you need to
cut the connection from the ship to the barrier.

Ahead are some geth troopers, who are worshipping a little orb, so make the
most of the distraction and kill those robotic suckers. You have a little
cutscene to figure out what the orb does, but continue along the path and
you will see the Mako, except that you are now on the opposite side of the
energy barrier. Follow the path east, into the higher levels, and there is a
little control room. There are some items to be gained here, as well as the
Data from the facility that Gavin seemed to want. There are a few Krogans 
here that you need to take out before you can touch anything.

Now, head back down and take the western path to the upper levels of the
ExoGeni facility. Have a quick look at the Terminal, and it gives the next
part of your assignment. Ahead, there appears to be a lot of enemy troops
and you have the pleasure to take them out. I suggest that you take some 
cover, using the Assault Rifle, or the Pistol (for accuracy), and then whip
out the Shotgun if the enemy does get a little too close. 

Take down the enemies, and move into the room they were guarding, which is
a crate, which you should have a look at, a terminal and a server. At the
back are the controls for the Shuttle Bay, which allows you to control the
pressure inside the facility. The goal here is to have the PSI (Pounds per
Square Inch) number between 31 and 33 using the smaller numbers to give
you the number you want. I'm sure you can add. 

This is important because by setting this, you can use the door controls 
to activate the door, as you do, and given this magic number of pressure,
it will blow the door right off, and take down the wall anchor. That cuts
down the power, and now, head back to the Mako.


Back at the Mako, you see Liz and she will tell you the whole story, and
you can believe it or not. Now, you need to head back to the weighing 
station where her mother is, and you are going to deliver her to her

 +2 Paragon Points for believing the story
 +2 Renegade Points for not believing the story

Along the way, you are going to have to deal with more geth reinforcements
which have arrived, in the form of armatures and destroyers to take down,
so stay out of their range, and use the cannon to dispatch of them, which
shouldn't be that hard.

Back at the weigh station, Liz goes and meets her mother, and they make up
and blah blah blah. The bad news for everyone is that Ethan has managed to
get to the Corporate Office of ExoGeni and it appears that they want this
planet destroyed of life, so remove all evidence of their crimes. And given
that he is the person in charge, you can either convince him not to do this
or you will be forced to kill him, since that he is ordered to do will end a
lot of lives.

 +24 Paragon Points for convincing Ethan to stop using Charm
 +25 Renegade Points for convincing Ethan to stop using Intimidate

Now, you need to deal with the colonists. Juliana has an idea where you can
spare the colonists using a grenade upgrade, that uses a nerve agent that will
remove the influence of the Thorian on the colonists without killing them. You
can accept this FREE upgrade to your grenades. 

 +2 Paragon Points for sparing the colonists
 +2 Renegade Points for not sparing the colonists
 +2 Paragon Points for using the Nerve Gas Grenades
 +2 Renegade Points for not using the Nerve Gas Grenades

--==How To Save a Life==--

Head back into the colony, dumping the Mako at the garage, and you will meet
a new enemy, the Thorian Creeper, a bio-organic lifeform that was created by
the Thorian itself, so these aren't the colonists that you are meant to save,
so waste the creeper. The Creeper doesn't use firearms, it uses a venomous,
toxic attack on you when they get close, so waste them with an assault rifle
or shotgun them before they hit you.

As you enter the garage itself, and after dealing with the creeper, your squad
gives you an option. Who will deal with the creepers, and who deals with the
colonists. It is better to have them concentrate on the creepers whilst you
deal with the colonists, since there are Paragon or Renegade points involved.

Anyway, there are three options you can do. You can save the colonists using
the Gas Grenades, save them using your melee attack from your weapons, which 
is extremely dangerous since you can overestimate your distance, and finally,
you can just kill them.

There are several groups of colonists. There is one at the top of the elevator
for the garage. From the path to the Colony from the garage, there is one 
set of colonists there. Another group of colonists are at the entrance to the
colony, one set near the walkway and the final set is near the controls for
the crane. There are also some grenades available should you need them. There
are a total of 16 colonists on this planet that needs treatment, so it is up
to you what to do.

 +2 Paragon Points for each colonist you save
 +2 Renegade Points for each colonist you kill

--==Taking Down the Thorian==--

You are now able to use the controls of the crane overhead to let you into
the home of the Thorian. Just as you do that, Fai Dan shows up and it is no
surprise he is under the control of the Thorian. He is about to kill you 
before he manages to kill himself. 

Head down to face this Thorian lifeform, and as you enter, you are attacked
by an Asari. Except she isn't the real deal, she is a clone made by the 
Thorian. Man, this lifeform is one smart thing. Anyway, she speaks on behalf
of the Thorian, which tells you that Saren was here and made a deal, but the
Thorian was double-crossed. And it ain't happy.

 +2 Paragon Points for demanding release of the colonists
 +2 Renegade Points for threatening to kill it

Now, quickly kill the Asari Clone before she has the chance to kill you and
do so quickly. Anyway, to get rid of the Thorian, there are small nodes on the
wall that attached it to the Thorian, so you need to get rid of all of them
to kill the damn thing.

There are 6 nodes inside this lair. First, there is one on the very level
that you are on, and it is to your north. There are a lot of Creepers here, so
you really need to move slowly and surely to avoid being killed, and have
your Shotgun / Assault Rifle ready to fire at all times, else you will be 
dead, caught off guard.

Now, to destroy the node, just fire on it. It is best to eliminate all the 
enemy units before you attack the node, mainly because it is easier since you
don't have to worry about enemy units attacking you whilst you are shooting
something else. After you take this one down, head upstairs.

There is another Asari Clone, so get on with the show. Kill the clone and
the billion of creepers, look for lockers where you can get your hands on some
nice loot. There is another node on this level, so keep your eyes out. And as
a side note, when you attack a node, all the inactive Creepers go online and 
you need to take them down as well.

Head upstairs again, and there are two nodes on this level. Start on the one
that is south of your location, clearing the enemies on your way out, and then
take down the one that is to the west of the level. Since you are heading 
clockwise, you will take that one on the way around. Also on this level, there
is a small room that has some nice loot inside, as well as some medical 
supplies, in case you are low on Medi-Gel.

Upstairs again, there is another node, which is on the north-west of the level
and by now, you should notice that there are a lot more creepers and clones
around, since there are 6 nodes, and you've just destroyed the 5th node. Now,
make you way to the top of this hellhole, and finish this.

The final node is on the south-west of this level, and after taking this thing
down, the Thorian loses its grasp on the building, and down it falls, since
there is no point of connection from wall to lifeform.


After the muck of crap decides it is time to fall to an untimely death, an 
Asari called Shiala comes out of it, saying that she used to work for Saren,
but she was captured by the Thorian whilst trying to interact with the damn
lifeform. She is the one that all those clones are probably based upon.

She gives you a lot of information, information that you desperately need.
She talks about the Sovereign, the ship that Saren is upon, and somehow, the
ship forces you to obey its will over time. She also gives you a nice piece
of information, the same she gave to Saren. And now that all the information
is obtained, what to do. She understands if you end her life, so what to do.
That is up to you.

 +8 Paragon Points for sparing her to help the colonists
 +9 Renegade Points for killing her for causing deaths

After that talk, it is time to finish off and off back to the Normandy and
you need to report back to the council. How are you going to explain your
actions. Seriously, I'm tired of explaining that I'm trying to save the
universe and all they do is talk and gibber. They should quit their jibber

 +2 Paragon Points for defending your actions, politely
 +2 Renegade Points for defending your actions, aggressively

And since you have now completed the story planets, the plant of Virmire is
opened up. It seems that the Salarians have found a locaiton of Saren, but
they have lost contact with their special forces team, presumed dead. The
council asks you on what you are planning to do. You actually don't have a

 +2 Renegade Points for refusing to go to Virmire

[4.06] Virmire

--==Enemy AA Spotted==--

Head to the Sentry Omega Cluster and into Virmire. You want to head to the
source of the emergency beacon, but there is a problem. There is an enemy
AA, or Anti-Air installation tower at the location, and rather than risk
damage to the Normandy, it is advised that you head down, in the Mako, and
blow it up. Yep, in BF2, Stinger missiles are best taken down using tanks,
not aircraft.

It is a straight path, like all the other story planets, so follow the path.
There are geth all over the road, as you would expect. Take them out with
your machine gun, unless you suck at aiming, and cannon their ass. Move until
you reach some sort of gatehouse station, and clear the enemy from here. You
don't really need to stop for the enemy, you can just demolish the roadblock
ahead of you. But hey, there is some nice loot, so why not have a break, and
lower the total geth count on this planet.

Ahead, just follow the path, and you meet the Geth Colossus, a massive 
mechanised asshat that you need to make into an asscake. Now, this is quite
a threat, since it is a bigger version of the Armature, so take it down from
a distance with your cannon, using the machine gun to take down the enemy
soldiers that escort them.

Even as the path splits, use your map to figure out which one to take, but it
all leads to the same path, eventually, and both contain a hell of a lot of
armatures, and their new big brothers, the Colossus, so this is going to be 
a hard path. Use the nice little jump jets the Mako has installed to save

After fighting those hunks of metal, you are going to meet another gatehouse
and this is one with an AA tower. You need to clear out the area, and take
down the AA system, as well as looting the place. Hey, you are a Spectre, and
you aren't bound by any laws, and that includes wanton looting.

After this gatehouse, you will face more geth, and head into the final 
gatehouse on this pathway. Clear out the area, grab all the loot you can, and
head towards the Camp.

--==We've Regained Control, Good Work Men==--

Yes, I'm using the crappy lines from BF2. Anyway, at the camp, you will find
that the Salarians are, surprisingly, actually alive. Anyway, Captain Kirrahe
of the team brings you up to speed on the situation. Saren has found a 
solution to the Genophage, the weapon the Turians deployed against the Krogans
that inhibited their ability to breed. This allows him to breed a massive
Krogan army, which isn't good at all.

This conversation will bring in Wrex, who is angry that you are going to 
destroy the cure for his people. Hey, if Saren can make the sure, I'm sure it
can be recreated. Anyway, this blows up into a big situation, as explained
in the side quest for Wrex, and this will either end peacefully, or Ashley 
will kill Wrex. This is one situation that deserves a section of its own, and
the Paragon and Renegade points are listed below as well. 

Anyway, after that situation is complete, the good Captain has made a plan to
take down the facility. Sure, you could just fire massive missiles from your
ship, but his plan involves the drive core of his spacecraft as an IED, an
Improvised Explosive Device. However, this requires the Normandy delivering
the bomb, so you need to take out the rest of the AA installations that are
still active. Surely, one isn't all that is defending such a strategic 

The plan is that the Salarians create a diversion attack, allowing you to 
sneak into the base without much enemy firepower to knock out the AA. You will
however, need to send either Kaiden or Ashley to reinforce Kirrahe, since he
did lose some of his men on the infiltration. Also, you can sell and buy items
from Commander Rentola. Anyway, when all is said and done, talk to Kirrahe and
you will start this mission.

--==Attack this Position==--

If you want, you can assist Kirrahe, but that is a designated sidequest, like
the option to kill Wrex. That is listed below in the relevent section. You can
choose which way you want to enter the building, north or south. The north way
is the direct path, the south, well not so direct.

If you choose the southern path, you can head up the stairs to a storage area
and this in itself leads you to a path to the Cell B facility. This is where 
some of the Salarians are being held. However, all these Salarians have been
brainwashed, and it is up to you either to release, and then kill them, or
just refuse to release them. After your decision, follow the path to the Labs.

 +2 Paragon Points for releasing the Salarians
 +2 Renegade Points for not releasing the Salarians
 +2 Renegade Points for killing the Salarians.

If you choose the Northern path, note that it is one or the other here, you
need to clear out the area, but this time, you aren't fighting the enemy geth,
it is the brainwashed Salarians. Oh well, kill them anyway, and move forwards
into Cell A, where there are again, Salarians. Anyway, do as you please, and
enter the Labs.

 +2 Paragon Points for releasing the Sane Salarian
 +2 Paragon Points for releasing the brainwashed Salarians
 +9 Renegade Points for not releasing the Sane Salarian.

Inside the lab, you fight some nice egghead scientists, except they can fight.
So fight back. Shoot them, but take down the Krogans first, they are quite
dangerous. And the geth are back, in the form of those annoying Husks. Move
ahead, along the nice little walkways, and into the security office, killing
off all the enemy units along the way. 

Inside the Office is Rana, an Asari scientist, and she will spill the goods
on what is actually going on. It is Sovereign, the flagship for Saren, who is
in charge of warping all these minds. And now that the base is going to be 
blown up, you can kill her. It is like she is going to survive anyway, she
ain't going with you on the Normandy.

 +9 Renegade Points for killing her

Rana has unlocked the elevator, so use it, and what will surprise you is the
fact that there is another Prothean ruin, the beacon, similar to the one on
Eden Prime, so you obviously touch it, and off it goes. That doesn't help all
that much, but when you head into the next level, it does.

Sovereign is here, well, a hologram, and it appears that he is a Reaper, and
yes, they are real. They are here, existing eons and eons ago, and their goal
is to purge the universe of all intelligence life, advanced life, every 
50,000 years. All the Mass Relays and the Citadel were built by the Reapers, 
to make killing everyone easier. And when that is over, Joker comes in and
tells you, Sovereign is on its way. You have to go, now.

--==Move To This Position, Do You Copy?==--

Head back down and follow the new path, taking down all the Geth units in your
way until you meet another Geth Destroyer as well as a bunch of Krogan. Take
cover and use your weapons to take them out effectively. Take cover and use it
to take potshots, and then take them out.

In the distance, there is another AA tower. There are two more AA towers you
need to take down before the Normandy can drop the bomb. Head towards the one
you see in the distance, and keep your eyes peeled for the enemy, there are a 
lot of geth and krogan units here, so you want them kept an eye on. You need
to constantly take cover, and use it to take down the enemy, From a distance,
see if you can pick off a few units with a sniper rifle, that should thin down
their numbers. Take down the AA, and move onto the landing area. This is the
area you want to clear out so the Normandy can land. 

Rush up the building, don't leave yourself too exposed, and take down the 
enemy. You are going to be in close quarters, might I recommend you turn into
a shotty pro?  Take down the enemy, and the Salarian team radios in that they
have taken down the second tower. But now, since the Normandy can land, the
enemy Geth decides now it is a good time to overrun you. The Salarian team is
pinned down, so the Normandy heads into holding. What you do now is pick a 
new squad, minus Ashley and Kaiden.

Move through the large doors and take out all the geth units. There is a large
mixture here, so you need to use your wits to take down the enemy. Take down
the enemy to clear a path to the elevator, and once there, you need to make a
hard choice.

--==We're Losing This Battle==--

As you head to the top, you see a Geth dropship and it is heading to the bomb
site, where the bomb is obviously. The problem is, you need to get the hell out
of here, and there is a problem. Both Ashley and Kaiden are pinned down with
enemies all around them, but given the detonation time and travel time, you
only have time to take one with you. Who do you pick? It is your choice, and
after you have made it, say your sorrows and you land to pick up the person 
you choose.

Here, there is a lot of geth forces. There are all the powerful geth units, 
the snipers, shock troopers, and now, the Geth Prime, one of the strongest
geth units you have to fight. Take them down, save your ally.

 +2 Paragon Points for being sympathic
 +2 Renegede Points for being very arrogant

When all that is done, Saren arrives. It is Spectre on Spectre. He will have a
talk, and you can use your Charm or Intimidate skills, but they are of no 
use, and the fight is on. The problem is, Saren is on a glider, so you are 
going to need to take him down using firepower. Use keep moving around, since
you don't want to stay still here. Keep moving, taking as many potshots as 
you can on him as you can. 

 +2 Paragon Points for attempting to use Charm
 +2 Renegade Points for attempting to use Intimidate

After he has had enough, it becomes a face to face battle, and the Normandy 
arrives in time, and he runs off. The Normandy rescues you and takes you back
into space, and the research facility totally goes boom.

Back on the Normandy, the crew member that you chose to keep alive is very
unhappy that they lived. Survivor's guilt. And the council decides to call in,
as usual, asking why the hell you decided to nuke a planet. Well, it really
wasn't you.

 +2 Paragon Points for being polite to the Council
 +2 Renegade Points for being aggressive to the Council

And since you have now completed 4 of the planets, Liara can put together all
the pieces of the puzzle. It appears that your next destination for the 
mystical item of the Conduit is on the planet Ilos. But when you access the
map, Udina, the Ambassador, calls in and requests you head back to the 
Citadel. He says that the Council is going to help you. 

[4.07] The Citadel, Reloaded

--==The Citadel, Again==--


All I need is that damn ASCII art and it would be perfect. Anyway, the Council
has no intention of helping you, since Ilos is beyond the Terminus Systems, 
and that means an invasion fleet, and they don't want to agree to that. So 
they detain you. Hell, just fly away. But it seems that the son of a bitch of
an Ambassador decided to lock the controls, so you can't fly away. 

 +2 Renegade Points for demanding the Council take action.

Head back to the Normandy. We won't be sitting around having the universe 
being extinct just because a bunch of pen pushers can't be bothered to risk a
war. Anyway, Joker on board informs you that Captain ANDERSON! is looking for
you at Flux. So head there. You have nothing else to do anyway. 

Head to meet Captain Anderson, and he believes you. Why would you lie anyway,
there would be no point. What do you have to gain if you head into Ilos? 
Anyway, he decides that it is a good time to risk her career, since he is
pretty much forced off his job, and he decides to help you. He will give the
options of raiding the control tower and unlocking the controls, or heading
into the Ambassador's office and unlocking it from there. It is your choice,
and you can pick either.

Now is a good time to finish off everything on this Citadel, since there is 
no coming back. The Captain, no matter what the choice is, saves the day and
you can take off. 

After you leave, you should finish off all the other quests in the galaxy,
because after Ilos, it is over, that is the last mission and this game isn't
freeplay per se after the final mission. 

[4.08] Ilos

--==Soft Landing==--

Once you arrive on Ilos, it seems, as usual, you are a few steps behind and 
Saren is already here, and is locking the way behind him. It seems that you
need the Mako for this, but you can't go anywhere, so you have to explore
the planet for a way in. 

Explore the ruins, and there are a lot of geth here. Due south of your 
position is a pair of geth armatures as well as the escorting soldiers as
well. You can take them down from a range with a sniper rifle, which will
probably take down the escorting soldiers, and using a combination of tech
and biotic powers, you can face the armatures. It is hard to fight these 
armatures on foot, so there is another solution.

West of your starting position will take you to a heavily guarded section, 
but it doesn't have the heavy firepower that the geth have south of your
position. This is where the armatures controlled, and you can deactivate the

Head back to where the armatures are, and head south. There are obviously, 
more geth, but they don't have the firepower that they had before you decided
that it needed deletion. There is an elevator here, so clear a path, wipe
out the geth, and take the elevator. At least we aren't on the surface 


Now you are in a large room, and immediately, the geth decide to come into
the room. There are two methods to take the enemy down. You can take it down
the old fashioned way and that involves a lot of bullets flying everywhere
or you can rush to the Armature repair stations, hack into them and use
them to fight for you. That would provide you some nice firepower to take
down the enemy. 

Head to the back of the room and take the ramps up, and then head towards
the security panel and activate it. Now, head back all the way back to the
surface and back to where your Mako is, so now you can hop in and continue
your chase inside a big APC. 

--==Follow the Path==--

The path for the Mako is straight forward, and just continue until you reach
another barrier, which appears right behind you, which is a problem since
you don't know what the hell is going on. It seems there is nothing you can 
do, so exit the Mako, head into the elevator and then you will see the last
VI, Vigil.

Vigil explains exactly what has gone on and happened to Ilos. It was the 
last hiding hole for the Protheans, surviving the extinction, but given
tne numbers, they were doomed. But because of what the Protheans have done,
the Reapers could not return to the galaxy to start their extinction. 

 +2 Paragon Points for telling off Vigil for killing personnel
 +2 Renegade Points for seeing Vigil's point

Now the plan it that Saren heads into the Citadel and activate its mass
relay, which will summon the Reapers, and it has to be done this way because
the Citadel is far to well defended for the Reapers to take it down otherwise.
Sovereign is to activate the relay, and the Conduit, as it happens, is a gate
from Ilos to the Citadel, a backdoor. 

Now, Vigil gives you a copy of a special data file that you can upload into
the Citadel which will give you control of the station, preventing Saren 
from summoning the Reapers. Now after all that, rush to the Mako, and follow
the path, through the little trenches populated with Geth, and machine gun
them all, run them over, watch out for the rocket troopers. Just follow the
path to the Conduit, and since time is running out, just run everyone over
and get into that mass relay before it closes. 


The Mako arrives in the Presidium of the Citadel, and boom it goes. At least
it takes out some of the Geth before it goes boom. Get out of the mess and
head into the next elevator, which will take you to the tower. There are 
husks around, which are the enemies for now. 

But the problem is, Saren has overriden the controls and you need to get up
to the top manually. You need to head into the maintenance shaft, since that
is the only way to get up. But the Geth have released that you are here, and 
you need to deal with them. I always wanted to actually kill people in the
Citadel. There are also further Geth reinforcements and Krogan as well, so
take them out before you can go any further. 

In the next area, you can see Sovereign, so you are just going to follow 
Sovereign. As you move along, there is an opening where a Geth dropship 
decides to turn up, and you seriously lack the firepower to take down a 

But the Citadel's defence does. There are three heavy turrets that will 
help you to take down the dropship. Use your tech skills to unlock one and
activate the other two. The more turrets concentrating on the dropship, it 
is obviously going to disappear sooner and retreat. Meanwhile, ready your
weapons to get rid of the geth reinforcements as they head off the 

And finally, into the next area, you can see geth turrets here that you
need to take down. That is hard, so you probably are going to take some
cover and use a sniper rifle to take them out, since that would avoid
you taking a lot of enemy fire. There are also a lot of geth troopers 
here as well, so you should take them down first before taking down the
turrets, from over. Or you can head into a little passage on the side,
that allows you to avoid the turrets, but you need to fight a hell of a 
lot of Krogan units, so that isn't any good either. But at the end of
both paths is the access to the top of the tower.


At the top of the tower, there are a fair amount of troops hiding here, so
you have to take them out as well. No heavy firepower, just your regular
foot soldier, so you don't have to worry too much. Now, head all the way
to where Saren is hiding, and it is time to put an end to all this crap.

This time, you can talk down Saren if you have the required charm or 
intimidate skills. If you cannot persuade him to do so, you will have to 
fight him again, and this time, it is exactly like Virmire, nothing has
changed. You should have defeated him, do so again. Maybe this madness
will end.

 +24 Paragon Points for having Saren kill himself using Charm
 +25 Renegade Points for having Saren kill himself using Intimidate

Now, after that is done, head to the control panel to regain control. 
Now, Joker is ready with the entire Arcturus fleet, from the Human
Alliance and ready to move in as soon as the relays are unlocked. The
problem is, until the arms of the Citadel are open, the fleet cannot
target Sovereign, and that makes them target for the Geth, but the
Council's ship, the Destiny Ascension, which carries the council, is
under attack. You can save the flagship, at the cost of many Alliance
lives, or hold back, and have the flagship blow up.

 +28 Paragon Points for saving the Council's Ship
 +29 Renegade Points for not saving the Council's Ship
 +8 Paragon / +9 Renegade Points for only caring about Sovereign

--==The Grand Finale==--

The madness ain't over. Saren might be dead but those little tech parts
are still active, and Sovereign has figured that this is the last resort
to stop you from saving all the races. However, this is the ultimate boss
battle since this is like fighting Saren, but he is much faster, as well
has having a rocket attack which can be fired when he is stationary. 

You can use Biotics and that will be able to stop him from doing anything,
giving you free shots at him. Take that pile of parts down and be hailed
for saving the galaxy.

And now you have completed the game. For all PC users, Bioware has said
that you should keep the save games for Mass Effect for the next 
installment, Mass Effect 2, which comes out sometime in the future, past 
or present. Also check out the books which gives a bit more story on the 
Mass Effect universe, written by the writer for the game itself. Note that
I haven't been paid to say this though. 

[5.01] The Citadel

There are many side missions in the game. These side mission are mission that
are not required in order to complete the game, but they have excellent 
rewards and that makes them a good idea to complete. It is all up to you, but
the more you do, the better equipment you can afford, and the stronger your
characters are. 

--==The Citadel: Asari Consort==--

Quest Given By - Sha'ira at the Consort Chambers
Your Location  - Consort Chambers, Citadel
Requires       - None

This is a mission where all you need to do is to talk to a few people, and 
that is about it. When you walk into the chambers, be it of interest or for
another quest, you can head in and the Receptionist will brush you off, but
the Consort will require you to enter.

The Consort will tell you that she has a problem with one of her clients. Now
if you don't know what the Consort is, all she is, in essence, a prostitute. 
Okay, lets get that clear. Anyway, she has a problem with her former client 
and he is spreading lies about her, so she needs you to stop that. The name
is General Septimus, and he is in Chora's Den.

So, head to Chora's Den and all you need to do is to talk to the General, 
soldier to soldier. You can do it without Charm or Intimidate skills, but
what is more effective than threatening an unarmed soldier with an assault
rifle? Anyway, talk to him, and he agrees to stop, as well as something to do
with an Elcor, which is in another assignment. Now, back to the Consort. By
the way, it is Xeltan's Complaint, which you should complete first before you
finish this quest. 

The Consort will be happy that you have stopped that infidel from spreading
lies about her, and she reward you if you finished Xeltan's Complaint as well.
That is the reason you complete that one first. Now, if you don't like this
as a payment, she offers you another payment. Let me warn you that this is
the opportunity to access one of the game's sex scenes, that warned you when
you purchased the game. No, there isn't any nudity in this though. This isn't
a porno flick. 

 +2 Paragon Points for humbly accepting the reward given already
 +2 Renegade Points for demanding the extra payment

If you want to use the reward that you have been given, you need access to the
Normandy. The Consort's Gift is for you to unlock a mysterious globe that is 
on the planet of Eletania, in the ruins. This will give you a nice boost in
terms of Experience, and for your Codex. 

--==The Citadel: Doctor Michel==--

Quest Given By - Doctor Michel
Your Location  - Med Clinic in the Citadel
Requires       - Defeated Fist

Talk to the Doctor after you have had a shootout with Fist and talked about
Tali. She tells you that she is being blackmailed, which isn't nice, and is 
told to send medical supplies to a merchant in the Citadel called Morlan. It
is a secret, so keep it hush hush. 

 +2 Paragon Points for being concerned about Michel

Head down to the markets and find Morlan. Once you decied to talk to Morlan
about the med supplies, the blackmailer, who is a Krogan, shows up. Now you
can get involved in a firefight, which is fun, or you can use your Charm or
Intimidate skills to end it without blowing up the Citadel. 

 +8 Paragon Points for avoiding combat via Charm
 +2 Paragon Points for trying to avoid combat
 +9 Renegade Points for avoiding combat via Intimidate
 +2 Renegade Points for trying to kill the Krogan

After that little fight, they reveal that they are just the middlemen for a
boss called Banes. So head back to the Doctor and tell her about Banes. She
reveals that Banes was hired by the Alliance to do some work in the
Traverse. She tells you if you want more information, talk to Anderson.

Anderson will be in the Ambassador's Office or the Docking Bay, depending on
where you are on your missions, and he will say that Banes is dead, on a 
freighter somewhere, and if you want more information than that, you need to
consult Rear Admiral Kahoku, who is on the top of the Tower in the Citadel. 

--==The Citadel: Family Matter==--

Quest Given By - Petrovskys near Financial Area
Your Location  - Financial District in Citadel
Requires       - Complete either Noveria, Feros or Therum

You will see the couple on a little bridge between the Financial District to
the Ambassador's area. Anyway, there is a pregnent mother and her brother
in law arguing over an unborn baby. Michael argues for the gene therapy to
prevent a disease, whilst the mother, Rebekah, is worried that the therapy
may cause damage. And they see you, and you are forced to make a decision.

 +8 Paragon Points for agreeing with Bek using Charm
 +8 Paragon Points for convincing Bek using Charm
 +9 Paragon Points for agreeing with Bek using Intimidate
 +9 Renegade Points for convincing Bek using Intimidate

--==The Citadel: Homecoming==--

Quest Given By - Samesh Bhatia
Your Location  - Embassy Lobby in the Citadel
Requires       - Obtained Evidence about Saren from Tali

This is another talk-fest, where you are talking to Samesh, a widower who's
wife died on the Eden Prime attack, and as it happens, Ashley knows who he
is talking about. Anyway, he says that the Alliance refuses to release her
body back to him. Her wants her back. 

Talk to the Alliance officer in the Bar, and he will say that the reason
is that the body may provide some hints on the geth attack and it can be
used to save other lives. It is your choice on what you do, keep the body to
save lives, or return the corpse.

 +8 Paragon Points for convincing Bosker using Charm
 +8 Paragon Points for convincing Samesh using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for convincing Bosker using Intimidate
 +9 Renegade Points for convincing Samesh using Intimidate

--==The Citadel: I Remember Me==--

Quest Given By - Lieutenant Girard
Your Location  - Anywhere in Citadel EXCEPT Docking Bay
Requires       - Background of Colonist, Return to Citadel

When you have left the docking bay after returning, Lieutenant Girard will
call saying that there is a colonist that you should know in the Docking Bay
and asks that you go up there.

Head up, talk to Girard, collect the Sedative, and approach the woman. Talitha
will not allow you to get closer than 3 steps away, or else she will jump and
commit suicide, and that isn't what you want. Talk to her, using the 
Investigate options and take steps back in order to gain her trust. 

There are many ways to end the mission. Let her commit suicide, give her the
sedative when you have her trust, forcefully give her the sedative or let
Girard have his sniper to take down the woman. 

 +8 Paragon Points for giving Talitha the sedative peacefully
 +9 Renegade Points for giving Talitha the sedative forcefully
 +9 Renegade Points for ending the situation using snipers

--==The Citadel: Jahleed's Fears==--

Quest Given By - Jahleed
Your Location  - Near C-Sec Offices
Requires       - Access to the Wards

Jahleed is near the C-Sec offices and requires your help. His former business
partner for something or another is trying to murder him, and he wants him 
dead before he winds up dead. The person you are after is a Salarian, with the
name of Chorban, and he is in the lower markets inside the Wards.

Approach Chorban in the markets, and if you haven't met Chorban before from 
the top of the Tower, he will pull a gun on you, and of course, you react, and
you have to fight. He doesn't take much of a fight before he goes down, and
he surrenders.

After a chat with him, he will say that Jahleed betrayed him, and they are 
together researching the Keepers. Anyway, he offers you a chance to study the
keepers for him. You also have the chance to kill him, after all, he did try
to kill you.

 +8 Paragon Points for not scanning the keepers
 +2 Renegade Points for scanning the keepers
 +9 Renegade Points for killing Chorban

Head back to Jahleed, and he happens to be using you to kill his former
partner. He also offers you to scan the keepers, or you can turn him in to
C-Sec, since it is a crime to scan the keepers. He will offer a bribe if you
charm or intimidate him so he doesn't get caught by C-Sec.

 +2 Paragon Points for forcing Jahleed to change using Charm
 +2 Renegade Points for forcing Jahleed to change using Intimidate

--==The Citadel: Negotiator's Request==--

Quest Given By - Elias Keeler
Your Location  - Outside Flux during the Lockdown
Requires       - Citadel Lockdown

When you are trapped in the Citadel, you cna talk to Elias outside Flux, who
requests that you purchase him some drugs since he is a diplomat and he needs
to be at his highest alert. I don't see what drugs have to do with it, but 
he needs the drugs. You can end this mission here by calling him an addict and
that he needs help.

 +8 Paragon Points for forcing Elias to admit he has a problem using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for forcing Elias to admit he has a problem using 

Or you can head to Dr Michel and ask her to sell you some drugs. You can 
purchase the stimulant that he wants, or purchase a depressant to piss him 
off, when he gets back up of course. 

 +9 Renegade Points for purchasing the depressant

--==The Citadel: Old Friends==--

Quest Given By - Finch
Your Location  - In Lower Wards
Requires       - Background as Earthborn, Complete either Therum, Noveria or 

When you had back, a man named Finch claims to know you back from your days
back on Earth, and he also tries to blackmail you to release a prisoner with
your Spectre status, else he will rat you out and ruin your reputation. How
nice of him.

If you want to release the prisoner, head to Chora's Den and talk with the 
guard. If you have the required charm and intimidate points, then you will
be able to convince the guard to release the prisoner and this will finish
this blackmailing. 

 +8 Paragon Points for releasing the prisoner using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for releasing the prisoner using Intimidate

Or you can get out of this ugly situation. You can tell the guard about
Finch, or you can kill him, that would be a quick solution, or you can
tell Finch to back off. 

 +2 Paragon Points for telling the guard about Finch
 +9 Paragon Points for convincing Finch to back off using Charm
 +8 Renegade Points for convincing Finch to back off using Intimidate
 +9 Paragon Points for killing Finch

--==The Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things==--

Quest Given By - Zabaleta
Your Location  - In the Access Area to the Ward
Requires       - Background of Spacer, Return to Citadel

You find the man Zabaleta in the wards corridor, where he sees you and
says that he used to serve alongside your parents on the SSV Einstein and
he asks for a mere 20 credits. That isn't a lot of money.

 +2 Paragon Points for giving the credits

After that, head back to the Normandy, and you can access the communications
room on the ship to contact your mother, the XO on the SSV Kilimanjaro. She
says that what Zabaleta has said is correct, and asks you to take him to
the Veterans Affairs Office to get a pension and get himself set up.

Back to Zabaleta, who has had a few drinks, and it is up to you what path
you choose to convince him to head to the Veterans Affairs Office. Or give
him more money. All those scars can't be good.

 +8 Paragon Points for convincing Zabaleta to go to the VAO using Charm
 +2 Paragon Points for giving money to Zabaleta for food
 +2 Renegade Points for not giving money to Zabaleta
 +9 Renegade Points for convincing Zabaleta to go to the VAO using Intimidate

--==The Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy==--

Quest Given By - Charles Saracino
Your Location  - Upper Wards
Requires       - When the Citadel is Locked Down

This is a short mission. Here, Charles, spouts his own political part, which 
is a pro-human party that hates any other lifeforms. He will ask you to help
and endorse his party, which is rather stupid, but hey, what the hell?

 +2 Paragon Points for questioning Charles' party
 +2 Renegade Points for endorsing Charles

--==The Citadel: Planting a Bug==--

Quest Given By - Emily Wong
Your Location  - Citadel Tower
Requires       - Complete Citadel: Reporter's Request, Complete Therum, Feros
                 or Noveria

You meet Emily Wong in the Tower, and she mentions that the traffic operators
in the Citadel are heavily overworked and she wants to make a story on them to
improve working conditions, so she wants to plant a bug in the room to 
actually monitor the workers. You can either plant the bug, force her to drop
the story or fake that you planted the bug.

 +8 Paragon Points for forcing her to drop the story using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for forcing her to drop the story using Intimidate
 +9 Renegade Points for lying that you planted the bug

If you want to plant the bug, head into the Academy and take the stairs up 
to the control room and plant the bug near the keeper. Then head back to the
Reporter to finish the mission.

 +2 Paragon Points for planting the bug

--==The Citadel: Presidium Prophet==--

Quest Given By - C-Sec Officer or Hanar
Your Location  - Near Wards Access in Presidium in Citadel
Requires       - Talk to Council about Saren

Talk to either of them, and it seems that there is a problem. A Hanar is
preeching and the C-Sec officer is telling off the Hanar because it isn't
allowed to preach without a permit. There isn't much you can do except
to pay for the permit or to Charm or Intimidate them. 

 +8 Paragon Points for convincing the Hanar using Charm
 +8 Paragon Points for convincing the Officer using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for convincing the Haner using Intimidate
 +9 Renegade Points for convincing the Officer using Intimidate
 -150 Credits for purchasing the permit

--==The Citadel: Reporter's Request==--

Quest Given By - Emily Wong
Your Location  - Upper Wards Location
Requires       - Access to Wards

Emily Wong, who is a reporter, will ask you to help her with a piece on 
corruption in the Citadel, and she requires you to get an optical disk from
the office of Fist, which should be enough data to complete her piece.

When you have your fight with Fist, and you are free to go around his
office, you can take the disk off him and back to Emily you go. She will
give you a reward, more with Charm or Intimidate, but you can also keep
the disk to yourself, which doesn't achieve anything.

 +2 Paragon Points for getting a larger reward using Charm
 +2 Intimidate Points for getting a larger reward using Intimidate

--==The Citadel: Rita's Sister==--

Quest Given By - Rita
Your Location  - Flux 
Requires       - Access to Wards

Rita, who works at Flux, asks you to help her to check up with her sister,
who is now working as an undercover informant for C-Sec, which is rather
risky and she wants to know if she is ok. The place you are going for is at
Chora's Den, so talk to Jenna, Rita's Sister there, and she tells you that
she isn't planning to leave. As you leave, a Turian named Chelleck asks you
to meet him at his office at C-Sec.

