Question from skelingtonsam

How do I beat giant worm?

i killed it and what not, but.... it didnt give me the achievement?
instead the giant worm died.... then responded then i killed it AGAIN and it died AGAIN and then it just responded AGAIN.....?

skelingtonsam provided additional details:

Well yeah and then the same thing happened with the giant moth... i didnt get achievements for either.


0_oman answered:

Did you beat that mission and save?

You don't get achievements until you beat the whole mission
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Gameslayer3 answered:

Keep killing the dang thing. It comes up quite a few times but you know you beat it when the music stops for about 30 or more seconds.
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pfcstuck answered:

The worm re-spawns indefinitely. All you need to do is kill the first one, but you will not get the achievement untill after you finish the mission.
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