Walkthrough by Xlins

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1a.	Introduction

The Walkthrough
	2a.	BioShock
	2b.	Welcome To Rapture
	2c.	Medical Pavilion
	2d.	Neptuneís Bounty
	2e.	Smugglerís Hideout
	2f.	Arcadia Part I
	2g.	Farmerís Market
	2h.	Arcadia Part II
	2i.	Fort Frolic
	2j.	Hephaestus
	2k.	Rapture Central Control
	2l.	Olympus Heights
	2m.	Apollo Square
	2n.	Point Prometheus
	2o.	Proving Grounds
	2p.	The End

3a.	Final Thoughts
4a.	Contact Me and other Gubbins

1a. Introduction

Welcome to my walkthrough for BioShock!

This will be my first ever guide to a game so bare with me!  I know there are
already a few full guides available, but this was something I set out to do and
I donít like leaving things incomplete!  Even if I am a little behind the restÖ
There is also the reason people have different tastes in styles so maybe some
of you will enjoy mine over the others on offer.

My guide will be spoiler free (as much as it can be), as I wonít mention plot
specifics before the game does or character dialogs and never will I drop hints
about how the story will unfold.  This guide will cover every area of the game
so no room will be left unopened, no taped diaries left unheard and no weapons,
plasmids or tonics left unused.  Although saying that, I am only human so Iím
sure there will be things I miss, so keep your eyes open for hidden areas and

Iím not planning on having anything other than the guide to the game levels
here (yet), so you wonít find a separate list of plasmids and items or diaries.
But if we come across them in the game then they will be mentioned in the guide

I wrote this guide while playing through on hard difficulty so some encounters
may change if you are playing in easy or normal mode.  Iím not to sure what
changes between the difficulties, apart from the splicers having more health
and doing more damage, but most encounters should be the same.

Above is the table of contents that lists all parts of my guide and I have
included a quick search function so you can find a specific part easier.  All
parts will have a code (i.e. 1a for the Introduction), which you can search for
(ctrl+f) and jump to that section.

Finally, if you have any comments or suggestions or if I have made a major
mistake or missed something vital feel free to send me an email!  Any
contributions will be noted within the actual guide.

Now enough blabber, on with the guide!

The Walkthrough

2a. BioShock

You start off on a plane heading who knows where, having a little smoke and no
doubt waiting on the hostess to bring you a whiskey when all of a sudden things
go wrong.  And as they say, ďThis is only the start.Ē

After the ďcut-sceneĒ youíll find yourself in the ocean surrounded by the
wreckage of the unlucky plane and fire.  After having a look around youíll see
there is only one path open to you, so head on over to the lighthouse.  Once
out of the flames the ocean opens up before you, but if you try and swim out
youíll just bump into invisible walls so I advise you just to head up the steps
to the lighthouse.  Enter the darkened door and itíll clang shut behind you.
The lights will flicker on; walk across the room and down the stairs and at the
bottom youíll find the Bathysphere.  Again, only one choice, get into it and
pull the lever and off we go.  The journey to Rapture begins!  The journey is a
sight to behold so have a good look around, as there is plenty to see.

2b. Welcome To Rapture

Eventually youíll come to the entrance of the city and get your first glimpse
of the inhabitants of this wonderful place.  After the splicer has had her fun
and gives your Bathysphere a bit of a bashing sheíll leave you be and youíll be
contacted by Atlas over a radio just to the left of the door.  Heíll ask you to
pick up the radio and leave the sphere.  Once out walk along the walkway and
turn left and then go up the stairs into the hall.  Atlas has a plan to lure
the splicer out so he can kill it and he is kindly using you as bait.  Walk
along the hall to draw her out and the security system will jump into action
and scare her off.  Jump over the fallen debris and pick up the wrench,
conveniently shown to you by the security light.  The door before you is
blocked by more rubble, so hit it with the wrench and crawl under.  On the
other side a splicer will kick a burning couch at you, side step it and run up
the stairs for your first fight.

Wrench Vs wrench here.  These splicers have a habit of lunging once they get
close enough, but if youíre fast you can side step the attack and get in a
couple of free hits as they recover from the miss.  Bash his skull and loot his
corpse once he is dead.  Make a habit of searching the dead as they hold lots
of goodies!  The lower floor of this room has a few trash cans and some food.
Search the trash cans and eat the food if you need to recover some health, but
beware some food and drink have a negative effect (like draining EVE or
reducing health and even getting you drunk).  To find out what the item does
centre it in your view and press the M key (by default in the options) and it
will give you a description.  In-fact you can do that with most items in the
world, so if you ever need extra info on an item give it a try!

The way to the upper floor of the hall is to your left, follow the stairs up
and youíll come to a Gathererís Garden.  In the Gathererís Garden there is an
Electro Bolt plasmid to be picked up.  Pick it up and enjoy the benefits of
electricity!  After your little passing out moment youíll be up and running
again with electricity running through your fingers.  Zap the sparking door
switch to open it up and head through.  The tail end of the plane you saw
sinking after the crash makes a welcome return.  Bypass it by entering it and
leaving near the flashing exit sign and continue along the fast collapsing
tunnel.  Youíll soon come to a new room and the door seals behind you.

The exit will be sealed until you explore the room a little and a splicer
enters.  Follow Atlasí advice and use a combo of electro bolts and wrench to
kill him, it makes a good combo that will save you from losing to much health.
Now exit the room and youíll be set upon by another splicer.  Go through the
door and up the stairs and towards the door across the hall.  Enter the lift
and itíll take you up.  Atlas will explain to you that he has family hidden
away, but he is cut off from them and needs you to help him reach them so you
can all escape.  He gives you the goal of getting to Neptuneís Bounty.  When
the lift stops exit right to see a splicer near the pram.  There is a pistol
lying in it, make sure to pick it up and then enter the Kashmir Restaurant.

First go down the stairs to the lower dancing area, but beware after disturbing
the splicer banging on the door, his lady friend has a gun.  Take them out and
search the kitchen they were guarding where youíll find some loot.  Back out in
the main area go towards the flooded dance floor where two splicers have
appeared and zap them with the electro bolt, there is a taped message on the
table.  The door to the theatre on this floor is blocked so head to the upper
floor.  Go into the Dames toilets to find another taped message, but watch
yourself when heading back out, a splicer will be hiding in one of the
cubicles.  At the back of the gentís toilets is a hole you can crawl though,
head through and across the light rigging to reach the other side of the
theatre.  Continue down the stairs and watch the Big Daddy in action.

Once The Big Daddy has left bash the lock on the gate and head through.  Enter
the theatre if you want to loot the corpse and then go back out to the corridor
to follow it round.  Now you are in a hall that has had its fair share of
destruction.  Continue round to the stairs and zap the splicers in the water to
make quick work of them.  Jump down to the lower floor.  The door to the
Medical Pavilion on your left is locked so head towards the Neptuneís Bounty
entrance. The door will shut in your face when you get to close and trigger a
security alert and a flame turret to appear on the other side of the door.
There are also six splicers to face here!

This isnít too bad actually.  They come in two groups of three and most come
down the same way you did, so they have to jump into the water in the middle of
the room.  The first group has two splicers come from the floor above so wait
until the first one lands in the water and zap him to electrify the water, the
second one will soon follow, but beware the third splicer as he appears from
the gentís toilets.  Once the first three are dead a second wave will come and
they all come from the upper floor.  Again, zap the water to set off an
electric trap for them to jump into.  After they are all dead - and with the
door to Neptuneís Bounty being locked - we need to go to the Medical Pavilion,
whose door is now open.

Follow the corridor along to the exit of the area.  Youíll be stopped in your
tracks by Ryan just as you near the exit and heíll send some splicers for you.
Atlas will work his magic on the door and you can escape just in time.  Head
through the newly opened door to exit the area.

2c. Medical Pavilion

Little Sisters: 2
Location: Main Hall of Medical Pavillion

Now we must find another route to Neptuneís Bounty and apparently there is an
emergency access route within the Medical Pavilion.  The foyer is our starting
zone here and holds a Vita-Chamber and a vending machine.  There is a door to
Emergency Access at the side of the vending machine, which is being kept open
by a disabled security bot.  Hack the bot if you like to give you some extra
protection.  Go to the reception desk in the foyer to pick up a taped diary.
The stairs behind reception lead to a locked door, but there is a corpse to
search up there.  Once everything is looted head to the door you hacked the
security bot and go in.  Youíll see a desk to search and also another taped
diary.  Youíll see the door to emergency access, but it is locked so continue
up the stairs to the emergency access control and throw the switch.  Of course
it wasnít that easy!  Now we have to find a key from this chap Steinman.  The
locked door behind you will now be open so off we go.  Turn left and loot the
machine gun and throw the electrical override switch to restore power to the
Medical Pavilion.  Youíll see the door at the other side of the foyer open and
a gang of splicers run out from it.  Make your way towards that door, killing
the splicers along the way.

Continue into the Medical Pavilion and press the switch near the door to open
it.  Ahead of you is a taped diary.  Continue into the room proper and youíll
come across two gun turrets, one in the middle of the room and one in a side
room at the northeast.  Zap them both with electro bolt and hack them or
destroy them.  In the room is another taped diary on the desk and in the middle
section behind the turret you have a health station and yet another taped
diary.  Hack the health station to stop splicers using it and to make it
cheaper for you.  The room off the north of the main hall contains a handy ammo
vending machine and a taped diary.  There is a door on the south side that is
frozen shut and there is no entry there yet.  Also, on the wall to the east of
this door, is a taped diary near some writing.  First lets head to the
crematorium the Eternal Flame, which is in the southwest of the hall.