When you head to the C-Sec Academy, Chelleck will asks you to complete a 
task for him, although you can end this using your Charm or Intimidate skill
right here, but he still wants the job done. 

 +2 Paragon Points to release Jenna using Charm
 +2 Renegade Points to release Jenna using Intimidate

He needs you to purchase some illegal mods off a Krogan named Jax in the
lower markets, in order to arrest him. Head down there to the Lower Markets
and you can either purchase the mods, which will end the mission, or try
to arrest him, which leads to a shootout and Jax's death. Talk to Chelleck
when you have finished.

 +8 Paragon Points for purchasing the illegal mods
 +9 Renegade Points for getting into a shootout

--==The Citadel: Scanning the Keepers==--

Quest Given By - Chorban or Jahleed
Your Location  - Chorban = Citadel Tower, Jahleed = Completing his Quest
Requires       - Talk to Council about Saren

You can start this quest by talking to Chorban or completing most of Jahleed's
quest. They need you to scan 21 keepers all over the Citadel, with a reward
for each Keeper that you scan. Anyway, the location are as follows:

8 in Presidium

 * Outside Consort's Chambers
 * Between Consort's Chambers and Emporium
 * Near VI Terminal at Base of Tower
 * Inside the Volus Office in the Embassy
 * Balcony in the Embassy Lounge
 * Inside the Archives at the Embassy
 * Back Room in the Emporium
 * Entrance to the Wards Corridor

6 in Wards

 * In Upper Market
 * Next to C-Sec Elevator, Lower Wards
 * Back Alley of Chora's Den
 * Back of Flux
 * Outside Medical Clinic
 * Inside Wards Access Corridor

4 in Citadel Tower

 * Next to Chorban
 * Alcove on East Side
 * Northwest Corner
 * Southwest Corner

2 in C-Sec Academy

 * Traffic Control Room
 * Requisitions Office

1 in Docking Bay

 * End of Platform

--==The Citadel: Schells the Gambler==--

Quest Given By - Schells
Your Location  - Outside Flux
Requires       - Complete Citadel: Rita's Sister

This is where you see Schells, a gambler, getting tossed out of the bar for
something by the owner. Talk to him and he tells you of a machine that has
the ability to cheat in the game Quasar inside the bar. He asks for your
help. You can solve this two ways.

The first is to take the machine and give it to Doran who will reward you
for stopping another cheater, and you can tell Schells what you have done
to him. The next option is to play Quasar 5 times, where you have to win 
more than you have bet. Win 7 times and you get tossed out for cheating
yourself. Return to Schells if you have done that as well. 

--==The Citadel: Signal Tracking==--

Quest Given By - Suspicious Gambling Machine
Your Location  - Flux
Requires       - Access to Wards

As you examine the suspicious machine, you will find that it is emitting a
signal and you need to be the detective and trace the signal back to the
source. The first place is the access corridor in the Wards, the next will
be inside Barla Von's store, and the final one will be the back room of the

It seems that it is a machine that is doing the signals, stealing credits
and worst of all, it is actually an AI, which is banned. It senses you and
starts a self-destruct and your choices are to interact with it and try to
put in the abort code, giving you credits that it didn't send off, or you
can shoot the power junction next to the AI, but you don't get a reward. You
don't want a self-destruction though. 

--==The Citadel: The Fan==--

Quest Given By - Conrad Verner
Your Location  - Markets, Upper Wards
Requires       - Access to Wards

There is a fan of yours in the markets, and when you first meet him, he will
ask for your autograph. Your choice.

When you complete that part, and offically become a Spectre, then leave and
return to the Citadel, he will be back, and ask for a photo of you to hang 
on his wall. Maybe he isn't straight? I dunno, stalker fan, and it is your
choice again.

After you have completed either Therum, Noveria or Feros, return to the 
Citadel to see him again, and he says that he wants to be a Spectre. That
fat lump? You can charm him to quit dreaming or intimidate him to cry. Your
choice again.

 +8 Paragon Points for shooting him down using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for making him cry using Intimidate

--==The Citadel: The Fourth Estate==--

Quest Given By - Khalisah Al-Jilani
Your Location  - C-Sec Academy
Requires       - Complete Therum or Feros

The report will ask you for an interview, where you can accept or refuse to
give an interview. What you really want is a nice interview, using your
Charm or Intimidate skills to make it smooth, though you can attack her to
end the interview. 

 +2 Renegade Points for attacking her

What the reporter really wants is you to pretty much say that humanity is
superior to other races and co-operation is overrated. At the end, the reward
is based on your answers as well as how long the interview lasted.

When you head back to the Normandy, Admiral Hackket will contact you and
give an overview on what the report was like, and the reactions from the
Alliance and Council. Charm answers are good, Intimidate is bad. The Council
doesn't like you talking about Saren though.

 +8 Paragon Points for a smooth interview using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for a smooth interview using Intimidate

--==The Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint==--

Quest Given By - General Septimus
Your Location  - Chora's Den
Requires       - Doing Citadel: Asari Consort

When you are doing the Asari Consort quest, you will agree to help one
General Septimus, who will tell you that it was he that leaked information
on Xeltan, and that he should know, so you might as well tell him.

 +2 Paragon Points for telling Xeltan and comforting him

[5.02] Feros

--==Feros: Data Recovery==--

Quest Given By - Gavin Hossle
Your Location  - Refugee Camp in Skyway
Requires       - Spectre

For this, head to the Weigh Station on the Skyway and talk to Gavin, who is
looking for some Data that is still inside the ExoGeni facility and since you
are going in, he asks you to help him out.

From the location of where the Geth are worshipping that orb, or just 
following the walkthrough above, follow the path east until you reach some
stairs that takes you to the upper level of the area, and in a room guarded
by three krogan soldiers, there is the console. Defeat the krogan and take the
data from the console, remembering to loot the area. Return the data for your

--==Feros: Geth in the Tunnels==--

Quest Given By - Fai Dan
Your Location  - Zhu's Hope Colony
Requires       - Spectre

Fai Dan tells you that there are geth below the colony in the tunnels, 
guarding a transmitter which is being used to carry out and co-ordinate 
attacks against the colonists. 

Follow the path on the surface until you get to the area containing the
stairs that lead to the Tunnels. Down in the tunnels, you need to keep 
your eyes open for Snipers, as well as other Geth soldiers. Near the 
transmitter, there is a bunch of Krogan forces, so you need to take them
out before you can destroy the transmitter. Destroy the transmitter, loot the
area and then report back to Fai Dan.

--==Feros: Power Cells==--

Quest Given By - May O'Connell
Your Location  - Zhu's Hope Colony
Requires       - Spectre

May requires you to bring her some power cells since she is in charge of
the power in the colony, and that means you need to help her. Head down 
into the tunnels and towards the long broken highway.

If you haven't done another certain quest, you need to fight off a pack
of Varren, so after that, move towards the damaged vehicle that is just
lying there, and loot the power cells from there. There are also some other
items nearby that you can interact with, but after that, return to May and
deliver the power cells.

 +8 Paragon Points for delivering the cells

--==Feros: Varren Meet==--

Quest Given By - Davin Reynolds
Your Location  - Zhu's Hope Colony
Requires       - Spectre

Inside the freighter in Zhu's Hope, Davin tells you that tere are constant
food shortages that are facing the colonists and looks to you for a source
of food. He needs your help to take out the Alpha Varren, that way, they can
hunt the rest of the Varren for the food that they need.

When you head into the tunnels, similar to the location of the collapsed 
highway and where the power cells are, a group of varren will show up and 
fight you. Just pull out a shotgun to make life easier. Close range them and
move onto the bigger Alpha Varren. It is far more powerful, so you want to 
use some Biotic powers to stop it and take a few shots at it to make sure
it doesn't move to bite.

Head back to Davin when they are all dead to pick up your reward. Too bad
you can drag the Varren corpses to them, free meat. 

 +8 Paragon Points for killing Alpha Varren
 +2 Renegade Points for asking for a reward from Davin

--==Feros: Water Restoration==--

Quest Given By - Macha Doyle
Your Location  - Zhu's Hope Colony
Requires       - Spectre

Macha requires you to help to restore the water. It seems that the valves
under the colony have been shut off so there is no water running in the 
colony, and given that you are the one with the big guns, you need to help
them restore the water.

Enter the tunnels, and there is basically a geth group on the way to each
valve, and there are three of them. The geth aren't anything you can't handle,
they are only in small groups that you can easily dispatch. Fix the valves
and get the water running again, and head back to Macha for your little

 +8 Paragon Points for fixing the water problem

[5.03] Noveria

--==Noveria: Espionage==--

Quest Given By - Mallene Callis
Your Location  - Port Hanshan Hotel Lobby
Requires       - Spectre

This requires you to be in the lobby area in the Hotel. A women named Mallene
wants you to steal some secrets. She works for Armali, whilst she takes aim 
at a Binary Helix employee. She wants you to distract the employee, whos name
is Rafael Vargas, whilst she hacks into the network and commits corporate 
espionage. You can refuse the quest now for the Paragon Points.

 +8 Paragon Points for refusing this piece of spying

The main aim of thje game is to distract the employee long enough so that
Mallene can hack into the network and do whatever she is trying to do, which
is quite a lot. You need to use Charm and Intimidate as often as you can 
since this will prolong the relationship. The point is, if he catches you out
as wasting his time, off goes the conversation and Mallene is screwed, not
that that is a bad thing. You can however, do the noble thing and inform him
that Mallene is spying on him. 

Talk to Mallene and it will pan out in a variety of ways.

 +2 Paragon Points for admitting you had given the device to Vargas
 +2 Paragon Points for using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for lying, telling Mallene the device worked
 +2 Renegade Points for using Intimidate

--==Noveria: Smuggling==--

Quest Given By - Opold
Your Location  - Port Hanshan Marketplace
Requires       - Spectre

In the Plaza area there is a Hanar called Opold who needs your help to smuggle
in some goods. Since you are a spectre and you don't have to do some border 
checks. He asks you to help him bring it in, and he assures you that whatever
is inside the package is of no harm to anyone, yet he doesn't say what it is.
Another ranchi egg?

If you decide to accept this stupid quest, there are a number of options that
you can do. You can keep the item, which means an upgrade for you. You can
deliver the package and get the money from Opold, or you can squeal to the
Adminstrator, who will give you the Garage Pass for free. If you decide to
keep it, a Krogan named Inamorda will ambush you because that package was
meant for him. Or you can remove Opold's job and sell it directly to Inamorda
and keep the profit for yourself. 

 +2 Renegade Points for selling the packing to Inamorda

[5.04] Virmire

--==Virmire: Assisting Kirrache's Team==--

Quest Given By - Captain Kirrache
Your Location  - Kirrache's Camp
Requires       - Spectre

When you are about to infiltrate the facility, you can do a few things that
will assist Kirrache and make life a whole lot easier for him. The first thing
you can do is to knock down the Communication Tower that the Geth are using
to co-ordinate their defence.

The tower is in sight, right and then north of your position. Whilst it isn't
exactly guarded with the best of the geth forces, they are only a few 
troopers here, they do have a height advantage which means that they can 
fire from you whilst you can fire back, without much accuracy. Knock out the
terminal and that should finish that. Personally, I would think that 
destroying the panel is a much better job, that way, there is no way to bring
the communications back up.

 +2 Paragon Points for knocking out Comms

The path to the west will take you to a Satellite uplink where the enemy 
Geth are using it to bring in reinforcements as well as surveillance of the
area. Just blow up the uplink and that should finish that.

 +2 Paragon Points for knocking out Recon

To your north, there is a refueling supply platform that the enemy is using
to resupply their forces with energy needed to sustain a fight. There are 
geth drones here, and they are the rocket types, so you want to take them
out quickly. Use the pistol because it has enough accuracy to take down
anything without much fuss. Blow up the fuel tanks when you are done. 

 +8 Paragon Points for blowing up the Refueling Station

Before you enter the main part of the base, you need to access the security
terminal and redirect the geth forces. Don't move the forces towards Kirrache
because if you do, there will be too many of the enemy forces so you will
actually lead to his death. 

 +8 Paragon Points not redirecting the troops
 +9 Renegade Points for sending the troops to Kirrache

--==Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage==--

Quest Given By - Captain Kirrache
Your Location  - Kirrache's Camp
Requires       - Have Wrex in Team

When you speak with Captain Kirrache, he will mention that Saren is developing
a cure for the Genophage inside the facility that you are planning to blow up
and needless to say, Wrex isn't all to pleased about this because above 
everything, he wants his race to survive. If you have gathered his family
armour, this would be a lot easier, but other than that, you need Charm or
Intimidate skills else you will end up killing him.

 +28 Paragon Points for calming Wrex down using Charm
 +28 Paragon Points for having Wrex's Family Armour
 +2 Paragon Points for feeling sorry to kill Wrex
 +8 Paragon Points for chastising Ashley for having to kill Wrex
 +9 Renegade Points for calming Wrex down using Intimidate
 +25 Renegade Points for getting Ashley to kill Wrex
 +25 Renegade Points for killing Wrex yourself

[5.05] UNC

--==UNC: Asari Diplomacy==--

Quest Given By - Nassana Dantius
Your Location  - Onboard Normandy
Requires       - Complete either Therum or Feros

What you need to do is either complete either one of those planets and an 
Asari Diplomat will contact you to meet her in the Embassy lounge back in the
Citadel, so meet her there. She has a request that you save her sister who
has been kidnapped by suspects unknown. She sends you to a pirate base.

The base is on the planet of Sharjila, which is in the Macedon System in the
Artemis Tau Cluster. When you head into the pirate base, you will find a hell
of a lot of mercenaries and pirates, both of the human and krogan variety and
an Asari Biotic inside the base, which makes things a whole lot tougher. Just
maintain cover. Outside, hide inside your Mako to take out the snipers so they
don't target you, whilst you take out all the land targets.

Inside, take cover, and head inside to find out that what Nassana said isn't
exactly the truth, and nothing but the truth. But she gives a reward for 
deciding to help her, and if you use Charm or Intiomidate, you get a little
bonus in the form of a license for Armali. 

 +2 Paragon Points for not accepting the reward
 +2 Renegade Points for saying that the payment should be good

--==UNC: Asari Writings==--

Quest Given By - Surveyed Asari Writing
Your Location  - Anywhere
Requires       - Spectre

You should see the space map guide area since that will locate all the Asari
Writings for you. 

--==UNC: Besieged Base==--

Quest Given By - Admiral Hackett
Your Location  - Onboard Normandy
Requires       - Paragon at 75% Full

You get a message from the Alliance Command and Admiral Hackett puts you on a
mission to end a siege involving a group of biotics who have taken out an 
outpost and taken hostage of civilians. You need to save all the civilians 
whilst getting rid of the biotics. This isn't easy, so you need some skill.
If you need to location again, head into the Hades Gamma Cluster, Cacus System
and the planet of Chohe. 

You need to move into the facility and target the biotics, and not hit any
of the civilians. Unlike before, you cannot hit anything other than biotics
so stick to the Sniper Rifle for extreme precision shots or using a pistol
for quick fire shots. The problem is that the biotics aren't known for being
easy to shoot at, and civilians make it hard, so make sure your squad doesn't
fire on the civilians accidently. That could be a problem.

Sweep your path through the facility, killing the Biotics as well as gathering
all the loot in the facility, and finish off the biotics. Report back to the
Admiral who will be quite pleased that you solved the problem without too
many civilian deaths. 

--==UNC: Cerberus==--

Quest Given By - Rear Admiral Kahoku
Your Location  - Citadel Tower
Requires       - Completed UNC: Missing Marines

When you return from completing the Marines mission, you will find that he
knows the group responsible for the death of his marines, a group called 
Cerberus was responsible, and he wants to you to investigate the research
facilities on a planet in the Voyager Cluster, Yangtze System and the planet
of Binthu.

Land on the planet, and there are three research outposts. There are all the
same, they have two turrets outside, protecting it, and inside, there is an
energy barrier containing a test subject, as well as researchers, armed, and
they are protected by Cerberus commandos. The test subjects can be released
by a control panel, but you need to kill them anyway, since they are quite

In the southern outpost and the northern outpost, the test subjects are all
ranchi units. How the hell did they get there? The final outpost contains
a group of Thorian creepers, which also leads to the question, how the hell
did they get there?

When you finish clearing the final facility, it does not matter what order, 
there will be a dead body in the middle of the area where the test subjects
are held, the corpse of Admiral Kahoku, and even though he was surrounded by
hostile creatures, the needle marks on his arm does provide his real cause 
of death. That will lead you to the mission to finish off Cerberus once and
for all. 

--==UNC: Colony of the Dead==--

Quest Given By - Server Node in ExoGeni Facility in Feros
Your Location  - ExoGeni Facility in Feros
Requires       - Spectre

When you interact with the server node in the ExoGeni facility in Feros, you
will find that there is a connection between the ExoGeni facility and the
Cerberus group. If you have completed the above mission, you will release 
how Cerberus has gotten all those test subjects. You need to head to the 
Maroon Sea Cluster, Matano System and land on the planet of Chasca to find
out the truth.

Head south bound to find the facilities, and you will find some Geth husks
there. This is getting really out of control. There are a bunch of buildings
here but the only one of interest is the Science facility, where the terminal
is located that tells you where the husks actually came from. Seems someone
from Cerberus decided to pay a visit not so long ago, and straight after 
that, the colonists turned into Husks. They is seriously out of whack.

--==UNC: Dead Scientists==--

Quest Given By - Terminal in Port Hanshan Hotel
Your Location  - Upper Level in Port Hanshan Hotel in Noveria
Requires       - Spectre

In the upper floor of the Port Hanshan Hotel is a terminal which you can
hack to reveal that there is a Doctor in the Newton System, in the Kepler
Verge Cluster who is in danger due to his connections and that is where
you need to save him.

Head to the Newton System and land on Ontarom, where there is an underground
facility in the southwest which is guarded by a nice group of mercenaries, 
which means you have hit the mark. Get rid of them and head inside, which is
where all the fun is. Fight your way through the complex, taking out all the
mercenaries as they come, and fight all the way to the back, where the Doctor
is held hostage by a soldier named Toombs.

If you used the Sole Survivor trait, Toombs will recognise you as a marine who
served with him in the campaign in Azuke, but this doesn't actually lead to 
anything significant. You need to either use Charm to ensure both live, or 
Intimidate, where you get to kill the Doctor, due to his crimes. If you fail
to do so, it will result in Toombs killing the Doctor before committing 
suicide. Whatever your choice, choose it and return to the Normandy.

--==UNC: Depot Sigma-23==--

Quest Given By - Terminal in Listening Post Theta
Your Location  - Listening Post Theta
Requires       - Complete "UNC: Listening Post Theta"

You should know, by completing the listening post mission that a group is 
delivering the newly created ranchi all over the universe, probably to cause
mass carnage and create a lot of deaths. The problem is, you can attack all
the cargo containers, but you need to fight the source of the ranchi.

Head to the Argus Rho Cluster, Gorgon System and land in the unidentified 
space facility, and it is swarming with ranchi soldiers. You need to take
them out, and make your way to the back where there is a terminal in which
you can access and find out who is in charge of this operation. Again, it is
the shadowy group of Cerberus, and they are responsible. After arming an
explosive device, its time to run.

I hope you remember your way back to the ship because now it is time to run
before the bomb goes off. Ignore the ranchi, they aren't important, since they
will be wiped out by the bomb. Just keep running back to the Normandy to 
complete this mission. 

--==UNC: Derelict Freighter==--

Quest Given By - MSV Cornucopia
Your Location  - Caspian System
Requires       - Complete Feros

Out in the Maroon Sea Cluster, in the Caspian system is a freighter that seems
to be floating around, so you should investigate it. Not a good idea, because
one you are on board, you are attacked by Geth husks, and seeing one husk
means that you are probably going to be facing a crew of a ship that has the 
pleasure of meeting the Geth.

Check the logs of the ship when you manage to fight your way to the front, and
you realise that the crew found a certain artefact that made them go crazy, and
they flew into the Perseus Veil, which is Geth space, and they were transformed
into husks. The ship was sent back to the Transverse, to serve as a warning 
message to anyone who came into Geth space. 

--==UNC: Distress Call==--

Quest Given By - Console in Ambassador Udina's Office
Your Location  - Citadel
Requires       - Spectre

You can arrive in the Citadel and access Ambassador Udina's special console
in order to attain this mission, where there is a message about some strange
energy readings from the Argus Rho Cluster, so you need to head to that 
Cluster, enter the Hydra System and land on the planet of Metgos. 

Once you land on the planet, you find that it is a distress call from the 
beacon. Follow your map to head to the signal of the emergency beacon and
you will find that ITS A TRAP! There is a mine under the beacon, as well as
rocket troopers and drones, as well as several armatures. You are going to
be a in a firefight, so keep mobile, kill the geth and move on to finish this

--==UNC: Espionage Probe==--

Quest Given By - Terminal inside Freighter in Zhu's Hope
Your Location  - Zhu's Hope, Feros
Requires       - Spectre

The freighter inside the Zhu's Hope colony provides a terminal which tells
you that several shipments of supplies to the colony have been diverted to
the Voyager Cluster for some unknown reason, and that enough is reason to
head there to investigate.

Head into the Amazon System in the Voyager Cluster and Admiral Hackett 
calls in to tell you that a probe belonging to the Alliance was lost, and 
it was carrying a nuclear warhead, to make things a bit worse than they
already are.

Land on Agebinium to follow the homing beacon, which is being emitted from
a mining station, that is underground. That isn't right, if the probe crashed
into the surface, wouldn't it be on the surface? Anyway, head down there, 
follow the tunnels until you get to the last room, where there is a cave in
behind you, and that leaves you trapped. The hologram of the pirate leader
involves in this, Elanos Haliat chimes in and makes fun of you. 

Sure, you might need to escape, but there is a massive bomb in front of you,
which you can disarm following a long series of keystrokes or using 100
omnigel for each of the three hardpoints. You have 10 seconds to disable it
before it blows, of course, when you are actually in the mini-game, time 
stops ticking.

When you haved save yourself from being blown apart, head back and find a
hidden tunnel, which leads you to a hidden entrance to a ridge, which also
happens to overlook the camp which Haliat is hiding at. Now, you need to
kill him, since he did try to kill you, so snipe him or charge down and 
mow him into cow pats.

--==UNC: ExoGeni Facility==--

Quest Given By - Terminal in ExoGeni Facility
Your Location  - Feros
Requires       - Complete Feros

In the Feros facility for ExoGeni, in one of the upper rooms will be a 
terminal that links ExoGeni with some suspicious activity what is taking 
place in the Maroon Sea Cluster, Vostok System and is located on the planet
of Nodacrux. Head there now, and when you do, Joker informs you that there
is some emergency beacon that has been activated on the planet's surface.

It is a real pain to actually get to the facility seeing that the terrain
isn't exactly playing fair, but you can get there using your map, or just 
climb over all the obstacles in the Mako. Follow the map and look for any
path that leads to the facility. Upon arrival, you will see what is wrong
with the facility, there is a boatload of Thorian Creepers outside, and 
without stabbing in the dark, inside the facility as well.

I recommend that a nice assault rifle or shotgun do the work here, though
you still need to watch out for their toxic attack, before their rush to
melee. Take them all out, and remember to loot the facility, before heading
into the back room to find the researchers and figure out what happened. It
seems that ExoGeni had found a way to make the Creepers into some nice 
servants, but after the Thorian had been killed, they went crazy, and that
is what happened here.

Dr Ross will ask you to keep quiet, and offers you some hush money. If you
do not accept the hush money, they will attempt to kill you, since the only
other option is to turn them in. Wow, its either take my bribe or I will
kill you.

 +8 Paragon Points for trying to arrest Ross 
 +9 Renegade Points for making her pay for her crimes

--==UNC: Geth Incursion==--

Quest Given By - Admiral Hackett
Your Location  - Onboard Normandy, Enter the Armstrong Nebula Cluster
Requires       - Spectre

Inside the ExoGeni facility in Feros, there is a terminal which can be hacked
that mentions that there is some activity in the Armstrong Nebula. As you go
and investigate, a message from Admiral Hackett of the Fifth Systems Alliance
Fleet asks you to remove the geth outposts in the systems there.

The Pitcher

Head to the planet Antibaar in the Tereshkova System and we shall start
there. The outpost is north of your position, and you will start off facing a
group of Geth Snipers, which makes your job a bit hard to determine their
location. You can't miss the base, it is a massive base with Snipers and 
Rocket Troops hanging around like drunken patrons at a pub. 

Move towards the base after you have picked off the enemy snipers and rocket
troops, and a drop ship comes in, delivering more reinforcements after you
have cleared the entire outpost of geth and any valuables that may be left
inside the outpost. The dropship will continue to drop off more Shock Troopers
until you get rid of it, so focus all your fire, machine gun and Cannon fire
on the Dropship until it is destroyed. Finish off the remaining Geth Shock
Troopers to finish this outpost. 

First Base

Head to Casbin in the Hong System now for the next outpost. The outpost is
northeast of your current position and when you get close, you will be hit
by the jammers of more stupid geth snipers. Again, there are snipers and shock
troopers at the facility, so take them out like you did before. Again, once
you clear out the outpost, the dropship comes in and provides reinforcements
in the same form, in Shock Troopers. 

Take down the drop ship and then take out the rest of the enemy troopers to
clear off another planet of the geth invasion.

Second Base

Next one is on Maji in the Vamshi system, and this one is slighter harder to
attack. There is a few geth turrets here that make your life a bit harder but
in the end, it isn't too hard when you are in the Mako with a nice cannon to
fight with. Take it out and then move onto the Geth Snipers and the Rocket
Troopers. After that, down comes the dropship.

The Dropship comes and delivers a Geth Colossus, so start driving like you
do in GTA and go nuts. Shoot down the dropship and then take out the colossus
without sustaining too much damage to the make. Thats another one down. One
more outpost to go.

Third Base

The final outpost is on Rayingri in the Gagarin System. This one is slightly
different as well, since it is a research facility that has been overrun with
Geth Husks. Take them all out and start to loot the facility, before clearing
out the back rooms. After you have done that, the geth forces arrive in the
main room to backup their fallen husks, in the form of Snipers, Rocket Troops
and even a Destroyer or two to make things worse.

Use cover to take potshots with your weapons, before you can head back outside
and once you do, run to the Mako. A dropship arrives dropping more Rocket and
Shock Troopers, so shoot down the dropship, avoiding enemy fire, and take down
the rest of the geth forces. Now you need to attack and destroy the main 
operating base of the geth. Sounds easy right?

Home Base

No it isn't. The base is located in Solcrum in the Grissom System. There is a 
large base at the east, and the outside force is manned by Colossus units as 
well as rocket troops. It should be a lot easier sniping the troopers and 
attacking the Colossus in the Mako.

Inside the base is a hellhole. There are stalkers there, snipers, destroyers,
the works. Again, take cover and only fire when you aren't going to face a 
barrage of gunfire. Move your way slowly, making sure that you killing the
enemies along the way, before you encounter a Juggernaut on the second floor
of the facility. I hope you have enough firepower to take it out quickly 
before you get shot dead.

Once you clear out the geth inside, head to the back room of the complex for
the loot as well as a terminal, for information as well as an item that can
help you in Tali's Quest. 

--==UNC: Hades' Dogs==--

Quest Given By - Rear Admiral Kahoku's Corpse
Your Location  - Binthu
Requires       - Complete UNC: Cerberus

Now, you need to eliminate Cerberus once and for all. Cerberus is an 
organisation of a former Alliance military Special Forces team that has now
gone rogue, and you need to stop them before they cause any more carnage.
Their base is on Nepheron, inside the Voyager Cluster in the Columbia 

Head to the planet and land there, moving southwest towards the facility
which is guarded by rocket troopers and snipers outside. Take them out in
the Mako and then move inside. There are a hell of a lot of commandos and
snipers here, so take cover and kill them, looting their items along the
way. At the back of the complex, there is a Cerberus Terminal which you
can enter for more information. After that, head back to the Ship.

After you have arrived on the Normandy, access the Galaxy Map and the
Shadow Broker, well, one of his representatives will ask you to sell off
the information about Cerberus for a sum of case. How he knows that you
have the information is beyond me. Anyway, it is your choice, help the
Alliance or make money.

 +8 Paragon Points for keeping the Data
 +9 Renegade Points for betraying the Alliance and selling the data

--==UNC: Hostage==--

Quest Given By - Elevator News 
Your Location  - Citadel's Elevators
Requires       - Spectre

You need to be on the elevators in the Citadel to hear a message that the 
head of some Alliance committee about Biotics has been captured and held 
hostage by, of all people, Biotics. Now, you need to head to the MSV
Ontario, which is located in the Hades Gamma Cluster, the System of 
Farinata, and rescue the Chairman.

The ship is hidden, so just move your pointer all over the planetary rings
and you are bound to find it, sooner or later. Enter the ship, and you are
facing a hell of a lot of biotics, so you really want to take them down 
fast or from a good distance. Distance is best, so use a Sniper Rifle. Now,
once you face a Biotic, you have a limit of three minutes before the word
gets out to the Hostage Taker, and the Hostage will be shot. Move fast, and
loot later.

Head down to the front of the ship to see the Terrorist Leader, who will only
release him if you have enough Charm or Intimidate points to make him release
the hostage. Or, if you don't, you can just have another firefight and shoot
the terrorist, showing that you did beat al-Queda. Finish this off by saving
the hostage, and all will be good.

 +8 Paragon Points for ending it peacefully using Charm
 +2 Paragon Points for trying to end it peacefully, but failing
 +9 Renegade Points for ending it peacefully using Intimidate
 +2 Renegade Points for trying to end it with extreme force

--==UNC: Hostile Takeover==--

Quest Given By - Helena Blake
Your Location  - Emporium, Financial District in Citadel
Requires       - Spectre

If you hack into a console in the C-Sec offices, there will be a message that
there is a certain individual who they are watching, since she might cause
some trouble. She is outside the Emporium. Head there.

The woman is Helena Blake who needs your help to eliminate two galactic Crime
Lords for her, so if you agree, you will get the quest, but even if you do not
agree, you get it anyway. Great.

 +8 Paragon Points for attempting to refuse
 +2 Renegade Points for accepting the quest

She gives you two planets where the two crimeloards are hiding. The first of
the Crimelords is on Klensal, which is in the Dis System of the Hades Gamma
Cluster. Head south towards the facility, and take out the snipers and 
mercenaries that are protecting the entrance in the Mako, before you make your
way inside the buildilng.

Inside, there are a hell of a lot of mercenaries, Turian and Krogan 
mercenaries as well as the Crime Lord, who will never surrender. Kill them,
loot the place, and then move to the next facility. That is located on the 
planet of Mavigon, in the Han System of the Gemini Sigma Cluster.

From there, travel Southeast, where there are some turrets as well as enemy
forces outside the facility. Take them out from a distance, though it is quite
hard to when you can't see anything beyond your knees. Take down the defences
and move inside, mopping up the mercenaries there as well, kill the Crime
Boss and loot the place before you leave. Man, killing off crime does pay 
rather well.

New, you need to see Helena, after you have killed both crime bosses. She is
on the planet of Amaranthine, in the Fortuna System in the Horse Head Nebula.
Head south to the outpost, and she is inside the entrance of the outpost, and
is surrounded by mercenaries.

You can talk to her to force her to disband the crime syndicate, but you need
high Charm or Intimidate skills for that. If you try to arrest her, or want a 
firefight either way, you can attack her. She is a Vanguard, with Biotic 
powers as well as Human and Krogan mercenaries. You need to disable that force
field she builds up and shoot down all her mercenaries, before taking her out.

There is a fair amount of loot to be had as well, so take them all out and 
make sure that nothing that you can take or use remain. That will finish off
this mission.

 +8 Paragon Points for having Helena give up crime using Charm 
 +2 Paragon Points for attempting to arrest Helena
 +9 Renegade Points for having Helena give up crime using Intimidate
 +2 Renegade Points for letting Helena escape purposely

--==UNC: Listening Post Alpha==--

Quest Given By - Listening Post Theta OR Visit Erebus System
Your Location  - Erebus System, Nephos
Requires       - Complete Noveria

This is obtained by completing Listening Post Theta or just heading to the
Erebus System, inside the Styx Theta Cluster and landing on Nephos. On the
surface, follow the trail of the transmission until you see a group of 
Alliance Marines who are trapped by the mountains of Ranchi soldiers that
are attacking them with some sort of regular interval in between the waves
upon waves of attacks.

Lieutenant Durand needs your help so first of all, visit the damaged
generator and power it up using the Mako itself, and that will activate
the turrets the marines have. When that is back, move your team towards
the barricade that the marines have set up and get in position to take 
down the ranchi after they attack. Shoot them down, wave after wave of
them, until they give up. Speak to Durand and she will tell you that the
source is the nearby mine. You need to head there to clear them out. 
Disconnect the Mako from the Generator and move to that position.

The mine is full of Ranchi, so move slowly and keep your eyes focused on
the distance ahead, since the further in the mine you are, the more
Ranchi that will attack. Clear the main passage, and then you need to
clear out the two side passages at the end of the main passage.

Both have ranchi soldiers and the big Brood Warrior, and they are nasty
pieces of work. You really want to shoot them down fast, using your Biotic
powers to disable them if necessary. You need to clear out the entire
mine of the Ranchi and that would wrap up the mission. 

--==UNC: Listening Post Theta==--

Quest Given By - The Marines at Listening Post Alpha OR Visit the Acheron
Your Location  - Acheron System, Altahe
Requires       - Complete Noveria

The Second of the listening posts, approach the deserted post and you will
find that there are holes in the ground, but make sure you keep a distance,
they contain ranchi soldiers. Mako their asses back to the stone ages and
that will be that.

After you have cleared outside of the ranchi, head inside and there are more
of them there. Compared to Noveria, it isn't much, but still, take them out
before they hurt you too bad. Now, head to the back, access the Terminal to
unlock another mission on the Ranchi, and that the Ranchi were delivered by
a ship. Well, you need to find the Depot, don't you?

--==UNC: Locate Signs of Battle==--

Quest Given By - Find a League of One Medallion or ID Card
Your Location  - Anywhere
Requires       - Spectre

Again, read the Space Map section for all the locations of the items.

--==UNC: Lost Freighter==--

Quest Given By - MSV Worthington
Your Location  - Ming System
Requires       - Complete either Therum, Noveria or Feros

Head into the Gemini Sigma Cluster, inside the Ming System where there is the
lost freighter of the MSV Worthington. Head aboard and there are explosive 
traps all over the place, so be careful to avoid them, and head into the
south-eastern room to hear the audio logs about someone called Julia and 
someone else called Jacob. Now, head into the North-Eastern Room to hear the
logs of the Doctor, Doctor Smith. You also see Jacob here, on life support. 
And finally, at the Cockpit, to hear the logs of the Captain.

After you hear the all the logs or try to disable the life support of Jacob,
a crazy lady with Biotic skills come after you, and it is obvious it is 
Julia. Kill her quickly before she can do too much damage with her biotic 
powers, and finish this. After that, turn off Jacob's Life Support, and 
remember to look for loot.

--==UNC: Lost Module==--

Quest Given By - Admiral Hackett when entering the Attican Beta Cluster
Your Location  - Eletania
Requires       - Spectre

It seems that the Admiral has lost a probe along with the data inside the 
probe and you need to find it on the planet of Eletania. Head down there and
find the probe, but it seems the data module is missing, and it is stolen by
... a group of Space Monkeys. For fun, you can run over the monkeys.

Now, head to the colony of monkeys near the mine, and the one you are looking
for is in the mine, at the back of it. Get the data module off that stupid
monkey, and for some reason, the geth show up, with Snipers, Rocket Troopers 
and Shock Troopers. A destroyer also decides to join the fray as well. Take
them out, and head back to the Normandy.

 +6 Paragon Points for obtaining the Data Module
 +4 Renegade Points for running over a monkey in the Mako

--==UNC: Major Kyle==--

Quest Given By - Console in C-Sec's Executor Office
Your Location  - Presrop
Requires       - Spectre

When you are inside Executor Pallin's Office, you can hack into a console
to obtain a strange transmission that is coming from the Hawking Eta Cluster
inside the Century System, and is from the planet of Presrop, so head there
and when you do, the Alliance will call in saying that there are a bunch of 
Biotics are led by a former Alliance soldier, Major Kyle.

There are two ways to do this, you can persuade the cultists to let you 
in or you can decide to run in, all guns ablazing, and kill all the cultists.
Either way, enter the compound and force your way to the back to see this
Major Kyle. Enter the compound to access the control panel at the back to
see the Major.

 +2 Paragon Points for getting in peacefully using Charm
 +2 Renegade Points for getting in peacefully using Intimidate

Head outside and enter the other compound, the round one. If you got in
peacefully, they let you in here as well, but if you got in via force, you
need to fight all of them as well. Have fun. Anyway, move to the back to
see the Major and end this. How you end it is up to you, and when you 
finish, tell Admiral Hackett onboard the Normandy when you finish.

