Question from BlazeODU

Asked: 6 years ago

I'm in serious trouble, anyone have spare batteries???

I've reach Room 943 and I'm on the episode "The Truth", however the walkthrough says that I need to use the flashlight...but I'm out of battery power and have no spares...are there any batteries in the room that I don't know about?

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From: RAWKET 6 years ago

Your flashlight automatically recharges itself (slowly) back to 10 percent. By the way, you need the flashlight on in order to see the objects the ghost is pointing.

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Hey, try back tracking and you'll find some

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Ok you can't backtrack. Man, all you need to do is shut your eyes (with the right thumbstick button), then you'll see the ghost of Paddington pointing out the locations where you have to go. Just follow him, and everything will be fine.

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