Here weíll have out first experience with the nitro splicer.  These carry
grenades and they have a good throwing arm, just donít let one hit you direct!
Also keep in mind that they can drop a live grenade when they die so watch out
for those too.  Once he is dead continue into the Eternal Flame to pick up the
taped diary under the defiled tribute on the left and go into the back room.
Becareful of the security camera at the back of the room, you can see where
itís looking by the red light it shines.  You can zap it and hack it or try
sneaking underneath it when it isnít looking and hack it that way.  The light
will turn green once the camera is friendly and it will send security bots to
any splicers it sees - quite handy.  Search the west side of the room to find a
corpse ready to be put into the furnace and press the furnace control to send
it in.  If you wait a few seconds the furnace will open again and youíll be
able to loot the tonic Hackers Delight.  Now head up the stairs to the
southeast and crawl into the office on the upper floor through the open duct.
Feast your eyes on your second plasmid, the lovely Incinerate!  Get it picked
up and youíll trigger a splicer attack.  Did you notice what you crawled
through on your way into this office?  Try hitting it with a blast of fireÖ
Once they are dead leave the Eternal Flame and go back to the main hall.

Remember that room blocked by ice, head there now and blast it with fire to
clear the entrance.  Enter Twilight Fields.  To your left is a viewing room
with a hidden splicer behind the coffin, and watch your back if you explore the
room as a locked door will open and a gun turret will open fire.  To your right
is another viewing room with a mourning splicer and a locked coded door that
can be opened with the code 0451.  In the middle of the room is a door leading
to the preparation area.  Follow the room round to the left and loot the tonic
Security Expert and then leave this room and go back to the main hall.

At the west side of the hall are some stairs leading down to Dental, so lets go
down there.  Go right at the bottom and zap the sparking door control to open
the Supply room, grab the goodies and go back out.  Use your fire on the iced
up corridor and grab the taped diary.  Continue on and go into the Kure-All.
Once you enter a rocket turret will spark into life so get your arse behind
cover, and zap and hack.  Go through the door here into the operation theatre
and youíll see a grate on the wall to your left, but leave that for a moment.
Go right and down the stairs through the falling water and hack the camera in
the corner.  Head back up the stairs and turn right, follow it round and loot
the taped diary.  Now lets smash that grate and head into the office to loot
the tonic Wrench Jockey.

Once you have it leave the Kure-All and go forward into the next room.  Heal if
you need to then pick up the shotgun and rounds to trigger a splicer ambush.
The shotgun is the weapon of choice here as it is close quarters and this is
where the gun excels.  Take out the splicers and go east towards Dandy Dental
and enter the surgery through the door.  To your left go through the clear door
and pick up a taped diary and then turn left again to find a Gathererís Garden
and the Telekinesis plasmid.  Youíll have to replace one of your existing
plasmids as you can only hold two at the same time.  Swap out whichever plasmid
you want, although I found more use for electro bolt so I swapped out

Exit Dandy Dental and go left to Painless Dental.  The door is locked so go
round the side.  To access Painless Dental you need to enter through the window
here, but beware of the gun turret.  Do with it what you will (I always hack
them if I can get near) and then go through the door that is covered with
smoke.  On the desk to the right are a taped diary and the tonic Speedy Hacker.
And in front of you is a grate you can smash and go through.  Loot the room and
use the door control to exit the Supply room.  Now go back round to the window
you entered earlier on to find the entrance to Chomperís Dental further along
the corridor.

Notice the corpse hanging out of the window and look into the room; youíll see
a key hanging on the wall under the sign ďKey returnĒ.  Use telekinesis to pull
the key out of the room and drop it at your feet by pressing the V key (by
default).  There is a camera in here so zap and hack as usual.  There isnít
much here, although there is a safe in the back room with a safe underneath it.
Once done head all the way back to the main hall, where the entrance to Eternal
Flame is.

To the west is the entrance to Surgery, which is out next destination.
Continue along the tunnel and enter the surgery foyer, where youíll bump into
Steinman.  Heíll run off and blow up the door he ran through blocking your
pathÖ if only we had some grenades.  After a moment a splicer will attack you
from a balcony.  Equip the Telekinesis plasmid and catch the grenades he throws
at you, once you have one fire it towards the blocked door to clear it.  Enter
and pick up the taped diary and then follow the corridor where Steinman will
send a security bot to attack you.  Be aware that there is a gun turret at the
end of the corridor as well.  Once they are dead or hacked search the corridor
for the tonic Static Discharge and enter the north door.  There is a security
camera in here so zap and hack and loot the safe and a taped diary.  Exit this
room and head right, in to the surgery.

And there he is, the man who has the key you need.  After his introduction
heíll fire off a few rounds of his machine gun so make sure to duck!  Enter the
surgery to face off with him.  Anti-personnel rounds are good here and he is
susceptible to Electro Bolt.  It is a good idea to go to the lower flooded area
of the surgery and hack the medical station there as Steinman will use this if
he gets too low on health and if he keeps doing this youíll run out of ammo
sharpish.  There are also a few gas canisters in this room to pick up and throw
at him with Telekinesis.  Once he is dead loot his body for the key.  You can
also search the corpse of the lady he was mutilating on the surgery table for a
taped diary.  Now exit the surgery and go back to the surgery foyer.  Once in
the water walkway itíll collapse at one end blocking your path, so take the
open door on your left.

After the ďcut-sceneĒ with the Little Sister and Tenenbaum you have a decision
to make.  Harvesting the Little Sister will give you maximum ADAM to spend at
Gathererís Gardenís (160 Adam) whereas rescuing them will only gave you half of
that, but what is a little less ADAM when you can have that warm fuzzy feeling
in your tummy for rescuing a frightened little girl?  The decision is yoursÖ
So, you did what you did with the Little Sister and now itís time to spend that
ADAM.  A Gathererís Garden will open at the other side of the room, walk over
and pick up the taped diary and then use the machine.  The choice is yours
again; pick the ones that will benefit your play style, but obviously, extra
health and EVE will always be handy so you canít go wrong with those.

Once you have spent your ADAM exit the room via the east door and find yourself
back in the main hall.  Head east again towards the foyer and youíll bump into
a Big Daddy and Little Sister.  Now hereís your chance to finally fight one of
these beasts, and fight you will, as you need ADAM from the Little Sister and
the only way to get to her is to kill the Big D.  This first fight is quite
hard due to the lack of plasmids and weapons.  If you hacked the turrets here
earlier use these to your advantage and keep the Big D in their sights.  Use
any armour piercing rounds you can find/buy and stock up on first aid kits and
EVE hypos.  Always keep moving as he has a charge attack and a ground attack
that will slow your movement speed.  And if he gets into melee range youíll be
hard pressed to escape.  Use the Electro Bolt plasmid to stun him for a few
seconds if you need a breather or time to get some distance.  If you run out of
armour piercing rounds switch to the shotgun with 00 buck ammo as it packs a
punch.  Also helpful is the Static Discharge tonic (if you picked it up) as if
he lands a punch on you he will be stunned for a second or two.  When he is
dead the Little Sister is yours and more of that wonderful ADAM.  Head back to
the previous Gathererís Garden to spend that ADAM if you wish.

Once done here, exit the main hall through the east door and enter the foyer of
Medical Pavilion.  Take the door to Emergency Access again and head upstairs to
the Emergency Access Control.  Throw it to open the door downstairs to the
Bathysphere and jump inside.  Off we go to Neptuneís Bounty.

2d. Neptuneís Bounty

Little Sisters: 3
Locations: Lower Wharf, Upper Wharf and The Fighting McDonaghís Tavern.

What a welcoming sight, eh?  A strung up smuggler - lovely!  Walk up towards
the body and Atlas will explain our next step.  His family are hidden in a
submarine at Fontaineís Fisheries in the Lower Wharf and we need to get there.
Walk further along to find a Gene-Bank - these allow you to swap around plasmid
and tonics, so if you want to mess with set-ups go ahead as they cost nothing
to use.  Once you have your load-out sorted continue on by walking up and over
the sign to your left, through the door and on into the Lower Wharf.

A Big Daddy roams this area, so if you want more Adam wait until he is
escorting a Little Sister and kill him.  The turrets will come in handy if you
fight him in the middle.  You are standing on the northern wooden platform and
south of you is another platform.  Below each one is a gun turret so watch your
step when jumping down.  In the middle is the tonic Medical Expert that
triggers a two-splicer attack on you.  Also near the turret under the southern
platform is a taped diary.

Now lets head towards Fontaineís Fisheries via the northern platform and follow
the corridor.  Youíll be on the upper level here with a Gathererís Garden and
Gene-Bank but look out for the rocket turret to the west of this room, they
pack a punch.  Take care of the turret and continue down into the water,
explore the bottom to come to a coded door.  In here youíll find a taped diary.
You can enter with the code 5380.  Once you have the tape head back to the
rocket turret.  You can climb over near the turret to enter Fontaineís
Fisheries proper.

In this next room hack the health station before using the door, as you might
need it.  After talking to Peach, who seems to be the door master, youíll be
attacked by a spider splicer.  The very one that attacked you when you first
entered Rapture!  Now these are fun as they can jump about and crawl along the
ceiling.  Plug away at her with the shotgun making sure to avoid her throw
attacks when she is on the ceiling.  After you reduce her health by a quarter
Peach will send in a security bot to scare her away and then send you the meaty
grenade launcher.  Peach isnít as trusting as youíd hope, as he requires a
bargain to let you through the door.  He needs a research camera from the Wharf
Masterís office.

Head back to the Gathererís Garden you passed earlier.  If you fancy a security
bot for company jump down into the water to the east and pick one up from near
the corpse, there is a security camera down here as well.  Exit through one of
the open grates and make your way back to the Gathererís Garden.  Now head
south through the broken gate.  Turn right and then look right again to see a
hole in the floor, you can go down here to find another taped diary.  Come back
out and go up the stairs to the Upper Wharf.