 +8 Paragon Points for getting Kyle to surrender using Charm
 +9 Renegade Points for getting Kyle to surrender using Intimidate
 +2 Renegade Points for killing Major Kyle

--==UNC: Missing Marines==--

Quest Given By - Rear Admiral Kahoku
Your Location  - Citadel Tower
Requires       - Spectre

If you completed the "Citadel: Doctor Michel" then you will know about
Banes. Talk to Kahoku, who will tell you about missing marines who were
sent to find Banes, but they have yet to call back, and Kahoku is worried
about the safety of his team, so he sends you to investigate the team to
figure out what the hell went on.

Head to Edolus in the SPARTA! System, in the Artemis Tau Cluster and 
land there. Follow the way to the distress beacon, and you are attacked
by a Thresher Maw. To defeat it, keep mobile in the Mako and wait for it
to surface. When it surfaces, attack it with the cannon and machine gun to
damage it, whilst moving to avoid being hit by its poisonous attack.

It seems that someone led the marines to the distress beacon, knowing that
there was a Thresher Maw there. If you want to know who, is was the 
Cerberus group. Return to the Admiral once you have finished the mission
and the hunt for his marines. 

--==UNC: Missing Survey Team==--

Quest Given By - Elevator in Citadel
Your Location  - Citadel
Requires       - Spectre

When you are in the Citadel, you might near the story of the missing 
survey team. Head to the Hades Gamma Cluster, the Antaeus System and land
on the planet of Terbin. Now, head to the research site, and you will
find that no one is here. Access the area, use the terminal to find that
the crew went into the nearby mine since they found some interesting alien
technology. This doesn't bode well.

Head into the mines, and you are attacked by Geth Husks. There are a total
of 19 husks, which would be the survey team, and you need to defeat all the
husks, but there doesn't seem to be any geth forces here themselves. It
seems strange, but hey, get rid of the geth and finish off this mission. 

--==UNC: Privateers==--

Quest Given By - Garoth
Your Location  - Citadel Tower
Requires       - Spectre

If you meet with Garoth in the Citadel Tower, he will say that you help find
his brother, who happens to be missing in the Horse Head Nebula. He is on
the MSV Majesty in the Strenuus System, so head there and scan the vessel 
to find that the energy from the vessel leads to the planet of Xawin. Land
there now. 

 +2 Paragon Points for helping
 +2 Renegade Points for refusing to help

There is a mercenary camp directly north of your position, so head there
and you will see a bunch of mercenaries and some turrets defending the 
base, so you want to take them out quickly to get inside the facility. There
are mercenaries of the human and krogan type inside, and some snipers as well
which will make life a bit harder. Take out the enemy and move upstairs.

Up there, you will see a corpse, the corpse of Captian Willem, who is 
obviously dead. Loot the facility and then head back to the Citadel and 
inform the brother of what has happened.

 +2 Paragon Points for comforting Garoth about his brother's death
 +2 Renegade Points for laughing at Garoth about his false hope

--==UNC: Prothean Data Disks==--

Quest Given By - Collecting a Prothean Data Disk
Your Location  - Anywhere
Requires       - Spectre

Again, look at the space map section for information about the location of
the disks.

--==UNC: Rogue VI==--

Quest Given By - Admiral Hackett
Your Location  - Normandy
Requires       - Reach Level 20

When you reach Level 20, once you access the Galaxy Map, Admiral Hackett
will contact you, telling you to head to Luna since there is an VI there
that has gone rogue that you are sent to take out. This unlocks the Solar
System, so you can see what has happened to the solar system after about 
200 years. Drive to the training facility, and it is going to be a rough

There are turrets outside the area, and there are 2 for each, and given
the tight area you are in, that is a total of 6 turrets that you need
to take out. Enter one of the facilities, and whilst they are the same, it
does take some skill to clear out the facility.

Inside are an army of drones, which all pack heavy weaponry and a hell of
a lot of shielding. Now, when you are facing drones, use accurate weapons
and take cover constantly, and try to snipe them off. The drones will
always attack with numbers, which makes it hard if you want to pick them
off one by one.

After you have taken the drones out, at the back of the facility, there
are two rooms, which have 4 conduits inside each room. Each of them have
a shield and they need to have their shield down before you can start to
blow each of the conduits up. 

Each building will have something different after you destroy the first
few conduits. The first facility you enter will release toxic gas which
will poison you, the second will have energy barriers erected all over
the doorways and the final door will have additional drone reinforcements
to back them up. When you destroy all the conduits, the VI will scream
and die off, and you get a specialisation ability. Don't forget to loot
the place clean. 

The specialising ability is the addition of 6 levels into your class.
There are 6 classes that you can choose, and each of them depend on the
class you have chosen initially.

Soldier    -> Commando or Shock Trooper
Engineer   -> Medic or Operative
Infilrator -> Commando or Operative
Adept      -> Bastion or Nemesis
Vanguard   -> Nemesis or Shock Trooper
Sentinel   -> Bastion or Medic

--==UNC: The Negotiation==--

Quest Given By - Admiral Hackett
Your Location  - Onboard Normandy
Requires       - 75% Renegade Bar Full

This mission requires you to be extremely evil, or Renegade, so you can 
get this mission. Admiral Hackett will ask you to create a treaty with a
man in the Hades Gamma Cluster, on the planet of Nonuel in the Plutus 
System, and the name is named Darius. A treaty for someone who is as 
Renegade as you? Something isn't right.

Now, when you head to the facility, Darius thinks you are a joking, and
the only way to deal with the man peacefully is to be extremely nice to
him, and give him everything that he wants, which is really pushing the
limits. If you do, head back to the Normandy and deliver the treaty to
the Admiral, who isn't happy, but agrees.

 +8 Paragon Points for getting a peace treaty

However, if you want to do things my way, tell him to stick it and move
in, all guns ablazing. Use all firepower to take out him and his guards
and tell then what a treaty really means, death. After that, you can head
back to the Normandy and tell the Admiral that their mining operation 
can begin.

 +25 Renegade Points for resolving the problem with guns

--==UNC: Turian Insignias==--

Quest Given By - Survey a Turian Insignia
Your Location  - Anywhere
Requires       - Spectre

Again, consult the space map for the locations. 

--==UNC: Valuable Minerals==--

Quest Given By - Survey a deposit of gas, metal or rare elements
Your Location  - Anywhere
Requires       - Spectre

Again, check the space map for locations. 

[5.06] Bring Down the Sky

Bring Down the Sky is the downloadable content that is available for download
for free over the internet for PC users, and Microsoft Live for a certain fee
for the XBox users. 

Bring Down the Sky adds extra content that is started on the X57 Asteroid 
that is located in the Asgard System. This will, require you to be a Spectre
as well as control of the Normandy, but after you have that, you can start
this straight away. I best recommend some target practice, this is quite hard
at times. 

--==~~X57 - Bring Down the Sky~~==--

Quest Given By - Landing on the X57 Asteroid in the Asgard System
Your Location  - Asteroid X57, Asgard System, Exodus Cluster
Requires       - Spectre Status, Downloaded "Bring Down the Sky" DLC

Head to the X57 Asteroid and you will be able to land there. You will also
see that the X57 Asteroid is actually propelled towards a planet, Terra Nova
via its fusion drive system. And guess what, well, it isn't all that hard, it
is very predictable, you need to stop the Asteroid from collision. 

--==X57 Radio Transmission==--

When you land on the planet, you will be able to activate a little listening
music. There is a transmission station that you can activate to give a little
listening music for the asteroid, since you really can't talk to anyone else
here. There isn't much here, except for some logs and a first aid station, 
but there is some first aid at least. Medi-Gel will be important here.

--==First Fusion Torch==--

At the first fusion torch, there will be some turrets here. You need to do 
some drive bys in your Mako with your Cannon and spray a little with a lot of
ammo to get rid of them. They are stationary, so make sure you clear all of 
the out first before you enter the building. 

Enter the building, and prepare for a nice battle. You will see a body right
at the entrance, and when you open the second door, you see why there was a 
body there, Batarians. They are, if you haven't read the codex, another 
galactic race, defeated in space by Humanity after they tried to enslave some
humans. Not smart. 

Anyway, you really need to hide behind the door, back in the room because the
Batarians send in their Varren War Beasts after you. These are basically
attack dogs that require a little more than a few pistol shots to take them
out. They're organics, so remember that. There will be, in total, 2 sets of
war beasts that you need to take out, then you can worry about the Batarians.

There are about half a dozen Batarians in the room. They all will be able to
take cover, and they are a good distance away, so you should use a Sniper
Rifle if you can, that is going to be the best method. You can take two shots
to take them out totally. Careful, they are quite powerful and will snipe
you back, so an alternate, but less damaging method is to creep up to them and
either pistol or assault rifle them to death. 

After you have taken all of them out, you can head into the back room on the 
ground floor for some grenades (you'll need it later) and some loot in the
storage lockers. Upstairs, there are no enemies, but there are the controls 
for the torch. Disable them, take the loot, and you will hear Kate over the
radio talking to you. 

Kate is a research team member and they were meant to take the asteroid X57
to Terra Nova to make it a satellite. However, the Batarians came, took over
and you need to take down all the torches before the Asteroid hits Terra
Nova, killing millions. 


Head outside, or try to, head to the entrance of the first torch but you 
will be stopped by Simon, the head Engineer here. He warns you about the
blasting caps, well, they are proximity mines, around the second Fusion
Torch, which is a mission in itself, as well as his mission for you to
find his missing engineers. You can finish those missions if you like, but
that is completely up to you, but you do get some nice stuff though. 

--==Second Fusion Torch==--

Around the Second Fusion Torch are the blasting caps, so see the relevant
mission about that. Park the Mako outside the range of the caps and creep
through the caps. Watch the proximity meter, that will tell you how close
you are before the cap explodes, and you don't want that. 

Kate will contact you, but nothing useful comes out of it. Outside, you want
to be careful, Batarian Rocket Troops are outside. Watch your minimap and 
hide around the corner, either with a Shotgun or some other weapon in hand,
and get ready to kill them as they jump the corner. 

Enter the building, and it is even worse. You have to deal with more Troopers
as wel as Drones. These Drones are quite annoying, and powerful, and they
will fire rockets at you.

The problem with Rockets is that taking direct cover behind a crate, when 
the rocket hits the crate, you will die. That is no joke. Seriously, just
take cover behind a crate, but a bit behind the crate. Don't hug the crate,
the shockwave will kill you.

There are several drones in this area. There is a drone that patrols on the
second level, and since you aren't going to be able to take them down 
effectively with guns, it is best to toss grenades here. Time them, when
the drone is about to pass your grenade, explode it. Your other choice is
to run up and blast it, but that is a bit harder. As for the second
drone, there is a Cyro tank there, blow it up when the drone comes to shoot,
that will blow it up, bypassing shields. 

Kill all the troopers, and raid the room on the ground floor for a crate and
storage locker. The top floor room has the controls for the torch as well as 
some locked containers, unlock them for some nice loot. 

Meanwhile, when the second torch is down, you will have a cutscene with
Kate and the Batarian leader, Balak. He kills her brother, and sends his 
man Charn after you. Looks like you have a bit more company. 

--==Final Fusion Torch==--

The asteroid is slowing down, and nearly under control, one more torch left
to take down. This facility is guarded by moving turrets. Some of the turrets
are still stationary, but are protected by a blast shield which prevents you
launching attacks until you are closer, and others are moving, they are on a
set rail, which will move when you get close. Wait till they stop, cannon, 
let them move, stop, cannon, done. 

Enter the torch facility and there is some help for this mission, there are
more explosive parts, cyro and fusion containment canisters that will go 
kablamo when shot. Wait for the unsuspecting enemy and blast them. Those 
things aren't very fun when they explode on you. 

Move along, there aren't as many drones, but they still are a threat. Those
War Beasts are back, quite annoying as well as the Engineers and most 
dangerously, the Shock Troopers, the strongest enemy that you are going
to fight around here.

Clear out the ground floor, raid the room on the floor for some goodies and
raid the top room for the torch controls. Disable them and head out.

Except you are stopped by Charn. He wants to talk, he doesn't want to 
fight. If you want to fight, don't let him see you and shoot at him first,
get the first shot and take him out, as well as the two bodyguards and wait
for the War Beasts to come out and try to attack you. If you do try this 
route, more and more Batarians come along for the fight, Shock Troopers and
Engineers for the firepower, Troopers and War Beasts to wound it up. 

When they are all taken care of, you can search Charn for his little key
card, and he doesn't seem to put up a fight, when he is dead. OR you can 
just charm him or intimidate him into giving the Key Card. He doesn't
seem to want to go through with the mission anyway, so this is the nice
and easy route.

 +8 Paragon Points for making Charn hand over the key card

--==Main Facility==--

More turrets here, you might want to wait a bit so that your Mako can 
recharge its shields before you take on the turrets again. I hate the
damn sensitivity on the Mako, too damn sensitive. Take down the turrets
and head inside the building straight away.

There is some Medi-Gel here as well as some Grenades, that you surely
need by now. And enter. Head up the stairs, and it seriously does look
like the Podium section on the Citadel. Well, don't admire the view for
too long, pull out your weapon of choice and start to defend yourself.

Your Sniper Rifle is very important because there are a lot of enemies
spread out over this large area, drones, Shock Troopers, Engineers and
normal grunt Troopers. Take them all out, and then you meet the person
who is in charge of this mess. 

Balak isn't a very nice person, he is flocked by bodyguards and those
War Beasts. And he effectively, gives you a choice to make. It isn't
a pleasant choice either. 

He knows that he is losing, and he decides to do the cheap thing. There
are bombs where the remaining prisoners are, and if you try to follow or
fight him, he will go and kill them all with the bomb. If you let him
go, them he won't kill any of the prisoners, but you let the person who
captured and killed so many humans go off, scot free.

This is your choice. If you want the fighting option, you need to take
him out as well as his bodyguards. Take some cover nearby and pistol 
shoot him to death, the pistol is best for short ranged and close quarters
combat. This guy will try to sniper rifle you, so you might as well as 
to rush up and blast him or snipe him back in kind. There are drones as 
well, but all you need to do is to kill his support, and then you can decide
what to do with him. You can kill him, which is a good option, interrogate
him, make him die slowly, or send him to the Alliance and let them take
over it.

Your Alternative is to let him go and save the hostages. However, that
lets him go. You need to disfuse three bombs, it isn't all that hard at
all. However, you only have three minutes to take them all out, and watch
out for the defence drones. 

 +24 Paragon Points for Saving the Hostages
 +25 Renegade Points for Killing the Hostages
 +2 For Suggesting that Balak should suffer for his crimes


At the end of all this, you will get Simon to pop up and he gives you are
reward for saving the X57 Asteroid and Terra Nova. You get to choose what
you want from his selection. If you have decent Charm or Intimate skills,
you can get his Omni-Tool, which for me was a Savant VI. You can also 
tell him if you "rescued" his engineers. 

If you rescued the hostages, you get to talk them right about now and
they will be grateful. Now, after all that, you can backtrack off the 
planet and back to the Normandy. When you next visit, you can see the
update on the asteroid, and its situation. 

--==~~X57 - Avoid The Blasting Caps~~==--

Quest Given By - Simon Attwell on X57
Your Location  - Asteroid X57, Asgard System, Exodus Cluster
Require        - Spectre Status, Downloaded "Bring Down the Sky" DLc

When you head out of the first torch facility, you will be warned by
Simon about the Blasting Caps, which are proximity mines. These will be
quite dangerous if you get too close, and you aren't going to be approaching
with the Mako since the Blasting Caps are also anti-vehicles mines.

You need to sneak up on the blasting cap control, you need to pass the 
caps first. Use the proximity meter to see how close you are, and back 
off when you are too close. 

Move forwards, taking out the rocket troops that are surrounding the area
and then, disable the blasting caps from the control panel that is outside
the building and no more blasing caps.

--==~~X57 - One Missing Engineer~~==--

Quest Given By - Simon Attwell on X57
Your Location  - Asteroid X57, Asgard System, Exodus Cluster
Require        - Spectre Status, Downloaded "Bring Down the Sky" DLc

This is a semi hard mission, if you like exploring that is. You need to find
the three missing engineers for Simon, but the good thing is, they aren't 
going to be moving.

--==Fast Route==--

Head to the Transmission Tower that is on your map, and repair the transmitter
itself. There is a reason for this, once it is repaired, it will reveal the 
location of the survey stations where all the engineers were posted. That
makes it a lot easier for you since you only need to find the three stations
on the map.

--==First Station==--

In the southeast area of the map is the first station. There are some crates
there that are ripe for looting, aid station inside, as well as the body of 
one C. Hymes, who died in an explosion.

--==Second Station==--

In the northern area of the map is the second station, which has a crate as 
well as an aid station. No batarians in sight. You need to, however, follow
the footprints, because the logs show that the engineer would rather fight
and investigate than be cooped inside. Accessing the log will also activate
some defence drones. If you don't want to duck and hide, use the Mako and
cannon the little drones to death.

Head east and you will find the body of R. Montoya. Follow the footprints. 
This guy was unfortunate, killed by a sniper, and luckily for you, he still
has some items on his body, it will either be an omni-tool upgrade or a 
bioamp upgrade. 

--==Final Station==--

The final station is in the southeast area, near where the Mako was dropped
by the Normandy. G. Mendel is there, and he is also dead, unfortunately. There
is an aid station and a technician's kit there as well, which is rather useful
for looting. Thats all the stations, no fighting there.

--==Breaking the News==--

When you have cleared the main facility, you can talk to Simon about his 
engineers and you have to break the bad news. You get the EXP for the mission
though, which is always good, even if the result wasn't as good. The loss of
three humans will not be in vain, kill the Batarians I say. Kill them all. 

[5.07] Tali

--==Tali and the Geth==--

Quest Given By - Data From Terminal on Solcrum
Your Location  - Solcrum
Requires       - Complete UNC: Geth Incursions

At the end of the Geth Incursion quest, you will get some data about the 
Geth, and seeing that you have no use for it, you can hand it over to Tali
who is looking for something useful to bring back to her people since she is
on her pilgrimage. 

 +1 Paragon Points for giving the Data Disks
 +1 Renegade Points for not giving the Data Disks

[5.08] Wrex

--==Wrex: Family Armour==--

Quest Given By - Wrex 
Your Location  - Normandy
Requires       - Wrex onboard Normandy

After you complete a mission, you can talk to your crew members, so keep 
talking to Wrex, and he will give a mission where he wants to get the armour
of his father back into his hands. 

What you need to do is to head to the Argus Rho Cluster, Phoenix System and
land on the planet of Tuntau. Head to your south where there is a base full
of mercenaries and pirates, and you need to get rid of all of them, before
you take all the loot that lies inside the facility. There is a safe in the
wall in one of the back rooms where the armour is, where you can give to
Wrex immediately if he is in your squad, or back onboard the Normandy when
you complete the mission. 

[5.09] Garrus

--==Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon==--

Quest Given By - Garrus
Your Location  - Normandy
Requires       - Garrus onboard Normandy

The same as Wrex, you need to complete a few mission before you can get this
mission from Garrus. All you need to do is to find a doctor, who escaped due
to Garrus' red tape he was forced to face, and he escaped from the Citadel, 
where he performed unspeakable experiements on the residents.

The ship the Doctor is on is in the Herschel System, Kepler Verge Cluster and
he is in the ship of the MSV Fedele. Look around the ship and the vats of all
the experiments means that you are on the right ship. Head all the way to 
the front of the ship and there he is, though he calls himself Doctor Heart
now, but he still is the murderer that he is.

He refuses to surrender, so you have no choice but to kill him. Loot the ship
before you return back to base. 

[6.01] Pistol

The pistol is the weakest weapon that you have access to in the game, hands
down, they are the weakest. But, as you do with pistols, they are decent 
because they have an excellent accuracy rate and they can be used quite a fair
bit before the gun overheats.

Pistols are probably going to be the weapon of choice for most classes, since
they are a skill set for nearly all skill sets. They are easily to run with
and they provide a not a lot of recoil. Their accuracy makes them a really 
good weapon to use when running because they can easily shoot down enemy
units that you obviously didn't expect to run into. Removal of the shocks 
give you more than enough time to use a Shotgun if you are in close quarters
combat or an Assault Rifle for some more heavy duty firepower. 

It is also useful to use your Pistol when you don't have much in the way of
cover and can't defend yourself with cover. The reason is, your Assault 
Rifle and Shotgun have a really bad heat mechanism, and as such, they will
overheat quickly, and having a weapon that isn't operating in the heat of
battle isn't anything that you really need. 

Overall, a decent weapon, accurate and dependable in the heat of battle, but
don't expect it to knock down the strongest foes, because this does not do
a lot of damage. 

[6.02] Assault Rifle

This is the game's all purpose weapon. It is a mixture of several weapons that
you might be familiar with. When you shoot, they are relatively accurate and
they deal a fair amount of damage, but once you keep holding down that little
trigger, it really turns out to be a machine gun, a spray and pray, and soon,
it will overheat.

The assault rifle is also useful in all ranges. Short ranges, spray and pray
isn't a bad tactic, and in short three round or single shot bursts, they are
quite accurate over medium and long ranges. Remember, holding down the 
trigger will only increase the recoil, and not accuracy. 

Given that is isn't very accurate if you use it too often, shot trigger bursts
is quite useful. If you've played any First Person Shooters, my favourite is
still Battlefield 2, you have an assault rifle. What you need to do is to take
aim at your target, tap the mouse, and keep "tapping" the mouse, that will
give short bursts, and that means some accuracy.

Never use this gun unless you have some cover to protect you, this is because
in the heat of battle, where you are concentrating on the enemies on the 
screen, you won't be paying attention to the most important thing, the heat
of the weapon. This little baby can easily overheat. This is why the pistol is
the best weapon without cover. 

[6.03] Shotgun

The Shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, strong to the 
point where they have a few setbacks that doesn't make them the BFG-9000 of 
Mass Effect.

As you would think of in most shooters, the Shotgun is only for close ranged
combat and that alone. Why? Because your shotgun is going to be using Buckshot
style bullets, that is, it will spray your enemies with several pieces of 

Think of it this way. In Mass Effect, the guns are all little grains of 
metal projected at high speeds. All guns fire a single grain at the enemy to
attack them, your Shotgun fires several at the same time. This is why it is 
so deadly at close range, your enemies are going to get several, high 
velocity bullets firing at them at the same time, and why it is weak over
the long run, they will lose speed for a start, and due to environmental
factors, they will spread out and deal less damage. 

The closer you are to the target, the more damage and the higher chance it 
has to hit the enemy. After all, it CAN kill in the long range section, but
very unlikely, and CAN kill at medium range, but it will be harder to kill
with it. 

One of the problems that I haven't mentioned with the shotgun is the fact
that it does have a pretty bad heat problem so you might want to wait a 
bit before you rush into the heat of battle and decide to kill people.

And to those who think this is a First Person Shooter, you can't run around,
jump, and shotgun the enemy to death, this isn't how Mass Effect works. They
still haven't made a decent First Person Shooter RPG yet. So you can't jump
around, shoot, pull out a pistol, shoot, then KNIFE!

[6.04] Sniper Rifle

The most powerful weapon in the game, this is only useful however, at a long
range map, because it is useless in short range. It is powerful, but only if
you know how to use it.

Once you decide to use it and aim, you see that there a distance as well, what
a nice perk. But you aren't a military marksman and you don't need to know the
distance the bullet will drop by due to gravity, the wind strength and all the
other things that the military sharpshooters will know that we don't. Note 
that these guys have physics knowledge as well. So if you want to be a sniper,
study physics.

Anyway, the biggest problem when you decide to use this is the problem of
stability. Just like in real life, when you stand and shoot with a sniper
rifle, your hands will shake and they will make the gun less stable, and as a 
result, less accurate to play with. 

To stabilise, you need to do what you do in FPS, you need to either prone, or
in this game, crouch. This will stabilise your movements and significantly 
alter how accurate you can make your shots. 

To shoot, just fire. However, the important thing here is your accuracy. You
get what they get in the business, one shot. If you stuff up your single 
shot, odds are, the enemy you targeted realised you are targeting them, and
that goes your sniping cover. Also, if you kill the enemy, nearby allies of
the fallen will come to his aid and they will target you.

When you are in that situation, you have two choices. You can either retreat,
to your Mako and splash them with your cannon and machine gun, or continue
to take shots at those who keep coming. However, that has a problem with 
itself, the Sniper Rifle can only let loose a few shots, less than 5, without
the gun overheating.

To get the best possible shot, you want to aim at the torso. This is because
the sniper rifle is powerful enough for the one shot kill, think of the AWP 
in Counter-Strike. The second thing is, it has the largest target of the 
enemy and since one shot kills apply, it means you can be a little off in 
terms of accuracy and still kill the enemy unit. 

Once you finish with the Sniper Rifle, you want to either rush forward and 
clean up the mess, or snipe some more. Note that this is one of the best
ways to take down boss units or larged mechanised units. 

[6.05] Light Armour

Light Armour is basically light armour. It is light, and as such, allows for
your units to move a lot faster for longer since their armour isn't all 
that heavy. However, the problem is with light armour, you lose a lot of 
protection, and that makes it a lot harder.

The best option when fighting is taking cover and taking it a fair amount of
the battle time that you have since you are going to be taking damage in 
combat and light armour doesn't do any favours when you are trying to avoid
taking damage. 

[6.06] Medium Armour

Medium armour is stronger than light armour, and that means you can take a 
few more hits before you go off and die. This is relatively important because
the fact that you can take more hits is that you can stand out in the open for
a longer period of time but you still can die. Take cover when you think it 
is necessary.

Medium Armour, will, reduce the distance you can run at without breaks, but
still a fair amount compared to heavy armour.

[6.07] Heavy Armour

You are literally a tank, you can take massive amounts of damage and dish out
some on your own, and you don't need to take cover, just do it, Terminator
style, and use the assault rifle like you really mean it. Too bad there isn't
a chain gun.

The problem with heavy armour is that you don't get to run around a lot, and
that makes it very annoying when you need to run from point a to point b 
because of that. You might need to bear that in mind. Note that only the 
Soldiers can use this, normal people cannot. 

[7.01] Manufacturers

There are many manufactuers in the game that provide all the weaponry that
oyu need in the game, and they each need a license before you can purchase
their weapon. After all, you do need some qualification before you can start
going around firing weapons everywhere. You also need credits and a level 
before you can purchase a license to shoot, so read the requirements before

--==Aldrin Labs==--

"Aldrin Labs us a human based manufacturer on the Luna colony. Providing 
 basic, reliable equipment at an affordable cost has made them a primary
 supplier of armour, omni-tools and bio-amps to the Systems Alliance 

Available at Level 1
License Cost 100 Credits from Normandy Requisition Officer

--==Ariake Technologies==--

"An Earth-based electronics concern, Ariake Tech is best known for their
 high-grade omni-tools. Recently they have branched out to develop a line of
 high-grade armour with an enhanced ablative weave to provide extra 

Available at Level 18
License Cost at 6250 Credits from C-Sec Requisition Officer

--==Armali Council==--

"The Armali Council is an affliation of Asari manufacturing guilds 
 recognised for maintaining consistant standards of excellence. Armali makes
 high-grade omni-tools, and their bio-amps are widely recognised as the 
 finest money can buy, though these are only available to a select list of 

Available at Level 18
License Cost at 6250 Credits from C-Sec Requisition Officer

--==Armax Arsenal==--

"The main supplier of elite turian military units, Armax Arsenal weapons
 and armour are high-quality, high-priced, and very difficult to acquire
 for most non-turians. They also make a basic-grade omni-tool that is 
 available to the general public."

Available at Level 30
License Cost at 30000 Credits from Expat, Upper Markets at Citadel

--==Batarian State Arms==--

"The Batarian Government does not trust private industry to create their
 military hardware. BSA is a vast nationalised institution famous for its
 waste and corruption. It produces effective, if unethical, chemical 
 weapons and a line of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological (NBC) protective

Unavailable unless accessed by Cheat Console

--==Cerberus Skunkworks==--

"The operatives of Cerberus produce their own specialist hardware for 
 black ops wetwork. Their weapons are advanced particle beams with 
 excellent shield penetration, damage, and accuracy. Their field 
 hardsuits feature advanced protective measures and sophisticated 
 anti-hacking measures."

Unavailable unless accessed by Cheat Console

--==Devlon Industries==--

"Devlon Industries is best known for producing basic armour models that
 can withstand a variety of environmental extremes such as cold, heat, or
 toxic exposure. They also market a complete line of military-grade

Available at Level 18
License Cost at 6250 Credits from Delin

--==Elanus Risk Control==--

"Elanus began as a privately owned turian security firm. It has expanded
 into an interstellar conglomerate after opening itself up to foreign
 investment. Their affordable, yet reliable body armour, weapons and
 Omni-Tools are popular with security personnel and mercenaries."

Available at Level 1
License Cost at 100 Credits from Morlan, C-Sec Requisition Officer

--==Elkoss Combine==--

"A volus manufacturer based in the Terminus Systems, the Elkoss Combine
 produces less expensive versions of items carried by high-end manufacturers.
 Functional, yet affordable armour, weapons, and omni-tools are all 
 available from the Elkoss Combine."

Available at Level 1
License Cost at 100 Credits from Delin, Expat, Opold

--==Geth Armoury==--

"Few details are known about the manufacture of geth equipment, though
 their weapons and armour are of the highest quality. Geth Armoury  
 equipment is not compatible with existing mods and neither the Pulse
 Rifle nor the armours have any upgrade slots."

Note that the weapons and armour are upgradeable.
Available at Level 36
License Cost at 30000 Credits from Morlan


"Reliable and efficient, Earth-based Hahne-Kedar has become a major
 supplier to the Systems Alliance military. Their weapons are
 considered stock quality at best, though their armour lines are 
 generally recognised as above-average."

Available at Level 1
License Free from Normandy Requisition Officer

--==Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works==--

"Founded a decade ago, this Hahne-Kedar subsidiary is a place for
 younger employees to "think outside the box." HKSW supplies weapons
 and armour to Alliance Special Forces units. In keeping with the parent
 company's corporate philosophy, products are rugged, reliable, and require
 less maintenance the competitors."

Unavailable unless accessed by Cheat Console

--==Haliat Armoury==--

"One of the smaller turian weapons manufacturers, Haliat Armoury was 
 given permission by the Hierarchy to sell excess units on the Galactic 
 Market. Rather than trying to compete with high-end manufacturers, 
 Haliat specialises in a line of basic-level weapons."

Available at Level 18
License Cost at 6250 Credits from Ledra

--==Jormangund Technology==--

"A rising star of post-contact human industry, Jormangund returns 
 consistant profits through aggressive integration of alien technologies.
 Mainly known for advanced optical computers and AI "blueboxes," the
 company has recently developed a "micro gravitic" personal weapon that
 effectively fire small disruptor torpedos."

Unavailable unless accessed by Cheat Console

--==Kassa Fabrications==--

"A human controlled private company, Kassa Fabrications is known to 
 make the finest body armour in the galaxy. When it comes to personal 
 protection suits, no expense is spared - as is reflected in the 
 exorbitant cost of their products. Recently, Kassa has also begun to
 manufacture Omni-Tools, though it will be some time until the quality
 is brought up to the high standards of their armour lines."

Available at Level 36
License Cost at 30000 Credits from C-Sec Requisition Officer, Petozi

--==Rosenkov Materials==--

"A human corporation, Rosenkov Materials has forged a reputation as one
 of the premier armour manufacturers in Citadel Space."

Available at Level 18
License Cost at 6250 Credits from Opold

--==Serrice Council==--

"An Asari Consortium, the Serrice Council is the creator of the most 
 powerful Bio-Amp on the market. Not just concerned with profit, they
 typicall make customers undergo a rigorous screening process before
 being approved to purchase their product. Serrice Council amps are
 incredibly rare - and highly prized items on the Galactic Market."

Available at Level 36
License Cost at 30000 Credits from Delin, C-Sec Requisition Officer

--==Sirta Foundation==--

"A biomedical firm, Sirta made its fortune eliminating several 
 genetic diseases endemic to human populations. Their foundation is
 renowned for its humanitarian efforts, and refuses to produce weapons
 or similar "offensive" products. They do, however, offer basic
 protective or utiliarian items ranging from armour to Omni-Tools
 to Bio-Amps."

Available at Level 1
License Cost at 100 Credits from Delin, Petozi, C-Sec Requisition Officer

--==Spectre-Advanced Gear==--

"Advanced Spectre gear rivals that of top military-grade manufacturers."

Unavailable unless accessed by Cheat Console

--==Spectre-Basic Gear==--

"Basic Spectre gear is functional and effective."

Unavailable unless accessed by Cheat Console

--==Spectre-Master Gear==--

"Master Spectre gear consists of prototype technology not yet available
 through other manufacturers."

Available with Rich Achievement
License Cost free upon becoming Spectre

[7.02] Weapons

This will set up in terms of the level of the weapon, the damage that it will
deal, the shots before it will overload and the accuracy of the weapon. This
is all based on the original weapon, without any upgrades.

--==Ariake Technologies==--

Tsunami Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    216   228   240   252   264   276   288
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    46    49    51    54    57    60    64
Accuracy              X     X     X    24    26    28    30    32    34    36

Katana Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    197   211   226   240   254   269   283
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    4.2   4.3   4.5   4.6   4.8   5.0   5.3
Accuracy              X     X     X    70    70    71    72    73    74    75

Raikou Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    163   173   182   192   202   211   221
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    18    19    20    21    22    23    24
Accuracy              X     X     X    63    64    65    66    66    67    68

Naginata Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    166   180   194   209   223   238   252
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    1.5   1.5   1.5   1.5   1.6   1.6   1.6
Accuracy              X     X     X    55    56    57    58    59    60    60

--==Armax Arsenal==--

Crossfire Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    273   286   299   312
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    65    69    74    81
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    53    55    56    57

Avalanche Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    260   276   291   307
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    6.1   6.5   6.9   7.5
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    81    82    82    83

Brawler Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    208   218   229   239
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    25    26    28    31
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    77    77    78    79

Punisher Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    226   242   257   273
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    1.8   1.9   2.0   2.0
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    72    72    73    74

--==Devlon Industries==--

Raptor Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    198   209   220   231   242   253   264
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    49    51    54    57    61    65    69
Accuracy              X     X     X    31    33    34    36    38    40    42

Firestorm Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    180   194   207   220   223   246   260
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    4.5   4.6   4.8   5.0   5.3   5.5   5.8
Accuracy              X     X     X    72    73    74    75    75    76    77

Stinger Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X    132    X    150   158   167   176   185   194   202
Shots Till Overload   X    17     X    19    20    21    22    23    25    26
Accuracy              X    65     X    66    67    68    69    69    70    71

Striker Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    152   165   178   191   205   218   231
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    1.5   1.6   1.6   1.6   1.7   1.7   1.8
Accuracy              X     X     X    59    60    60    61    62    63    64

--==Elanus Risk Control==--

Banshee Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               135   144   153   162   171   180   189   198   207   216
Shots Till Overload  36    38    39    41    42    44    46    48    51    54
Accuracy             1      1     1     1     1     4     6     9    12    15

Hurricane Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               115   126   137   148   158   169   180   191   202   212
Shots Till Overload  3.3   3.3   3.4   3.5   3.6   3.6   3.7   3.8   3.9   4.0
Accuracy             56    57    58    59    60    62    63    64    65    66

Striker Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               101   108   115   122   130   137   144   151   158   166
Shots Till Overload  14    14    15    16    16    17    18    18    19    20
Accuracy             47    48    49    51    52    53    54    55    56    57

Hammer Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               92    103   113   124   135   146   157   167   178   189
Shots Till Overload  1.2   1.2   1.3   1.3   1.3   1.3   1.3   1.3   1.3   1.4
Accuracy             35    37    38    39    41    42    43    45    46    47

--==Elkoss Combine==--

Avenger Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               150   160   170   180   190   200   210   220   230   240
Shots Till Overload  35    36    37    39    41    42    44    46    48    51
Accuracy              1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1

Scimitar Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               128   140   152   164   176   188   200   212   224   236
Shots Till Overload  3.1   3.2   3.2   3.3   3.4   3.4   3.5   3.6   3.7   3.8
Accuracy             48    49    51    52    53    55    56    57    58    60

Edge Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               112   120   128   136   144   152   160   168   176   184
Shots Till Overload  13    14    14    15    16    17    17    18    18    19
Accuracy             38    39    40    42    43    44    45    47    48    49

Reaper Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               102   114   126   138   150   162   174   186   198   210
Shots Till Overload  1.2   1.2   1.2   1.2   1.2   1.2   1.3   1.3   1.3   1.3
Accuracy             24    25    27    28    30    31    33    34    36    38

--==Geth Armoury==--

Pulse Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    280   294   308   322
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    29    31    33    36
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    80    80    81    81


Lancer Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               120   128   136   144   152   160   168   176   184   192
Shots Till Overload  38    39    41    42    44    46    49    51    54    57
Accuracy             1      3     5     7    10    13    15    17    20    53

Storm Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               102   112   122   131   141   150   160   170   179   189
Shots Till Overload  3.4   3.5   3.6   3.7   3.8   3.9   4.0   4.1   4.2   4.4
Accuracy             60    61    62    63    64    65    66    67    68    69

Kessler Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               90    96    102   109   115   122   128   134   141   147
Shots Till Overload  14    15    16    16    17    18    19    19    20    22
Accuracy             52    53    54    55    56    57    58    59    60    61

Avenger Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage               82    91    101   110   120   130   139   149   158   168
Shots Till Overload  1.3   1.3   1.3   1.3   1.3   1.4   1.4   1.4   1.4   1.4
Accuracy             41    42    44    45    46    47    48    50    51    52

--==Haliat Armoury==--

Thunder Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    234   247   260   273   286   299   312
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    44    46    49    51    54    57    60
Accuracy              X     X     X    17    19    21    24    26    28    30

Tornado Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    213   229   244   260   276   291   307
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    3.9   4.0   4.1   4.3   4.4   4.6   4.8
Accuracy              X     X     X    67    68    69    69    70    71    72

Stiletto Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    177   187   198   208   218   229   239
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    17    18    19    19    21    22    23
Accuracy              X     X     X    60    60    61    62    63    64    65

Equaliser Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X    179   195   211   226   242   257   273
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X    1.4   1.4   1.4   1.5   1.5   1.5   1.5
Accuracy              X     X     X    50    51    52    53    55    56    57

--==Kassa Fabrications==--

Breaker Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    294   308   322   336
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    61    65    69    74
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    49    51    52    53

Armageddon Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    280   297   314   330
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    5.5   5.8   6.1   6.6
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    80    80    81    81

Razer Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    224   235   246   258
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    23    25    26    28
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    75    75    76    77

Harpoon Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    244   260   277   294
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    1.7   1.8   1.8   1.9
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    69    70    70    71

--==Rosenkov Materials==--

Kovalyov Assault Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    315   330   345   360
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    57    61    65    69
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    45    46    48    50

Sokolov Shotgun

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    300   318   336   354
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    5.0   5.3   5.5   5.8
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    78    79    79    80

Karpov Pistol

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    240   252   264   276
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    22    23    25    26
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    73    73    74    75

Volkov Sniper Rifle

Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    261   279   297   315
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    1.6   1.7   1.7   1.8
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    66    67    68    69

--==Spectre-Master Gear==--


Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    336    X     X    384
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    63     X     X    77
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    75     X     X    77


Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    320    X     X    378
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    5.8    X     X    7.0
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    90     X     X    91


Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    256    X     X    294
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    24     X     X    29
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    87     X     X    88


Level                 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
Damage                X     X     X     X     X     X    278    X     X    336
Shots Till Overload   X     X     X     X     X     X    1.8    X     X    2.0
Accuracy              X     X     X     X     X     X    85     X     X    86

I am also going to put the other equipment, such as Bio-Amps and the Omni-Tool
here in this section as well, simply because it is the best place to put it.

