Question from ja70key

Asked: 5 years ago

is Mr.Bubbles a special big daddy?

is he? I mean the lights on his head are yellow and so far in the game he's the only one referred to as 'Mr.Bubbles'

Accepted Answer

From: spartahog 5 years ago

No special big Daddy here...other than the one in Bioshock 2. In Bioshock, all the Big Daddy's are called Mr.B or Mr.Bubbles. Just a fun nickname the little sisters call them.

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"Mr. Bubbles" is just one of the few dialogues that the little sisters say if you sit and listen to them talk. There are no "Special" Big Daddies, there are Rosies and Elites.
**Shotgun Blast**..."Mr. Bubbles?!"...*cries*

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