Across the room on the table is a taped diary and in this area you will find
another Big Daddy.  Go north here and search the corpse on the floor for a
taped diary and hack the rocket turret further on.  The door to the Wharf
Masters office is here.  Bash the lock open and enter, there is a taped diary
on the floor to your left when entering.  Take note of the Bot-Shutdown panel
as well, pulling this when you set off a security alert with call off all
alarms and security bots.  Head up the stairs and destroy that first camera, as
you canít reach it to hack it; a shot of electric buck will do the job.  The
second camera is hackable.  Go down the corridor and turn right to find another
chained door and give it a whack with the wrench.  In this next room are four
turrets and a camera.  The easy option is to destroy them all with grenades or
electro buck, or you can hack themÖ  for me, I made mad dashes between the two
rocket turrets, which are found in the northeast corner and central south.
Once you hack these they will attack the other gun turrets in the southwest and
east corners.  Just make sure when going for the south central turret you zap
the camera and turret both, otherwise you could be in a bit of bother with
security!  Once they are disabled quickly hack them both and hide in the middle
of the room until they take out the gun turrets.  A few splicers will spawn as
you reach certain parts of the room, but the rocket turrets will kill these as
well.  Once all is calm again explore the room to find a small crawl hole in
the southeast corner, with yet another security camera on the other side.  You
can jump and hack this camera if you wish.  One the table is a taped diary and
there is a safe in this room too.  Come out of there and head south to another
hole in the wall and follow the corridor to the interrogation room.  And there
she is, the research camera you are after.

Pick it up and take a photo of the splicer in the next room.  The camera is
used to research splicers and other things in Rapture, like the Big Daddies and
security systems for damage and other bonuses.  Peach will give you another
mission to take a photo of three spider splicers, handily, the one we just took
of that splicer counts. Once you have the camera head out of the room and
youíll hear an explosion.  The way you came into this room is now blocked, but
the explosion has created a new exit point to the Upper Wharf and gifted you
with a broken Gathererís Garden.  A plasmid is available to pick up called
Security Bullseye and there is a lucky splicer below for you to test it on.
Jump down and hack the camera, there is also a taped diary in a crate near the
conveyer belts.  The way back to the Upper Wharf is barred by a gate so head
towards The Fighting McDonaghís Tavern.

There is a taped diary on the other side of the door and some anti-personnel
rounds in the fire.  Keep going along to enter a tunnel with a security camera,
quickly hack it so it can help you fight some approaching splicers.  There is
another taped diary under the camera.  In the tunnel go right to the Jet Postal
and look to the left of the room to find another taped diary on the table.  In
the back room are a spider splicer you can photograph and a security camera to
watch out for.  Get the photo of the splicer and return to the tunnel and head
east into The Fighting McDonaghís Tavern.

There is a water outlet you can crouch into on the water to your right; weíll
head into the tavern this way.  Crawl up to the grate and bash it open, there
are some splicers in here you can zap with electro bolt, but becareful because
you can hurt yourself if you are in the water.  There is a small wood step near
the grate you can sit on to avoid damage.  Hack or destroy the camera in the
room and continue on through the door where you can see the Bot-Shutdown panel.
Leave the door with the sparking panel for now and head into the east room.
Here youíll find a taped diary and a crawl space behind the boxes to a room
with a safe and gun turret.  Once you have looted it go back to the sparking
door panel and zap it to enter.  Youíll be in the tavern behind the bar.  If
you donít have the electro bolt plasmid go back out of the water vent you came
in and in to the tavern through the front door.  At the south of the bar is a
taped diary on a table and there is another tape on a table at the north side
near the window.  There are toilets to the northeast and some stairs to the
upper area.  Go up the stairs and turn left to find a sparking door control and
give it a zap to enter; there is a taped diary in here.  There is a health
station on this upper floor near a coded door.  Hack the code lock to enter and
find a taped diary near the corpse couple.  Go to the room at the south to find
a safe to hack and trigger a spider splicer to attack you when you leave the
room.  Before killing him take a picture.  Once he is out of the way our goal
is complete and we can head back to Fontaineís Fisheries.  Oh, before you
leave, this tavern is home to the third Little Sister so stick around to kill
the Big D and gain more ADAM.  There is a Gene-Bank outside the tavern if you
need to change your plasmids.

On your way back to Fontaineís Fisheries a couple of splicers will set-up a gun
turret in the tunnel before the Upper Wharf entrance, so teach them a lesson
for being cheeky.  At the Upper Wharf the gate that barred your way after
jumping from the office is now open so head through and take the door on your
left.  Follow the stairs down and take a left at the gate and youíll be back at
the Gathererís Garden.  Youíll see the tonic Wrench Lurker on the side and hear
a splicer humming; itís the splicer that attacked you before in Fontaineís
Fisheries.  When you get close enough to the tonic the splicer will attack, so
loot it and step back so you have a little distance for the fight.

This lady is a toughie.  When I played though I had the Enrage plasmid so I
threw one on her and ran out to the Lower Wharf where I knew a Big D patrolledÖ
you can let the Big D take care of her if you like.  If you want to do it
yourself Electro Bolt or Winterís Blast can buy you time and distance and use
anti-personnel rounds or 00 buck to bring her death.  When she is dead head
back over to where the rocket turret is and into Fontaineís Fisheries.  Give
Peach a knock on the door and heíll let you in.  By now youíve probably guessed
that Peach ainít as trust worthy as youíd like to believe!  Heíll ask you
remove all your weapons!  Place them in the pneumo container and the door will
open, but before going through use the Gene-Bank to equip Incinerate if you
donít already have it active and melt the ice that holds the tonic Focused

Now itís time to enter the opened door and Peachís chamber... to ďgive him the
cameraĒ.  Peach goes a little mad and starts attacking you.  He is a nitro
splicer so equip telekinesis to throw his bombs back at him, also take Electro
Bolt and plasmids of your choice if you have the space.  There is a security
camera at the east side of the room, which you can hack or use the Security
Bullseye plasmid to make it attack splicers.  To the south is a gun turret,
which you could Electro Blast, but you canít get near it yet to hack it so
itíll just become active again a few seconds later.  Instead use Peachís
grenades to destroy it by using Telekinesis.  Every so often during the fight a
splicer will appear so either enrage them or take them out with fire or maybe
Peachís grenades again.  Peachy isnít to hard if you can throw his bombs back
at him.  The hacked camera will also bring in the bots if you can keep Peach in
its sights.  There is a vending machine, medical station and a Gene-Bank in
this room if you want to change tactic throughout the fight.

Once he is dead Atlas will tell you of a hidden passage you can use to get to
the submarine we have so long been searching for, but before leaving here
explore the room.  You can use the Incinerate plasmid to melt piled ice against
the doors or ice mounds.  Melt the ice on the east storage door and enter.
There is a mound of ice against the wall so melt it to reveal a hole to crawl
through.  In this room is more piled ice so melt it to reveal goodies.  Now
exit and head to the west storage area to find some other goodies.  Once the
area is looted exit via the north door to find another pneumo container and use
this to gather up all your weapons.  Continue down the stairs to find a weapon
upgrade station.  You can use this one time to upgrade a weapon of your choice.
Pick the upgrade you want and the machine will be useless, so pick wisely!
Melt the ice on the door to the left and kill the splicers and loot the taped
diary at the back.  Now exit via the west door, melt the ice blocking your path
and make your way along the secret passage.

2e. Smugglerís Hideout

Little Sisters: 0

I think the Goonies where here once, werenít they?  Head east along the tunnel
and youíll come to a Vita-Chamber, turn left to continue along and up into the
higher caverns.  There is a gun turret here so destroy it (no point hacking as
we wonít be here long) and pick up the taped diary leaning against the crate
and then exit via the northeast tunnel.  Youíll catch a glimpse of the sub
further along here and Atlas will ask you to open a hatch to let him into the
bay.  Continue through the narrow tunnel to the control room; youíll have some
crawling, climbing and bashing of gates to do.  Once inside the room youíll see
the control panel.  There is also an opened door at the other side of the room
that leads down to the sub.  You can have a wander down there if you like, but
there is nothing you can do so itís half pointless.  Instead throw the control
panel switch.  Things donít go to plan and the doors shut sealing you in the
room.  You will see Atlas enter the sub bay and he tells you to hold tight
until he can open the doors for you, but again Ryan wonít let things go
smoothly and he sends in his ambush.  In all the chaos Atlas does manage to
open the door to your room so head through it.  Make your way down the wooden
platform killing the splicers that are waiting for you.  Before the entrance to
the sub bay is a locked gate, which you can break into and pick up a taped
diary (one of Mr. Fontaineís very own!).  As you approach the sub bay Ryan
pulls off his cruel act and it all goes bang.  It seems you wonít be leaving
after all as Ryan has you in his sights now.  Atlas asks you to get to Arcadia
so you can regroup; so go round to the north exit of the sub bay, pick up a
taped diary on the floor near a crate and then on to the entrance to Arcadia.

2f. Arcadia

Little Sisters: 2
Locations: Arcadia, Waterfall Grotto, Rolling Hills, Langford Labs or Tree Farm.

Jump over the crates before you, crouch under the fallen pillar and bash the
lock on the door to enter the Tea Rooms.  To the east side of this room is a
door with two braziers on each side; one is alight and the other unlit.  Use
Incinerate on the unlit brazier to open the door and loot some ammo and other
goodies.  Continue north to a little bridge over the water.  At the west is a
taped message; and if you take the eastern door to Arcadia Glens you will find
a taped diary next to the chair and walking west to the bench in the corner
will bring you to another.  But it seems that the main entrance here is blocked
so head back to the Tea Gardens.  Make your way to the east of the Tea Gardens
and youíll hear someone shouting for help so head into the Garden Supply shop.
Youíll see the man who is shouting for help hereÖ what do you think he is up
to?  Well, this being Rapture, probably not something nice!  Try and follow him
and heíll eventually lead you up stairs.  And lo and behold he attacks you.
Bloody splicers!

This is a Houdini splicer and they have the ability to teleport and throw fire
from their hands.  Buck 00 shotgun ammo is good against them as is the electro
bolt plasmid, which can be used to keep them still long enough for you to get a
shotgun blast in!  Usually they stand and shoot fireballs at you if you arenít
to close, but if you get near enough theyíll teleport away.  You can see where
they will reappear as the air becomes red and misty before they pop up again,
so use that to your advantage and line your sights up to fire off a quick one.