--==Aldrin Labs==--

Solaris Amp

Level      1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Duration   5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5
Power     10    10    10    10    10    10    10    10    10    10
Cooldown   5     7     8    10    12    13    15    17    18    20

Bluewire Tool

Level        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Shield       5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5
Technology   0     2     4     7     9    11    13    16    18    20
Medical      5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5

--==Ariake Technologies==--

Logic Arrest Tool

Level        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Shield       X     X     X    25    25    25    25    25    25    25
Technology   X     X     X     7     9    11    13    16    18    20
Medical      X     X     X    25    25    25    25    25    25    25

--==Armali Council==--


Level      1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Duration  25    25    25    25    25    25    25    25    25    25
Power      0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0
Cooldown  25    27    28    30    32    33    35    37    38    40

Nexus Tool

Level        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Shield      15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15
Technology  30    32    34    37    39    41    43    46    48    50
Medical      5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5

--==Armax Arsenal==--

Gemini Amp

Level      1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Duration   0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0
Power      5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5 
Cooldown  15    17    18    20    22    23    25    27    28    30

--==Elkoss Combine==--

Cipher Tool

Level        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Shield      15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15
Technology   0     0     0     2     4     6     8    11    13    15
Medical      0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

--==Kassa Fabrications==--

Polaris Amp

Level      1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Duration  35    35    35    35    35    35    35    35    35    35
Power     10    10    10    10    10    10    10    10    10    10
Cooldown  15    17    18    20    22    23    25    27    28    30

Polaris Tool

Level        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Shield      15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15
Technology  10    12    14    17    19    21    23    26    28    30
Medical     15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15

--==Serrice Council==--

Savant Amp

Level      1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Duration   X     X     X     X     X    35    35    35    35    35
Power      X     X     X     X     X    40    40    40    40    40
Cooldown   X     X     X     X     X    33    35    37    38    40

Savant Tool

Level        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Shield       X     X     X     X     X    35    35    35    35    35
Technology   X     X     X     X     X    43    45    48    50    52
Medical      X     X     X     X     X    25    25    25    25    25

--==Sirta Foundation==--

Unity Amp

Level      1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Duration  15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15    15
Power      5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5
Cooldown   0     2     3     5     7     8    10    12    13    15

Charmeleon Tool

Level        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Shield       0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0
Technology  10    12    14    17    19    21    23    26    28    30
Medical      0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

[7.03] Armour

Armour will be set the same as the weapons, again, it is up to you whether 
you want to use that armour or not. Different armours may have the same 
stats, but they sometimes have nice abilities, such as the ability to stand
extreme climates. 

--==Aldrin Labs==--

Agent Light Armour for Turians

Level              1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect     5     7     9    11    13    15    17    19    21    23
Shield            49    63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175
Tech/Bio Protect  12    14    16    19    21    23    25    27    30    32

Hydra Light Armour for Humans and Quarians

Level              1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect     5     7     9    11    13    15    17    19    21    23
Shield            49    63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175
Tech/Bio Protect  12    14    16    19    21    23    25    27    30    32

Onyx Light Armour for Humans, Turians and Quarians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       5     7     9    11    13    15    17    19    21    23
Shield              49    63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175
Tech/Bio Protect    12    14    16    19    21    23    25    27    30    32

Agent Medium Armour for Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      17    19    21    23    25    27    29    31    33    35
Shield              66    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175   189
Tech/Bio Protect     1     3     5     8    10    12    14    16    19    21

Hydra Medium Armour for Humans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      17    19    21    23    25    27    29    31    33    35
Shield              66    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175   189
Tech/Bio Protect     1     3     5     8    10    12    14    16    19    21

Onyx Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      17    19    21    23    25    27    29    31    33    35
Shield              66    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175   189
Tech/Bio Protect     1     3     5     8    10    12    14    16    19    21

Hydra Heavy Armour for Humans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      33    35    37    39    41    43    45    47    49    51
Shield              84    98   112   126   140   154   168   182   196   210
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     1     3     5     8    10

Onyx Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      33    35    37    39    41    43    45    47    49    51
Shield              84    98   112   126   140   154   168   182   196   210
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     1     3     5     8    10

--==Ariake Technologies==--

Mercenary Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    18    20    22    24    26    28    30
Shield               X     X     X   169   195   221   247   273   299   325
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X    19    21    23    25    27    30    32

Mercenary Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      24     X     X    30    32    34    36    38    40    42
Shield             117     X     X   195   221   247   273   299   325   351
Tech/Bio Protect     1     X     X     8    10    12    14    16    19    21

Mercenary Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    46    48    50    52    54    56    58
Shield               X     X     X   234   260   286   312   338   364   390
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     0     0     1     3     5     8    10

--==Armax Arsenal==--

Predator Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X    24    26    28    30
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X   342   378   414   450
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X    46    47    49    50

Predator Medium Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X     X    38     X    42
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X     X   414     X   486
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X     X    39     X    42

Predator Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X     X    54    56    58
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X     X   468   504   540
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X     X    31    33    35

--==Devlon Industries==--

Explorer Light Armour for Humans, Turians and Quarians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       5     7     9    11    13    15    17    19    21    23
Shield              56    72    88   104   120   136   152   168   184   200
Tech/Bio Protect     4     6     9    11    14    16    18    21    23    26

Liberator Light Armour for Humans, Turians and Quarians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       5     7     9    11    13    15    17    19    21    23
Shield              56    72    88   104   120   136   152   168   184   200
Tech/Bio Protect     4     6     9    11    14    16    18    21    23    26

Survivor Light Armour for Humans, Turians and Quarians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       5     7     9    11    13    15    17    19    21    23
Shield              56    72    88   104   120   136   152   168   184   200
Tech/Bio Protect     4     6     9    11    14    16    18    21    23    26

Thermal Light Armour for Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       5     7     9    11    13    15    17    19    21    23
Shield              56    72    88   104   120   136   152   168   184   200
Tech/Bio Protect     4     6     9    11    14    16    18    21    23    26

Explorer Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      17    19    21    23    25    27    29    31    33    35
Shield              72    88   104   120   136   152   168   184   200   216
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     2     4     6     9    11    14

Liberator Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      17    19    21    23    25    27    29    31    33    35
Shield              72    88   104   120   136   152   168   184   200   216
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     2     4     6     9    11    14

Survivor Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      17    19    21    23    25    27    29    31    33    35
Shield              72    88   104   120   136   152   168   184   200   216
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     2     4     6     9    11    14

Thermal Medium Armour for Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      17    19    21    23    25    27    29    31    33    35
Shield              72    88   104   120   136   152   168   184   200   216
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     2     4     6     9    11    14

Explorer Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      33    35    37    39    41    43    45    47    49    51
Shield              96   112   128   144   160   176   192   208   224   240
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     2

Liberator Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      33    35    37    39    41    43    45    47    49    51
Shield              96   112   128   144   160   176   192   208   224   240
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     2

Survivor Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      33    35    37    39    41    43    45    47    49    51
Shield              96   112   128   144   160   176   192   208   224   240
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     2

--==Elanus Risk Control==--

Duelist Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       2     4     6     8    10    12    14    16    18    20
Shield              70    90   110   130   150   170   190   210   230   250
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     1     4     6     9    12    14    17    19

Guardian Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       2     4     6     8    10    12    14    16    18    20
Shield              70    90   110   130   150   170   190   210   230   250
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     1     4     6     9    12    14    17    19

Duelist Medium Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28    30    32
Shield              90   110   130   150   170   190   210   230   250   270
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     1     4     6

Guardian Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28    30    32
Shield              90   110   130   150   170   190   210   230   250   270
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     1     4     6

Duelist Heavy Armour for Humans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      30    32    34    36    38    40    42    44    46    48
Shield             120   140   160   180   200   220   240   260   280   300
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Guardian Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      30    32    34    36    38    40    42    44    46    48
Shield             120   140   160   180   200   220   240   260   280   300
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Warlord Heavy Armour for Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    36    38    40    42    44    46    48
Shield               X     X     X   180   200   220   240   260   280   300
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

--==Elkoss Combine==--

Assassin Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      12    14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28    30
Shield              49    63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     1     4     6     9    12    14    17    19

Gladiator Light Armour for Humans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      12    14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28    30
Shield              49    63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     1     4     6     9    12    14    17    19

Assassin Medium Armour for Humans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      24    26    28    30    32    34    36    38    40    42
Shield              63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175   189
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     1     4     6

Gladiator Medium Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      24    26    28    30    32    34    36    38    40    42
Shield              63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175   189
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     1     4     6

Assassin Heavy Armour for Humans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      40    42    44    46    48    50    52    54    56    58
Shield              84    98   112   126   140   154   168   182   196   210
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Gladiator Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      40    42    44    46    48    50    52    54    56    58
Shield              84    98   112   126   140   154   168   182   196   210
Tech/Bio Protect     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

--==Geth Armoury==--

Battlemaster Heavy Armour for Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X    71    72    74    75
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X   336   364   392   420
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X    47    48    50    51

Berserker Heavy Armour for Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X    71    72    74    75
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X   336   364   392   420
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X    47    48    50    51

Rage Heavy Armour for Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X    71    72    74    75
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X   336   364   392   420
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X    47    48    50    51


Mantis Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      12    14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28    30
Shield              84   108   132   156   180   204   228   252   276   300
Tech/Bio Protect    20    22    24    26    28    30    32    34    36    38

Predator Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    18    20    22    24    26    28    30
Shield               X     X     X   156   180   204   228   252   276   300
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X    26    28    30    32    34    36    38

Scorpion Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      12     X     X    18    20    22    24    26    28    30
Shield              84     X     X   156   180   204   228   252   276   300
Tech/Bio Protect    20     X     X    26    28    30    32    34    36    38

Silverback Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      12    14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28    30
Shield              84   108   132   156   180   204   228   252   276   300
Tech/Bio Protect    20    22    24    26    28    30    32    34    36    38

Ursa Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    18    20    22    24    26    28    30
Shield               X     X     X   156   180   204   228   252   276   300
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X    26    28    30    32    34    36    38

Mantis Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      24    26    28    30    32    34    36    38    40    42
Shield             108   132   156   180   204   228   252   276   300   324
Tech/Bio Protect    10    12    14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28

Predator Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    30    32    34    36    38    40    42
Shield               X     X     X   180   204   228   252   276   300   324
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X    16    18    20    22    24    26    28

Scorpion Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    30    32    34    36    38    40    42
Shield               X     X     X   180   204   228   252   276   300   324
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X    16    18    20    22    24    26    28

Silverback Medium Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      24    26    28    30    32    34    36    38    40    42
Shield             108   132   156   180   204   228   252   276   300   324
Tech/Bio Protect    10    12    14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28

Ursa Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    30    32    34    36    38    40    42
Shield               X     X     X   180   204   228   252   276   300   324
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X    16    18    20    22    24    26    28

Mantis Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      40    42    44    46    48    50    52    54    56    58
Shield             144   168   192   216   240   264   288   312   336   360
Tech/Bio Protect     0     2     4     6     8    10    12    14    16    18

Predator Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    46    48    50    52    54    56    58
Shield               X     X     X   216   240   264   288   312   336   360
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     6     8    10    12    14    16    18

Scorpion Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    46    48    50    52    54    56    58
Shield               X     X     X   216   240   264   288   312   336   360
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     6     8    10    12    14    16    18

Ursa Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    46    48    50    52    54    56    58
Shield               X     X     X   216   240   264   288   312   336   360
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     6     8    10    12    14    16    18

--==Kassa Foundation==--

Colossus Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X    68    69    70    71
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X   315   345   375   405
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X    22    24    26    28

Colossus Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X    76    77    78    79
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X   360   390   420   450
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X    12    14    16    18

--==Rosenkov Materials==--

Titan Light Armour for Humans and Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    34    36    38    40    42    44    46
Shield               X     X     X   130   150   170   190   210   230   250
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X    26    28    30    32    34    36    38

Titan Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    44    46    48    50    52    54    56
Shield               X     X     X   150   170   190   210   230   250   270
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X    16    18    20    22    24    26    28

Titan Heavy Armour for Humans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X    57    59    60    62    64    65    67
Shield               X     X     X   180   200   220   240   260   280   300
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     6     8    10    12    14    16    18

--==Serrice Council==--

Phantom Light Armour for Turians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       X     X     X     X     X     X    39    41    42    44
Shield               X     X     X     X     X     X   266   294   322   350
Tech/Bio Protect     X     X     X     X     X     X    59    60    62    63

--==Sirta Foundation==--

Phoenix Light Armour for Humans, Turians and Quarians

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect       2     4     6     8    10    12    14    16    18    20
Shield              49    63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175
Tech/Bio Protect    20    22    24    26    28    30    32    34    36    40

Phoenix Medium Armour for Humans, Turians and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28    30    32
Shield              63    77    91   105   119   133   147   161   175   189
Tech/Bio Protect    10    12    14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28

Phoenix Heavy Armour for Humans and Krogans

Level                1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage Protect      30    32    34    36    38    40    42    44    46    48
Shield              84    98   112   126   140   154   168   182   196   210
Tech/Bio Protect     0     2     4     6     8    10    12    14    16    18

[7.04] Upgrades

There are many upgrades for armour, weapons, grenades and medi-gel. For the
Grenades and Gel, it will increase the amount you can hold, but these need to
be purchased. 

Weapons will have 2 slots. One slot will be used for weapons, and other is to
upgrade the ammo that you will fire. Armour will have the single slot for it,
so you need to be careful what you place on it, and make sure that you keep
adjusting the upgrades depending on your situation. For example, fighting 
Geth needs you to have ammo against Synthetics, whilst while fighting 
mercenaries, you would need to adjust to Organics.

--==~~Medi-Gel Upgrades~~==--

Increase Capacity of Medi-Gel for Shepard

Level       1      2       3       4        5
Capacity    6      7       8       9       10
Cost      200   3125   12500   56000   110000

--==~~Grenade Upgrades~~==--

Increase Capacity for Grenades for Shepard

Level       1      2       3       4        5
Capacity    6      7       8       9       10
Cost      200   3125   12500   56000   110000

Cyro Explosive

Level              1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Max Accuracy -%   20    23    26    29    32    35    38    41    44    47
Weakens their Shield Resistance as well.

Fusion Explosive

Level              1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Toxic Damage +%   20    25    35    45    50    55    60    65    70    75
Damage/Sec         5     6     7     8     9    10    11    12    13    14
Duration of Toxin  5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5

High Explosive

Level              1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage +%         10    13    16    19    22    25    28    31    34    37
+ Radius in CM    50    60    70    80    90   100   110   120   130   140
Weapons Force +%  10    13    16    19    22    25    28    31    34    37

Incendary Explosive

Level              1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10
Damage/Sec        15    19    23    27    31    35    39    43    47    51
Duration of Burn   5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5

--==~~Armour Upgrade~~==--

Armour Plating
Level                  1     2     3
Damage Protection +%   5     7     9

First Aid Interface

Level                               1     2     3
Health Regen/Sec of Max HP in %     1    1.5    2

Hardened Weave

Level           1     2     3
Hardening +%   10    11    12

Motorised Joings

Level              1     2     3   
Smash Damage +%   10    15    20 

Shield Battery

Level       1     2     3
Shields   +45   +50   +55

Shield Regenerator

Level                   1     2     3
Shield Regen Rate +%   15    18    21

Shock Absorbers

Level                   1     2     3
Physics Threshold +%   10    15    20

Stimulant Pack

Level              1     2     3
Cooldown Rate +%   5     7     9 

Toxic Seals

Level                   1     2     3
Toxin Resistance +%    30    40    50

Ablative Coating

Level                   4     5     6     7
Damage Protection +%   10    12    14    16 

Energised Weave

Level                   4     5     6     7
Shield Regen Rate +%   20    24    28    32 
Hardening +%           15    20    25    30


Level                    4     5     6     7
Smash Damage +%         25    30    35    40 
Physics Threshold +%    30    40    50    60

Kinetic Buffer

Level                        4     5     6     7
Talent Regen Rate +%        10    12    14    16
Accuracy on the Move +%     10    12    14    16
Shields                    +10   +12   +14   +16

Medical Interface

Level                                4     5     6     7
Health Regen/Sec of Max HP in %    2.3   2.6   2.9   3.2
Toxic Resistance +%                 30    40    50    60

Shield Modulator

Level        4     5     6     7
Shields    +90  +100  +110  +120

Combat Exoskeleton

Level                    8     9    10
Smash Damage +%         25    30    35
Physics Threshold +%    50    70    90
Hardening +%            25    30    35

Energised Plating

Level                   8     9    10
Damage Protection +%   15    19    23

Kinetic Exoskeleton

Level                       8     9    10
Shield Regen Rate +%       25    30    35
Accuracy on the Move +%    20    23    26
Shields                    40    45    50

Medical Exoskeleton

Level                               8     9    10
Health Regen/Sec of Map HP in %   3.5   4.0   4.5
Toxic Resistance +%                50    65    80
Talent Regen Rate +%               15    19    23

Shield Interface

Level         8      9     10
Shields    +120   +140   +160

--==~~Ammunition Upgrades~~==--

Anti-Personnel Rounds

Level                    1     2     3
Damage vs Organics +%   15    20    25

Armour Piercing Rounds

Level                       1     2     3
Damage vs Synthetics +%    15    20    25

Chemical Rounds

Level                 1     2     3
Toxic Damage +%      30    35    40
Damage/Sec            5     6     7
Duration of Toxin     5     5     5

Hammerhead Rounds

Level                1     2     3
Weapons Force +%    20    25    30

Phasic Rounds

Level               1     2     3
Shield Bypass +%   20    25    30 
Damage -%          30    30    30 

Radioactive Rounds

Level                   1     2     3
Target Cooldowns -%    15    18    21

Cryo Rounds

Level                  4     5     6     7
Target Accuracy -%    20    25    30    35
Shield Bypass +%      10    14    18    22

Incendiary Rounds

Level                 4     5     6     7
Damage/Sec           10    12    14    16
Duration of Burn      5     5     5     5
Target Accuracy -%   10    12    14    16

Polonium Rounds

Level                4     5     6     7
Toxic Damage +%     40    45    50    55
Damage/Sec           5     6     7     8
Duration of Toxin    5     5     5     5

Proton Rounds

Level                4     5     6     7
Shield Bypass +%    40    45    50    55
Damage -%           20    20    20    20

Shredder Rounds

Level                     4     5     6     7
Damage vs Organics +%    25    30    35    40

Tungsten Rounds

Level                       4     5     6     7
Damage vs Synthetics +%    25    30    35    40

High Explosive Rounds

Level                  8       9      10
Blast Radius in M     +4    +4.1    +4.2
Weapons Force +%     500     500     500
Heat Generated +%    500     500     500
Damage +%             20      24      28

Inferno Rounds

Level                 8     9    10
Damage/Sec           15    18    21
Duration of Burn      5     5     5
Target Accuracy -%   20    24    28

Sledgehammer Rounds

Level                8     9    10
Weapons Force +%    40    45    50
Toxic Damage +%     40    50    60
Heat Damping -%     20    20    20

Snowblind Rounds

Level                 8     9    10
Damage +%            20    24    28
Rate of Fire -%      40    40    40
Target Accuracy -%   20    24    28

--==~~Weapons Upgrade~~==--

Combat Sensor

Level              1     2     3
Detection Level    1     2     3

Heat Sink

Level                 1     2     3
Heat Absorption +%   10    12    14

High-Caliber Barrel

Level                 1     2     3
Damage +%            10    12    14
Rate of Fire -%      20    20    20
Heat Absorption -%   20    20    20

Improved Sighting

Level              1     2     3
Max Accuracy +%    5     7     9

Recoil Damper

Level                   1     2     3
Kickback Damping +%    10    12    14

Combat Scanner

Level              4     5     6     7
Detection Level    4     5     6     7

Kinetic Stabiliser

Level              4     5     6     7
Stability +%      15    18    21    24

Rail Extension

Level                 4     5     6     7
Damage +%            20    23    26    29
Heat Absorption -%   20    20    20    20

Combat Optics

Level               8     9    10
Detection Level     8     9    10
Max Stability +%   15    18    21

Frictionless Materials

Level                 8     9    10
Heat Absorption +%   20    24    28
Damage +%             5     6     7

Kinetic Coil

Level            8     9    10
Stability +%    20    24    28
Damage +%        5     6     7

Scram Rail

Level                 8     9    10 
Damage +%            20    23    26
Heat Absorption -%   10    10    10

[8.01] Achievements

There are many achievements for the game, that you can achieve for Microsoft
Gamer Tag Points for XBox Live, and soon, Games for Windows maybe, but they
will also show up in the game as well as have an effect on what abilities you
can have access to. I'll list them below.

And for abilities such as Lift and such when you don't have access to them, it
would mean that using the abilities from the squad planning screen, and having
your squad to use them.

--==Medal of Honour==--

100 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Finishing the Game

Unlocks: Hardcore Level, Access to Level 51-60

--==Medal of Heroism==--

25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Completing Feros

Unlocks: Nothing

--==Distinguished Service Medal==--

25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Completing Eden Prime

Unlocks: Nothing

--==Council Legion of Merit==-- 

25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Completing Virmire

Unlocks: Nothing

--==Honourarium of Corporate Service==--

25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Completing Noveria

Unlocks: Nothing

--==Search and Rescue==--

10 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Completing Therum

Unlocks: Nothing

--==Spectre Inductee==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Becoming a Spectre

Unlocks: Nothing

--==Long Service Medal==--

25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete the game TWICE

Unlocks: Increase Weapon Damage by 5%


25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Primary Codex Entries

Unlocks: Nothing

--==Medal of Exploration==--

50 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Landing on any Non-Plot Planet

Unlocks: Nothing


10 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Romance a Character, talk to either Ashley, Kaiden or Liara
             after completing a main planet mission

Unlocks: Nothing


25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Have 1 million Credits

Unlocks: Unlocks Spectre Weapons at C-Sec and Normandy


25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Game with Total Damage to Shields > Total Damage to HP

Unlocks: Increase Shield Strength by 10%


10 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Charm or Intimidate during the Wrex or Saren Incidents in
             Virmire, Saren during the Citadel Siege

Unlocks: Nothing


15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Have Renegade Bar 75% Full

Unlocks: Nothing


15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Have Paragon Bar 75% Full

Unlocks: Nothing

--==Power Gamer==--

20 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Reach Level 50

Unlocks: All Rewards give 10% More Experience

--==Extreme Power Gamer==--

50 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Reach Level 60

Unlocks: All Rewards give 5% more Experience


25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete EVERY Mission

Unlocks: All Rewards give 5% more Experience

--==Distinguished Combat Medal==-- 

25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Finishing the Game on Hardcore

Unlocks: Insanity Difficuly and Gamer Pic

--==Medal of Valor==--

50 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Finishing the Game on Insane

Unlocks: Gamer Pic

--==Pistol Expert==--

10 Achievement Points

Obtained By: 150 Pistol Kills

Unlocks: +25% Marksmanship Duration

--==Shotgun Expert==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: 150 Shotgun Kills

Unlocks: Shotgun Skill

--==Assault Rifle Expert==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: 150 Assault Rifle Kills

Unlocks: Assault Rifle Skill

--==Sniper Rifle Expert==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: 150 Sniper Rifle Kills

Unlocks: Sniper Rifle Skill

--==Lift Mastery==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Lift 150 Times

Unlocks: Lift Skill

--==Warp Mastery==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Warp 150 Times

Unlocks: Warp Skill

--==Throw Mastery==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Throw 150 Times

Unlocks: Throw Skill

--==Singularity Mastery==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Singularity 150 Times

Unlocks: Singularity Skill

--==Statis Mastery==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Statis 150 Times

Unlocks: Statis Skill

--==Barrier Mastery==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Barrier 150 Times

Unlocks: Barrier Skill

--==Sabotage Specialist==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Sabotage 75 Times

Unlocks: Decryption Skill

--==Overload Specialist==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Overload 75 Times

Unlocks: Electronics Skill

--==AI Hacking Specialist==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Hack 75 Enemies

Unlocks: Hacking Skill

--==Damping Specialist==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Damping Field 75 Times

Unlocks: Damping Skill

--==First Aid Specialist==--

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Medi-Gel 150 Times

Unlocks: First Aid Skill

--==Neural Shock Specialist==-- 

15 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Use Neural Shock 75 Times

Unlocks: Medicine Skill

--==Dog of War==--

25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Kill 150 Organics

Unlocks: Increase Health by 10%

--==Geth Hunter==--

25 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Kill 250 Synthetics

Unlocks: Increase Shields by 10%

--==Soldier Ally==--

20 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Most of the Game with Ashley

Unlocks: Increase Damage Protection by 10%

--==Sentinel Ally==--

20 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Most of the Game with Kaiden

Unlocks: Decrease Cooldown of Lift and Throw by 10%

--==Krogan Ally==--

20 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Most of the Game with Wrex

Unlocks: Increase Health Regeneration by 10% per minute

--==Quarian Ally==--

20 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Most of the Game with Tali

Unlocks: Decrease Cooldown of Sabotage and Hacking by 10%

--==Turian Ally==--

20 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Most of the Game with Garrus

Unlocks: Decrease Cooldown of Damping and Hacking by 10%

--==Asari Ally==--

20 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Most of the Game with Liara

Unlocks: Decrease Statis and Barrier Cooldown by 10%

--==Colonial Survivor==--

50 Achievement Points

Obtained By: Complete Bring Down the Sky DLC

Unlocks: Nothing

[9.01] Primary Codex

Your Codex is basically the encyclopedia for the game, detailing various 
tidbits of information in the Mass Effect universe. There are several ways
to get some entries, but most of the time, there is a single method that is
bound to work, and that will be the one listed, for simplicity. 

Each entry will give a little bonus in terms of XP, and there are two sets of
codex, there is a Primary and Secondary, where Primary is worth more than
the secondary.

			--==Alien: Council Races==--

"The three most politically important species in the galaxy."

-> Asari

Obtained By: Talk to Embassy Reception in Citadel in Presidium

"The Asari were the first species to discover the Citadel. When the Salarians
 arrived, it was the asari that proposed the establishment of the Citadel
 Council to maintain peace throughout the galaxy. Since then, the Asari 
 have served as mediators and centrists of the Councils.

 An all-female race, the asari reproduce through a form of parthenogenesis.
 Each asari can attune her nervous system to that of another individual of
 any gender, and of any species, to reproduce. This capability has led to 
 unseemly and inaccurate rumours about asari promiscuity.

 Asari can live for over 1000 years, passing through three stages of life. In
 the Maiden Stage, they wonder restlessly, seeking new knowledge and 
 experience. When the Matron stage begins, they "meld" with interesting 
 partners to produce their offspring. This ends when they reach the Matriarch
 stage, where they assume the roles of leaders and councillors."

-> Salarians

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Anderson AFTER the Council Hearing

"The second species to join the Citadel, the salarians are warm-blooded 
 amphibians with a hyperactive metabolism. Salarians think fast, talk fast, 
 and move fast. The salarians, other species seem sluggish and dull-witted.
 Unfortunately, their metabolic speed leaves them with a relatively short 
 lifespan, salarians over the age of 40 are a rarity.

 The Salarians were responsible for advancing the development of the primitive
 krogan species to use as soldiers during the Ranchi Wars. They were also 
 behind the creation of the genophage bioweapon the Turians used to quell the
 Krogan Rebellions several centuries later.

 Salarians are known for their observational capability and non-linear  
 thinking. This manifests as an aptitude for research and espionage. They are
 constantly experimenting and investing, and it is generally accepted that
 they always know more than they let on."

-> Turians

Obtained By: Cannot be Missed

"Roughly 1200 years ago, the turians were invited to join the Citadel Council
 to fulfill the role of Galactic Peacekeeper. The turians have the largest 
 fleet in Citadel space, and they make up the single largest portion of the 
 Council's military forces.

 As their territory and influence has spread, the turians have come to rely 
 on the salarians for military intelligence and asari for diplomacy. Despite
 a somewhat colonial attitude towards the rest of the galaxy, the ruling 
 Hierarchy understands they would lose more than they would gain if the other
 two races were ever removed.

 Turians come from an autocratic society that values discipline and possesses 
 a strong sense of personal and collective honour. There is lingering 
 animosity between turians and humans over the First Contact War of 2157, 
 which is known as the "Relay 314 Incident" to the turians. Offically, 
 however, the two species are allies and they enjoy civil, if cool, 
 diplomatic relations.

			--==Alien: Extinct Races==--

"Spacefaring species that went extinct thousands of years before the present."

-> Protheans

Obtained By: Ask Captain Anderson about the Protheans

"Fifty thousand years ago, the Protheans were the only spacefaring species in
 the galaxy. The vanished into a swift "galactic extinction". Only the legacy
 of their empire remains. They are believed to have built the mass relays and
 the Citadel, which have allowed numerous species to explore and expand 
 throughout the galaxy. 

 Prothean ruins are found on worlds across the galaxy. While surprisingly 
 intact for their age, functioning examples of Prothean paleotechnology are
 rare. Time and generations of looters have picked their dead cities and
 derelict stations clean.

 Some believe the Protheans meddled in the evolution of younger races. The
 Hanar homeworld of Kahje, for example, show clear evidence of Prothean
 occupation. The presense of a former Prothean observation post on Mars has
 caused a rebirth of "interventionary evolutionists" among humans. These
 individuals believe the god-myths of ancient civilisations are misremembered
 encounters with humans."

-> Ranchi

Obtained By: Talk to the Avina VI Terminal III

"Though now extinct, the ranchi once threatened every species in Citadel 
 space. Over 2000 years ago, explorers foolishly opened a mass relay to a 
 previously unknown system and encountered something never seen before or 
 since: a species of spacefaring insects guided by a hive-mind intelligence.

 Unfortunately, the ranchi were not peaceful, and the galaxy was plunged into
 a series of conflicts known as the Ranchi Wars. Attempts to negotiate were
 futile, as it was impossible to make contact with the hive queens that 
 guided the race from beneath the surface of their toxic homeworld.

 The emergence of the Krogan ended the Ranchi Wars. Bred to survive in the
 harshest environments, the krogan were able to strike at the queens in their
 lairs and reclaim conquered Council Worlds. But when the krogan fleets 
 pressed them back to their homeworld, the ranchi refused to surrender, and 
 the krogan eradicated them from the galaxy.

		     --==Alien: Non-Council Races==--

"Spacefaring species without the political power to set galactic policy."

-> Batarians

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Anderson AFTER Shepard is a SPECTRE

"In the early 2160's, the Alliance began aggressive colonisation of worlds in 
 the Skyllian Verge, much to the dismay of the Batarians who have been	
 developing the region for several decades. In 2171, the Batarians petitioned
 the Council to declare the Verge a "zone of batarian interest". The Council
 refused, however, declaring unsettled worlds in the region open to human

 In protest, the batarians closed their Council Embassy and severed offical
 diplomatic relations with the Council, effectively becoming a rogue state.
 They instigated a proxy war in the Verge by funneling money and weapons to 
 criminal organisations, urging them to strike at human colonies.

 Hostilities peaked with the Skyllian Blitz of 2176, an attack on the human
 capital of Elysium by batarian-funded pirates and slaves. In 2178, the
 Alliance retaliated with a crushing assault on the moon of Torfan, long
 used as a staging base by batarian-backed criminals. In the aftermath, the
 batarians retreated into their own systems, and are now rarely seen in
 Citadel Space."

-> Elcor

Obtained By: Talk to Elcor Diplomat in the Citadel about the Elcor

"The elcor are a Citadel species native to the high-gravity world Dekuuna.
 They are massive creatures, standing on four muscular legs for 
 increased stability. Elcor move slowly, an evolved response to an 
 environment where a fall can be lethal. This has coloured their psychology
 making them deliberate and conservative.

 Elcor speech is ponderous and monotone. Among themselves, scent, slight
 movements, and subvocalised infrasound convey shades of meaning that make a
 human smile seem subtle as a fireworks display. Since their subtlety can
 lead to misunderstandings with other species, the elcor often go out of their
 way to clarify when they are being sarcastic, amused or angry.

 Dekunna's high gravity impedes mountain formation. Most of the world consists
 of flat, open plains, which prehistoric elcor wandered across in small
 family bonds. Modern elcor still prefer open sky, and can become restless
 and uncomfortable on long starship journeys."

-> Geth

Obtained By: When you first meet Ashley

"The geth are a humanoid race of network AIs. They were created by the 
 quarians 300 years ago as tools of labour and war. When the geth showed signs
 of self-evolution, the quarians attempted to exterminate them. The geth won
 the resulting war. This example led to a legal, systematic repression of 
 artifical intelligences in galactic society.

 The geth possesss a unique distributed intelligence. An individual has 
 rudimentary animal instincts, but as their numbers and proximity increase,
 the apparent intelligence of each individual improves. In groups, they can
 reason, analyse situations, and use tactics as well as any organic race.

 Geth space is located at the trailing end of the Perseus Arm, beyond the 
 lawless Terminus Systems. The Perseus Veil, an obscuring "dark nebula" of
 opaque gas and dust, lies between their space and the Terminus System."

-> Hanar

Obtained By: Meet a Hanar, Emporium Shopkeeper in Presidium Markets

"The Hanar as a Citadel species known for excessive politeness. They speak
 with scrupulous precision, and take offense as improper language. Hanar
 that expect to deal with other species take special courses to help them
 unlearn their tendancy to take offense at improper speech.

 All hanar have two names. The Face Name is known to the world; the Soul Name
 is kept for use among close friends and relations. Hanar never refer to 
 themselves in the first person in conversation with someone they know on a
 face name basis. To do so is considered egotistical, so instead they refer
 to themselves as "this one", or the impersonal "it."

 Their homeworld, Kahje, has 90% ocean cover and orbits an energetic white
 star, resulting in a permanent blanket of clouds. Due to the presence of 
 Prothean ruins on the world, many hanar worship them, and hanar myths
 often speak of an elder race that civilised them by teaching them

-> Keepers

Obtained By: Talk to the Avina VI Terminal II

"When the Asari discovered the Citadel,  they also discovered the keepers, a
 docile multi-limbed insect race that seemingly only exist to maintain and
 repair the great Prothean station.

 Early attempts to communicate with or study the keepers were futile, and it 
 is now illegal to interfere with or impede keeper activity. Because they are
 completely non-threatening, keepers have become virtually invisible to 
 everyone else. Similarly, they seem indifferent to other species, except for
 their tendancy to help new arrivals integrate themselves into the Citadel.

