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Do I become A Big Daddy?? And If I Do How??

How do i become a Big Daddy?? im in the level after the level that u kill Andrew Ryan,when i find out that atlas is actualy Frank somthing?? am i near the end of the game?? and how do i become a Big Daddy??

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gumball354 answered:

You gather the pheramones to make youself smell like a big daddy. The smell attracts the little sisters. you get the boots, clothes, and the helmet. the clothes reduce 25% of the damage you take. Finally, you have to get to the voice box, so you can sound like a Big Daddy. Tip: if you make a fire in front of you, and you step in, you sound like one. Also, SPLICERS DON'T ATTACK YOU UNLESS YOU ATTACK THEM.
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CutterCH answered:

Yes you do become a big daddy.
You are really close to it,
Basically after you kill Ryan you progress and you will go to a place that has a bunch of non infected little sisters.
continue on with story line and Frank Fontaine will lock himself inside a room where a Little Sister needs to open it b4 you go in.
Only way for them to trust you is if you are a Big Daddy.
So that is where you become a Big Daddy.
After you find all of the neccessary equipment of course and fight a bunch of splicers after turning every corner.
It is completely storyline though.
YOu cant do it sooner.
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SephirothCloud_ answered:

You just follow the in game goals to do this. The game will tell you what you need to do and when This is a storyline achievement and is completed while playing through the game without any special effort on your part.
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1KingOfGames answered:

Yes you do become a big daddy but not in the actual sense..all you do is put on the clothes and the pheromones. No Drills or Rivet Guns.
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Kenbo325 answered:

You must explore a building and collect the Big Daddy's outfit, pheramones and voice box. There are lots of video walkthroughs online. Check those out. And don't worry, you can't miss it. It's a part of the storyline.
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