The upper floor has a few crawlspaces you can explore, one at the south and one
in the middle and also a taped diary at the east near the Gene-Bank.  Once you
are done here head towards the door marked ďRapture MetroĒ and across the
walkway.  There are a couple of splicers in the room at the end and also a gun
turret to the immediate right when you enter.  It might be best to pick the
splicers off from the door and then head in to hack the turret after they are
dead.  Near the turret is a crawl space you can go into to loot some more
items.  There is also one at the west wall that leads to another room with a
safe.  Also here is a sparking door control that you can zap and to the
southwest a room that is trapped with some trip wires.  Once you are done up
here head south following the signs to Rapture Metro to find the stairs down
and then onwards to the northeast to find the entrance to Arcadia Glens.

Head up the stairs and go right to find a U-Invent machine.  You can use all
the screws, rubber wires and glue etc. you have found so far in this area to
make ammo and other nice items.  You can jump into the canal here too and find
a small section guarded by a trip wire at the east end, but there isnít much to
be had.  If you head east from the U-Invent machine you eventually come to a
Gathererís Garden and a door to Waterfall Grotto.  Leave that area for now and
go north to find the entrance to Rolling Hills.  There is a camera to the west
of the door so shoot it and destroy it seeing as it is too high to hack.  If
you like you can continue along the corridor under the camera to find another
room.  To the northeast of this room is a crawl space with a safe and to the
southwest a storage room with a U-Invent machine.  When you are done here
return to the Rolling Hills entrance and enter.

In this first area is a rocket turret, which you should hack.  Head to the west
under the entrance marked with the metro sign and find a taped diary on the
rocks near the bench, and stairs to the lower area.  At the north of this area
is the entrance to the metro so go towards it.  It seems Ryan has another trick
up his sleeve and he releases a gas that kills all the plant life in Arcadia
sealing off all the exits as a protection procedure and blocking your way to
the metro.  Atlas isnít one for giving up and he thinks there is someone that
can help us restore the plant life of the area.  We have to find Langford who
most likely is in the laps here, the entrance is to the west.  Enter and hack
the camera on your right then head through the door to the labs where youíll be
stopped by a locked door.  Langford will tell you she has a plan and needs you
to find a rose gallica so she can restore the plants.  Head back out of the
labs to the Hills.

It seems the shutdown has opened up some areas in the Rolling Hills that were
previously sealed, and they look to be Houdini lairs.  In the lower Hills the
entrance is at the southeast and you can find a taped diary in the doorway and
some loot inside.  There is an entrance in the upper Hills too, but there isnít
much in there.  Once you are done with these head out of the Rolling Hills and
back to where the Gathererís Garden is near the canal in Arcadia.  Now we need
to head to Waterfall Grotto.

You will see a bunch of splicers near a corpse that has the tonic Security
Evasion.  Kill them and loot it for yourself, you canít be having splicers
using such wonderful tonics!  Youíll also find a taped diary on the bench and
some stairs leading further down.  Follow to a room with a water wheel and two
gun turrets, one at the south on the walkway and one to the northeast on the
lower ground.  You also have a camera at the southwest of the walkway.  Hack
these, as youíll soon have a small fight on your hands.  Down in the water to
the northeast is a taped diary and to the east a tunnel to a small room with a
flame turret.  The rose you came to collect is growing over the waterwheel in
the middle and there is another taped diary on a crate here.  When you pick up
the rose youíll trigger a splicer attack.  There are only three splicers so it
isnít too bad.  When you are done head back up and stop off at the sparking
door control to zap it and loot a taped diary in there.  Now we need to head
back to Rolling Hills.  Enter the labs and Langford will ask you to put the
rose in the pneumo tube, do as she says and she will let you into the labs.

One the table youíll see the tonic Hacking Expert and on the floor near the
filing cabinets a taped diary.  Enter the labs via the door and a security
countdown will appear.  Langford has hacked the security system to give you
safe passage to the inner lab.  Loot the taped diary off the table and hack the
health station in this room.  Head down the small flight of stairs and hack the
two machines in the flooded area.  The 3 minutes on the count down is ample
time to explore this area and even if the time runs out the turrets wonít fire,
although the camera does become hostile.  You canít hack the turrets or camera
once the count down finishes either.  Head through the east door and into the
tunnel and up to Langfordís lab.  Ryan gets mean again and floods Langfordís
room with poison.  Wait until it clears and enter.  Search Langford for a taped
diary and take note of the numbers she wrote on the window.  There is a new
weapon the chemical thrower on the table and a picture on the south wall that
is hiding a safe.  Use the code from the window to open it (9457) and loot a
taped diary that will explain how to create the Lazarus Vector and a Market
Garden key.  Head back to the lower labs.  The security system is back online
and hostile so zap and hack everything.  You have a camera and turret in the
lower room and a turret in the upper room.  When you get back to the Lower
Hills Atlas tells you the best place to start looking for your items is in the
Farmers Market.  Head out of the Rolling Hills and back to Arcadia Glens and
the entrance to the market is on your left via the door marked Tree Farm.  At
the north east of here is a taped diary near the crate and to the southeast the
way to the Farmers market.  Just at the arch here is a weapon upgrade station
so get one of those weapons buffed and continue along the hall.  Through the
booths is a taped diary on the floor and the bulkhead to the market.

2g. Farmerís Market

Little Sisters: 1
Locations: Farmers Market or Worley Winery

Before you are a taped diary and a bee enzyme to pickup (1/7).  Head on through
the door and up through the tunnel.  Inside the market there is a rocket turret
to your right and a Houdini splicer attacking it, if you want to have a
friendly turret take out the splicer before it does too much damage and then
hack it.  Down the stairs from the turret youíll see the tonic EVE Link 2, head
north along the path to the grassy area.  Head into the northern most door
behind the bar (the one with no door) and loot distilled water (1/7) and then
back out and into the door marked ďEmployees OnlyĒ.  There is a taped diary
next to the dead Big Daddy and if you go into the flooded area there is another
on a table with the lamp.  Exit this room behind the bar and enter the Pump
Room coded door with 0512 if you want to loot some ingredients for the U-Invent
machine.  Once you are done here head up the stairs from the grassy area and
into the ďEmployees OnlyĒ door.  There is a crawl space across the room that
contains a taped diary.  Watch out for the camera in the stall across the way.
In the crawl space look up to see a grate in the wall, climb up and through it
and follow it out and youíll find yourself below the camera in the other stall.
You may as well hack it.  Come out of that stall and head west towards Worley
Winery and Silverwing Apiary where there is a distilled water bottle (2/7) and
a taped diary.  Go through the door and first into Silverwing Apiary, as it is
the most annoying part and home of the quite fun Insect Swarm plasmid.  Youíll
see a splicer being attacked by bees when you enter and if you are to close
when he dies theyíll come after you!  The sound of these bees brings back scary
memories of the insects from System Shock 2, but thankfully not as annoying!
Inside the room use the Gathererís Garden to buy the plasmid if you wish.  Pick
up the taped diary on the desk too.

Our goal in this area is to find all the bee enzyme we need and we need to
search the bee hives for that, but some of those hives contain angry bees!
Head through the doors into the bee hive area.  As you can see there are quite
a few buzzing around.  Have a look at the smoke controls here; using these will
fill the room with smoke that calms the bees for about 40 seconds.  You need to
use this time to dash into the room and search the hives.  I suggest first
exploring the room for goodies before looting the hives as when a hive is
looted you are likely to be attacked by a splicer.  Not all the time though,
they attack mostly when you find an enzyme or an empty hive.  There is a safe
in the south of the room that contains 3 enzymes (4/7) so make that your first
stop.  Afterwards start smoking the room and searching the hives.  I seemed to
have better luck searching the large hives.  Once you are done here youíll have
7/7 enzymes so head out of the apiary and turn left towards Worley Winery.

Go round into the bar area and zap and hack the turret and camera.  There is a
safe behind the bar that contains two distilled water (4/7), and there is a
bottle on the floor out in the bar as well (5/7).  On a table to the east is a
taped diary.  To the north are stairs down to the cellar.  On your way down
look up into the beams to see another bottle either shoot it down or use
telekinesis (6/7).  Follow the cellar around until you see the U-Invent machine
and your last bottle of distilled water (7/7).  You will now have all the items
to create the Lazarus Vector so use that machine there to knock one up.  Before
heading back to Arcadia go down the stairs here and over to the flooded area to
a weapon upgrade unit.  If you want to explore more, from the stairs go through
the flooded passage to the southeast.  There is plenty of distilled water down
here if you missed any before.  Go north through here to the exit and follow it
around.  You will see a camera search light when you exit so go hack it to make
it safe.  The pillar west of the camera has a crawl space you can look in, but
it has a gun turret so be ready to zap or destroy.  In the western most part of
the cellar are large storage kegs. The north hall holds a room with the tonic
Photographers Eye and when you pick it up you trigger a trap.  Trap bolts block
the exit and a couple of splicers ambush you.  The south hall has nothing of
value.  You have probably noticed the Big Daddy down here.  There are a couple
of them roaming the Farmerís Market, but only one Little Sister between them so
you can fight him here in the bar or you can head back towards the Arcadia
entrance and fight another one there.

Seeing as we are done here head back up and out of the bar, through the tunnel
and weíll be back at the stalls in the Farmerís Market.  You will see a sign
for Arcadia to your right so head down that way.  Take the employee only door
and zap the turret here, there is a safe just near it.  Go south out of this
stall into the Paddon Meat stall and find a taped diary on the counter near the
store sign.  Go south again and take the exit to Arcadia on your right.