 No matter how many keepers die due to old age, violence or accidents, they
 maintain a constant number. No one has discovered the source of new keepers,
 but some hypothesize they are genetic constructs, biological androids 
 created somewhere deep inside the inaccessible core of the Citadel itself."

-> Krogan

Obtained By: Talk to Barla Von about Wrex

"The krogan evolved in a hostile and vicious environment. Until the invention
 of gunpowder weapons, "eaten by predator" was still the number one cause of
 krogan fatilities. Afterwards, it was "death by gunshot."

 When the salarians discovered them, the krogan were a brutal, primitive 
 species struggling to survive in a self-inflicted nuclear winter. The 
 salarians culturally uplifted them, teaching them to use and build modern
 technology so they could serve as soldiers in the Ranchi War.

 Liberated from the harsh conditions from their homeworld, the quick-breeding
 krogan experienced an unprecedented population explosion. They began to 
 colonise nearby worlds, even though these worlds were already inhibited. The
 Krogan Rebellions lasted nearly a century, only ending when the turians 
 unleashed the Genophage, a salarian-developed bioweapon that crushed all
 krogan resistance.

 The genophage makes only one in 1000 pregnancies viable, and today the
 krogan are a slowly dying breed. Understandably, the krogan harbour a 
 grudge against all other species, especially the Turians.

-> Quarians

Obtained By: Talk about Tali with Dr. Michel

"Driven from their home system by the geth nearly three centuries ago, most
 quarians now live aboard the Migrant Fleet, a flotilla of fifty thousand
 vessels ranging in size from passenger shuttles to mobile space stations.

 Home to 17 million quarians, the flotilla understandably has scarce 
 resources. Because of this, each quarian must go on a rite of passage known
 as the Pilgrimage when they come of age. They leave the fleet and only 
 return once they have found something of value they can bring back to
 their people.

 Other species often tend to look down on the quarians for creating the geth
 and for the negative impact their fleet has when it enters a system. This has
 led to many myths and rumours about the quarians, including the belief that
 under their clothes and breathing masks, they are actually Cybernetic 
 creatures: a combination of organic and synthetic parts.

-> Volus

Obtained By: Talk to Din Korlack at the Elcor Embassy

"The volus are a member species of the Citadel with their own embassy, but
 they are also a client race of the turians. Centuries ago, they were 
 voluntarily absorbed into the Hierarchy, effectively trading their 
 mercantile prowess for turian military protection.

 Irune, their homeworld, lies far beyond the normal life zone of its star.
 However, the world has a high-pressure greenhouse atmosphere that traps
 enough heat to support an ammonia-based biochemistry. As a result, the Volus
 must wear pressure suits and breathers when dealing with other species as
 conventional nitrogen/oxygen air mixtures are poisonous to them, and in the
 low pressure atmosphere tolerable to most species, their flesh will actually
 split open.

 Volus culture is tribal, bartering lands and even people to gain status. This
 culture of exchange inclines them to economic pursuits. It was the volus who
 authored the United Banking Act, and they continue to monitor and balance 
 the Citadel Economy."

		   --==Aliens: Non-Sapient Creatures==--

"Common non-sapient life-forms."

-> Husks

Obtained By: Encounter the Husks on Eden Prime

"After the geth secure a location, they round up and impale dead and living
 bodies on mechanical spikes. They spikes rapidly transform these victims into
 withered husks, extracting water and trace minerals and replacing them with

 The cybernetics re-animate the lifeless flesh and tissue, transforming the
 bodies into mindless killing machines. Some Alliance soldiers refer to the
 husk-generating spikes as Dragon's Teeth, a reference to the mythological 
 berserkers who sprang up from the earth wherever the teeth of the dragon Ares
 were planted.

 Dragon's Teeth and husks bear little resemblance to other pieces of geth 
 technology. No one is sure why a synthetic race would bother to drain the
 miniscule amount of recoverable resources from organic corpses, though the
 value of reusing them as shock troops is obvious."

-> Thresher Maws

Obtained By: When Attacked by a Thresher Maw

"Thresher Maws are subterranean creatures that spend their entire lives eating
 or searching for something to eat. Threshers reproduce via spores that lie 
 dormant for millennia, yet are robust enough to survive prolonged periods in
 deep space and atmospheric re-entry. As a result, thresher spores appear on
 many worlds, spread by previous generations of space travelers.

 The body of a thresher never entirely leaves the ground; only the head and
 tentacles erupt from the earth to attack. In addition to phyiscal attacks,
 threshers have the ability to project toxic chemicals and emit bursts of 
 infrasound as a shockwave weapon.

 The Alliance first encountered threshers on the colony Akuze in 2177. After
 contact was lost with the pioneer team, marine units were deployed to 
 investigate. The shore parties were set upon by hungry threshers, and nearly
 the entire assault force was killed. Alliance forces recommend engaging 
 threshers with vehicle-mounted heavy weapons.

-> Varren

Obtained By: Encounter a Varren on Feros

"Varren are omnivores with a preference for living prey. Originally native
 to the krogan homeworld of Tuchanka, they are, like most from Tuchanka,
 savage, clannish, and consummate survivors. They are pack hunters when
 vulnerable prey is readily available and become scavengers when outnumbered
 or outclassed.

 Their supreme adaptability, vicious demeanor and rapid breeding cycle have
 made them ubiquitus and dangerous pests on many worlds. Virtually everywhere
 the krogan have been, Varren infestations have followed, wreaking havoc 
 with the native ecology.

 The krogan have a love-hate relationship with Varren for millennia, 
 alternatively fighting them for territory and embracing them as treasured
 companions. To this day, krogans raise them as beasts of war. A common
 subgenus of Varren have metallic silver scales, leading to the rather 
 unusual nickname "fishdogs"."

		   --==Citadel and Galactic Government==--

"A massive space station that serves as the political and economic capital
 of galactic culture."

-> Citadel

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Anderson after returning from Eden Prime

"The Citadel is an ancient deep-space station, presumably constructed by the
 Protheans. Since the Prothean extinction, numerous species have come to call
 the Citadel home. It serves as the political, cultural, and financial 
 capital of the galactic community. To represent their interests, most species
 maintain embassies on the Presidium, the Citadel's inner ring.

 The Citadel Tower, in the centre of the Presidium, holds the Citadel Countil
 chambers. Council affairs often have far-reaching effects on the rest of the
 galactic community. Five arms, known as wards, extend from the Presidium.
 Their inner surfaces have been built into cities, populated by millions of
 inhibitants from across the galaxy.

 The Citadel is virtually indestructable. If attacked, the station can close
 it's arm to form a solid, impregnible shell. For as long as the station has
 existed, an enigmatic race called the keepers have maintained it."

-> Citadel Council

Obtained By: After Talking to Captain Anderson and Ambassador Udina in Citadel

"The Council is an executive committee composed of representatives from the
 Asari Republics, the Turian Hierarchy, and the Salarian Union. Though they
 have no offical power over the independent governments of other species, the
 Council's decisions carry great weight throughout the galaxy. No single 
 Council race is strong enough to defy the other two, and have a vested 
 interest in compromise and cooperation.

 Each of the Council species have general characteristics associated with the
 various aspects of governing the galaxy. The asari are typically seen as
 diplomats and mediators. The salarians gather intelligence and information. 
 The turians provide the bulk of the military and peacekeeping forces.

 Any species granted an embassy on the Citadel is considered an associate
 member, bound by the accords of the Citadel Conventions. Associate members 
 may bring issues to the attention of the Council, though they have no input
 on the decision. The human Systems Alliance became an associate member of 
 the Citadel in 2165."

-> Citadel Space

Obtained By: Galaxy Map on Normandy

"Citadel Space is an unoffical term referring to any region of space 
 controlled by a species that acknowledge the authority of the Citadel
 Council. At first glance, it appears that this territory encompasses most of
 the galaxy. In reality, however, less than 1% of the stars have been

 Even mass-effect FTL drive is slow relative to the volume of the galaxy. 
 Empty space in any systems without suitable drive discharge sites are 
 barriers to exploration. Only the mass relays allow ships to jump hundred of
 light years in an instant, the key to expanding across an otherwise 
 impassable galaxy. 

 Whenever a new relay is activated, the destination system is rapidly 
 developed. From that hub, FTL drive is used to expand to nearby star 
 clusters. The result is a number of densely-developed clusters thinly spread
 across the vast expanse of space, connected by the mass relay network."

-> Spectres

Obtained By: Talk to Jenkins and Chakwas before Eden Prime

"Spectres are agents from the office of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance and
 answer only to the Citadel Council. They are elite military operatives, 
 granted the authority to deal with threats to peace and stability in whatever
 way they deem necessary.

 They operate independently or in groups of two or three. Some are empathetic
 peacekeepers, resolving disputes through diplomacy. Others are cold-blooded
 assassins, ruthlessly dispatching problem individuals, All get the job done,
 one way or another, often operating outside of the bounds of galactic law.

 The Spectres were founded after the salarians joined the Council. For many
 yaers, they operated in secrecy, as back-room "problem solvers." Only after
 the Krogan Rebellions did their activities become publicised. Assignments of
 a Spectre is less contentious than military deployment, but makes it clear
 that the Council is concerned about a situation."

		--==Humanity and the Systems Alliance==--

"The Alliance is the government and military of humanity beyond Sol."

-> Earth

Obtained By: Examine Planet Earth

"The homeworld and capital of humanity is entering a new golden age. The
 resource wealth of a dozen settled colonies and a hundred industrial outposts
 flows back to Earth, fueling great works of industry, commerce, and arts. The
 great cities are greening as arcology skyscrapers and telecommuting allow 
 more efficient use of land.

 Earth is still divided among nation-states, though all are affiliated beneath
 the overreaching banner of the Systems Alliance. While every human enjoys
 longer and better life then ever, the gap between rich and poor widens daily.
 Advanced nations have eliminated most genetic disease and pollution. Less
 fortunate regions have not progressed beyond 20th century technology, and are
 often smog-choked, overpopulated slums.

 Sea levels have risen two meters in the last 200 years, and violent weather 
 is common due to environmental damage inflicted during the last 21st centry.
 The past few decades, however, has seen significant improvement due to 
 recent technological advances."

-> First Contact War

Obtained By: Talk to Navigator Pressly before Eden Prime

"Humanity's first contact with an alien race occurred in 2157. At that time, 
 the Alliance allowed survey fleets to activate any dormant mass relay 
 discovered, a practice considered dangerous and irresponsible by Council-
 aligned races. When a turian patrol discovered a human fleet attempting to
 activate a relay, they attacked. One human vessel survived, retreating to 
 the colony of Shanxi.

 The turians followed, quickly defeating the local forces. Shanxi was 
 occupied, the first - and, to date, only - human world to be conquered by
 an alien species. The turians believed the handful of ships they defeated
 represented the bulk of the human defences. So they were unprepared when the
 Second Fleet under Admiral Kastanie Drescher, launched a strong counter-
 offensive, evicting them from Shanxi.

 The turians mobilised for a full-scale war, drawing the attention of the rest
 of the galaxy. The Council quickly intervened, forcing a truce. Fortunately 
 for humanity, the First Contact War was ended with a diplomatic solution."

-> Systems Alliance

Obtained By: Start of Game

"The Systems Alliance is an independent supranatural government representing
 the interests of humanity as a whole. The Alliance is responsible for the
 governance and defence of all extra-solar colonies and stations.

 The Alliance grew out of the various nation space programs as a matter of
 practically. Sol's planets had been explored and exploited through 
 piecemeal nation efforts. The expense of colonising entire new solar systems
 could not be met by any one country. With humans knowing that alien contact
 was inevitable, there was enough political will to jointly fund an
 international effort.

 Still, the Alliance was often disregarded by those on Earth until the First
 Contact War. While the national governments dithered and bickered over who
 should lead the effort to liberate Shanxi, the Alliance fleet struck 
 decisively. Post-War public approval gave the Alliance the credibility to
 establish its own Parliament and became the galactic face of humanity."

			--==Planets and Locations==--

"The Milky Way galaxy contains 200 to 400 billion stars, most with a host of

-> Planets: Feros

Obtained By: Talk to Expat in Upper Markets in Citadel

"Feros is a habitable world in the Attican Beta Cluster. Two-thirds of the
 habitable surface is covered with the ruins of a crumbling Prothean 
 megatropolis. In the millennia since the Prothean extinction, the ruins have
 been picked over by looters many times. 

 Feros was considered a poor prospect for colonisation, as little open ground
 remains for agriculture. The only sizable fresh water sources are the poles,
 which are tapped by the decaying Prothean aqueduct system. The dead cities,
 while in good condition considering their antiquity, are of uncertain
 stability. Ground level is congested by a dozen metres of fallen debris, and
 the air is fouled by dust.

 In 2178, the human ExoGeni Corporation annouced its intention to place a 
 permanent colony on Feros, to throughly explore the ruins. The pioneer 
 settlement was placed on the upper level of the several intact skyscrapers,
 using the surviving Prothean aqueducts and rooftop hydroponic gardens to
 support the population."

-> Planets: Ilos

Obtained By: Land on Ilos

"Like the ancienty human city of Troy, Ilos is a world known only through
 second-hand sources. References to Ilos have been found at several other
 Prothean ruins, though direct study of the world is unlikely to occur.

 Ilos lies in a remote area of the Terminus Systems only accessible by the
 legendary Mu Relay. Four thousand years ago, the Mu Relay was knocked out
 of position by a supernova and lost. Since then, Ilos and its cluster have
 been inaccessible. 

 Occasionally, a university will organise an expedition to chart a route to
 Ilos using conventional FTL drive. These never get beyond the planning stages
 due to the distance and danger. The journey could take years or decades, 
 passing through the hostile Terminus Systems and dozens of unexplored 

-> Planets: Noveria

Obtained By: Talk to Expat in Upper Markets in Citadel

"Noveria is a cool, rocky world, with most of its hydrosphere locked up in
 massive glaciers. A privately-chartered colony world, the planet is owned by
 the Noveria Development Corporation Holding Company. The NDC is funded by
 investment capital from two dozen high technology development firms, and
 administrated by an Executive Board representing their interests.

 The investors built remote hot labs in isolated locations across Noveria's
 surface. These facilities are used for research too dangerous or 
 controversial to be performed elsewhere, as Noveria is technically not part
 of Citadel Space and therefore exempt from Council Law.

 By special arrangement, Citadel Special Tactics and Reconnaissance agents 
 have been granted extraterritorial privileges, but it remains to be seen how
 committed the Executive Board is to that principle. Given its unique  
 situation, it is understandable that Noveria is implicated in all manner 
 of wild conspiracy theories."

-> Planets: Virmire

Obtained By: Told about by the Citadel Council

"Virmire is a lush world located on the frontier of the Attican Traverse. Its
 vast seas and orbital position on the inner life zone have created a wide 
 equatorial band of humid, tropical terrain. Only the political instability
 of the region has impeded efforts at colonisation.

 Many times, the Citadel has opened negotiations to settle Virmire with the
 various criminal gangs and petty dictatorships in the nearby Terminus 
 Systems. All fell apart due to internal power shifts within the opposing 
 parties. The Citadel has written off the colonisation of Virmire as 
 impossible without significant political change.

 The Terminus powers themselves are unlikely to ever settle Virmire. Most
 lack the resources to support settlement of a virgin world, finding it more
 expedient to steal from their neighbours than build for themselves."

-> Region: Terminus Systems

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Anderson before Eden Prime

"The Terminus Systems are located on the far side of the Attican Traverse,
 beyond the space administered by the Citadel Council or claimed by the
 humans System Alliance. It is populated by a loose affiliation of minor
 species, united only in their refusal to acknowledge the political
 authority of the Council or adhere to the Citadel Conventions.

 Their independence comes at a price; the Terminus is fraught with conflict.
 War among the various species is common, as governments and dictators 
 constantly rise and fall. The region is a haven for illegal activities, 
 particularly piracy and the slave trade.

 At least once a year, a fleet from Terminus invades the nearby Attican
 Traverse. These attacks are typically smalls raids against poorly-defended
 colonies. The Council rarely retaliates, as sending patrols into the 
 Terminus Systems could unify and disparate species against their common foe,
 triggering a long and costly war."

-> Uncharted Worlds

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Anderson before leaving the Citadel

"There are between two and four hundred billion stars in the galaxy, and less
 than 1% of them have ever been visited or had their systems properly 

 Humanity's early expansion into the Attican Traverse was haphazard; a 
 desperate race to claim habitable planets where populations can be 
 economically settled. Ignored in the wake of this land grab were the 
 thousands of less hospitable worlds, each potentially rich with industrial
 resources. The wealth of entire solar systems remained untapped, waiting 
 for corporate survey teams or independent pioneers to discover and exploit

 This, however, is not an easy task. In addition to the environmental hazards,
 the fact that unchartered worlds are largely ignored makes them popular bases
 for criminals, revolutionaries, cults, and others who wish to remain 
 unnoticed by galactic society."

			--==Ships and Vehicles==--

"The technologies of space travel and surface mobility."

-> FTL Drive

Obtained By: Talk to Chief Engineers Adams on the Normandy

"Faster-than-light drives use element zero cores to reduce the mass of the 
 ship, allowing higher rates of acceleration. This effectively raises the 
 speed of light within the mass effect field, allowing high speed travel
 with negligible relativistic time dilation effects.

 Starships still require conventional thrusters (chemical rockets, commercial
 fusion torch, economy ion engine, or military antiproton drive) in addition 
 to the FTL drive core. With only a core, a ship has no motive power.

 The amount of element zero and power required for a drive increases  
 exponentially to the mass being moved and the degree it is being lightened.
 Very massive ships or very high speeds are prohibitively expensive.

 If the field collapses while the ship's moving at faster-than-light speeds,
 the effects are catastrophic. The ship is snapped back to sublight velocity,
 the enormous excess energy shed in the form of lethal Cerenkov radiation.

-> Military Ship Classification

Obtained By: Talk to Chief Engineer Adams on the Normandy

"Larger warships are classified in one of four weights:

 FRIGATES are small, fast ships used in scouting and screening larger vessels.
 Frigates often operate in wolf-pack flotillas.

 CRUISERS are middle-weight combatants, faster than dreadnaughts, and more
 heavily-armed than frigates. Cruisers are the standard patrol unit, and often
 lead frigate flotillas.

 DREADNAUGHTS are kilometre-long capital ships mounting heavy, long-range
 firepower. They are only deployed for the most vital missions.

 CARRIERS are dreadnaught-sized vessels which also carry a large amount of

 Smaller vessels are also exclusively used in a support role to the warships
 during combat:

 FIGHTERS are one-man crafts used to perform close-ranged attacks on enemy 

 INTERCEPTORS are one-man crafts optimised for destroying opposiing fighters."

-> Normandy

Obtained By: Talk to Chief Engineer Adams on the Normandy

"The Normandy is a prototype starship, developed by the human Systems Alliance
 with the assistance of the Citadel Council. It is optimised for scouting and
 reconnaissance missions inunstable regions, using state-of-the-art stealth

 For most ships, the heat generated through standard operations is easily 
 detectable against the absolute-zero background of space. The Normandy, 
 however, is able to temporarily sink this heat within the hull. Combined with
 refrigeration of the exterior hull, the ship can travel undetected for hours,
 or drift passively for days of covert observation. This is not without risk.
 The stored heat must eventually be radiated, or it will build to levels 
 capable of cooking the crew alive. 

 Another component of the stealth system is the Normandy's revolutionary
 Tantalus drive, a mass effect core twice the standard size. The Tantalus
 drive generates mass concentrations that the Normandy "falls into", allowing 
 it to move without the use of heat-emitting thrusters."

-> Sovereign

Obtained By: Talking to Matriarch Benezia

"Sovereign is the flagship of the rogue Spectre Saren. An enormous dreadnaught
 larger than any other ship in any known fleet, Sovereign is crewed with both
 Geth and krogan. At two kilometres long, its spinal-mounted main gun is 
 likely to be capable of penetrating another dreadnaught's kinetic barriers
 with a single shot.

 How Saren acquired this incredible warship is unknown. The prevailing option
 is that Sovereign is a geth construct, while others believe it is a Prothean
 relic. Its design, however, hints at a more alien and mysterious origin. 

 The attack on Eden Prime demonstrated Sovereign's ability to generate mass
 effect fields powerful enough to land on a planetary surface. This implies it
 has a massive element zero core, and the ability to generate staggering 
 amounts of power."

-> Space Combat

Obtained By: Inspect Gunnery Station on the Normandy's Exterior

"Ship mobility dominates space combat: the primary objective is to alight the
 mass accelerator along the bow with the opposing vessel's broadside. Battles
 typically play out as artillery duels fought at ranges measured in thousands
 of kilometres, though assault though defended mass relays often occur at 
 "knife fight" ranges as close as a few dozen kilometres. 

 Most ship-to-ship engagements are skirmishes between patrol vessels of 
 cruiser weight and below, with dreadnaughts and carriers only deployed in 
 full-scale fleet actions. Battles in open space are short and often
 inconclusive, as the weaker opponent generally disengages.

 Once a ship enters FTL flight, the combat is effectively over; there are no
 sensors capable of tracking them, or weapons capable of damaging them. The
 only way to guarantee an enemy will stand and fight is to attack a location
 they have a crested interest in, such as a settled world or a strategically-
 important mass relay."

-> Vehicles: M35 Mako

Obtained By: Inspect Mako onboard the Normandy

"The "Mako" infantry fighting vehicle was designed for the System Alliance's
 frigates. Though the interior is cramped, an M35 is small enough to be 
 carried in the cargo bay and easily deployed on virtually any world.

 With it's turreted mass accelerator and coaxially-mounted machine gun, the
 Mako can provide a fire team with support as well as mobility. Since
 Alliance marines may be required to fight on any world, the Mako is 
 environmentally-sealed and equipped microthrusters for use on low-gravity

 The Mako is powered by a sealed hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell, and includes a 
 small element zero core. While not large enough to nullify the vehicle's
 mass, the core can reduce it to be safely air-dropped. When used in
 conjunction with the thrusters, it also allows the Mako to extricate itself
 from difficult terrain."


"The everyday pieces of technology that support modern lifestyle."

-> Biotics

Obtained By: Talk to Chakwas about Kaiden

"Biotics is the ability of rare individuals to manipulate dark energy and
 create mass effect fields through the use of electrical impulses from the
 brain. Intense training and surgically-implanted amplifiers are necessary
 for a biotic to produce mass effect fields powerful enough for practical use.
 The relative strength of biotic abilities varies greatly among species and
 with each individual.

 These are three branches of biotics. TELEKINESIS uses mass-lowering fields
 to levitate or impel objects. Mass-raising KINETIC FIELDS are used to block
 or pin objects. DISTORTION uses rapidly shifting mass fields to shred 

 Most organis species are capable of developing biotic abilities, though there
 are risks involved. Biotics are the result of in-utero exposure to element
 zero. This usually causes fatal cancers in the victim, but in rare cases it
 coalesces into nodules within the fetus's developing nervous system. "

-> Computers: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Obtained By: Find an AI Terminal on the Citadel

"An artificial intelligence is a self-aware computing system capable of 
 learning and independent decision making. Creationn of conscious AI 
 requires adaptive code, a slow, expensive education, and a specialised 
 quantum computer called a "blue box."

 An AI cannot be transmitted across a communication channel or computer 
 network. Without its blue box, an AI is no more than data files. Loading 
 these files into a new blue box will create a new personality, as variations
 in the quantum hardware and runtime results create unpredictable variations.

 The geth serve as a cautionary tale against the dangers of rogue AI, and in
 Citadel Space, they are technically illegal. Advocacy groups argue, however,
 that an AI is a living, conscious entity deserving the same rights as 
 organics. They argue that continued use of the term "artificial" is 
 institutionalised racism on the part of organic life, the term "synthetic"
 is considered the politically correct alternative."

-> Computers: Visual Intelligence (VI)

Obtained By: Talk to Avina VI Terminal I

"A virtual intelligence is an advanced form of user interface software. VIS 
 use a variety of methods to simulate natural conversation, including an audio
 interface and an avatar personality to interact with. Although a VI can 
 provide a convincing emulation of sentience, they are not self-aware, nor
 can they learn to take independent action. 

 VIs are used as operating systems on commercial and home computers. Menial 
 VIs "agents" are also available. Agents are compact and specialised. Some 
 serve as personal secretaries, filtering calls and scheduling meetings based
 on user-defined properties. Others are advanced search engines, propagating
 themselves across the extranet to collate user-requested data.

 Commercials VIs in a variety of stock personalities are available at any
 software retailer. Boutique firms and hobbyists also build unique VIs to
 personal specification. Although software emulation of living personalities
 is illegal, reconstructions of famous historical figures are common."

-> Element Zero ("Eezo")

Obtained By: Examine E Zero Core in the Normandy Engine Room

"When subjected to an electrical current, the rare material dubbed element
 zero, or "eezo", emits a dark energy field that raises or lowers the mass of
 all objects within it. This "mass effect" is used in countless ways, from
 generating artificial gravity to manufacturing high-strength construction
 materials. It is most prominently used to enable faster-than-light space

 Eezo is generated when solid matter, such as a planet, is affected by the
 energy of a star going supernova. This material is common in the asteroid
 debris that orbit neutron stars and pulsars. These are dangerous places to
 mine, requiring extensive use of robotics, telepresense, and shielding 
 to survive the incredible radiation from the dead star. Only a few major
 corporations can afford the set-up costs required to work these primary

 Humanity discovered refined element zero at the Prothean research station on
 Mars, allowing them to create mass effect fields and develop FTL travel."

-> Mass Effect Fields

Obtained By: Examine the Field Integrity Monitor on the Normandy

"Element Zero can increase or decrease the mass of volume of space-time when
 subjected to an electrical current. With a positive current, mass is
 increase. With a negative current, mass is decreased. The stronger the
 current, the greater the magnitude of the dark energy mass effect.

 In space, the low-mass fields allow FTL travel and inexpensive surface-to-
 orbit transit. High-mass fields create artificial gravity and push space
 debris away from vessels. In manufacturing low-mass fields permit the
 creation of evenly-blended alloys, while high mass compactions create dense,
 sturdy construction materials.

 The military makes extensive use of mobility enhancing technologies, with
 mass effect utilising fighting vehicles standard front-line issues in most
 military forces. Mass effect fields are also essential in the creation of
 kinetic barriers of shields to protect against enemy fire."

-> Mass Relays

Obtained By: Talk to Avina VI Terminal II

"Mass relays are feats of Prothean engineering advanced far beyond the
 technology of any living species. They are enormous structures scattered
 throughout the stars, and can create corridors of virtually mass-free
 space allowing instantaneous transit between locations seperated by years
 or even centuries of travel using conventional FTL drives.

 Primary mass relays can propel ships thousands of light years, often from on
 spiral arm of the galaxy to another. However, they have fixed one-to-one
 connections: a primary relay connects to one other primary relay, and 
 nowhere else. Secondary relays can only propel ships a few hundred light 
 years, however they are are omnidirectional; a secondary relay can send a 
 ship to any other relay within its limited range.

 There are many dormant primary relays whose corresponding twins have not yet
 been located. These are left inactive until their partner is charted, as
 established civilisations are unwilling to blindly open a passage that might
 connect them to a hostile species. 

-> Omni-Tool

Obtained By: Talk to Alliance Requisition Officer on Normandy

"Omni-tools are handheld devices that combine a computer microframe, sensor
 analysis pack, and manufacturing fabricator. Versatile and reliable, an
 omni-tool can be used to analyse and adjust the functionality of most 
 standard equipment, including weapons and armour, from a distance.

 The fabrication module can rapidly assemble small three-dimensional objects
 from common, reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys. This
 allows for field repairs and modifications to most standard items, as well
 as the reuse of salvaged equipment.

 Omni-tools are standard issue for soldiers and first-in colonists."

		   --==Weapons, Armour and Equipment==--

"Advances in technology have made individual soldiers more dangerous and 
 survivable than ever before."

-> Body Armour

Obtained By: Investigate the Dig Site on Eden Prime

"Combat hard-suit use of a dual-layer system to protect the wearer. The
 inner layer consist of fabric armour with kinetic padding. Areas that don't
 need to be flexible, such as the chest or shins, are reinforced with 
 sheets of lightweight ablative ceramic.

 The outer layer consists of automatically-generated kinetic barriers. Objects
 traveling above a certain speed will trigger the barriers reflex system and
 be deflected, provided there is enough energy left in the shield's power 

 Armoured hard-suits are sealable to protect the wearer from extremes of
 temperature and atmosphere. Standard equipment includes an onboard mini-
 frame and a communications, navaigations, and sensing suite. The mini-frame
 is designed to accept and display date from a weapon's smart targeting
 system to make it easier to locate and eliminate enemies."

-> Kinetic Barriers ("Shields")

Obtained By: Examine Jenkin's Body on Eden Prime

"Kinetic barriers, colloquially called "shields", provide protection
 against most mass accelerator weapons. Whether on a starship or a soldier's
 suit of armour, the basic principle remains the same.

 Kinetic barriers are repulsive mass effect fields projected from tiny 
 emitters. These shields safely deflect small objects traveling at rapid
 velocities. This affords protection from bullets and other dangerous 
 projectiles, but still allow the user to sit down without knocking away
 their chair.

 The shielding afforded by kinetic barriers does not protect against 
 extremes of temperature, toxins, or radiation."

-> Mass Accelerator

Obtained By: Examine the Guns outside the Normandy

"A mass accelerator propels a solid metal slug using precisely-controlled
 electromagnetic attraction and repulsion. The slug is designed to squash or
 shatter on impact, increasing the energy it transfers to the target. If 
 this were not the case, it would simply punch a hole right through, doing
 minimal damage.

 Acclerator design was revolutionised by element zero. A slug lightened by a
 mass effect field can be accelerated to greater speeds, permitting 
 projectile velocities that were previously unattainable. If accelerated to
 a high enough velocity, a simple plant chip can impact with the same 
 destructive force as a nuclear weapon. 

 However, mass accelerators produce recoil equal to their impact energy. This
 is mitigated somewhat by the mass effect fields that rounds are suspended
 within, and weapons recoil is still the prime limiting factor on slug

-> Medi-Gel

Obtained By: Investigate the Medi-Gel Dispenser in Doctors Area in Normandy

"Medi-Gel is a common medical salve used by paramedics, EMTS, and military
 personnel. It combines several useful applications: a local anesthetic,
 disinfectant, and clotting agent all in one. Once applied, the gel is 
 designed to grip tight to flesh until subjected to a frequency of 
 ultrasound. It is sealable against liquids - most notably blood - as well
 as contaminants and gases.

 The gel is a genetically-engineered bioplasm created by the Sirta 
 Foundation, a medical technology megacorp based on Earth. Technically the
 medi-gel violates Council Laws against genetic engineering, but so far, it
 has proved far too useful to ban."

-> Small Arms

Obtained By: Examine the Weapons Locker in C-Sec

"All modern infantry weapons from pistols to assault rifles use micro-scaled
 mass accelerator technology. Projectiles consist of tiny metal slugs 
 suspended within a mass-reducing field, accelerated by magnetic force to
 speeds that inflict kinetic damage.

 The ammo magazine is a simple block of metal. The gun's internal computer
 calculates the mass needed to reach the target based on distance, gravity, 
 and atmospheric pressure, then shears off an appropriate sized slug from the
 block. A single block can supply thousands of rounds, making ammo a non-issue
 during any engagement.

 Top-line weapons also feature smart targeting that allows them to correct for
 weather and environment. Firing on a target in a howling gale feels the same
 as it does on a calm day on a practice range. Smart targeting does not mean
 the bullet will automatically find the mark every time the trigger is pulled;
 it only makes it easier for the marksman to aim."

[9.02] Secondary Codex

The secondary codex is the second part of the codex, for more indepth 
information. Still, you get a reward for discovering the entry, but there 
are some that are limiting.

		     --==Personal History Summary==--

"Background Information for Commander Shepard."

-> Colonist

Obtained By: Choosing this at the start of the game

"You were raised on Mindoir on the fringes of the Attican Traverse. When you
 were sixteen, the colony was raided by slavers. The entire settlement was
 razed and your friends and family were slaughtered. A passing Alliance patrol
 rescued you, but all you loved was destroyed."

-> Earthborn

Obtained By: Choosing this at the start of the game

"You were born on Earth, but you never knew your parents. A child of the
 streets, you learned to live by your wits and guts, surviving in the hidden
 underbelly of the megatroplises of humanity's home world."

-> Spacer

Obtained By: Choosing this at the start of the game

"Both of your parents were in the Alliance military. Your childhood was spent
 on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting. Following
 in your parents' footsteps, you enlisted at the age of eighteen."

-> Ruthless

Obtained By: Choosing this at the start of the game

"Eager to find a better life, you joined the Alliance military when you came o
 of age. You were assigned to the campaign to rid the Skyllian Verge of
 batarian slavers and other criminal elements. The final battle came when
 Alliance forces laid siege to Torfan, a slaver base built miles below the
 surface of a desolate moon. The superiority of the human fleet was wasted
 in the assault on the underground bunker, but you led a corps of elite 
 ground troops into the heart of the enemy base.

 Nearly three-quarters of your own squad perished in the vicious close-
 quarters fighting ... a cost you were willing to pay to make sure not a 
 single slaver made it out of Torfan alive."

-> Sole Survivor

Obtained By: Choosing this at the start of the game

"One of your first missions was an expedition to investigate Akuze, a lush 
 world on the outskirts of Alliance space that had suddenly dropped out of
 contact. Arriving on the surface, your patrol found the settlement intact, 
 but there were no survivors.

 At nightfall, the thresher maws struck - mindless abominations of teeth and
 tentacles that rose from beneath the earth. Constant gunfire couldn't drown
 the shrieks of your fellow soldiers as they were dragged down to a gruesome

 Fifty marines died on Akuze. You were the only one to make it back to the
 landing zone alive. A monument on the planet commemorates the massacre, a 
 grim reminder of the price humanity must pay as they spread throughout the

-> War Hero

Obtained By: Choosing this at the start of the game

"You enlisted with the Alliance military and was posted on Elysium. You were
 there during the Skyllian Blitz, an attck on the colony by a massive 
 coalition force of slavers, crime syndicates, and batarian warlords.

 You rallied the civilian inhabitants, leading them in their desperate fight
 to hold off the invaders. When enemy troopers broke through the colony's 
 defences, you single-handedly held them off and sealed the breach.

 After hours of brutal fighting, reinforcements finally arrived and the enemy
 broke ranks and fled. Because of your actions, Elysium was saved, and you 
 were regarded throughout the Alliance as a true hero."

		        --==Aliens: Council Races==--

"The three most politically important species in the galaxy."

-> Asari: Biology

Obtained By: Talk to Liara with intent of a Relationship

"Asari have a robust cellular regenerative system. While they do not heal
 faster than other species, asari are known to reach 1000 years of age.

 Although asari have one gender, they are not asexual. An asari provides two 
 copies of her own genes to her offspring. The second set is altered in a 
 unique process called melding. 

 During melding, an asari consciously attunes her nervous system to her
 partner's, sending and receiving electrical impulses directly through the 
 skin. The partner can be another asari, or an alien of either gender. 
 Effectively, the asari and her partner briefly become one unified nervous 

 This unique means of reproduction is the reason asari are talented biotics. 
 Their evolved ability to consciously control nerve impulses is very similar 
 to biotic training. Asari believe that their offspring acquire the best 
 qualities of the "father" from the melded genes, but evidence is anecdotal.

 Asari pass through three climacteric life stages, marked by biochemical and 
 physiological changes. The Maiden stage begins at birth and is marked by the 
 drive to explore and experience. Most young asari are curious and restless.

 The Matron stage of life begins around the age of 350, though it can be 
 triggered earlier if the individual melds frequently. This period is marked 
 by a desire to settle in one area and raise children.

 The Matriarch stage begins around 700, or earlier if the individual melds 
 rarely. Matriarchs become active in their community as sages and councillors,
 dispensing wisdom from centuries of experience.

 While each stage of life is marked by strong biological tendencies,
 individuals do make unexpected life choices. For example, there are Maidens 
 who stay close to home rather than explore, Matrons who would rather work 
 than build a family, and Matriarchs who have no interest in community 

-> Asari: Culture 

Obtained By: Talk to Liara 

"Because of their long lifespan, asari tend to have a "long view" not common
 in other races. When they encounter a new species or situation, the asari are
 more comfortable with an extended period of passive observation and study 
 than immediate action. They are unfazed that some of their investments or 
 decisions may not pay off for decades or centuries. Matriarchs can seem to 
 make incomprehensible decisions, but their insight is evident when their 
 carefully laid plans come to fruition. In interstellar relations, this long 
 view manifests in the unspoken policy of centrism. The asari instinctively 
 seek to maintain stable balances of economic, political, and military power.

 Traditionally, asari spread their influence through cultural domination and 
 intellectual superiority. They invite new species of advanced development to
 join the galactic community, knowing that their ideals and beliefs will
 inevitably influence the existing culture."