2h. Arcadia

Little Sisters: 2
Locations:  Arcadia, Waterfall Grotto, Rolling Hills, Langford Labs or Tree

Take a few steps and Ryan will set off a security alert and send three bots
after you, zap them and run west through the hall until you pass under the arch
where the weapon upgrade machine is and turn left.  Just to the right of the
door is a Bot-Shutdown panel.  Use it to call off the alarm.  Not much left to
do here but get back to the labs and use the Lazarus Vector.  Follow the path
round north again into Rolling Hills and go down to the labs.  If you havenít
already, hack the turrets and camera and if you have the plasmid hypnotise the
Big Daddy roaming the area, youíre gonna need help.  Set-up some proximity
mines in the area as well as once we use this vector Ryan wonít be too happy
and he sends a small army to attack you.  Stock up on ammo and hypos from the
vending machine and the U-Invent machine.  When you are ready head into
Langfordís office and use the Misting Machine.

So it begins.  Once you put the vector in Ryan starts his attack.  You need to
seal the entrance to the labs so run out and back thorough the labs to where
you first entered and throw the Lab Access Control.  Itís now time to hold off
the splicer attacks.  If you have a Big Daddy with you itíll make this part
easier.  Atlas will send you some goods via the pneumo tube so go pick them up.
It will be best to fight in the labs as you have the machines, turrets and
health station to keep you alive.  Plug away until the vector has finished itís
circulation and Atlas sends you a message to get up to the office and throw the
switch to release the vector into Arcadia.  Once that is done head back down
and out of the labs to the Lower Rolling Hills and go north to the metro.
Inside the metro on the bench to your right is a taped diary and to the north
the Bathysphere.  Jump in and use the lever.  We are going to Fort Frolic.

2i. Fort Frolic

Little Sisters: 3
Locations: Lower Atrium, Upper Atrium and Poseidon Plaza.

The Bathysphere to Hephaestus is directly head of you.  You can make a stop off
at a Gene-Bank or U-Invent on your left if you fancy a change.  There are also
some items in a shop window, but beware as if you smash the glass youíll set of
security.  Head through the Hephaestus door.  As you walk further into the room
the Bathysphere will start to descend and youíll be contacted by Sander Cohen.
He blocks transmissions from Atlas and Ryan so you are alone with this
gentleman in Fort Frolic for the time being.  Turn around and come back towards
the door you just entered and Cohen will send a little test your way; he wants
to see how capable you are.  Kill the splicers he sends to attack and notice
the now trapped entrance here with all the trap bolts.  When you have
dispatched the splicers Cohen opens the doors to Fort Frolic to the south.
Head through into the Lower Atrium and approach the base of the stairs.  Cohen
wants to test you and heíd like you to go to the Fleet Hall first, but before
we do explore the Lower Atrium.  Go south and hack the camera above the vending
machine and then through the south doors.  There is a taped diary on the chair
and doors to the toilets on your left; there isnít much in these, but the gents
hold a rather disturbing piece.  Continue along the corridor to reach Sophia
Salon that is through a door on your right.  There is a taped diary in the back
room.  Head out of there and down to the Cocktail Lounge where there is a
camera to hack and a taped diary and safe behind the bar.  Once you have those
keep going down the corridor to find another shop called Le Marquis DíEpoque
and enter.  Watch out for the gun turret behind the pillar in the middle of the
room and go down the stairs to find a weapon upgrade station and a taped diary
near a corpse.  When done here head back out of the shop and to the Lower

Back at the Lower Atrium go up the stairs and forwards into the Fleet Hall
Theatre.  In the bar area ahead is a camera so hack it and go up the stairs to
the north where youíll find a taped diary on the floor.  Sander is preparing in
a room up the small flight of stairs here and wonít let you in so head back to
the bar area and up the lift to the south.  When you call the lift with the
button some splicers will attack so kill them and then jump in and press the
button to head up.  Continue along and through the door to the hall where
youíll see a man playing a piano to Cohenís direction.  Head towards himÖ  Once
the action is over Cohen asks you to take a photo of Fitzpatrick so do so.  You
now need to take it to the Lower Atrium and place it on Cohenís Masterpiece.
The hallís doors that were previously locked are now open so have a look around
if you want.  One place youíll want to look is to the south of the hall as
there is a tonic Alarm Expert in one of the viewing booths.  Telekinesis it
down or if you donít have it go back up the way you entered the hall and go
right though the now opened gate.  The door of the last booth is locked so go
back one and jump on to the balcony and jump across to the other booth.  When
you pick up the tonic a Houdini splicer will attack so beware.  To the
northeast and west are two bars with some loot and safe between them.  Once you
are done here exit via the east door in the lower hall to find yourself back at
the bar area and head out to the Upper Atrium and down the stairs.  Youíll see
Cohenís Masterpiece uncovered now and four picture frames.  Place the picture
of Fitzpatrick on the lower left frame.  Cohen will give you further orders and
give you the gift of a crossbow that will appear from below the stage in the
hands of a splicer statue.

We now need to find a man named Finnegan who has been locked in the Poseidon
Plaza.  First head back up the stairs to the Upper Atrium and turn left to find
Cohenís Collection Fine Art and go in.  More of Cohenís handiwork is present
here.  Pick up a taped diary from the small table near the family.  Up the
stairs are three safes to hack guarded by a gun turret.  When done head back to
the Upper Atrium and turn right.  Youíll have the entrance to Poseidon Plaza
down a flight of stairs on your right, but if you continue along youíll come to
a Gathererís Garden if you want some upgrades.  When you are ready head through
the Poseidon Plaza door and along the frozen tunnel.  Below the hanging corpse
is a taped diary.  As before back when you fought Peachy you can melt ice in
this area, but unlike before you donít need the Incinerate plasmid, just use a
blast of the napalm from the chemical thrower as it does the job just as well.
Continue through the door to Finneganís ice lair.  Youíll catch a glimpse of
him in this room before he runs off; chase after him.  Pay no heed to the
frozen splicers they wonít thaw.  As you near the end youíll freeze up in the
cold and Finnegan will taunt you.  Eventually youíll thaw out and be at the
back of the room with many frozen splicers for company.  Finnegan is ahead of
you, the corpse at the far end on the left.  You can play it safe and shatter
the frozen splicers as they will come alive if they are burned, so if you are
using fire here becareful not to hit them!  Finnegan uses ice attacks and is
also a Houdini splicer so beware of him teleporting around.  Anti-personnel
rounds and fire will make short work of him.  When he is dead loot for the
tonic Frozen Field and take a photo of him.  If you havenít already, melt the
ice in the room to uncover some goods and then exit via the northwest door back
to the Upper Atrium.  Head down the stairs and go right to the Lower Atrium and
Cohenís Masterpiece.  You might see a Big Daddy here as he has started his
patrol route now.  Place the picture on the masterpiece and receive the giftÖ
this Cohen doesnít seem so bad giving us all these gifts!

Our next target is a chap called Cobb and he too lives in the Poseidon Plaza
near Rapture Records.  Head through the northeast arch in the Lower Atrium and
turn right and then left up the stairs to Poseidon Plaza entrance, on through
the frozen tunnel and out into Poseidon Plaza.  Youíll be set upon by a gang of
spider splicers when you enter.  Rapture Records is on the upper level at the
northwest side.  Inside there is a counter to your left with a taped diary.  On
the lower level there is a seated splicer, jump down and approach.  Youíll hear
a ticking, which can only mean one thingÖ you better run away!  The explosion
area is small so just run to the side of the room.  From above Cobb will attack
and throw fire bombs and from the ceiling splicers will drop down.  Kill the
splicers and go to the southwest of the room to find a grate you can escape
through.  Itíll bring you back to the upper level of the store and Cobb will be
outside.  You can throw his bombs back at him or use anti-personnel rounds as
they do a great deal of damage to him.  If you get to close heíll run away so
keep a small distance between you so he doesnít run off and lead you into more
trouble!  When he is dead take a photo.  Now you could head back to the Lower
Atrium and place the photo, but Cohen will only send you back to this area to
find the next target so while weíre here weíll take him out too.

First go into Sir Prize at the north east of the upper level.  The room is
trapped so crouch under and go to the other side of the room and down the
stairs.  There is a safe behind the counter and to the side of it a taped
diary.  Exit via the upper level and southeast to Pharaohs Fortune Casino.
There is a safe behind the counter on the right and upstairs on a pool table is
a taped diary, beware of the camera up there.  Back outside of the casino go
east towards Eveís Garden and hack/destroy the two turrets guarding the door.
Follow the walkway to the left and go down the stairs.  Jump up onto the bar
and through the door and pick up a taped diary from under the bed.  When you
come back out Rodriguez will be slouching at the bar, he is a runner so keep up
with him and fill him full of anti-personnel rounds.  Get a photo of him and
return to Eveís Garden to pick up a taped diary from where he was sitting.
Exit via the lower door back to Poseidon Plaza and take the door on your right
to Robertsonís Tobaccoria where youíll find a taped diary on the table.  There
is money to be picked up through the coded door if you are running low, just
hack the door to get in and destroy the camera.  Come out again and back to the
Lower Poseidon Plaza by turning right.  At the south side is Sinclair Spirits
that contains a weapon upgrade station.  Look behind the counter to find a
switch that opens the door in this room and head down.  Hack the safe first and
then use the station.  When you have done that turn aroundÖ looks like they
werenít as dead as you thought!  Give her a shotgun blast to the faceÖ maybe
two or three extra ones for scaring you and head back up and out.  Oh dear,
looks like they are all awake!  They are roaming Poseidon Plaza now.  Head a
little way north to see the sign on the wall marked ďMore Items DownstairsĒ and
go down the stairs.  Take a note of the mannequins as when you turn your back
to them they turn into statue spider splicers.  A neat trick is to use the
crossbow to take them out from a distance.  One headshot and theyíll go down.
Go to the southwest of the room and pick up the tonic Extra Nutrition 2.  Now
go back to the Poseidon Plaza and make your way to the Lower Atrium via the
frozen tunnel in the northwest.

Place Cobbís picture on the masterpiece.  Cohen goes mental on you as he thinks
you donít like his work and sends in an army of splicers.  It is a good idea to
hack the health station here, just in-case.  The attack last for a minute or so
and is a series of spider splicer attacks, these are fast and get up close and
personal so use the shotgun to put them down fast.  They tend to come at you
from behind so keep turning around and running - always moving.  After a short
time Cohen will apologise for his behaviour and sends up a gift near the
masterpiece.  Now itís time for the final picture so place Rodriguezís picture
on there too.

Cohen makes an appearance now and what an entrance!  He is delighted with your
work and opens the Bathysphere up so you can reach Ryan, but before you leave
he offers you a final gift of the tonic Medical Expert 2.  He also tempts you
with his chest that he holds the key forÖ you could attack him and kill him for
it, but I recommend leaving him for now, we can mess with him later.  Before
you head to the Bathysphere, there is one final room we can now search here and
that is the room Cohen was in at the Fleet Hall Theatre.  Head up the stairs
and into the theatre, onward into the bar and right up the stairs.  Turn right
again to enter his room where youíll find a taped diary and the tonic Electric
Flesh.  Now we are all done here and can take the Bathysphere.  Head back to
Cohenís Masterpiece and take the door marked ďRapture MetroĒ to the north and
then right at the end of the hall into the Bathysphere.

2j. Hephaestus

Little Sisters: 3
Locations: Hephaestus Core, Heat Loss Monitoring, The Workshops.

Head up the stairs and Atlas will tell you it is time to kill Ryan so lets get
to it!  Head onward to the door and along the walkway to the east exit.  Take
either staircase into the next room and zap and hack the turret here.  At the
north of the room you can crouch under the fallen beam to a vending machine and
a crate, which contains a taped diary.  Once you have it exit via the south
door.  Turn left here to find another vending machine and a taped diary.  If
you approach the middle of the room a cheeky splicer will start dropping some
ammo down for you, luring in the rat.  As you expected itís a trap and youíll
be set upon by a small group of spider splicers.  When they are dead go
southeast and hack the camera above the door and then head through.  Youíll
come to Central Control and see corpses nailed to the wall along with the
entrance to Ryanís office to the east.  Before heading over search the corpses,
the first and last on your right will hold a taped diary.  When you pick up the
one from Anya itíll trigger a splicer attack.  There are only a couple of them
so it isnít tough.  Ryanís office isnít as easy to reach as throwing a switch,
it seems we need to overload the core to open the doors and to do that we need
to find Heat Loss Monitoring.  To the south of the Control Room is a room that
contains the tonic Frozen Field 2 and a taped diary.  To reach Heat Loss
Monitoring we need to take the southwest door out of Central Control to
Hephaestus Core.

***Just a word about the Big Daddies here; I would advise you not to kill any
just yet as we need something from them later on.  If you kill them now and
their corpses de-spawn or you canít find them then youíre going to have to
fight them again.***

At Hephaestus Core turn left and along the platform to the Vita-Chamber where
youíll find a taped diary against the railing.  Turn back around and go down
the stairs and then go left here towards the Workshops.  Hack the camera across
from the door and pick up the taped diary.  There is a safe at the south of
this platform tucked away in a whole in the wall if you want something to hack.
Ignore the Workshop for now and go down the stairs.  Youíll see Heat Loss
Monitoring ahead, but first do a U-turn and head along the platform behind you
and down the stairs to find a taped diary.  Back at the Heat Loss Monitoring
door you can find a taped diary a Gathererís Garden and weapon upgrade station
up the stairs to the west.  There is also a vending machine just across from
the door, but itís not working properly.  Itís only dishing out bombs!  Head
through the door and along the walkway.  As you walk along the lights will go
out and youíll hear splicer laughter, looks like they are up to something!
Just before the door a group of them will spring up after pretending to be dead
and attack.  Dispatch them and continue on.  At the southwest of the room is a
taped diary, loot it and go down the stairs to your left and along the corridor
to more stairs that you need to go down.  In the lower area take the flight of
stairs to your right to find the tonic Security Evasion 2 and a taped diary.
The next stage of our search leads us to the Workshop area.  Explore the rest
of Lower Heat Loss Monitoring first.  Hack the electrical current switch to the
east to cut the power to the flooded area and then head in to pick up a taped
dairy from the table.  Now head back up and out of Heat Loss Monitoring.

At Hephaestus Core turn right and go up the stairs to find The Workshops.  The
Upper Workshop has a gun turret and some loot you can pick up, but we need to
go to the lower area.  Take the stairs down, but watch out before descending
the last flight as the room at the bottom has two gun turrets.  So be quick and
go down to zap and hack them both. Just on the wall near the left most turret
is a crawl space that leads to a taped diary.  The door to Kyburzís Office near
the turrets can be opened with the code 0126, but the room is heavily trapped.
I had telekinesis equipped so picked up a chair and strolled into the room
holding it out in front of me to trip off all the wires.  If you donít have
that plasmid an Electro Bolt or a pistol shot at the arrow will trigger them
too.  Inside the room are a weapon upgrade station and a taped diary on the
desk.  Also on the desk is a button that will open a glass door at the south of
the room that holds some nitroglycerin, which you should pick up.  The button
triggers a gun turret to appear at the entrance of the room as well so watch
for it as you head back out.  In the room with the two turrets is an office
that holds a taped diary.  We need to head down the south corridor here and
take the door on the left.  Search the corpse on the floor for a taped diary
and continue further into the room.  Hidden on the west wall is a crawlspace
for us to go through to a secret area.  Pick up the tonic Damage Research and
the taped diary.  Kyburz had everything planned out for the EMP bomb we need to
create, but is missing a few ingredients.  We need to find some nitroglycerin,
two quarter cans of Ionic Gel and four R-34 wires from Big Daddies.  The bomb
is at the other side of this hidden room; so head on over and place the
nitroglycerin in we have already picked up.  Itís time to find the other stuff.

The gel is simple enough as it can be found on our travels, but the wires are
going to be that little bit tougher as we need to get them from Big Daddies.

Crawl back out of the secret area and youíll find a Big D to loot for a wire
(1/4), there is also a Big D wandering around in the Workshop area so kill him
for a second wire (2/4).  In the upper Workshop you will find a can of Ionic
gel (1/2), pick it up and head back to Hephaestus Core.  Go right when you are
back at the core and follow the platform to the stairs and head down to find
another Ionic gel can (2/2) on console-thingy.  For the other two wires you can
find Big Daddies at Hephaestus Core and Heat Loss Monitoring.  When you have
the rest of the wires head back to the Workshop and the secret area with the
EMP bomb.  Place your newly acquired items in the bomb to make it ready for use
and then pick it upÖ put it in your pocket; donít worry itíll fit!  Once you
have the bomb Atlas tells you, you need to place it at the Harmonic Core found
in Geothermal Control, so crawl out of the secret room and back to Hephaestus
Core.  Turn left and down the stairs and follow the platform to Geothermal
Control.  The water has managed to leak into the core and the only way to clear
it will be to boil it off using the magma.  In the main control room there are
two gun turrets so hack these and also the health station here.  Set up some
trap bolts or proximity mines near the two doors and then use the Magma Release
Valve to start redirecting the magma.  As soon as you use it splicers will
start arriving so rely on the turrets and the mine/bolts you placed to keep
them busy as you turn the valve.  Youíll see 4 red lights in the control and as
you turn the release theyíll start turning green.  When all 4 are green the
attacks will stop and you can enter the core.  Use the lift behind you to go
down and go through the door.  Youíll come across a corpse holding the tonic
Shorten Alarms 2 so pick it up and continue on along the walkway and use the
Core Lift Control.  When the lift stops place the EMP bomb on the control.  All
hell will break lose and the security alarm will go off; turn right and follow
the platform when you exit the core.  Youíll see stairs up with a sign to
Ryanís Office, below this is a Bot-Shutdown panel so throw that to stop the
alarm and then head up the stairs.  D a U-turn at the top, go through the door
and follow the walkway.  Youíll be back at the entrance to Ryanís office and
have a few splicers to deal with before you can throw the Circuit Breaker.
When you have them dead head towards the Circuit Breaker to overload his locks
and enter the bulkhead.

2k. Rapture Central Control

Little Sisters: 0

Head out of the bulkhead and into the hall ahead, itís time to face Ryan!  Ryan
wonít go down without a fight and sets off the core to self-destroy, if he
canít have the city no-one will!  Go left after Atlas asks you to kill Ryan to
find a taped diary near the Vita-Chamber and explore this area for some other
loot.  Take the stairs to the east and go up the stairs on your left to find a
duct to crawl into.  Jump to the room below and pick up both taped diaries and
then exit through the south door.  Follow the corridor to Ryan.

Use the key in the Self Destruct Override in the southeast room.  As I rescued
the Little Sisters they came to my rescue when security set their sights on me.
If you played the same way follow them to the opened grate and head in, just
zap the bots and turrets that take shots at you.  As you head into the duct the
floor will gave way and youíll lose consciousness.

I assume the exit point would be the same if you harvested the Little Sisters;
youíd just have to make your way there yourself.  The duct is west outside of
Ryanís office door.

2l. Olympus Heights

Little Sisters: 2
Locations: Apollo Square and Mercury Suites.

Youíll awaken inside Tenenbaumís hideout.  Sheíll explain that she has removed
some of Fontaineís control over you and that if you want to know more you
should find the apartment of Dr. Suchong.  This doctor designed your mind so he
should have some valuable information.  Head up the stairs and into the sewers.
Fontaine will contact you again and kick off a process in your body that will
shortly stop your heart; you need to get moving!  Go to the west end of the
sewer to pick up the gate control and then use it on the crank socket near the
door.  Crank open the door and go through to the station.  At the south is a
wrecked carriage that contains a safe to hack, but our route is north.  Past
the barricades is a gun turret so zap and hack it.  Itís here youíll likely
feel the first effects of Fontaineís curse.  These come at regular intervals
and reduce your maximum health a small mount each time you have an episode.  Go
left after hacking the turret and zap and hack another one.  There is
Gathererís Garden at the west side and a bar in the middle of the hall, head
into there and pick up a taped diary.  Exit through the east and hack the
camera on the wall.  We need to head north to Mercury Suites so go through the
arch and follow the platform north to the stairs into Mercury Suites.  Head in
and hack the camera on the left then go through to the suites.