-> Asari: Government

Obtained By: Talk to Liara

"The asari came late to the concept of world government. For centuries, their
 homeworld of Thessia was dotted with loose confederacies of great republican
 cities. The closest Earthly equivalent would be the ancient Mediterranean
 city-states. Since the asari culture values consensus and accommodation, 
 there was little impetus to form larger principalities. Rather than hoard 
 resources, the asari bartered freely. Rather than attack one another over 
 differing philosophies, they sought to understand one another. 

 Only in the information age did the city-states grow close. Communication 
 over the internet evolved into an "electronic democracy". Asari have no 
 politicians or elections, but a free-wheeling, all-inclusive legislature
 that citizens can participate in at will. Policy debates take place at all 
 hours of the day, in official chat rooms and forums moderated by specially-
 programmed virtual intelligences. All aspects of policy are opened to 
 plebiscite at any time. In any given debate, the asari tend to lend the most
 credence to the opinions of any Matriarchs present, nearly always deferring
 to the experience of these millenia-old "wise women".

 Achieving consensus through public debate may take too long in a crisis. In 
 cases where prompt, decisive action is required, the asari defer to the
 wisdom of local Matriarchs."

-> Asari: Military Doctrine

Obtained By: Talk to Liara

"The asari military resembles a collection of tribal warrior bands with no 
 national structure. Each community organises its own unit as the locals see 
 fit, and elect a leader to command them. Units from populous cities are large
 and well-equipped, while those from farm villages may be only a few women 
 with small arms. There is no uniform; everyone wears what they like. The 
 asari military is not an irregular militia, however; those who serve are 
 full-time professionals.

 The average asari huntress is in the maiden stage of her life and has devoted
 20-30 years studying the martial arts. Asari choose to be warriors at a young
 age, and their education from that point is dedicated to sharpening them mind
 and body for that sole purpose. When they retire, they possess an alarming
 proficiency for killing.

 Huntresses fight individually or in pairs, depending on the tactics preferred
 in their town. One-on-one, a huntress is practically unbeatable, possessing
 profound tactical insight, a hunter's eye, and a dancer's grace and alacrity.
 Biotics are common enough that some capability is a requirement to be trained
 as a huntress; lack of biotic talent excludes a young asari from military 

 While fluid and mobile, asari can't stand up in a firestorm the way a krogan,
 turian, or human could. Since their units are small and typically lack heavy
 armor and support weapons, they are almost incapable of fighting a
 conventional war, particularly one of a defensive nature. So asari units 
 typically undertake special operations missions. Like an army of ninjas, they
 are adept at ambush, infiltration, and assassination, demoralising and
 defeating their enemies through intense, focused guerrilla strikes.

 As a popular turian saying puts it, "The asari are the finest warriors in the 
 galaxy. Fortunately, there are not many of them"."

-> Asari: Religion

Obtained By: Talk to Liara

"The pantheistic mainstream asari religion is Siari, which translates roughly
 as "all is one." The faithful agree on certain core truths: the universe is
 a consciousness, every life within it is an aspect of the greater whole, and
 death is a merging of one's spiritual energy back into greater universal
 consciousness. Siarists don't specifically believe in reincarnation; they 
 believe in spiritual energy returning to the universal consciousness upon
 death will eventually be used to fill new mortal vessels.

 Siari became popular after the asari left their homeworld and discovered 
 their ability to "meld" with nearly any form of life. This ability is seen as
 proof that all life is fundamentally similar. Siari priestesses see their 
 role as promoting unity between disparate shards of the universe's awareness.

 Before the rise of siari pantheism, asari religions were as diverse as their
 political opinion. The strongest survivor of those days is the monotheistic
 religion worshipping the goddess Athame. Like the asari, the goddess cycles
 through the triple aspects of maiden, matron, and matriarch."

-> Salarians: Biology

Obtained By: Talk to Kaiden 

"Salarians are noted for their high-speed metabolism, which allows them to 
 function on just one hour of sleep a day. Their minds and bodies work faster 
 than most sapient races, making them seem restless or hyperactive. The 
 drawback of this active metabolism is a short lifespan of around 40 human 

 The salarians are amphibian haplo-diploid egg-layers; unfertilized eggs 
 produce males and fertilised eggs produce females. Once a year, a salarian 
 female will lay a clutch of dozens of eggs. Social rules prevent all but a 
 fraction from being fertilised. As a result, 90% of the species is male.

 Salarians have photographic memories and rarely forget a fact. They also 
 possess a form of psychological "imprinting", tending to defer to those they 
 knew in their youth. Salarian hatching is a solemn ritual in which the clan 
 Dalatrass (matriarch) isolates herself with the eggs. The young salarians 
 psychologically imprint on her and tend to defer to her wishes.

 During the hatching of daughters, the Dalatrasses of the mother and father's
 clans are present at the imprinting. This ensures the offspring have equal 
 loyalty to both, ensuring the desired dynastic and political unity. "

-> Salarians: Culture

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Kirrache

"The rare salarian females are cloistered on their worlds out of tradition
 and respect. Powerful female Dalatrasses are dynasts and political kingpins.
 They determine the political course of their respective regions through 
 shrewd negotiation. Though male salarians rise to positions of great 
 authority in business, academia, or the military, they rarely have any 
 input on politics. 

 Due to their method of reproduction, salarians have no concept of romantic
 love, sexual attraction, or the biological impulses and social rituals that
 complicate human lives. Male-female relationships are rare (due to the
 scarcity of females) and are more akin to human friendship. 

 Sexuality is strictly for the purpose of reproduction. Ancient social codes
 determine who gets to fertilise eggs, which produces more daughters to
 continue a bloodline. Fertilisation generally only occurs after months of 
 negotiation between the parents' clans, and is done for purpose of political
 and dynastic alliance. No salarian would imagine defying this code. 

 Salarian names are quite complex. A full name includes - in order - the name
 of a salarian's planet, duchy, barony, fiefdom, family, and finally, the 
 given name."

-> Salarians: Government

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Kirrache

"The salarian government is called the Salarian Union. It is a labyrinthine 
 web of matrilineal bloodlines, with political alliances formed through 

 In many ways, the salarian political network functions like the noble 
 families of Earth's Medieval Europe. Structurally the government consists 
 of fiefdoms, baronies, duchies, planets, and marches (colonisation clusters).
 These are human nicknames; the original salarian is unpronounceable. Each 
 area is ruled by a single Dalatrass (matriarchal head-of-household) and 
 represents an increasing amount of territory and prestige within the 
 salarian political web.

 Approaching 100 members, the first circle of a salarian's clan comprises of
 parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins. The next circle includes second
 cousins, etc, and escalates to well over 1000 members. The fourth of fifth
 circle of a clan numbers into the millions. Salarian loyalty is greatest to
 their first circle and diminishes from there. Their photographic memories 
 allow salarians to recognise all their myriad relatives."

-> Salarians: League of One

Obtained By: Find a League of One Medal

"Before they joined the Citadel Council, the salarians' most potent military 
 tool was a small reconnaissance team known as the League of One. Their 
 primary training was in espionage and assassination. Never more than a dozen
 strong, the team was adept at infiltrating the tightest defenses and 
 eliminating all necessary obstacles.

 Only a few top members of government and military were privy to the League's 
 identities. League members wore no distinguishing garments, and held no 
 particular rank. The only evidence of their participation in the League was a
 small medallion presented to each member upon induction. This secrecy was 
 maintained until the formation of the Council.

 In an afford to dispel rumours and appease their new asari partners, the 
 Salarian Union released all classified documents pertaining to the League. 
 The League of One was suddenly exposed and in danger of being hunted by 
 enemies of the salarians. Before any harm could be done, the team 
 mysteriously disappeared. Most assumed this was a convenient lie to help hide
 their identities, but a few months later, the inner cabinet was murdered. 
 Though there was no incriminating evidence, it was clear who was responsible.

 Realising the threat posed by this rogue outfit, the Special Tasks Group 
 dispatched a team of hunters. When they didn't return, the STG dispatched ten 
 of its brightest operators with broad discretionary powers. Only two returned;
 they reported no evidence of the League.

 No further incidents were reported and it was assumed the League was wiped 
 out. Some recently declassified documents, however, have suggested there may 
 have been a thirteenth member who eluded the salarian military."

-> Salarians: Military Doctrine

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Kirrache

"In principle, the salarian military is similar to the Alliance, a small 
 volunteer army that focuses on maneuver warfare. What differentiates the 
 salarians is not their equipment or doctrine, but their intelligence services
 and rules of engagement. The salarians believe that a war should be won 
 before it begins.

 Conventional wisdom holds that the salarians know everything about everyone, 
 and this is not far from the truth. In war, the unquestioned superiority of 
 their intelligence services allows them to use their small military to 
 maximum effectiveness. Well before fighting breaks out, they possess 
 complete knowledge of their enemy's positions, intentions, and timetable.

 In every war the salarians have fought, they struck first and without 
 warning. For the salarians, to know an enemy plans to attack and to let it 
 happen is folly. To announce their own plans to attack is insanity. They find
 the human moral concepts of "do not fire until fired upon" and "declare a war
 before prosecuting it" incredibly naive. In defensive wars, they execute 
 devastating preemptive strikes hours before the enemy's own attacks. On the 
 offensive, they have never telegraphed their intentions with a declaration of
 war before attacking.

 Biotics are virtually unknown in the salarian military. Those with such 
 abilities are considered too valuable to be used as cannon fodder and assigned
 to the intelligence services.

 While capable of defending themselves against most threats, the salarians 
 know that they are small fish in a universe filled with sharks. As a point of
 survival, they have cultivated strong alliances with larger powers, 
 particularly the turians. Though the relationship between the two species was
 rocky at first due to the krogan uplift fiasco, the salarians take pains to 
 keep this relationship strong enough that anyone who might threaten them 
 risks turian intervention."

-> Salarians: Special Tasks Group

Obtained By: Learn about Virimire's Situation

"Salarian intelligence field agents are grouped into an organization called 
 the Special Tasks Group. STG operators work in independent cells, performing
 dangerous missions such as counterterrorism, infiltration, reconnaissance,
 assassination, and sabotage.

 The STG is a proactive organisation, puncturing worrisome trends before they
 become movements. At any time, a dozen groups are operating covertly within
 the lawless Terminus Systems, sowing dissent among the various factions.
 Civilians analysts also note how troublesome "hinge point" individuals in
 Terminus frequently meet unexpected deaths.

 STG operators are feared throughout the galaxy for their clear-eyed, 
 remorseless practicality. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve
 their mission, even if it kills civilians or results in the team's own 
 destruction. In many ways, they are akin to the Council Spectres."

-> Turians: Biology

Obtained By: Talking to Garrus

"The turian homeworld, Pavaven, has a metal-poor core, generating a weak
 magnetic field and allowing more solar radiation into the atmosphere. To deal
 with this, most forms of life on Palaven evolved some form of metallic
 "exoskeleton" to protect themselves. Their reflective plate-like skin makes
 turians less susceptible to long-term, low-level radiation exposure, but they
 do not possess any sort of "natural armor". A turian's thick skin does not
 stop projectiles and directed energy bolts.

 Although life on Palaven is carbon-based and oxygen-breathing, it is built on
 dextro-amino acids. This places the turians in a distinct minority on the
 galactic stage; the quarians are the only other sapient dextro-protein race.
 The food of humans, asari, or salarians (who evolved in levo-amino acid-based
 biospheres), will at best pass through turian systems without providing any
 nutrition. At worst, it will trigger an allergic reaction that can be fatal 
 if not immediately treated."

-> Turians: Culture

Obtained By: Talking to Garrus

"While turians are individuals with personal desires, their instinct is to 
 equate the self with the group, and to set aside all personal desires for the
 good of all.

 Turians are taught to have a strong sense of personal accountability, the 
 "turian honour" that other races find so remarkable. Turians are taught to 
 own every decision they make, good or ill. The worst sin they can make in the
 eyes of their people is to lie about their own actions. Turians who murder 
 will try to get away with it, but if directly questioned, most will confess 
 to the crime.

 Turians have a strong inclination toward public service and self-sacrifice, 
 so they tend to be poor entrepreneurs. To compensate, they accepted the 
 mercantile volus as a client race, offering protection in exchange for their
 fiscal expertise.

 The turian military is the centre of their society. It is not just an armed
 force; it is an all-encompassing public works organisation. The military 
 police are also the civic police. The fire brigades serve the civilian 
 population as well as military facilities. The corps of engineers builds and 
 maintains spaceports, schools, water purification plants, and power stations.
 The merchant marine ensures that all worlds get needed resources."

-> Turians: Government

Obtained By: Talk to Garrus AFTER Finding Dr Saleon

"The turian government is a hierarchical meritocracy. While it has great
 potential for misuse, this is tempered by the civic duty and personal
 responsibility turians learn in childhood.

 Turians have 27 citizenship tiers, beginning with civilians (client races and
 children). The initial period of military service is the second tier. Formal
 citizenship is conferred at the third tier, after boot camp. For client races,
 citizenship is granted after the individual musters out. Higher-ranked
 civilians are expected to lead and protect subordinates. Lower-ranking citizens
 are expected to obey and support superiors. Promotion to another tier of
 citizenship is based on the personal assessments of one's superiors and 

 Throughout their lives, turians ascended to the higher tiers, and are
 occasionally "demoted" to lower ones. The stigma associated with demotion 
 lies not on the individual, but on those who promoted him when he wasn't 
 ready for additional responsibility. This curbs the tendency to promote 
 individuals into positions beyond their capabilities.

 Settling into a role and rank is not considered stagnation. Turians value
 knowing one's own limitations more than being ambitious.

 At the top are the Primarchs, who each rule a colonisation cluster. The
 Primarchs vote on matters of national importance. They otherwise maintain a 
 "hands-off" policy, trusting the citizens on each level below them to do 
 their jobs competently.

 Turians enjoy broad freedoms. So long as one completes his duties, and does 
 not prevent others from completing theirs, nothing is forbidden. For example, 
 there are no laws against recreational drug use, but if someone is unable to 
 complete his duties due to drug use, his superiors step in. Judicial 
 proceedings are "interventions." Peers express their concern, and try to 
 convince the offender to change. If rehabilitation fails, turians have no 
 qualms about sentencing dangerous individuals to life at hard labour for the

-> Turians: Military Doctrine

Obtained By: Talking to Garrus

"Although they lack the brutality of the krogan, the skill of the asari, and 
 the virtuosity of humans, the turian military has formidable discipline. 
 Officers and NCOs are "lifers" with years of field experience. Enlisted 
 personnel are thoroughly trained and stay calm under fire. Turian units don't
 break. Even if their entire line collapses, they fall back in order, setting
 ambushes as they go. A popular saying holds: "You will only see a turian's 
 back once he's dead."

 Boot camp begins on the 15th birthday. Soldiers receive a year of training 
 before being assigned to a field unit; officers train for even longer. Most 
 serve until the age of 30, at which they become part of the Reserves. Even 
 if they suffer injuries preventing front-line service, most do support work 
 behind the lines.

 Biotics are uncommon. While admired for their exacting skills, biotics' 
 motives are not always fully trusted by the common soldier. The turians 
 prefer to assign their biotics to specialist teams called Cabals.

 Command and control is decentralised and flexible. Individual squads can call
 for artillery and air support. They make extensive use of combat drones for 
 light duties, and practice combined arms: infantry operates with armour, 
 supported by overhead gunships. Strategically, they are methodical and 
 patient, and dislike risky operations.

 Tradition is important. Each legion has a full-time staff of historians who 
 chronicle its battle honours in detail. The oldest have records dating back 
 to the turian Iron Age. If a legion is destroyed in battle, it is 
 reconstituted rather than being replaced.

 The turians recruit auxiliary units from conquered or absorbed minor races. 
 Auxiliaries are generally light infantry or armoured cavalry units that 
 screen and support the main battle formations. At the conclusion of their 
 service in the Auxiliaries, recruits are granted turian citizenship."

-> Turians: Religion

Obtained By: Talk to Garrus AFTER Finding Dr Saleon

"Although Turians have a strict moral code, their belief in individual 
 responsibility means that the concepts of good and evil are simply the 
 individual's choice between egotism and altruism in any given decision. They
 have no concept of "good" deities that encourage noble behaviour or "evil"
 ones that tempt individuals to misdeeds.

 Turians believe that groups and areas have "spirits" that transcend the 
 individual. For example, a military unit would be considered to have a 
 literal spirit that embodies the honour and courage it has displayed. A 
 city's spirit reflects the accomplishments and industry of its residents. An 
 ancient tress's spirit reflects the beauty and tranquility of the area it 
 grows within.

 These spirits are neither good nor evil, nor are they appealed to for 
 intercession. Turians do not believe spirits can affect the world, but 
 spirits can inspire the living. Prayers and rituals allow an individual to 
 converse with a spirit for guidance or inspiration. For example a Turian who
 finds his loyalty tested may appeal to the spirit of his unit, hoping to 
 reconnect with the pride and honour of the group. A Turian who wishes to 
 create a work of art may attempt to connect with the spirit of a beautiful 

 Turians enjoy absolute freedom of religion and can practice whatever appeals
 to them so long as it does not impede anyone's ability to perform their 
 duties. There are many practitioners of the asari "siarist" philosophy. Since
 opening dialog with the human Systems Alliance, some Turians have embraced
 Confucianism and Zen Buddhism."

		      --==Aliens: Extinct Species==--

"Spacefaring species that went extinct thousands of years before the present."

-> Protheans: Beacon

Obtained By: Talking to Liara

"The beacon was a Prothean artefact unearthed on the Alliance colony of Eden
 Prime. Its resemblance to the Prothean data banks recovered on Mars provoked
 an immediate interest from the Alliance and the Citadel Council. It proved to
 be a solid state data storage device, part of a galaxy-spanning comm network
 similar to the modern extranet. Intact Prothean "paleo-technology" is rare; 
 the beacon seemed to promise another quantum leap of technology, akin to the
 discovery of the mass effect drive and relays.

 Unfortunately, the beacon also drew the attention of the rouge Spectre Saren
 Arterius and his synthetic allies, the geth. A dawn raid by his flagship
 Sovereign resulting in hundreds of civilian casualties. The beacon was badly
 damaged. The motives behind the attack are still being investigated.

 During the recovery operation, the beacon fired a pulse of energy at the 
 Executive Officer of the Alliance frigate Normandy. Lieutenant Commander
 Shepard survived and appears to have suffered no ill effects. Afterwards, the
 beacon fell inert. The mechanism appears to be dead."

-> Protheans: Cipher

Obtained By: Completing Feros

"The Prothean beacon downloaded its knowledge into Lt. Commander Shepard on 
 Eden Prime, causing confusing dreams and visions. While the imagery is 
 becoming clearer with time, the meaning of the beacon communication remains 

 It has been suggested that Prothean data recording is highly dependent on a 
 certain point of view, what Carl Jung described as the collective 
 unconscious. The "cipher" needed to comprehend the images implanted in 
 Shepard's mind is the cultural knowledge of a Prothean: the archetypes, 
 biological instincts, and common experiences universal to the race. Since the
 Protheans have been dead for millennia, it may be impossible to acquire this

-> Protheans: Data Disks

Obtained By: Find a Data Disk

"Despite all the evidence confirmed the Protheans, little is known about their
 culture and society. From time to time, dig sites will yield new clues, but 
 after 50,000 years of decay, little of value is unearthed.

 Recent research has focused on the discovery of Prothean data discs. On their
 own, they are frail and rarely found in one piece. Occasionally, however, an 
 intact disc will be discovered within a console or reading device.

 To date, over three dozen discs have been recovered and few have been 
 restored to the point where researchers can begin analysing them. Though it 
 may be some time before scientists discover a way to transfer the data off 
 the discs, they are currently considered the most tangible leads for learning
 more about the Prothean culture."

-> Protheans: Mar's Ruins

Obtained By: Scan Mars

"After twenty years of manned research outposts and nearly a century of 
 robotic exploration, the European Space Agency's Lowell City became the first
 permanent settlement on Mars in 2103. Within a decade, the United States and
 China had founded permanent settlements, as well.

 The south polar region of Promethei Planum developed a "Bermuda Triangle"
 reputation. Satellites detected intermittent mass concentration and magnetic
 field shifts. In 2148, prospectors working near Deseado Crater discovered an
 underground complex: a Prothean observation post. The odd phenomena were
 generated by the operation and discharge of a mass effect core, struggling
 to function despite fifty millennia of neglect.

 Earth was electrified with the news. Humanity was unequivocally not alone.
 While courts battled who owned the ruins, the international scientific 
 community coordinated a massive effort to access, translate, and interpret
 the databanks recovered from the facility.

 The facility proved to be a biosciences observation post built when homo
 sapiens were first evolving on Earth. While the motives of the Protheans are
 not certain, translated records indicate that the facility was in regular
 communication with automated observation platforms in Earth orbit and the
 lunar nearside. The half-dozen mass effect spaceships found in the facility
 were presumably used for first-hand observation."

		    --==Aliens: Non-Council Races==--

"Spacefaring species without the political power to set galactic policy."

-> Geth: Armatures

Obtained By: Encounter an Armature

"Armatures are quadruped all-terrain heavy weapons platforms, akin to the 
 armoured fighting vehicles of other races. Geth being synthetic 
 intelligences, armatures are not crewed vehicles, but intelligent entities, 
 capable of independent decision-making and learning.

 Armatures are equipped with heavy kinetic barriers. Their main cannon mounted
 on the articulated "head" turret, appears to be a highly efficient 
 conventional mass accelerator. It is capable of firing in anti-personnel and 
 anti-tank modes. Some armatures carry drones into battle, presumable for 
 reconnaissance purposes. Others host a swarm of insect-sized repair 

-> Geth: Hoppers

Obtained By: Encounter a Hopper

"The geth models collectively dubbed "hoppers" by Alliance forces are 
 electronic warfare platforms. They can project electromagnetic radiation 
 across a broad spectrum as an offensive weapon. They can also perform cyber 
 warfare attacks against the onboard computers of body armour hardsuits and 
 weapons, adversely affecting their performance.

 The structure of hoppers consist of an advanced and highly elastic artificial
 muscle material. This allows a hopper to compress its entire body for 
 powerful leaps. Hoppers also have thousand of molecule-scale "barbs" on the 
 surfaces of their hands and feet, which are used to cling to walls and 
 ceilings. Hoppers are very difficult to target, leaping from one surface to 
 another in rapid succession.

 The quarians have no record of any geth model similar to hoppers. This new 
 morph type must have been developed over the last three hundred years by the 
 geth themselves. This is troubling proof that the geth are continuing to move
 towards technological singularity. Experts in synthetic life are intrigued 
 that hoppers appear to be even more organic then the baseline geth.

 The identified subtypes of hoppers have been codenamed Sapper, Stalker, and 

-> Krogan: Biology

Obtained By: Talking to Wrex

"The krogan evolved in a lethal ecology. Over millions of years, the grim 
 struggle to survive larger predators, virulent disease, and resource scarcity
 on their homeworld, Tuchanka, turned the lizards into quintessential 
 survivors. Perhaps the most telling indicator of Tuchanka's lethality is the 
 krogan eyes. Although they are a predator species by any standard 
 definition, their eyes evolved to be wide-set, as any Earth prey species like
 deer and cattle. Krogan eyes have a 240-degree arc of vision, better suited 
 for spotting enemies sneaking up on them than for pursuit. 

 Physically, the krogan are nigh-indestructible, with a tough hide impervious
 to any melee weapon short of a molecular blade. While they feel pain, it does
 not affect their ability to concentrate. They have multiple functioning 
 examples of all major organs, and can often survive the loss of one or two of
 any type. Rather than a nervous system, they have an electrically conductive 
 second circulatory system. A krogan can never be paralysed - they may lose 
 some fluid, but it can be replaced by the body in time.

 The hump on krogan's back stores water and fats that help the krogan survive
 lean times. Large humps are a point of pride; being well-fed implies the 
 krogan is a superior predator.

 The most widely-known biological feature of the krogan is their incredible 
 birth rate and rapid maturity. Once freed from the hostile cauldron of 
 Tuchanka, the krogan population swelled into a numberless horde. Only the
 genophage kept them from out-breeding the combined Council races. Now the 
 rare krogan females capable of bringing a child to term are treated like 
 strategic resources: warlords will trade them at diplomacy or (more 
 frequently) fight wars over them."

-> Krogan: Culture

Obtained By: Talking to Wrex

"The harsh krogan homeworld conditioned the krogan psychology for toughness
 just as it did the body. Krogan have always had a tendency to be selfish,
 unsympathetic, and blunt. They respect strength and self-reliance and are
 neither surprised nor offended by treachery. The weak and selfless do not 
 live long. In their culture, "looking out for number one" is simply a matter
 of course.

 After their defeat in the Rebellions, the very concept of krogan leadership
 was discredited. Where a warlord could once command enough power to bring
 entire solar systems to heel and become Overlord, these days it is rare for
 a single leader to have more then 1000 warriors swear allegiance to him. Most
 krogan trust and serve no one but themselves.

 This solitary attitude stems in part from a deep sense of fatalism and 
 futility, a profound social effect of the genophage that caused krogan 
 numbers to dwindle to a relative handful. Not only are they angry that the 
 entire galaxy seems out to get them, the krogan are also generally 
 pessimistic about their race's chances of survival. The surviving krogan see
 no point to building for the future; there will be no future. The krogan 
 live with an attitude of "kill, pillage, and be selfish, for tomorrow we 

-> Krogan: Genophage

Obtained By: Talk to Wrex

"The genophage bioweapon was created to end the Krogan Rebellions. From the 
 start, the krogan had overwhelmed the Council. Only timely first contact with
 the turians saved the Council races. The turians fought the krogans to a 
 standstill, but the sheer weight of krogan numbers indicated the war could 
 not be won through conventional means. The turians collaborated with the 
 salarians to genetically engineer a counter to the rapid breeding of the 

 The genophage virus gained the energy to replicate by "eating" key genetic 
 sequences. Every cell in every krogan had to be altered for the weapon to be
 foolproof; otherwise the krogan could have used gene therapy to fix the 
 affected tissues. Once a genophage strain could find no more genes to eat, it
 would starve and die, limited spin-off mutation and contamination. This 
 "created" genetic flaw is hereditary.

 The salarians believed the genophage would be used as a deterrent, a position
 the turians viewed as naive. Once the project was complete, the turians mass
 produced and deployed it. The krogan homeworld, their colonies, and all 
 occupied worlds were infected.

 The resulting mutation made only one in a thousand krogan pregnancies carry 
 to term. It did not reduce fertility, but offspring viability. The rare 
 females able to carry children to term became prizes the krogan warlords 
 fought brutal battles over.

 The krogan are a shadow of their former glory. While the Rebellions took 
 place centuries ago, they are constantly reminded of the horror of the 
 genophage and of their inability to counter it. The release of the genophage
 is still controversial, bitterly debated in many circles."

-> Krogan: Krogan Rebellions

Obtained By: Talk to Avina VI Terminal III

"After the Rachni War, the quick-breeding krogan expanded at the expense of 
 their neighbours. Warlords leveraged their veteran soldiers to seize living 
 space while the Council races were still grateful. Over centuries, the krogan
 conquered world after world. There was always "just one more" needed. When 
 the Council finally demanded withdrawal from the asari colony of Lusia, 
 krogan Overlord Kredak stormed off the Citadel, daring the Council to take 
 the worlds back.

 But the Council had taken precautions. The finest STG operators and asari 
 huntresses had been drafted into a covert "observation force", the Office of 
 Special Tactics and Reconnaissance. The Spectres opened the war with 
 crippling strategic strikes. Krogan planets went dark as computer viruses
 flooded the extranet. Sabotaged antimatter refineries disappeared in 
 blue-white annihilation, Headquarters stations shattered into orbit-
 clogging debris, ramming by pre-placed suicide freighters.

 Still, this only delayed the inevitable. The war would have been lost if not
 for first contact with the turians, who responded to krogan threats with a 
 prompt declaration of war. Being on the far side of krogan space from the 
 Council, the turians advanced rapidly into the lightly-defended krogan rear 
 areas. The krogan responded by dropping space stations and asteroids on 
 turian colonies. Three worlds were rendered completely uninhabitable.

 This was precisely the wrong approach to take with the turians. Each is first
 and foremost a public servant, willing to risk his life to protect his 
 comrades. Rather then increasing public war weariness, krogan tactics 
 stiffened turian resolve.

 The arrival of turian task forces saved many worlds from the warlords' 
 marauding fleets, but it took the development of the genophage bioweapon to 
 end the war. There were decades of unrest afterwards. Rogue warlords and 
 holdout groups of insurgents refused to surrender, or disappeared into the 
 frontier systems to become pirates."

-> Krogan: Military Doctrine

Obtained By: Talk to Wrex AFTER finding his Family Armour

"Traditional krogan tactics were built on attrition mass-unit warfare.
 Equipped with cheap rugged gear, troop formations were powerful but 
 inflexible. Command and control was very centralized; soldiers in the field 
 who saw a target contacted their commanders behind the lines to arrange fire 

 Since the genophage, the krogan can no longer afford the casualties of the 
 old horde attacks. The Battle Masters are a match for any ten soldiers of 
 another species. To a Battle Master, killing is a science. They focus on 
 developing clean, brute-force economy of motion that exploits their brutal 
 strength to incapacitate enemies with a swift single blow of overwhelming 

 This change of focus from mass-unit warfare to maximal efficiency has 
 increased employment demand in the fields of security and "muscle for hire". 
 Due to the unsavoury reputation of the krogan, most of these jobs are on the
 far side of the law.

 Battle Masters are not "spit and polish", but they do believe in being well-
 armed and equipped, preferably with a gun for each limb. They are callous and
 brutal, but methodical and disciplined. They use any means at their disposal 
 to achieve their goals, no matter how reprehensible. Hostage-taking and 
 genocide are acceptable means to ensure a quiet occupation with few krogan 

 The krogan serving with Saren's forces appear to be returning to the old 
 style of mass attrition combat. They also work in close cooperation with 
 supporting geth units, who fill in the roles occupied by combat drones in 
 other armies.

 Biotics are rare among the krogan. Those that exist are viewed with suspicion
 and fear. The krogan see this aura of fear as a useful quality for an 
 officer, and often promote them. Combat drones and other high-tech equipment 
 are likewise in short supply."

-> Quarians: Economy

Obtained By: Talking to Tali

"The Migrant Fleet has little economic base, operating in a state of perpetual
 "hand-to-mouth". White quarian ships include light manufacturing and assembly
 plants, they lack heavy industries such as refining and shipbuilding. The 
 fleet has tankers for water purification and oxygen cracking, but with the 
 space-intensive nature of agriculture limits food production. A single 
 disaster could destroy the fragile balance.

 The quarians earn income in creative ways. Because the government is obliged
 to provide food, water, air, and medical support for every individual, the 
 Conclave strategically determines the course of the Fleet to bring in 
 resources and income. A species who suspects the Migrant Fleet is heading 
 towards their space often offers a "gift" of surplus starships, fuel, and 
 resources to alter course.

 As the fleet passes through the a system, swarms of mining vessels work over 
 asteroids for metals and siliceous materials and cometary bodies for water 
 ice and organics. Quarian miners are adept at locating and strip-mining 
 space-borne resources. This sparks conflict with corporations already working
 the system. Large mining concerns spend millions on lobbyists and public 
 relations portraying the quarians as locusts, devouring the resources of a 
 system before moving on.

 The greatest asset of the quarians is their rarefied skills. Most are 
 experienced miners. Due to their life of perpetual salvage and repair, they 
 are skilled engineers and technicians. More than once, they very corporations
 that lobby against the quarians have made back room deals with the Fleet, 
 arranging for skilled quarians to fill space engineering jobs that other 
 species would demand higher wages for. Quarians are widely hated among the 
 working classes. "The quarians are coming to take our jobs" is a common 
 response to the Fleet's approach."

-> Quarians: Government

Obtained By: Talking to Tali

"Due to the quarians' precarious existence and the need to enforce strict 
 rationing, government is somewhat autocratic. The Migrant Fleet's operations 
 are directed by the Admiralty, a board of five military officers who are 
 advised by a legislative body called the Conclave.

 Each vessel in the Fleet has the right to send representatives to the 
 Conclave aboard the flagship. The number of representatives is based on crew
 size. Larger clans, with bigger ships and more votes, form the cores of 
 political blocs. Opposition comes from the Outriders' Coalition, with 
 delegates from thousands of smaller ships. 

 The Admiralty defers to the Conclave's decisions in most circumstances. 
 However, if all five members agree a Conclave decision jeopardized the 
 survival of the fleet, and cannot get the Conclave to address their concerns,
 they have the right to summarily overturn the legislative decision. After the
 Admiralty uses this extraordinary power, they must resign. If the Admiralty 
 does not step down after using their veto the rest of the military is obliged
 to arrest them.

 Each ship captain has authority over the vessel, but is advised by an elected
 civilian Council, just as the Admiralty is advised by the Conclave. This 
 relationships may range from cooperation to polite tolerance to outright 
 hostility, but any captain who overrules his council without good reason is 
 relieved of command by the Admiralty.

 Many quarian ships are owned by clans who pool their resources to purchase 
 used vessels from private sellers. Large ships are prestigious for big, rich 
 clans, but a small ship means status for a small clan with enough personal 
 wealth to afford a private vessel. Clan vessel captains are not subject to 
 dismissal by the Admiralty; abusive captains are a "family" problem if they 
 do not disrupt the operations of the fleet."

-> Quarians: Law and Defence

Obtained By: Talking to Tali

"Although the Conclave establishes civil law much as any planet-based 
 democracy, enforcement and trials are more unique. After the flight from the 
 geth, there were few constables to police the millions of civilians aboard 
 the Fleet, so the navy parcelled out marine squads to maintain order and 
 enforce the law. Today, quarian marines have evolved training and tactics 
 akin to civilian police, but remain adept at combat in the confined spaces 
 of a starship, and fully under the command of the military.

 Once taken into custody, the accused is brought before the ship's captain for
 judgment. While the ship's council may make recommendations, tradition holds
 that the captain has absolute authority in matters of discipline.

 Most are lenient, assigning additional or more odious maintenance tasks
 aboard the ship. Persistent recidivists are "accidentally" left on the next 
 habitable world. This practice of abandoning criminals on other people's 
 planets is a point of friction between the quarians and the systems they pass
 through. Captains rarely have another choice; with space and resources at a
 premium, supporting a non-productive prison population is not an option.

 In the early years, many quarians freighters were armed and used as irregular
 "privateers". Civilian ships still show a strong preference for armament, 
 making them unpopular targets for pirates. Though they have rebuilt their 
 military, there are still mere hundreds of warships to protect the tens of 
 thousands of ships. The quarian navy follows strict routines of patrol, and 
 takes no chances. If the intent of approaching ship can't be ascertained, 
 they shoot to kill."

-> Quarian: Migrant Fleet

Obtained By: Talking to Tali

"The Migrant Fleet is the largest concentration of starfaring vessels in the 
 galaxy, sprawling across millions of kilometres. It can take days for the 
 entire fleet to pass through a mass relay.

 When the quarians fled their homeworld, the Fleet was a motley aggregation of
 freighters, shuttles, industrial vessels, and the odd warship. After three 
 centuries, all have been modified to support larger crews as comfortably as 
 possible. As the quarians achieved stability, they began weeding out the 
 ships least suitable for long-term habitation, selling them and pooling the 
 money to buy larger and more spaceworthy hulls. This process is ongoing, as 
 vessels wear out and break down.

 While some ships enjoy dedicated cabins with full privacy and sanitary 
 facilities, many more are former freighters, whose cargo bays and containers 
 are pressurized and divided into family spaces using simple metal "cubicle" 
 bulkheads. The quarians enliven these austere spaces with colourful quilts
 and tapestries, which also help muffle sound.

 The day-to-day operation of the fleet - traffic control, station-keeping, 
 supply distribution, and so on - are under military jurisdiction. Though 
 ship captains have the authority to deviate from their assigned positions and
 may leave the fleet at any time, they are assumed to do so at their own risk.
 As the Migrant Fleet moves around the galaxy, many ships split off to pursue 
 individual goals, returning days or years later."

-> Quarians: Pilgrimage

Obtained By: Talking to Tali about her Pilgrimage

"When quarians of the Migrant Fleet reach young adulthood, they must leave 
 their birth ship and find a new crew to accept them as permanent residents.
 To prove themselves, they must recover something of value. This is offered to
 their prospective captain as proof that they will not be a mere burden on the
 shoestring resources of the ship.

 This process is called the Pilgrimage. Stripped of ritual, the Pilgrimage is 
 merely an attempt to maintain genetic diversity within the small, relatively 
 isolated population bases that make up the Migrant Fleet. If the young stayed
 and married within their birth vessel, the risk of inbreeding would increase 

 Quarians are surgically fitted with their various immunity-boosted implants 
 in preparation for leaving on Pilgrimage. Having grown within the sterile, 
 controlled environments of the Migrant Fleet ships, quarians have virtually
 no natural immune system."