The lower level is watched by a camera so hack it and the health station to
stop splicers healing.  There is a weapon upgrade station on the north side of
the lift. Suchongís apartment is to the west so head in and turn left to find a
taped diary behind the upturned table.  There is some loot in the north room if
youíd like, but our goal is in the central room.  At the southern part youíll
find a taped diary and the tonic Clever Inventor.  Suchong had an antidote for
our condition and Tenenbaum has stolen a dose of it so make your way back to
the lower suite area.  A splicer will set-up a rocket turret so take him out
and hack the turret as this turret does a good job against the nitro splicers
here.  Next weíll head to Culpepperís apartment to the north.  Walk through
into the apartment a little way and loot the taped diary on the couch to the
right and hack/destroy the camera on the left.  There is a kitchen to search
near the camera and some stairs.  Head up the stairs and through into the
flooded area to find some other loot and then come back down and exit the
apartment.  Cohenís little abode is to the east so head there next.  Ahead
there are a couple of splicers dancing with each other, another of Cohenís
eccentricities.  There isnít much to pick up here so once youíve had a look
around disturb the dancers in any fashion you like and Cohen will get a little
bit annoyed with you and attack.  Heíll enter through the locked door at the
south of his apartment.  He isnít hard to kill; I used the crossbow and just
fired away when he appeared to throw some fireballs.  When he is dead loot him
for a key that opens the chest we saw all the way back at Fort Frolic and head
through the door he came through, as there is a weapon upgrade unit there.
Once you have upgraded exit the flat and go up to the 1st floor by the stairs
in the centre.

The first door you come to is Tenenbaumís, but the bugger is locked.  We need
to find another way in.  Follow the walkway to the east and enter the door if
you want some extra loot.  There is a safe behind the bed in the north room and
the kitchen is to the south.  Back outside go up another flight to the 2nd
floor and take care of the camera.  There is an apartment to the east; again
nothing much of interest.  On the south side of the walkway is a taped diary
next to a camera set-up that tells of the door code to Fontaineís elevator.  To
the northwest is the entrance to Tenenbaumís.  Follow the room around to the
southwest to find the library.  Fontaineís men have already been and taken the
Lot 192 we are after so exit this room and take the stairs down.  In the
flooded area is a safe guarded by a turret, electrify the water to take it out.
When you are done exit the room by bashing the lock on the door and head down
the stairs to the lift entrance in the middle of the ground floor. You can
enter with the code 5744.

Up in Fontaineís penthouse there is a hall with a few splicers, a gun turret
and camera.  Make of them what you will, enrage is always fun and enter through
the door to the north.  Take the door on your right to pick up a taped diary
and the head up the stairs taking the door on your right.  Watch for the gun
turret behind the bar and hack the safe near it if you like.  Take the door
nearest the bar and head along the walkway to an office where youíll find the
tonic Electric Flesh 2 and Lot 192 on the table.  Oh dear, now we have wonky
plasmids!  Although on the up side they are the most powerful versions you get
to play with.  You now have no control over your plasmids and they are stuck in
a cycle of change, some of them are useful, but up until this point I never
used most of the ones the side affect has given me.  Take the west door out and
up to the north door to find the staircase again, head down and back to the
lift, we need to head to Artemis Suites to find more of this Lot 192 in
Suchongís lab.  From the lift go straight ahead and follow the tracks again
until you reach Central Square Bistro and then go east to the bulkhead.

2m. Apollo Square

Little Sisters: 2
Locations: Apollo Square and Fontaineís Home for the Poor.

Once through turn left up the stairs and pickup the taped diary in the suitcase
and then follow the tracks east to the main square.  To the west is a taped
diary near the Gathererís Garden and to the east a station before Artemis
Suites - head through there.  There is a gun turret on the platform when you
exit and also a camera on the side further along.  Hack it to help kill the
sleeping splicers.  Youíll see the entrance to Artemis Suites from here and
inside a camera watching the ground floor - right in the middle.  To the north
is a room with a U-Invent machine.  Back on the ground floor go up the stairs
to the west and follow the balcony round to the Free Clinic.  To the left in
here is a camera watching the door so be quick and take care of it.  There is a
room on the right that has the tonic Medical Expert 3 lying on the floor near
the toilets and to the left an office that holds a taped diary near the corpse
and the Lot 192 on a bench.  When you pick it up youíll finally have control of
your plasmids again.  Hurray!  Now itís time to be heading to Point Prometheus
and Fontaine.  Leave Suchongís lab and a splicer will have set up a turret
outside of the Free Clinic, do with it what you will.  On the floor above is a
room that contains a safe and not much else if you want a look, but when youíre
done head to the ground floor and back out to the tracks and follow them to the
main square.

Once back at the square go south and becareful of the gun turret and the camera
once into the station.  The Bathysphere is in the centre of the platform if you
want to head straight to Point Prometheus, but if you want there is another
section of this area to explore first and that is to the south; Fontaineís Home
for the Poor.  Once through the door look up to see a rocket turret aiming you
up and take it out.  Pick up a taped diary from a trunk to the right of the
door on the ground floor and then head up the stairs and take the door on your
left.  There isnít much on this floor but to the south of the room youíll find
stairs down to the boiler room that holds a U-Invent machine.  Back at the main
landing head up the stairs to the 2nd floor and again turn left to enter the
room.  Nothing of interest here actually, so once done exploring head up to the
3rd floor.  We canít actually enter any door on this floor as they are both
barred so head up to floor 4 and turn right first to find Atlasí HQ.  At the
south of the room are stairs leading down to a weapon upgrade station and to
your left the tonic Focused Hacker 2 and a taped diary.  Search the corpse on
the desk for another taped diary.  There is a hole in the floor here as well,
but donít jump down if you want to explore the other room on this floor.  The
west room on the 4th floor can be opened by bashing the boards on the door;
there is another hole in the floor to jump down to level 3.  You can exit via
the window.  Once you are done head back to the ground floor and north to the
Bathysphere.  Take the lift down and go through the door ahead.  Follow the
platform to the Bathysphere.

If you want you can head to Fort Frolic and loot Cohenís chest from the Lower
Atrium.  There isnít anything special in there, though.  Although if you killed
Cohen in his apartment and return to Fort Frolic to burn his masterpiece youíll
come across a bug in the game.  Go ahead and try it, it seems Cohen will return
from the grave to protect his masterpiece!

2n. Point Prometheus

Little Sisters: 3
Locations: Little Wonders, Failsafe Armoured Escorts and Optimised Eugenics.

On your ascent in the bathysphere youíll catch a glimpse of Fontaine.  Seems he
has been putting the ADAM to good use! Look at his strength.  When the door
opens chase after him.  After a short distance heíll shut a door in your face
and you canít continue after him.  Tenenbaum then comes up with a plan and asks
you to find a Big Daddy and search its corpse.  Luckily there is one in this
main hall so go loot him where youíll find the item Tenenbaum wanted.  It seems
her plan is quite an interesting one!  Once she has explained make sure to use
the weapon upgrade station near the Big D corpse.  Looks like we have a few
items to find to pull this off so take the east door from the Main Hall and
head towards Little Wonders facility.  The Big Daddy Pheromones are found here
so head in and across the walkway to a small entrance room.

There is a window on your right and two gun turrets behind it so get yourself
crouched down and find the opened window.  From this position pop up quickly to
take them out, as they wonít be any use hackedÖ unless you need a health/EVE
boost.  The door in this little room is locked so jump up the furniture at the
windows and smash one to crawl through.  Once in exit via the door and walk a
little way forward.  Youíll see numbered doors on this floor; first open door 5
and kill the splicer.  There is a Big D Pheromone (1/3) next to the teddy.
Door 7 is locked so head into the room across the hall to discover a Little
Sister training ďgameĒ.  In the main corridor follow it east to the Autopsy
room.  There is a camera directly ahead of you so hack it and go to the back of
the room where youíll find another Big D Pheromone (2/3) and the tonic
Safecracker 2.  Picking up the tonic will trigger a splicer attack, but if you
hacked the camera itíll call in the bots to help you out.  Exit Autopsy and
take the north route.  Doors 1, 3 and 4 contain a few items you might like and
door 2 is jammed.  Walk a bit further along the corridor to find the stairs up
and once at the top turn left.  On the table is a Big D Pheromone (3/3) and a
taped diary.  If you want you can jump down into the locked rooms from up here
but there isnít anything to collect in them.  From the upper floor take the
west door to a walkway and a camera above the door.  Take care of it and
continue along to find yourself at the main hall.  Go left and hack the turret
in the corridor and enter Failsafe Armoured Escorts; take the door on the left.

The chamber will seal on you and a splicer will attack; once he is dead
continue along the corridor and on in to Candidate Induction.  Although there
is a door on your right once you exit the chamber that contains a few disabled
bots that you can loot ammo from.  When you enter Candidate Induction youíll
see the Big Daddy helmet across the room so head straight over and pick it up
along with the tonic Hackers Delight 3 while youíre here.  There isnít anything
else in here so head towards the southwest door and enter Failsafe Armoured
Escorts proper.  Directly ahead you again see more Big Daddy gear, this time
the suit. Pick it up and youíll get yourself a nice 25% reduction to all damage
types.  Continue forward on this lower level and left to a coded door, which
you can open with 1921.  There are stairs down to the water area if you want
some ammo, but watch out for the cheeky splicer lying under the surface.  There
is a load of useful items behind the coded door so hack it and pick them up.
Once you are done head back round to where you picked up the suit and go up the
stairs to the upper floor.  Enter the door to the north and go over the
walkway.  Turn left and near the Gene-Bank youíll find a taped diary so pick it
up and continue along to the next door, on over the walkway and into another
room.  In the middle of this room on a console youíll find a taped diary and to
the west the stairs down; go down these.  Stay on this lower level and follow
the pathway to your right to find a frozen door, give it a blast of fire to
enter.  In here youíll find a vending machine and a taped diary on the table.
Outside of the room go south and enter the door on your right to the central
chamber if you like, there is some ammo and a gun turret to the north, but
apart from that nothing much else.  Where we want to be going next is Candidate
Conversion to the door at the west.  Directly ahead and to the right in this
room is a rocket and gun turret, so watch it when you step out in to the room.
On the other side of the room, where the U-Invent machine is, you need to pick
up the taped diary, as it seems the boots are missing.  They have been
delivered to the wrong place so we better go get them.  Take the northeast door
out of this room back to the Failsafe Armoured Escorts and turn left to the
Main Hall and follow the corridor back out of this place.  Youíll be back near
the Gathererís Garden and we need to find Mendel Memorial Library.