-> Quarians: Religion

Obtained By: Talking to Tali

"The ancient quarians practiced ancestor worship. Even after abandoning faith
 for secularism, quarians continued to revere the wisdom of elders. As time
 passed and technology advanced, they inevitably turned their knowledge to 
 preserving the personalities and memories of the elderly as computer virtual
 intelligences. These recordings became a repository of knowledge and wisdom, 
 stored in a central databank and available through any extranet connection.

 They held no illusions that this was like a form of immortality; like all
 virtual intelligences, their electronically-preserved ancestors were not
 truly sapient. This was considered a surmountable problem; sapience could
 surely be reduced to simple mathematics.

 The quarians began exhaustive research into creating artificial intelligence
 so they could learn to escape the bounds of mortality and give their 
 ancestral records true awareness. Unfortunately, the life the quarians 
 created did not accept the same truths they did. The geth destroyed the 
 ancestor databanks when they took over.

 The centuries since they evacuated their homeworld, most quarians have 
 returned to religion in various forms. Many believe the rise of the geth and
 the destruction of their "ancestors" were chastisement for arrogantly 
 forsaking the old ways and venerating self-made idols.

 Others have a more philosophical outlook, believing their race was indeed
 arrogant, but no supernatural agency lay behind the geth revolt. Rather, the
 quarians' actions wrought their own doom. Either way, every quarian would
 agree that their own hubris cost them their homeworld."

		--==Citadel and Galactic Government==--

"A massive space station that serves as the political and economic capital of
 galactic culture."

-> Citadel Conventions

Obtained By: Diplomatic Archives in Embassy

"These diplomatic talks occurred in the wake of the Krogan Rebellions, as a 
 response to the destruction of the conflict and an attempt to distance the 
 Council from the brutal krogan warfare.

 The Conventions regulate the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction. A WMD causes
 environmental alteration to a world. A bomb that produces a large crater is 
 not considered a WMD; a bomb that causes a "nuclear winter" is.

 Use of WMD is forbidden on "garden" worlds like Earth, with ecospheres that 
 can readily support a population. If a habitable world is destroyed, it will 
 not be replaced for millions of years. The Conventions do not forbid the use 
 of WMD on hostile worlds or in sealed space-station environments. Many 
 militaries continue to develop and maintain stockpiles.

 The Conventions graded Weapons of Mass Destruction into tiers of concern. 
 Tier I is the greatest threat to galactic peace.

 TIER I: Large kinetic impactors, such as asteroid drops or de-orbited space 
 stations. Effectively free and available in any system (in the form of debris
 left over from planetary accretion), kinetic impacters are the weapons of 
 choice for terrorists and "third galaxy" nations.

 TIER II: Uncontrolled self-replicating weapons, such as nanotechnology, viral
 or bacteriological organisms, "Von Neumann devices", and destructive computer
 viruses. These weapons can lie dormant for millennia, waiting for a careless 
 visitor to carry them on another world.

 TIER III: Large energy-burst weapons such as nuclear or antimatter warheads.

 TIER IV: Alien species deliberately introduced to crowd out native forms 
 necessary for the hearth of an ecosystem. Ecological tampering can take years
 to bear fruit, making it difficult to prove."

-> Citadel Station: Citadel Security Forces (C-Sec)

Obtained By: Talking to Executor Pallin

"Citadel Security is a volunteer police service answering to the Citadel 
 Council. The 200,000 constables of C-Sec are responsible for maintaining 
 public order in the densely populated Citadel. They also provide pirate 
 suppression, customs enforcements, and search-and-rescue throughout the 
 Citadel cluster.

 C-Sec has six divisions:

 ENFORCEMENT - Uniformed officers who patrol the Citadel and respond to 

 INVESTIGATION - Detectives who puzzle out the truth behind crimes and bring 
 perpetrators to justice.

 CUSTOMS - Screen the thousands of passengers and cargo containers that pass 
 through the Citadel's ports every day.

 NETWORK - Deals with "cybercrimes" like identify and copyright theft, hacking
 and viral attacks, and illegal artificial intelligence.

 SPECIAL RESPONSE - Deals with hostage situations, bombs, and heavily armed 
 criminals. In the unlikely event that attackers board the Citadel, they are 
 also the front line of defence, armoured with military grade equipment.

 PATROL - Naval arm, with ships stationed throughout the Citadel cluster. 
 Unlike the other divisions, they are rarely seen at the Citadel, nor do they
 stay in one place long.

 Joining C-Sec is prestigious; applications must be sponsored by a Citadel 
 Councillor or the ambassador of an associate Council race. Generally, 
 applicants have many years of distinguished service in the military or police
 forces of their nations, but an inexperienced applicant with demonstrable 
 talent will be fairly considered.

 C-Sec and Spectres are often at odds. May C-Sec members, notably the current
 Executor Venari Pallin, believe that allowing Spectres to be "above the law"
 is a dangerous practice, the actions of Saren Arterius lend credence to this
 position. The Spectres, in turn, are aggravated within C-Sec's dedication to
 procedure and due process hampers their investigations."

-> Citadel Station: Presidium Ring

Obtained By: Talk to Embassy Receptionist

"The Ring is an enclosed loop of park-like space serving as the connection
 point for the Wards. The interior walls are lined with the embassies of
 influential species and private residences for the galaxies elite.

 The Presidium is full of "open-air" restaurants, bars, and luxurious
 meeting areas. Gravity is about 1/3 Earth-normal. A holographic "sky" is
 projected over the "ceiling" of the ring. unlike the 24/7 bustle of the 
 Wards, the Presidium maintains a 20-hour day schedule, with a six-hour 
 "night" where lights are dimmed and the sky goes through a night cycle.

 Offices and residences are often open to the interior. It is not unusual for
 embassies to have no exterior wall at all. This does not cause a crime 
 problem due to the heavy C-Sec presence and ubiquitous monitoring devices on
 the Presidium. Thieves are quickly identified and apprehended.

 The Ring is the location of the Citadel's spaceports. Being closer to the
 centre of the spin, there is less motion for a ship to match, and the reduced
 spin gravity makes handling cargo easier. Hundreds of ships pass through the
 Citadel every day, and every species with an embassy is granted a private 

 The Tower, at the centre of the Ring, holds the administration of the Citadel
 Council. The Tower rises over a kilometre from the ring, appearing to thrust
 forward parallel to the ward arms. As the Tower is at the centre of the spin
 axis, it experiences little centrifugal force. Gravity is maintained using
 mass effect fields at a 90-degree angle to the Ring and Wards.

 A Consular dock can be found at the base of the Tower. While normally used 
 for diplomatic couriers and Spectre business, the shuttles docked here can
 evacuate the Council government in an emergency."

-> Citadel Station: Serpent Nebula

Obtained By: View the Nebula from outside the Med Centre of the Wards

"The Citadel is surrounded by a blue-tinted reflection nebula. The light of 
 the nebula is actually light from the Citadel, scattered and reflected back 
 at the station.

 At first, the Serpent Nebula was assumed to be made of microscopic
 construction debris. Prevailing theory holds the Protheans used molecular
 nanotechnology to manufacture the incredibly durable materials used to make
 the Citadel. But unlike other nebulae, the Serpent does not dissipate over
 time. Therefore, it must be replenished constantly. The current popular 
 theory is that the non-recyclable waste collected by the Citadel's keepers is
 somehow rendered down to the atomic or molecular level, and ejected into the

 The thick nebula resents a navigation hazard. Beyond the relatively clear
 areas around the Citadel, electrical discharges are common. These are not 
 blocked by kinetic barriers, and can severely damage metal-framed starships. 
 In addition, some dense knots of dust can overwhelm the repulsion of kinetic
 barriers on smaller ships. If such a vessel is moving fast enough at the
 time, the effects are similar to being hit by a sandblaster.

 Attempting to reach the Citadel through open space navigation is unadvisable;
 the only safe approach is through the various mass relays that orbit it."

-> Citadel Station: Statistics

Obtained By: Talk to Captain Anderson after Eden Prime

"Although the Citadel is equipped with mass-effect-generating element-zero 
 cores, most of the gravity on the station is generated by the centrifugal 
 force of rotation.

 Rotation: 3.5 minutes per revolution
 Rotational Gravity in Wards: 1.02 Earth
 Rotational Gravity in Presidium: 0.3 Earth
 Total Length (Open): 44.7 km
 Diameter (Open): 12.8km
 Ward Length: 43.6km
 Ward Width: 330m
 Presidium Ring Diameter: 7.2 km
 Presidium Ring Width: 553 m 
 Exterior Armour Thickness: 13 m
 Population: 13.2 million (not including keepers)
 Gross Weight: 7.11 billion metric tons
 Height of the Presidium Tower: 1047 m"

-> Citadel Station: Wards

Obtained By: Talking to Barla Von

"The majority of the Citadel's population lives in the Wards, the five massive
 arms of the station that house the residential and commercial districts. Many
 galactic races have established cultural enclaves here. Population density
 and cost of living are extremely high, akin to Earth cities such as Hong Kong
 and Singapore.

 The Wards are open-topped, with skyscrapers rising from the superstructure.
 Towers are sealed against vacuum, as the breathable atmosphere envelope is
 only maintained to a height of about seven meters. The atmosphere is 
 contained by the centrifugal force of rotation and a "membrane" of dense, 
 colourless sulphur hexafluoride gas, held in place by carefully managed mass
 effect fields.

 The view from the Wards is spectacular. In the background, stars, Serpent 
 Nebula, and the nearby blue giant called "the Widow" move across the sky as
 the station rotates to stabilize itself. In the foreground, the lights of
 buildings and vehicles on the opposing Ward arms perpetually shine. The 
 Citadel has no real day or night. While the station keeps to standard 
 galactic time for political functions, business rarely close, and residents 
 acclimate to sleep and work according to personal need rather than a
 day-night cycle.

 Additions and modifications are constantly being constructed, though they 
 must stay within certain specifications that will not compromise the
 operation of the station. Occasionally, the keepers will descend on an area
 of the Ward and move or change the architecture without explanation.
 Residents have learned to live with these inexplicable intrusions."

-> Treaty of Farixen

Obtained By: Examine Diplomatic Archives in Citadel

"Due to the destructive potential of dreadnaughts, the Council races agree at 
 the Farixen Naval Conference to fix a ratio of dreadnaught construction 
 between themselves. At the top of pyramid is the peacekeeping turian fleet. 
 Below the turians are the other Council races, currently the asari and the 
 salarians. Council associate races are at the bottom. The human Systems 
 Alliance is part of this last group.

 The ratio of turian to Council to associate dreadnaughts is 5:3:1, for every 
 dreadnaught the humans are permitted to build, the asari have three, and the 
 turians five."

	      --==Humanity and the Systems Alliance==--

"The Alliance is the government and military of humanity beyond Sol."

-> Genetic Engineering

Obtained By: Talk to Rafael Vargas at Noveria

"In the 22nd century, manipulation of the human genome became commonplace.
 Techniques for genetic engineering advanced to the point where the rich could
 custom-build foetuses that grew into stronger, smarter, and more attractive
 adults. In more permissive regions, custom-designed life forms and "uplifted"
 animals occupied an ill-defined niche between "property" and "sapient being."

 Travel to planets with unique forms of life brought an awareness that Earth's
 biodiversity could be lost if it spliced and hybridized to gain useful alien
 qualities. The Sudham-Wolcott Genetic Heritage Act was passed by the Systems
 Alliance Parliament in 2161. It imposed sharp restrictions on controversial
 uses of genetic engineering, but provided government subsidies for beneficial

 SCREENING AND THERAPY: Most governments provide free assessments and 
 corrective therapy for genetic diseases in prospective parents. This has
 nearly eliminated everything from cystic fibrosis to nearsightedness. The
 earlier screening and therapy is performed, the more comprehensive the 
 results. Though ideally performed on artificially fertilized zygotes in a 
 lab, procedures are available for embryos in the womb and newborns, out of 
 respect for personal beliefs.

 ENHANCEMENT: Improvements of natural human abilities is legal, but adding new
 abilities is not. Treatments to improve strength, reflexes, mental ability, 
 or appearance are permitted; adding a tail or the ability to digest cellulose
 is not. Some genetic enhancement is provided for free to Alliance military 
 recruits, but the average citizen must pay for the privilege. The process
 can take years to reach fruition in an adult.

 ENGINEERING: Artificial hybridization of genes from compatible non-human 
 species with human genetic code is illegal. Creation of designed life is
 broadly legal (and mainly used for terraforming and medical applications), 
 but sentient creatures are heavily regulated, and creation of sapient life is
 outlawed by both the Systems Alliance and the Citadel Council."

-> Human Diplomatic Relations

Obtained By: Talk to Navigator Pressly

"Humanity has encountered many galactic species. Wars have been few, but 
 mistrust is rife.

 Politically, the Alliance is a peaceful trade partner of the TURIANS. As a 
 practical matter, however, there is simmering antagonism and bigotry between 
 both populations over the First Contact War of 2157.

 Though humans know better than to unconditionally trust and SALARIAN, their 
 shared restless, reckless ways make them natural allies against the 
 conservative turians and asari.

 The KROGAN have no unified government, but individuals are generally treated 
 as potential criminals, a reputation most krogan enjoy living down to.

 The Alliance has no formal contact with the QUARIANS. Their Migrant Fleet has
 not yet passed through any human-settled system.

 The batarians are rivals for control of Skyllian Verge. They severed their
 treaties with the Citadel to prosecute a colonial conflict against the
 Alliance. Officially, there is no war, but neither is there any peace."

-> Systems Alliance: Geological Survey

Obtained By: Survey any mineral on a planet

"As the human race expands its territory and raises the general standard of 
 living, demand for industrial resources continues to grow. Many planets, 
 moons and asteroids contain a wealth of resources, but many systems have 
 been barely charted, let along thoroughly surveyed. Unmanned probes are one
 solution, but they are often lost to space hazards, unforeseen circumstances,
 or theft by salvagers.

 In recent years, AGeS, the Alliance Geological Service, has offered bounties 
 to private individuals or teams willing to perform mineralogical surveys on 
 the frontier. This survey data is made publicly available to further 
 corporate development. Due to the cost of travel and the dangers of operating
 on hostile worlds, it is rarely a profitable endeavour.

 LIGHT METALS - Metals with low atomic weight are often used in the 
 construction of spacecraft and vehicles.

 HEAVY METALS - Metals with higher atomic weights are used to construct 
 equipment components. The platinum group elements are particularly useful.

 RARE EARTHS - Most useful in this category are radioactives or magnets.

 GASSES - Various gasses are required to support all known forms of sapient 
 life. Some are commonly used as fuel."

-> Systems Alliance: Military Doctrine

Obtained By: Talking to Ashley

"The Alliance military is of great concern to the galaxy. At first contact 
 with the turians, they were completely inexperienced. Turian disdain to 
 respect after the relief of Shanxi, where the humans surprised them with 
 novel technologies and tactics.

 The human devotion to understanding and adapting to modern space warfare
 stunned the staid Council races. For hundreds of years, they had lived behind
 the secure walls of long-proven technology and tactics. The Council regards
 the Alliance as a "sleeping giant". Less than 3% of humans volunteer to serve
 in their military, a lower proportion than any other species.

 While competent, Alliance soldiers are neither as professional as the turians
 nor as skilled as the asari. Their strengths lie in fire support, 
 flexibility, and speed. They make up for lack of numbers with sophisticated 
 technical support (VIs, drones, artillery, electronic warfare) and emphasis 
 on mobility and individual initiative.

 Their doctrine is not based on absorbing and dishing out heavy shocks like
 the turians and krogan. Rather, they bypass enemy strong points and launch
 deep into their rear, cutting supply lines and destroying headquarters and
 support units, leaving enemies to "wither on the vine".

 On defensive, the human military is a rapid reaction force that lives by Sun
 Tzu's maxim, "He who tries to defend everything defends nothing." Garrisons 
 are intended for scouting rather then combat, avoiding engagement to observe
 and report on invaders using drones.

 The token garrisons of human colonies make it easy for alien powers to secure
 them, for which the Alliance media criticizes the military. However, the
 powerful fleets stationed at phase gate nexuses such as Arcturus are just a
 few hours or days from any colony within their sphere of responsibility. In
 the event of an attack, they respond with an overwhelming force."

-> Systems Alliance: Military Jargon

"ashore - When a ship's crew leaves the vessel, they are "ashore." Though 
 normally used regarding planets, it can refer to boarding a space station.

 aweigh - When a ship releases the equipment tethering it to a space station 
 or surface dock, it is "aweight."

 aye, aye - The proper way to acknowledge an order. If told to attack the 
 correct response is "Aye, aye, sir." If asked "Are you proud to be a marine?"
 the correct response is "Yes, sir".

 ASAP - Pronounced "a-sap," an acronym of "as soon as possible."

 belay - Stop, cease.

 bridge - The navigation centre or a spacecraft, where the steering is done.

 captain's mast - Non-judicial disciplinary proceedings by unit commanders.

 CIC - Combat Information Centre, the command centre of a spacecraft. The CIC 
 is filled with sensor displays to make sense out of the chaos of combat.

 DC - Damage Control. The containment and repair of damage to a spacecraft.

 ECM - Electronic Counter-Measures used to avoid enemy sensors, from passive 
 emissions masking to active jamming.

 EVA - Extra-Vehicular Activity. Time spent in a pressure suit, outside of a 
 vehicle, spacecraft, or station.

 flank - The flank is the "side" of a military formation. Since the soldiers 
 are facing elsewhere, an enemy that can attack on the flank can often "turn 
 it" or "roll it up."

 FNG - "Freaking" New Guy(s). A derisive term for inexperienced personal.

 groundside - The surface of a planet.

 helmsman - The crew member who pilots the spacecraft.

 ladar - Light-amplified detection and ranging. An active sensor that bounces 
 lasers off an object to determine its bearing and distance. Ladar has 
 sufficient resolution that the data can be reconstructed into an image.

 shore party - Spacecraft's crew sent ashore on official business.
 silent running - An old submariner's term used aboard the Normandy to denote 
 when stealth systems are active.

 sitrep - Abbreviation of "situation report," an evaluation of the current 
 military situation.

 spacer - Someone who has spent most of their life in space.

 XO - Executive Officer, the second-in-command of an Alliance warship. The XO 
 is responsible for administrative and personal matters."

-> Systems Alliance: Military Ranks

Obtained By: Manual in Captain's Office onboard Normandy

"The Alliance uses a modified version of the ranking system that has been used
 for hundreds of years. Soldiers are classified into rank-and-file enlisted
 personal, experienced non-commissioned officers (NCOs), and specially trained

 The divide between naval personnel and ground forces ("marines") is small.
 Ground units are a specialized branch of the fleet, just as fighter squadrons
 are. This unity of command is imposed by the futility of fighting without
 control of orbit; without the navy, any army is pointless. The marines, as
 a matter of pride, maintain some of their traditional rank titles; for 
 example, marines have Privates and Corporals instead of Servicemen.

 In ascending order of responsibility, the ranks of the Alliance are:

 Serviceman 3rd Class / Private 2nd Class
 Serviceman 2nd Class / Private 1st Class
 Serviceman 1st Class / Corporal

 Service Chief
 Gunnery Chief
 Operations Chief

 2nd Lieutenant
 1st Lieutenant
 Staff Lieutenant
 Lieutenant Commander
 Staff Commander
 Captain / Major
 Read Admiral / General
 Fleet Admiral"

-> Systems Alliance: N7

Obtained By: Shepard's Locker on Normandy

"The Alliance Military Vocational Code system classifies the career path of 
 all serving personnel. The MVC consists of one letter and one number. A 
 soldier's MVC indicates proficiency, not rank. The letter notes career path;
 the number indicates level of experience, as indicated by service record,
 technical scores, and commendations. All 26 letters are used, and numbers 
 run from 1 to 7. N is the letter code for Special Forces personnel."

-> Terra Firma Party

Obtained By: Talk to Terra Firma Party Leader on Citadel

"Terra Firma is an Alliance political party formed after the First Contact 
 War. Its policy agenda is based on the principle that Earth must "stand firm"
 against influences. This covers a variety of legislation. Recent activities 
 by Terra Firma include opposition to a law requiring high school alien 
 language study, a proposal to increase tariffs on alien imports, and leading
 a popular movement to mark the First Contact War as a public holiday.

 Though founded by well-meaning individuals who feared the submersion of 
 native human cultures under a wave of "alien vogue", Terra Firma's agenda
 attracts many jingoists and xenophobes."

-> Timeline

Obtained By: Starting any new game

"2069 - Armstrong Outpost at Shackleton Crater becomes the first human 
        settlement on Luna. It is formally founded on July 24, the 100th 
        anniversary of the first lunar landing.

 2103 - Lower City in Eos Chasma becomes the first human settlement on Mars.

 2137 - Eldfell-Ashland Energy Corporation demonstrates helium-3 fuel 
        extraction from the atmosphere of Saturn.

 2142 - Construction of Gagarin Station (Jump Zero) begins beyond the orbit of

 2148 - Prospectors discover the Prothean ruins at Promethei Planum on Mars.

 2149 - Translation of Prothean data leads humans to the Charon mass relay.
        Systems Alliance founded to coordinate exploration and colonization of 
        extra-solar worlds.

 2151 - A shipping accident at Singapore International Spaceport exposes
        downwind communities to containers of dust-form element zero. Alliance
        begins construction of Arcturus Station.

 2152 - Roughly 30% of the children born in Singapore after element zero 
        exposure suffer from cancerous growths. Systems Alliance begins 
        settlement of Earth's first extra-solar colony world, the planet 

 2154 - Commander Shepard born.

 2155 - Systems Alliance occupies completed portions of Arcturus Station as a

 2156 - Some children of Singapore exhibit minor telekinetic abilities.

 2157 - Turians encounter human explorers; First Contact War. Occupation and
        liberation of the human colony of Shanxi.

 2158 - Humans learn potential of biotics. An international effort to track
        element zero exposures begin. Roughly 10% of exposed children show
        some sign of biotic ability.

 2160 - Systems Alliance Parliament formed.

 2165 - Humans establish embassy on Citadel.

 2170 - Batarian slavers attack the Alliance colony Midoir.

 2176 - Skyllian Blitz - Pirates and slavers attacked Elysium, the human 
        capital in the Skyllian Verge.

 2177 - Thresher maws devour the Alliance colony of Akuze.

 2178 - In retaliation for the Skyllian Blitz, an alliance fleet wipes out an
        army of slavers on the moon of Torfan.

 2183 - Current date."

		       --==Planets and Locations==--

"The Milky Way galaxy contains 200 to 400 billion stars, most with a host of

-> Stations: Arcturus Station

Obtained By: Talking to Ashley

"Arcturus Station is the gateway to Sol, a 5-kilometer diameter "Stanford
 Torus" -type space station at the training Lagrange point of the gas giant 
 Themis. Construction on Arcturus Station began in 2151 and concluded in 
 2162. It was inaugurated in 2156, and has served as the military and
 political headquarters of the Systems Alliance from the First Contact War
 until the present.

 When humanity activated the Charon Mass Relay in 2149, it led to Arcturus, 36
 light years from Sol, Earth's sun. Arcturus is the third brightest star seen
 from Earth. It is an ancient red giant from the generation born before Sol.
 Its worlds are either gas giants or ice chunks. While some rocky debris 
 exists, the metal content is 25% lower than normal. To build Arcturus 
 Station, metallic asteroids were towed through the mass relays to the 
 construction site. Many of these asteroids remain near the station, their 
 mined out areas home to transient populations.

 The expense of bringing construct materials into the system was acceptable 
 due to its strategic value. With three primary mass relays in addition to the
 secondary one to Sol, Arcturus is a major communications and military
 chokepoint. The Alliance 1st Fleet is based in Arcturus, where it can guard
 the gates to Sol and react to incursions in the three connected clusters. 
 The Station also hosts the Systems Alliance Parliament and the Systems 
 Alliance Military general headquarters. Its permanent population is 
 approximately 45,000.

 Arcturus is actually from the galactic halo, one of a cluster of 52 stars that
 are "crashing through" the disc of the galaxy. In a billion years, Arcturus
 will be sailing through the depths of extragalactic dark space. "

-> Stations: Gagarin Station

Obtained By: Talking to Kaiden

"Gagarin Station is the largest deep space station built by humanity, a
 "Bernal Sphere" designed with a 500-meter-diameter habitable area. It was
 constructed beyond Pluto, nearly 80 Astronomical Units (12 billion 
 kilometres) from Sol. Moving crew and materials to this location bankrupted
 most of the backers.

 Gagarin was placed at the inner edge of the "heliopause" - the point at which
 the solar wind can no longer push back the interstellar medium. It was built
 to test a number of faster-than-light drive principles that theoretically 
 could only occur in interstellar space. The station was nicknamed "Jump 
 Zero", as it was intended to be the jumping-off point for humanity's 
 expansion into the galaxy. Shortly after the station was completed, the 
 Prothean ruins were discovered on Mars, rendering the entire effort moot.

 After struggling to make a profit for a decade, Gagarin was sold to the
 Systems Alliance in 2159 for a fraction of its construction costs. The
 Alliance refurbished it as a research and training centre for the recently
 discovered biotic phenomenon.

 In 2169, the Biotic Acclimation and Training program was shut down and 
 Gagarin became a general research facility. Its remote location and 
 intentional isolation from the extranet makes it popular for dangerous 
 research, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. Humanity's
 first stable AI, the Alliance-sponsored "Eliza", achieved sapience at 
 Gagarin in 2172.

 Today, Gagarin Station has a permanent population of approximately 9000. A
 plan has been proposed to move it to the gravitationally stable barycentre 
 point between Pluto and the Charon Relay allowing it to serve as a gateway
 facility between the Sol and Arcturus systems. The high cost of safely 
 moving it mass has delayed this indefinitely."

		         --==Ships and Vehicles==--

"The technologies of space travel and surface mobility."

-> FTL Drive: Appearance

Obtained By: Computer near Joker

"New space travellers ask, "What does it look like outside a ship moving at 
 faster-than-light speed?" Part of the answer can be seen in a simple pane of 
 glass. Light travels slower through glass then it does through open air; 
 light also moves slower in conventional space then it does in a high-speed
 mass effect field. This causes refraction - any light entering at an angle 
 is bent and separated into a spectrum. Objects outside the ship will appear 
 refracted. The greater the difference between the objective (exterior) and
 subjective (interior) speeds of light, the greater the refraction.

 As the subjective speed of lights is raised within the field, objects outside
 will appear to red-shift, eventually becoming visible only to radio telescope
 antennae. High-energy electromagnetic sources normally hidden to the eye 
 become visible on the spectrum. As the speed of light continues to be raised,
 x-ray, gamma ray, and eventfully cosmic ray sources become visible. Stars 
 will be replaced by pulsars, the acceleration discs of black holes, quasars,
 and gamma ray bursts.

 To an outside observer, a ship within a mass effect drive envelope appears to
 blue-shifted. If within a field that allows travel at twice the speed of 
 light, any radiation it emits has twice the energy as normal. If the ship is
 in a field of about 200 times light speed, it radiates visible light as x-ray
 and gamma rays, and the infrared heat from the hull is blue-shifted up into
 the visible spectrum or higher.

 Ships moving at FTL are visible at great distances, though their signature
 will only propagate at the speed of light."

-> FTL Drive: Drive Charge

Obtained By: Normandy's Core Charge Status

"As positive or negative electronic current is passed through an FTL drive 
 core, it acquires a static electrical charge. Drives can be operated with an 
 average of 50 hours before they reach charge saturation. This changes 
 proportional to the magnitude of mass reduction; a heavier or faster ship 
 reaches saturation more quickly.

 If the charge is allowed to build, the core will discharge into the hull of a
 ship. All ungrounded crew members are fried to a crisp, all electronic 
 systems are burned out, and metal bulkheads may be melted and fused together.

 The safest way to discharge a core is to land on a planet and establish a 
 connection to the ground, like a lightning rod. Larger vessels like 
 dreadnaughts cannot land and must discharge into a planetary magnetic field.
 The ship passes the charge from the drive core to the exterior armoured hull,
 then dives into the magnetic field.

 As the hull discharges, sheets of lightning jump away into the field, 
 creating beautiful auroral displays on the planet. The ship must retract is
 sensors and weapons while dumping charge to protect damage, leaving it blind
 and helpless. Discharging at a moon with a weak magnetic field can take days.
 Discharging into the powerful field of a gas giant may require less then an
 hour. Deep space facilities such as the Citadel often have special discharge
 facilities for visiting ships."

-> Space Combat: Combat Endurance

Obtained By: Examine Ship's Heat Monitor

"Heat limits the length and intensity of ship-to-ship combat. Starships 
 generate enormous heat when they fire high-energy weapons, perform 
 manoeuvring burns, and run on-board combat electronics.

 In combat, warships produce heat more quickly than they can disperse it. As 
 heat builds within a vessel, the crewed spaces become increasingly 
 uncomfortable. Before the heat reaches lethal leaves, a ship must win or 
 retreat by entering FTL. After an FTL run, the ships halts, shuts down non-
 essential systems, and activates the heat radiation gear.

 Combat endurance varies by ship design and by the battle's location. Battles 
 in the deep cold of interstellar space can go on for some time. Engagements 
 close to a star are brief. Since habitable worlds are usually close to a 
 star, battles over there are usually more frantic."

-> Space Combat: General Tactics

Obtained By: Talking to Ashley

"Shells lofted by surface navies crash back to earth when their acceleration 
 is overwhelmed by gravity and air resistance. In space, a projectile has 
 unlimited range, it will keep moving until it hits something.

 Practical gunnery range is determined by the velocity of the attacker's 
 ordinance and the manoeuvrability of the target. Beyond a certain range, a
 small ship's ability to dodge trumps a larger attacker's projectile speed. 
 The largest-ranged combat occurs between dreadnaughts, whose projectiles have
 the highest velocity but are the least manoeuvrable. The shortest-range 
 combat is between frigates, which have the slowest projectile velocities and
 highest manoeuvrability.

 Opposing dreadnaughts open with main gun artillery duel at EXTREME ranges of
 tens of thousands of kilometres. The fleet close, maintaining evasive lateral
 motion while keeping their bow guns facing the enemy. Fighters are launched
 and attempt to close to disruptor torpedo range. Cautious admirals weaken the
 enemy with ranged fire and fighter strikes before committing to close action.
 Aggressive commanders advance so cruisers and frigates can engage.

 At LONG range, the main guns of cruisers become useful. Friendly interceptors
 engage enemy fighters until the attackers enter the range of ship-based
 GARDIAN fire. Dreadnaughts fire from the rear, screened by smaller ships.
 Commanders must decide whether to commit to a general melee or retreat into 

 At MEDIUM range, ships can use broadside guns. Fleets intermingle, and it
 becomes difficult to retreat in order. Ships with damaged kinetic barriers 
 are vulnerable to wolfpack frigate flotillas that speed through the battle 

 Only fighters and frigates enter CLOSE "knife fight" ranges of 10 or fewer
 kilometres. Fighters loose their disruptor torpedoes, bringing down a ship's
 kinetic barriers and allowing it to be swarmed by frigates. GARDIAN lasers
 become viable weapons, swatting down fighters and boiling away warship 

 Neither dreadnaughts nor cruisers can use their main guns at close range;
 laying the bow on a moving target becomes impossible. Superheated thruster
 exhaust becomes a hazard."

-> Space Combat: Planetary Assault

Obtained By: Talking to Ashley

"Planetary assaults are complicated if the target is a habitable garden world;
 the attackers cannot approach the defenders straight on.

 The Citadel Conventions prohibit the use of large kinetic impactors against
 habitable worlds. In a straight-on attack, any misses plough into the planet
 behind the defending fleet. If the defenders position themselves between the
 attackers and the planet, they can fire at will while the attacker risks 
 hitting the planet.

 Successful assaults on garden worlds hinge upon up-to-date intelligence. 
 Attackers need to determine where the enemy's defences are, so they may 
 approach from an angle that allows them to fire with no collateral damage. 
 Note this is not necessary for hostile worlds.

 Once control of orbit has been lost, defensive garrisons disperse into the 
 wilderness. An enemy with orbital superiority can bombard surface forces with
 impunity. The best option for defenders is to hide and collect reconnaissance
 in anticipation of relief forces.

 Given the size of a planet, it is impractical to garrison entire conquered 
 worlds. Fortunately, colonisation efforts tend to focus on building up a dozen
 or fewer areas. Ground forces occupy the spaceports, industrial facilities, 
 and major population centres. The wilderness is patrolled by unmanned aerial 
 vehicles and satellite reconnaissance. If a defender unit is spotted, 
 airmobile rapid deployment units and satellite artillery are used to pin down 
 and destroy them."

-> Starships: Crew Considerations

Obtained By: Examine Sleeping Pods

"Cabins give each individual ten cubic meters of space. On larger vessels 
 private rooms are common. As ships get smaller, the number of crew packed into 
 a single wardroom increases. Asari prefer shared spaces even on large vessels 
 while krogan territorial instinct make it impossible for them to cohabitate 
 even on the smallest ships. 

 On smaller vessels, "hot bunking" is the norm. Crew members are assigned 
 different watches share the same bunk. When one gets off-duty, he wakes up 
 the person in the bunk. While that crewman is on duty, the first gets his 
 rack time.

 Spacecraft compartments can be isolated by air-tight doors in case of
 decompression. The cinematic version of explosive decompression is fiction;
 holed compartments either take enough damage that the occupants are killed 
 instantly, or leak slowly enough that they are able to reach protective gear.

 Compartments are equipped with Emergency Life Supports Apparatus: fireproof
 plastic bubbles with air  bottles. Small when stowed, ELSA comfortably
 accommodate one individual inflated. Damage control procedure cuts off
 ventilation to burning compartments. With oxygen to consume, fires die in
 seconds. The compartment is re-pressurized afterwards for crew recovery.

 Mass effect fields create an artificial gravity (a-grav) plane below the 
 decks, preventing muscle atrophy and bone lose in zero-gee. Large vessels 
 arrange there decks perpendicular to their thrust axis. The "highest" decks 
 are at the bow, and the "lowest" decks at the engines. The allows a-grav to 
 work with the inertial effects of thrust. Ships that can land arrange their 
 decks laterally, so the crew can move about while the vessel is on the 

 Warships normally turn off their a-grav systems during combat, reducing heat
 generated by systems and increasing combat endurance. To provide a point of
 reference for navigating in zero-gee, floors are painted a different colour
 from the walls and ceiling."

-> Starships: Cruisers

Obtained By: Tracking Terminals at C-Sec

"Cruiser-weight starships are the standard combat unit encountered away from 
 large naval bases, the "poor bloody infantry" of most fleets. Nimble scouting
 frigates have neither the punch of the stamina to stand up to serious combat,
 and the mighty dreadnaughts are a strategic resource, carefully hoarded and
 committed to the most critical battles.

 Cruisers perform routine independent "show the flag" patrols in settled 
 systems and lead flotillas of frigates in small engagements such as pirate 
 suppression campaigns. In major fleet engagements, cruiser squadrons support
 the dreadnaught battle line by screening their flanks against enemies
 attempting to manoeuvre for a main gun "bow shot" from their vulnerable

 Alliance cruisers are named after cities on Earth."

-> Starships: Dreadnaughts

Obtained By: Conversation in Wards

"The dreadnaught is the ultimate arbiter of space warfare; millions of tons of
 metal, ceramic, and polymer dedicated to the projection of firepower against
 an enemy vessel of like ability. No sane commander would face a dreadnaught
 with anything less then another dreadnaught.

 A dreadnaught's power lies in the length of it's main gun. Dreadnaughts range
 from 800 meters to one kilometre long, with a main gun of commensurate 
 length. An 800-meter mass accelerator capable of accelerating one 2 kg. slug
 to a velocity of 283 km/s every two seconds. Each slug has the kinetic energy
 of 38 kilotons of TNT, three times the energy released by the fission weapon 
 that destroyed Hiroshima.

 When used to bombard planets, some of this kinetic energy is lost due to 
 atmospheric re-entry friction. As a rule of thumb, each Earth-atmosphere of 
 air pressure saps approximately 20% of a projectile's impact energy.

 The turian fleet presently has 37 dreadnaughts; the asari, 21; and the 
 salarians, 16. Humanity has six, with additional hull under construction at 
 Arcturus Station. Alliance battleships are named for mountains of Earth. 

 Everest Class: Everest, Fuji, Elbrus.

 Kilimanjaro Class: Kilimanjaro, Tai Shan, Shasta, Aconcagua (under 

-> Starships: Fighters

Obtained By: Tracking Terminals at c-Sec

"Fighters are single-pilot combat small craft. They are lightweight enough 
 that they can be economically fitted with powerful element zero cores, making
 them capable of greater acceleration and sharper manoeuvres then starships.

 Kinetic barriers shields changed starship battles from short, vicious 
 bloodbaths to extended indecisive slugging matches. Only the main gun of a 
 dreadnaught could punch a mass accelerator slug through the barriers of an 
 opposing dreadnaught. This changed with the development of the fighter-
 launched mass disruptor torpedo, a short-ranged weapon that can penetrate 
 kinetic barriers to destroy their projector assemblies.

 Starship GARDIAN defences must be overwhelmed through swarm tactics. Fighter 
 groups can take heavy casualties pressing their torpedo attacks home. Once 
 fighter-launched torpedoes have crippled an enemy's barriers, the mass 
 accelerator on frigates and cruisers can make short work of them.

 Interceptors are a type of fighter optimized to attack other fighters, with no 
 ability to damage starships. Interceptors are used to screen friendly units 
 from incoming fighter attack."

-> Starships: Frigates

Obtained By: Tracking Terminals at C-Sec

"Frigates are light escort and scouting vessels. They often have extensive 
 GARDIAN systems to provide anti-fighter screening for capital ships, and 
 carry a squad of marines for security and groundside duty. Unlike larger 
 vessels, frigates are able to land on planets. 

 Frigate drive systems allow them to achieve high FTL cruise speeds. They also
 have proportionally larger thrusters and lighter design mass, allowing them 
 to manoeuvre more handily. In combat, speed and manoeuvrability make a 
 frigate immune to the long-range fire of larger vessels; in the time it takes
 projectiles to reach them, frigates are no longer where they were predicted
 to be.

 In fleet combat, frigates are organized into "wolfpack" flotillas of four to 
 six. Wolfpacks speed through enemy formations, hunting enemy vessels whose 
 kinetic barriers have been taken down by fighter-launched disruptor  
 torpedoes. The wolfpack circle-strafes vulnerable targets, using their 
 superior speed and manoeuvrability to evade return fire.

 Alliance frigates are named for great battles in human history."

-> Starships: Heat Management

Obtained By: Look at Heat Monitor on Normandy

"Dispersal of heat generated by onboard systems is a critical issue for a 
 ship. If it cannot deal with heat, the crew may be cooked within the hull. 

 Radiation is the only way to shed heat in a vacuum. Civilian vessels utilise
 large, fragile radiator panels that are impossible to armour. Warships use 
 Diffuse Radiator Arrays (DRA), ceramic strips along the exterior of the 
 armoured hull. These make the ship appear striped to thermographic sensors. 
 Since the arrangement of the strips depends on the internal configuration of 
 the ship, the patterns for each vessel are unique and striking. On older 
 ships, the DRA strips could become red- or white-hot. Dubbed "tiger stripes"
 or "war paint" by humans, the glowing DRA had a psychological impact on 
 pirates and irregular forces.

 Strip radiators are not as efficient as panels, but if damaged by enemy fire,
 the ship only loses a small portion of its total radiation capacity. In most 
 cases, a vessel's DRA along allows it to cruise with no difficulties. 
 Operations deep within solar systems can cause problems.

 A ship engaged in combat can produce titanic amounts of heat from manoeuvring
 burns and weapons fire. When fighting in a high heat environment, warships 
 employ high-efficiency "droplet" heat sinks.

 In a droplet system, tanks of liquid sodium or lithium absorb heat within the
 ship. The liquid is vented from spray nozzles near the bow as a thin sheet of
 millions of micrometer-scale droplets. The droplets are caught at the stern
 and recycled into the system. A droplet system can sink 10-100 times as much
 heat as DRA strips.

 Droplet sheets resemble a surface ship's wake through water. The wake peels 
 out in sharp turns, spreading a fan of droplets as the ship changes vectors 
 and leaves the coolant behind."

-> Starships: Sensors

Obtained By: Talk to Pressly about Stealth

""Light lag" prevents sensing in real time at great distances. A ship firing 
 its thrusters at the Charon Relay can be easily detected from Earth, 5.75 
 light-hours (six billon kilometres) away, but Earth will only see the event 
 five hours and 45 minutes after it occurs. Due to the light-speed limit, 
 defenders can't see enemies coming until they have already arrived. Because 
 there is FTL travel and communications but no FTL sensors, frigates are 
 crucial for scouting and picket duties.

 Passive sensors are used for long-range detection, while active sensors 
 obtain short-range, high quality targeting data.

 Passive sensors include visual, thermographic, and radio detectors that watch
 and listen for objects in space. A powered ship emits a great deal of energy;
 the heat of the life support systems; the radiation given off by power 
 plants and electrical equipment; the exhaust of the thrusters. Starships
 stand out plainly against the near-absolute zero background of space. Passive
 sensors can be used during FTL travel, but incoming data is significantly
 distorted by the effect of the mass effect envelope and Doppler shift.

 Active sensors are radars and high resolution ladars (LAser Detection And 
 Ranging) that emit a "ping" of energy and "listen" for return signals. Ladars
 have a narrower field of view than radar, but ladar resolution allows images 
 of detected objects to be assembled. Active sensors are useless when a ship 
 is moving at FTL speeds."

-> Starships: Thrusters

Obtained By: Examine Thrusters on Normandy

"A mass effect drive core decreases the mass of a bubble of space-time around
 a ship. This gives the ship the potential to move quickly, but does not apply
 any motive power. Ships use their sublight thrusters for motive power in FTL.
 There are several varieties of thruster, varying in performance versus 
 economy. All ships are equipped with arrays of hydrogen-oxygen reaction
 control thrusters for manoeuvring.

 Ion Drives electrically accelerate charged particles as a reaction mass. They
 are extremely efficient, but produce negligible thrust. They are mainly used
 for automated cargo barges.

 The primary commercial engine is a "fusion torch", which vents the plasma of
 a ship's power plant. Fusion torches offer powerful acceleration at the cost
 of difficult heat management. Torch fuel is fairly cheap: helium-3 skimmed
 from gas giants and deuterium extracted from seawater or cometary bodies.
 Propellant is hydrogen, likewise skimmed from gas giants.

 In combat, military vessels require accelerations beyond the capability of
 fusion torches. Warship thrusters inject antiprotons into a reaction chamber
 filled with hydrogen. The matter-antimatter annihilation provides unmatched
 motive power. The drawback is fuel production; antiprotons must be 
 manufactured one particle at a time. Most antimatter production is done at
 massive solar arrays orbiting energetic stars, making them high-value targets
 in wartime.

 The exhaust of fusion and antiproton drives is measured in millions of 
 degrees Celsius. Any vessel caught behind them will melt like wax in a 

 Any long-duration interstellar flight consists of two phases: acceleration 
 and deceleration. Starships accelerate to the half-way point of their 
 journey, then flip 180 degrees and apply thrust on the opposite vector, 
 decelerating as they finish the trip. The engines are always operating, and
 peak speed is attained at the middle of the flight."

-> Vehicles: Combat Drone

Obtained By: Rogue AI on Luna

"Drones are small robots used to support and supplement organic soldiers on
 the battlefield. They have no artificial intelligence of any kind, but follow
 fixed, minimally adaptive programs. Most varieties employ mass effect 
 levitation to improve mobility.

 All modern armies rely on veritable fleets of drones for routine soldiering
 (static garrisons, patrols, etc.). The use of drones in non-critical duties
 keeps manpower need down and reduces casualties in low intensity conflicts.
 Less advanced races and cultures with less sensitivity to casualties have
 correspondingly fewer drones in their inventory. Drones are of little use in
 conventional open field battles, as they are poorly armed and armoured.

 In addition to combat drones, support drones are used to assist organic units
 in the field. Reconnaissance drones are small, stealthy craft that screen 
 combat units in the field and warn commanders when enemies are spotted. 
 Electronic Warfare drones supplement battlefield technicians, serving as
 mobile jammers and ELINT (ELectronic INTelligence) gathering platforms. 
 Military and civilian police utilise "dazzler drones" equipped with powerful
 strobe lights to disorient and subdue intruders using nonlethal force.

 Drone formations are officially referred to in wings (i.e., "Deploy the 4th
 Assault Drone Wing on the left flank!"). Common soldiers often refer to 
 friendly formations as flocks and enemy formations as swarms."

-> Weapons: Ablative Armour

Obtained By: Normandy's Hull

"A warship's kinetic barriers reduce the damage from solid objects, but can
 do nothing to block GARDIAN lasers, particle beams, and other forms of 
 Directed Energy Weapon (DEW). The inner layer of warship protection consists
 of ablative armour plate designed to "boil away" when heated. The vaporised
 armour material scatters a DEW beam, rendering it ineffectual.

 A scaffold was built around the interior pressure hull, with sheets of 
 ablative armour hung from the structure. Ships typically have multiple layers
 of armour separated by empty baffles, spaces often used for cargo storage.
 Cruisers, which lack the internal space to fit dedicated fighter hangers,
 store the shipboard fighter complement in the baffles. It is not unknown
 for enlisted crew to build illicit alcohol distilleries in some obscure 
 corner of the baffles, safe from prying eyes."

-> Weapons: Disruptor Torpedoes

Obtained By: Peak 15's Weapons Research

"Disruptor torpedoes are powered projectiles with warheads that create random
 and unstable mass effect fields when triggered. These fields warp space-time
 in a localised area. The rapid asymmetrical mass changes cause the target to
 rip itself apart.

 In flight, torpedoes use a mass-increasing field, making them too massive for
 enemy kinetic barriers to repulse. The extra mass gives the torpedoes a
 very sluggish acceleration, making them easy prey for defensive GARDIAN 
 weapons. So, torpedoes have to be launched at very close range.

 Torpedoes are the main anti-ship weapon used by fighters. They are launched
 from point-blank range in "ripple-fire" waves reminiscent of the ancient
 Calliope rocket artillery launchers (thus their popular nickname "Callies").
 By saturating defensive GARDIAN systems with multiple targets, at least a few
 will get through."

-> Weapons: GARDIAN

Obtained By: Normandy's Point Defence Systems

"A ship's General ARea Defensive Integration Anti-spacecraft Network (GARDIAN)
 consists of anti-missile / anti-fighter laser turrets on the exterior hull. 
 Because these are under computer control, the gunnery control officer needs 
 to do little beyond turn the system on and designate targets as hostile.

 Since lasers move at light speed, they cannot be dodged by anything moving at
 non-relativistic speeds. Unless the beam is aimed poorly, it will always hit 
 its target. In the early stages of a battle, the GARDIAN fire is 100% 
 accurate. It is not 100% lethal, but it doesn't have to be. Damaged fighters
 must break off for repairs.

 Lasers are limited by diffraction. The beams "spread out", decreasing the 
 energy density (watts per m^2) the weapon can place on a target. Any high-
 powered laser is a short-ranged weapon.

 GARDIAN networks have another limitation: heat. Weapons-grade lasers require 
 "cool-down" time, during which heat is transferred to sinks or radiators. As
 lasers fire, heat builds within them, reducing damage, range, and accuracy.

 Fighters attack in swarms. The first few WILL be hit by GARDIAN, but as the 
 battle continues, the effects of laser overheat allow the attacks to press 
 ever closer to the ship. Constant use will burn out the laser.

 GARDIAN lasers typically operate in infrared frequencies. Shorter frequencies
 would offer superior stopping power and range, but degradation of focal 
 arrays and mirrors would make them expensive to maintain, and most prefer 
 mechanical reliability over leading-edge performance where lives are 
 concerned. Salarians, however, use near-ultraviolet frequency lasers with six
 times the range, believing that having additional time to shoot down 
 incoming missiles is more important.

 Lasers are not blocked by the kinetic barriers of capital ships. However, the
 range of lasers limits their use to rare "knife fight"-range ship-to-ship 


"The everyday pieces of technology that support the modern lifestyle."

-> Biotics: Biotic Amps

Obtained By: Talking to Chakwas about Kaiden

"Biotics manipulate mass effect fields using dozens of element zero nodules 
 within their nervous system that react to electric stimuli from the brain. 
 Amplifiers allow biotics to synchronize the nodules so they can form fields 
 large and strong enough for practical use. Amplifiers can improve a species 
 discipline or talent.

 An implant is surgically-embedded interface port into which amps are "plugged 
 in". On humans, the implant is usually placed at the base of the skull for 
 convenient access, though the user must be careful to keep it free of 

 Implant ports can fit a variety of amps, and there is a growing market for 
 modifications and add-ons. The finest quality implants and amps are 
 manufactured by asari artisans, but the Alliance's L3 implants - first 
 deployed in 2170 - are a significant step forward."

-> Biotics: Life as a Biotic

Obtained By: Talking to Kaiden

"Biotics possess extraordinary abilities, but they must live with minor
 inconveniences. The most obvious issue is getting adequate nutrition. 
 Creating biotic mass effects takes such a toll on metabolism that active
 biotics develop ravenous appetites. The standard Alliance combat rations for 
 a soldier is 3000 calories per day; biotics are given 4500, as well as a
 canteen of potent energy drink for quick refreshment after hard combat.

 Another issue is electric charge. Electricity accumulated in starship drive 
 cores must be discharged, and so must the electricity in a biotics user.
 Biotics are prone to small static discharges when they touch metal.

 Unfortunately, human biotics also face suspicion and persecution, beginning 
 with the popular misconception that they can read and control minds. Biotics
 symbolise the dehumanisation of mankind to people philosophically or 
 religiously opposed to gene modification and cybernetics. Militaries are 
 the only organisations that always welcome biotics, offering them huge 
 recruitment incentives."

-> Biotics: Training

Obtained By: Talking to Kaiden

"Biotic implants and amplifiers only provide the potential to create coherent
 mass effect fields. Whether biotics can actually do so is largely determined
 by their training.

 Biotics must develop conscious control over their nervous systems, sending
 specific electrical impulses to the element zero nodules embedded in their
 nerves. They are taught to use their implants and amps with biofeedback 
 devices and physical mnemonics. Specific gestures or muscle movements fire
 the proper sequence of nerves to activate a certain skill.

 Conatix Industries pioneered biotic training with the Biotic Acclimation and
 Temperance Training program. Although BAaT did not achieve the desired 
 results, many techniques taught are still used today.

 Many human think tanks are trying to develop some from of biotic super 
 soldier. Most are benign efforts to create more flexible troops. Others, less
 publicly known, are unapologetic attempts to create Nietzschean supermen."

-> Communications

Obtained By: FTL Link on Normandy

"Real-time communication is possible thanks to networks of expensive mass 
 relay comm buoys that can daisy-chain a transmission via lasers.

 Comm buoys are maintained in patterns built outward from each mass relay. The
 buoys are little more than a cluster of primitive, miniature mass relays. 
 Each individual buoy is connected to a partner on another buoy in the 
 network, forming a corridor of low-mass space. Tightbeam communications 
 lasers are piped through these "tubes" of FTL space, allowing virtually 
 instantaneous communication to anywhere on the network. The networks connect
 across regions by communications lasers through the mass relays.

 With this system, the only delay is the light lag between the source or 
 destination and the closest buoy. So long as all parties remain within half a 
 light-second (150,000 km) of buoys, seamless real time communications is
 possible. Since buoys are maintained in all travelled areas, most enjoy 
 unlimited instant communications. Ships only suffer communications lag when 
 operating off established deep space routes, around uninhabited areas out 
 near system gas giants, and other unsettled areas.

 During wartime, comm buoy networks are the first target of an attack. Once 
 the network is severed, it can take anywhere from weeks to years to get a 
 message out of a contested system. In systems where a buoy network has not 
 yet been built or has been destroyed, rapid communication means ferrying 
 information through high-speed courier ships and unmanned data drones."

-> Communications: Administration

Obtained By: Ward's Extranet Terminal

"While comm buoys allow rapid transmission, there is finite amount of 
 bandwidth available. Given that trillions of people may be trying to pass a 
 message through a given buoy at any one time, access to the network is 
 parcelled out on priority tiers.

 The Citadel Council and the Spectres have absolute priority; if they are 
 using all the bandwidth, everyone else must wait. Individual governments and 
 their militaries enjoy the next-highest tier. During wartime, civilian 
 communication can suffer hours or even days of lag. Intelligence agencies 
 study ping time through various systems to predict military build-ups.

 Below the government and militaries, bandwidth priority is sold to the 
 highest bidder. Mega conglomerates, particularly headline news networks, 
 purchase higher priority to provide their viewers with timely information and
 response capability (for example, financial instructions and investment 
 firms) also invest heavily in priority access. The funds acquired through 
 sales of bandwidth are used to maintain and expand the communications 

 While everyone with a computer has guaranteed free and unlimited access to 
 the galactic extranet, they are the last in the line for bandwidth and may 
 have to wait for their requests to be processed. Bandwidth resale 
 corporations use investment capital to purchase blocks of high priority 
 access, made available by paid subscription."

-> Communications: Methodology

Obtained By: Server Node in Feros inside ExoGeni

"As the population of the galaxy increases and new worlds are settled, timely
 access for home users and frontier settlements with underdeveloped 
 communications infrastructures is a growing problem. To ameliorate bandwidth
 issues, a sophisticated array of data caches and virtual intelligence search
 agent programs are available. 

 When a user submits a query, it is first routed to the data cache, the user's
 search agent VI collates mountains of locally-stored data to find the desired
 material. If the information is not available locally, the query is passed 
 along to neighbouring systems, and then outward in an expanding network. VI
 search agents in those systems replicate the search. If the desired 
 information is found, it is compressed into a "burst" file and queued for
 transmission to the source system. The burst is assigned a priority based on
 the number of queries for it; the greater the number of queries, the higher
 the priority.

 When a new solar system is first connected to the net, a selection of the 
 most popular data is installed locally. Though storage hardware is cheap, 
 the capacity required to hold all the data produced everyday by trillions of 
 people on hundreds of worlds is not trivial. It's not economical to store 
 local copies of all the data available on obscure topics just in case.

 As colonies mature, older and loss-popular chunks of data filter into them as
 a result of queries and are placed in the local archive. Searches for obscure
 topics are increasingly likely to produce instant results as the archive 

-> Credits ("Creds")

Obtained By: Emporium Shopkeeper

"The standard credit was established by the Citadel's Unified Banking Act as 
 the currency of interstellar trade. The credit, has a managed floating 
 exchange rate, calculated in real time by the central bank to maintain the 
 average value of all participating currencies. Some regional currencies are 
 worth more then a credit and some less.

 Hard currency can be stolen or counterfeited, so electronic fund transfers 
 are the norm. More importantly physical transactions cannot easily be 
 tracked, making them ideal for tax evasion or the purchase of illegal goods.

 When the Alliance joined the Citadel, its various nation treasuries were 
 linked into the credit network. a human with a bank account of Mexican pesos,
 Japanese yen, or Indian rupees can purchase any item priced in credits at 
 fair market value. All economies participate in the credit network are 
 required to price items in both local currency and credits."

		--==Weapons, Armour, and Equipment==--

"Advances in technology have made individual soldiers more dangerous and
 survivable than ever before."

-> Upgrades

Obtained By: Any Upgrade Kit

"The development of practical manufacturing omni-tools allow modern militaries
 a great deal of flexibility in equipment load-outs. A vast number of field 
 modification kits, or "upgrades", are available for common equipment such as 
 weapons, armour, omni-tools, biotic amps, and even grenades.

 An upgrade kit typically consists of less then a dozen unique parts and an 
 optical storage disc. When loaded into an omni-tool, the OSD provides all 
 technical specifications required to manufacture the tools and additional 
 parts necessary to install the upgrade onto another piece of equipment. 
 Assembly is typically modular, and installation can be completed in less then
 a minute.

 Since omni-tools are designed to used common battlefield salvage materials 
 such as plastic, ceramics, and light metals (rendered into semi-molten "omni-
 gel" for quick used), it is quite possible for a trained soldier carrying 
 upgrade kits to customise gear on the battlefield to fit the current tactical 

[10.01] Space Charts

Below are the list of all the planets and systems, and clusters that will 
contain them. Some need to be unlocked via missions in order to access them.

On the planets, there will be Co-Ordinates that will approximately pinpoint 
the location of the point of interest. It will by based on the x,y plane. It
would be like this

100 |
90  |                 O
80  |
70  |
60  |
50 x|
40 s|
30  |X
    |                            I
20  |
10  |
00   --------------------------------
     0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100  X-Axis

For example, X will be 0,30, I will be 95,30 and O will be 60,90.
Note that these are approximate co-ordinates, they are no exact I'd probably
need to draw all the maps for you if that were the case. Also, hazards will
be listed.

Planets that can be surveyed will be able to be scanned, which will reveal
something something like medals and rare metals. Hidden means that you need
to search the orbits of the planets, the rings, and look for it. Or just 
randomly move it over the system, and try to find it.

For items such as Insignias, deposits, they will all be named for their 
corresponding mission. Wreckage containing insignia will be listed as 
such, for simplicity and ease of use. 

Finally, for everything that is listed under a planet WITHOUT the co-ordinates
for it, that means that all you need to do is to scan the planet and you will
obtain whatever is listed that you will obtain. 

			--==Argos Rho Cluster==--

-> Gorgon System
   - Unlock UNC: Depot Sigma-23 Mission

   -> Camaron

   -> Sharblu

   -> Slekon

   -> Unidentified Space Facility (Land On, UNC: Depot Sigma-23 Mission)

   -> Vectra

   -> Wuo

-> Hydra System

   -> Canrum 
      -> Turian Insignia

   -> Metgos (Land On, UNC: Distress Call)
      -> Level 2 Heat Hazard
      -> Escape Pod 		(35,60)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit 	(20,25)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit 	(65,45)
      -> Transponder Signal 	(65,35)
      -> Turian Insignia 	(65,80)

   -> Syba
      -> Gas Deposit

   -> Theyar

   -> Varmalus

-> Phoenix System

   -> Carbonaceous Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Prothean Data Disk

   -> Patashi
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Sylsalto

   -> Tuntau (Land On, Wrex: Family Armour)
      -> Asari Writings 	(85,75)
      -> Crashed Probe		(30,70)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit 	(50,75)
      -> Hidden Structure 	(75,15)
      -> Light Metal Deposit 	(10,50)

   -> Vebinok
      -> Light Metal Deposit

			--==Armstrong Nebula==--

-> Gagarin System

   -> Antirumgon
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Junthor 
      -> Asari Writings

   -> Pressha

   -> Rayingri (Land On, UNC: Geth Incursion)
      -> Abandoned Scavenger Camp	(20,45)
      -> Engine Debris			(80,50)
      -> League of One Medallion	(20,30)
      -> Light Metal Deposit		(65,75)
      -> Overrun Research Depot		(55,40)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit		(20,35)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit		(65,35)
      -> Scavenger Corpses		(15,75)

   -> Sogelrus

-> Grissom System
   - Unlock UNC: Geth Incursions

   -> Benda
      -> League of One Medallion

   -> Notanban

   -> Rocky Asteroid
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Solcrum (Land On, UNC: Geth Incursion)
      -> Asari Writings		(30,20)
      -> Escape Pod		(50,15)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(70,20)
      -> Mercenary Base 	(65,45)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(40,65)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(70,70)

   -> Zaherux
      -> Light Metal Deposit

-> Hong System

   -> Casbin (Land On, UNC: Geth Incursions)
      -> Anomalous Signal 	(30,70)
      -> Engine Debris		(20,55)
      -> Geth Outpost		(70,45)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(50,65)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(60,25)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(70,40)
      -> Salarian ID Tag	(25,45)

   -> Matar
      -> Matriarch's Writings

   -> Pomal

   -> Theshaca

   -> Treagir
      -> Light Metal Deposit

-> Tereshkova System

   -> Antibaar (Land On, UNC: Geth Incursions)
      -> Crashed Probe		(55,65)
      -> Geth Outpost		(55,75)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(35,20)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(30,65)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(65,15)
      -> Prothean Data Disk	(15,45)
      -> Thresher Maw		(20,40)

   -> Carbonaceous Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> League of One Medallion

   -> Hunsalra

   -> Mawinor

   -> Patamalrus
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> Solmarlon

   -> Thegeuse
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

-> Vamshi Deposit

   -> Almos

   -> Maji (Land On, UNC: Geth Incursions)
      -> Engine Debris		(75,30)
      -> Geth Outpost		(30,70)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(60,45)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(40,70)
      -> Rare Metal Deposit	(30,20)
      -> Strange Skull		(70,20)
      -> Turian Insignia	(55,20)

   -> Pregel
      -> Turian Insignia

			--==Artemis Tau Cluster==--

-> Athens System

   -> Circe
      -> Gas Deposit

   -> Nausicaa

   -> Pharos
      -> Turian Insignia

   -> Proteus
      -> Gas Deposit

   -> Salamis

-> Knossos System

   -> Archanes
      -> Gas Deposit

   -> Armeni

   -> Carbonaceous Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> League of One Medallion

   -> Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> Phaistos

   -> Therum (Land On, Liara's Dig Site)

   -> Zakros

-> Macedon System

   -> Fargelyse
      -> Gas Deposit

   -> Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Patavig

   -> Porolan
      -> Asari Writings

   -> Sharjila (Land On, UNC: Asari Diplomacy)
      -> Level 1 Pressure Hazard
      -> Asari Writings			(15,55)
      -> Escape Pod			(65,45)
      -> Light Metal Deposit		(55,35)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit		(15,15)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit		(15,65)
      -> Stronghold			(45,65)

-> Sparta System
   - Unlock UNC: Missing Marines

   -> Alsages
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Altaaya

   -> Asteroid Cluster (Hidden)
      -> Prothean Data Disk

   -> Edolus (Land On, UNC: Missing Marines)
      -> Crashed Probe		(70,40)
      -> Distress Signal	(40,60)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(70,30)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(45,15)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(20,30)
      -> Salarian ID Tag	(70,70)
      -> Thresher Maw		(40,60)

   -> Ontamalca
      -> Gas Deposit

   -> Tremanre

			--==Attican Beta Cluster==--

-> Hercules System

   -> Eletania (Land On, UNC: Lost Module)
      -> Level 1 Toxic Hazard	
      -> Downed Recon Probe	(55,40)
      -> Engine Debris		(40,55)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(20,55)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(80,40)
      -> Monkey Colony		(40,75)
      -> Monkey Colony		(55,20)
      -> Monkey Colony		(75,65)
      -> Monkey Colony		(80,20)
      -> Mysterious Globe	(20,20)

   -> Syided
      -> Matriarch's Writings	

   -> Xathorron

   -> Zatorus
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

-> Theseus System

   -> Feros (Land On, Story Planet)

   -> Logan

   -> Quana
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Sharring
      -> Prothean Data Disk

   -> Sytau

			--==Exodus Cluster==--

-> Asgard System
   - Download Bring Down the Sky DLC

   -> Asteroid X57 (Land On, Bring Down the Sky)
      -> Body of R. Montoya	(30,85)
      -> Construction Camp	(85,75)
      -> Explosives Cache	(85,85)
      -> Fusion Torch		(35,60)
      -> Fusion Torch		(50,30)
      -> Fusion Torch		(70,50)
      -> Main Facility		(60,80)
      -> Survey Station 1	(80,20)
      -> Survey Station 2	(25,85)
      -> Survey Station 3	(20,20)
      -> Transmission Tower	(40,40)
      -> Vehicle Wreckage	(15,50)
      -> X57 Radio		(60,30)

   -> Borr

   -> Loki

   -> Terra Nova

   -> Tyr

-> Utopia System

   -> Arcadia

   -> Eden Prime

   -> Nirvana

   -> Xanadu

   -> Zion

			--==Gemini Sigma Cluster==--

-> Han System
   - Unlock UNC: Hostile Takeover

   -> Farcrothu

   -> Huningto

   -> Mavigon (Land On, UNC: Hostile Takeover)
      -> Level 2 Cold Hazard
      -> Engine Debris		(30,20)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(55,45)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(70,60)
      -> Salarian ID Tag	(55,45)
      -> Syndicate Hideout	(70,25)

   -> Paravin
      -> Asari Writings

   -> Patatanlis
      -> Light Metal Deposit

-> Ming System

   -> Altanorch
      -> League of One Medallion

   -> Antiroprus

   -> MSV Worthington (Land On, UNC: Lost Freighter)

   -> Parag
      -> Light Metal Deposit

			--==Hades Gamma Cluster==--

-> Antaeus System

   -> Ageko

   -> Edmos
      -> Gas Deposit

   -> Hunidor

   -> Ploba
      -> Asari Writings

   -> Trebin (Land On, UNC: Missing Survey Team)
      -> Crashed Probe		(20,50)
      -> Excavation Site	(55,65)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(40,40)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(70,65)
      -> Research Base		(55,55)
      -> Thresher Maw		(80,35)
      -> Transmitter Tower	(20,70)
      -> Turian Insignia	(80,35)

   -> Vemal
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

-> Cacus System
   - Have 80% Full Bar of Renegade or Paragon

   -> Chohe (Land On, UNC: Beseiged Base)
      -> Asari Writings		(65,60)
      -> Engine Debris		(20,20)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(45,25)
      -> Mercenaries		(20,60)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(35,65)
      -> Science Base		(60,25)
      -> Thresher Maw		(40,20)

   -> Faringor
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Treyarmus

   -> Xamarri

   -> Zayarter
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

-> Dis System
   - Unlock UNC: Hostile Takeover

   -> Gremar

   -> Jarter

   -> Klensal (Land On, UNC: Hostile Takeover)
      -> Escape Pod			(40,30)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit		(40,50)
      -> League of One Medallion	(55,40)
      -> Light Metal Deposit		(80,60)
      -> Syndicate Hideout		(40,45)

   -> Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Nearrum
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Raysha
      -> Turian Insignia

-> Farinata System

   -> Juntauma
      -> Prothean Data Disk

   -> MSV Ontario (Land On, UNC: Hostage)

   -> Nepneu
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Rocky Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Tunshagon

-> Plutus System

   -> Clocrolis
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Maidla

   -> Mingito
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Nonuel (Land On, UNC: The Negotiation)
      -> Asari Writings			(30,30)
      -> Crashed Probes			(15,40)
      -> League of One Medallion	(30,30)
      -> Light Metal Deposit		(25,80)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit		(60,55)
      -> Thresher Maw			(90,30)
      -> Thresher Maw			(25,80)
      -> Warlord's Outpost		(65,65)

   -> Veyaria

			--==Hawking Eta Cluster==--

-> Century System

   -> Canctra
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Klendagon

   -> Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> Presrop (Land On, UNC: Major Kyle)
      -> Abandoned Mining Camp		(40,75)
      -> Biotic Compound		(25,30)
      -> Crashed Mining Vehicle		(30,60)
      -> Engine Debris			(20,50)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit		(30,30)
      -> Mercenaries			(80,45)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit		(60,30)
      -> Thresher Maw			(70,75)
      -> Turian Insignia		(30,60)

   -> Tamahera

   -> Tharopto
      -> League of One Medallion

			--==Horse Head Nebula==--

-> Fortuna System
   - Unlock UNC: Hostile Takeover

   -> Amaranthine
      -> Engineering Outpost	(40,25)
      -> Escape Pod		(15,45)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(35,55)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(55,30)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(70,50)
      -> Turian Insignia	(30,35)

   -> Maganlis
      -> Turian Insignia

   -> Therumlon
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Wentania

-> Pax System

   -> Morana

   -> Noveria (Land On, Story Planet)

   -> Svarog

   -> Veles
      -> Asari Writings

-> Strenuus System
   - Unlock UNC: Privateers

   -> Antitarra
      -> Gas Deposit

   -> MSV Majesty (Hidden)

   -> Thesalgon

   -> Trelyn

   -> Xawin (Land On, UNC: Privateers)
      -> Level 1 Cold Hazard			
      -> Abandoned Camp				(70,45)
      -> Corpse and Destroyed Vehicle		(65,20)
      -> Crashed Probe				(30,30)
      -> Geth Beacon				(65,75)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit			(45,75)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit			(70,20)
      -> Light Metal Deposit			(60,60)
      -> Privateer Base				(25,70)
      -> Thresher Maw				(30,30)
      -> Turian Insignia			(45,45)

   -> Yunthorl
      -> League of One Medallion

			--==Kepler Verge==--

-> Herschel System
   - Unlock Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon

   -> Clobaka

   -> Clugon

   -> Matol

   -> MSV Fedele (Hidden, Land On, Find Dr. Saleon)

   -> Rocky Asteroid
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> Tungel

-> Newton System

   -> Juncro
      -> Gas Deposits

   -> Klencory
      -> Asari Writings

   -> Ontarom (Land On, UNC: Dead Scientists)
      -> Crashed Probe		(70,35)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(25,20)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(60,20)
      -> Strange Cow		(25,30)
      -> Turian Insignia	(50,60)
      -> Underground Facility	(70,20)

   -> Sesmose

			--==Local Cluster==--

-> Solar System
   - Unlocked when you Reach Level 20

   -> Mercury

   -> Venus

   -> Earth

   -> Luna (Land On, UNC: Rogue AI)
      -> CCCP Luna 23 		(25,70)

   -> Mars

   -> Jupiter

   -> Saturn

   -> Uranus

   -> Neptune

   -> Pluto

			--==Maroon Sea Cluster==--

-> Caspian System

   -> Almacrux

   -> Antida
      -> Turian Insignia

   -> Clotanca
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> Farnuri
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> MSV Corpucopia (Hidden, Land On, UNC: Derelict Freighter)

-> Matano System

   -> Apo

   -> Chasca (Land On, UNC: Colony of the Dead)
      -> Civilian Structure	(25,40)
      -> Civilian Structure	(35,30)
      -> Escape Pod		(30,20)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(45,70)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(45,35)
      -> Prothean Data Disk	(65,20)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(50,75)
      -> Science Facility	(20,30)

   -> Illapa

   -> Inti

   -> Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> Rocky Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Prothean Data Disk

   -> Supay
      -> Light Metal Deposit

-> Vostok System

   -> Alko

   -> Clomarthu

   -> Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> Nodacrux (Land On, UNC: ExoGeni Facility)
      -> Engine Debris		(70,50)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(40,25)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(15,55)
      -> Science Facility	(70,30)
      -> Thorian Creeper Camp	(30,70)
      -> Turian Insignia	(75,75)

   -> Pataiton
      -> Asari Writings

			--==Pangaea Expanse==--

Complete Feros, Therum, Noveria and Virmire

-> Refuge System

   -> Agetoton

   -> Ilos (Land On, Story Planet)

   -> Zafe

			--==Sentry Omega Cluster==--

Complete two of the following: Therum, Noveria or Feros

-> Hoc System

   -> Cloroplon

   -> Jarfor

   -> Nemata

   -> Prescyla

   -> Virmire

			--==Styx Theta Cluster==--

Complete Noveria

-> Acheron System

   -> Altahe (Land On: UNC: Listening Post Theta)
      -> Asari Writings		(40,30)
      -> Escape Pod		(75,75)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(15,35)
      -> Listening Post		(40,20)
      -> Ranchi Colony		(75,35)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(20,55)

   -> Carbonaceous Asteroid (Hidden)
      -> Turian Insignia

   -> Farthorl

   -> Grosalgen
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Imaneya

-> Erebus System

   -> Chofen

   -> Nepmos (Land On, UNC Listening Post Alpha)
      -> Crashed Probe			(20,20)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit		(65,35)
      -> League of One Medallion	(20,50)
      -> Light Metal Deposit		(35,25)
      -> Listening Post			(65,20)
      -> Mining Camp			(70,75)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit		(75,75)
      -> Ranchi Ambush			(30,50)
      -> Ranchi Ambush			(65,60)
      -> Ranchi Infested Mine		(25,25)

   -> Quaji
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit

   -> Wermani
      -> Prothean Data Disk

			--==Serpent Nebula==--

-> Widow System

   -> Citadel Station

			--==Voyager Cluster==--

-> Amazon System

   -> Agebinium (Land On, UNC: Espionage Probe)
      -> Alliance Homing Beacon		(35,65)
      -> Crashed Vehicle		(70,65)
      -> Engine Debris			(45,75)
      -> Light Metal Deposit		(20,80)
      -> Light Metal Deposit		(15,35)
      -> Mercenary Camp			(50,70)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit		(50,15)
      -> Turian Insignia		(65,70)

   -> Derneuca

   -> Sonedma
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Sybin
      -> Turian Insignia

   -> Tremar
      -> Gas Deposit

-> Columbia System
   - Unlock UNC: Hades' Dogs

   -> Clojia

   -> Gromar
      -> League of One Medallion

   -> Nepheron (Land On, UNC: Hades' Dog)
      -> Engine Debris		(55,20)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(80,50)
      -> Light Metal Deposit	(70,20)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(60,70)
      -> Salarian ID Tag	(35,45)
      -> Shack			(25,45)
      -> Thresher Maw		(25,40)
      -> Underground Facility	(40,35)

   -> Ontaheter
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

-> Yangtze System
   - Unlock UNC: Cerberus

   -> Alrumter
      -> Prothean Data Disk

   -> Binthu (Land On, UNC: Cerberus)
      -> Crashed Probe		(15,45)
      -> Heavy Metal Deposit	(40,55)
      -> Prothean Data Disk	(50,25)
      -> Rare Earth Deposit	(65,30)
      -> Research Facility	(35,70)
      -> Research Facility	(45,25)
      -> Research Facility	(65,55)

   -> Dregir
      -> Light Metal Deposit

   -> Patajiri
      -> Rare Earth Deposit

   -> Renshato

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