So from the Gathererís Garden go east along the balcony to find the library
door.  Head in and take care of the camera on your right and the rocket turret
blocking the passage to the main hall of the library.  In the centre area is
the tonic Damage Research 2 and the Big Daddy boots.  Thatís the suit finished.
Itís time to get stomping!  Explore the library for some more ammo and such
before you leave via the door we busted the camera at.  Take a right at the
door and head back towards the Gathererís Garden.  From here we are going to
Optimised Eugenics.  Just before the entrance is a frozen door so burn and
enter to pick up a taped diary from one of the trashcans.  Enter Optimised
Eugenics through the left door.

The chamber door will seal and when it opens a camera will be staring right as
you so be quick and take it out.  The door on your right is locked so take the
left door to Test Subject Storage.  The room is large and doesnít contain an
awful lot, but in the north section on a console is a taped diary.  Once you
have it take the northeast door back to the main corridor and turn left into
Eugenic Analysis.  There are two rocket turrets in this room so take them out
from a distance and go to the back to find the last Weapon Upgrade station.
Hurray!  All weapons should now be fully upgradedÖ shame I only use 3 of them!
Back outside of the Eugenic Analysis room look left to see the door to Plasmid
Prototyping; enter and destroy the rocket turret on your right.  Near where the
turret was there is another taped diary, but thatís about it again in this room
so take the door back out and follow the corridor south to Live Subject
Testing.  Go up the stairs to the control room.  Directly ahead there is the
tonic Alarm Expert 2 and on the wall the Voicebox Modification Machine.  Looks
pretty, so give it a go!  After this youíll be a Big Daddy and itís time to go
after Fontaine.

Exit this room but look for the three corpses on the floor as you do, as once
you pass them by theyíll spring up and attack.  You can shoot them one by one
to wake them and take them out separately if you like.  Before you leave you
can search the central room of this area, but it is electrified so becareful.
It holds a safe and some EVE hypos.  Once done leave Optimised Eugenics to the
south.  We are all done so from the upper level turn tight to the door marked
ďGenetic Modification LibraryĒ and along the corridor and down the stairs back
to the Main Hall.  We need to call a Little Sister so give the vent a bash near
the west door in this hall.  One will appear and open the door that leads to
the Proving Grounds.

2o. Proving Grounds

Little Sisters: 0Ö well, 1 if you want to get technical.
Location: Under your feet!

This is a fairly short run, and quite exciting.  You must keep the Little
Sister alive, as she is the only one that can open the doors that will get you
to Fontaine.  Although if she does die you can go knock on a vent to summon
another one to your side.  But be nice and donít let this first Little Sister
die!  Also, the Little Sister will run ahead of you, but she wonít go through
doors until you are near so you do have time to explore rooms.

Head up the stairs in this first room.  To your left is a U-Invent machine and
there is a door directly ahead to a room that contains a vending machine.  If
you want to pay a visit go down the stairs and pay no heed to the camera, it
thinks you are a Big Daddy so wonít be hostile.  Once done head back up and go
north to the big door, which the Little Sister will open for you.  Through the
door go right to find a door to a small room that holds some ammo and the like.
When you want to progress head to the door the LS is waiting at.  Follow her
along the corridor and youíll eventually come to the first test subject and
health machine (you may as well hack it).  The LS will harvest the corpse, but
will take her time doing it.  You need to hold off the splicers.  Throw down a
few mines or trip wires if you need to, you have a small amount of time to
prepare.  Youíll also notice that the camera isnít hostile to you, but you can
still hack it to help out against splicers, so go ahead and make it friendly.
When the LS has done her job start following again.

Another test subject another camera and this time a flame turret and bot as
well.  Get them all hacked; we are in for another splicer attack!  When LS is
done she will dash off so be ready to follow as there is a gun turret around
the next corner that will attack her when it sees her.  Sheíll open the door
next to the Central Atrium, shadow her on her right out here as a gun turret
will appear from a panel in the wall, be sure to take it out quickly.  A rocket
turret will also open on the other side of the room, so run down past the
fallen skeleton and take that out too.  Follow the LS through the door.  Hack
the camera here and zap the water around the corner, there are splicers hiding.
The LS will start running again, so keep up with her, as there is nothing to
pickup along the way.  Youíll come to Test Subject 3 and also a gun turret
right near it that is hostile.  Hack it and get ready for big fight number
three.  This isnít as bad as the last two so stay on the LS and pump out those
anti-personnel rounds to make easy work of them.

Once the LS is done follow her round and youíll be attacked by a Big Daddy.
Think he knows you arenít a real Big D, or is he just mental?  I donít know -
kill him anyway.  This Big D isnít as bad as all the others seeing as you take
less damage, but make sure to keep the LS from under your feet.  She had a
tendency to block my path so I was stuck between a LS and a hard place and
ended up going toe to toe with a Big D, which isnít as nice as it sounds!  Once
he is gone you can enter the wall he bashed through to pick up some ammo.
Again one you are done follow the LS through the door and keep on her tail, the
escort is nearly over and she will enter a vent.  Donít worry about exploring
the room just yet.  Follow her into the Special Exhibit Entry and once she is
in the vent take the syringe she offers you, youíre going to need it.  Before
going up the lift there is a room back on the Central Atrium that has a safe to
hack if you like.

Well this is it.  All the machines you need are in the Special Exhibit Entry
room so spend all that left over ADAM and spend every dollar and use every
ingredient.  Things youíll need obviously are EVE hypos and first aid kits.  I
found crossbow bolts (incendiary and steel) to be brilliant in the final fight
along with proximity mines and heat-seeking missiles.  As for plasmids good old
Electro Bolt, Incinerate and Enrage will do you, maybe Winterís Blast and
Target Dummy as well.  This is also a good time to go back through earlier
areas if you need to pick up Little Sisters you might have missed or areas
unexplored, as you wonít be attacked by anything.  You are a Big Daddy now they
will leave you alone.

So once you are done take the lift to the west and head up to meet Fontaine.

2p. The End

No saving your game here. If you die itís back to the start of the fight.  The
game will automatically save when the lift stops.  Head out into the chamber
and see Fontaine in all his buffed up ADAM glory.  The fight has three stages
and after every stage Fontaine will retreat back to his central machine here to
recoup.  What you need to do when he does this is to run up to him and drain
him of his ADAM.  When you first step into the chamber his machine will lower
him down, you need to quickly run over to him and drain him, this will start
the fight.  Heíll give you a good old smack around the lips when you do, so get

There is a Gene-Bank at the south side of the room if you need to change things
around and to the north a health station and security-bot shutdown panel.

His first form is that of fire and I found steel-tip bolts useful against him.
He uses fire bolts and a charge attack against you.  He can be frozen for a
time with Winter Blast although Electro Bolt is useless.  Make laps around the
outside of the chamber and he will chase after you, in fact he does this in all
forms so youíll have it down to an art before the end.  Keep plugging away with
bolts or any pistol rounds to kill his first form.  Heíll teleport back to the
middle so head back and drain him of more ADAM.

Form two is icy!  And he sets off the security alarm, so go north and shut it
down fast.  Hack the bots if any appear before you shut the alarm off, they
will be a distraction for him.  Fire is good against him.  If you use
Incinerate he will run to the water to the west or east of the chamber to put
himself out, so itís a good idea to blast him with fire if he closes in for a
melee attack.  Beware of his ice attacks as they come along the floor and also
his charge attack again.  Make laps around the chamber picking him off with
long-range ammo and drain him again once he retreats.

Form three is electricity and he calls in the splicers for help!  Keep your
bottom moving on this one and use Enrage to turn his minions against him and if
you donít have it put the splicers down quickly with whatever anti-personnel
rounds you have or scare them with fire.  Fire is also handy against Fontaine
again as it sends him diving for water.  More crossbow bolts, grenades anything
you have left really, pour every bullet into him, as this is his final form.
When he teleports back to the middle run over and drain himÖ

You have just performed your final act.

3a. Final Thoughts

BioShock is completed!

There are three different endings depending on the way you finish the game.
They are good, evil and slightly less evil.  The evil and other evil ending are
not so different and only have a different tone in the voice over; the
cut-scene is exactly the same.  The good ending will bring a tear to your eye,
as itís so sweet.  They are a bit abrupt in their wrapping up of the story, but
things are neatly concluded within the game itself so itís not so bad.

The ending is based upon your action in the game when meeting the Little
Sisters.  If you rescued everyone you saved then you will get the good ending.
Harvesting a couple and saving a couple will give you the slightly less evil
ending, and the evil ending is gained by harvesting every Little Sister you

Well, that is that!  I hope you enjoyed holding my hand throughout your
adventure and if you stayed with me from start to finish you deserve extra
thanks!  And a hug.

If you have any comments on my guide or want to throw some abuse my way if
youíre an angry person you can find my details below.

But as for this guide it is now over and Iíll say goodbye.  Maybe Iíll see you
in another guide sometime down the line!

4a. Contact Me and other Gubbins

My email address is xlins@yahoo.com if you want to drop me an email.  Please
put BioShock in the subject line so I can spy emails easily.

As for my guide it is free to use for non-commercial use so knock yourself out,
although if you do use it remember to credit me.  And remember, if you do use
it wrongly, Iíll set my Big Daddy on to youÖ