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|   FAR CRY INSTINCTS PREDATOR                                               |
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|   FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360                      Written by Patt3rson   |
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|   Version FINAL                                            April 17 2009   |
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| T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                          |
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| 1 | INTRODUCTION                                                           |
1.1  - Copyright
1.2  - Additions
1.3  - Preparations
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| 2 | GAME                                                                   |
2.1  - Review
2.2  - Story
2.3  - Characters
2.4  - Controls
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| 3 | WALKTHROUGH                                                            |
3.1  - Instincts: Training
3.2  - Instincts: Beach
3.3  - Instincts: Native
3.4  - Instincts: River
3.5  - Instincts: Rain Forest
3.6  - Instincts: Mines
3.7  - Instincts: Cliffs
3.8  - Instincts: Sub-Aquatic Facility
3.9  - Instincts: Dead Marshes
3.10 - Instincts: Wasteland
3.11 - Instincts: Black Forest
3.12 - Evolution: Pirate Enclave: Part 1
3.13 - Evolution: Pirate Enclave: Part 2
3.14 - Evolution: Pirate Enclave: Part 3
3.15 - Evolution: Shanty Town
3.16 - Evolution: Shanty Town Escape
3.17 - Evolution: Refinery Assault
3.18 - Evolution: Canopy Forest
3.19 - Evolution: Rebel Fortress
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| 4 | CONCLUSION                                                             |
4.1  - Final Word
4.2  - Credits

| 1 | I N T R O D U C T I O N                                                |
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| 1 | 1 | COPYRIGHT                                                          |
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| 1 | 2 | ADDITIONS                                                          |
No additions have been made to the contents of this file. The layout has been
changed and generating it is now automated. No further additions will be made
to this document.
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| 1 | 3 | PREPARATIONS                                                       |
The walkthrough is based on the Hunter difficulty setting. It might be
possible that there are less items and enemies to be found on a lower
difficulty setting and more on a higher setting. Not all enemies are
mentioned, but usually the groups they are in are or when it is an advantage
to know that they’re there. The same goes for items. Useful things and the
phials, more about them below, are always mentioned.

Both in the Instincts and the Evolution part of the game you can find five
secret items in each level shaped like a phial. They are part of an
Achievement. When you pick up a phial you will never run into it again. It
doesn’t matter whether you die or quit the game right away, you found that
phial. Even in a new game, on another difficulty or not, you don’t have to
look for them.

| 2 | G A M E                                                                |
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 2 | 1 | REVIEW                                                             |
A review for this game written by me can be found at
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| 2 | 2 | STORY                                                              |
Jack Carver thought to have found a more quiet life while renting his boat out
when a customer causes him trouble. Along with her a group of helicopters
shows up that shoot his boat to pieces and force him to run away. Jack needs
to survive the jungle on the island he was visiting and discovers that not
everything is as it should be. When he gets infected with an experimental
serum he gains all kinds of feral powers that need to help him find his
companions and escape from the island.

Jack just started to recover from his Instincts adventure when he meets the
attractive Kade in a bar. She wants to make use of his services and offers him
a sexual experience along with a lot of money. Kade’s business with the
pirates goes wrong when a group of rebels shows up to crash the party. Jack
starts to look for the leader of this crazy bunch and finds out that there are
more people like him. Again he needs to try and survive to escape this second
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 2 | 3 | CHARACTERS                                                         |
Jack has been dishonorably discharged from military service and now tries to
make a living in a tropical location by renting out his boat. When Valerie
shows up a great adventure knocks on his door.

Valerie rents Jack’s boat and insists on visiting the island so she hurries of
on his jet ski. But she appears to have other reasons to go to the island than
just enjoying the view.

When Jack is in trouble there’s someone that contacts him and advises him and
shows him the way. Eventually Jack has to get out there to save Doyle and
escape afterwards. In Evolution Doyle shows up again.

Leader of the mercenaries that occupy the group of islands and give Jack a
miserable time. He injects Jack with the experimental serum and intents to
grow stronger because of it himself.

The mad scientist who spends his day performing inhuman experiments and
developed a serum that awakens feral powers in humans. Krieger rarely shows
his face, but does talk to Carver regularly.

An attractive lady who does business with the pirates in the island area. She
gladly uses Jack’s services and powers, but in the end she only tries to save
her own skin and money.

A man with the same kind of powers as Jack. He is the leader of a rebel army
that makes life tough for the pirates and inhabitants on the islands. Jack
needs to personally defeat him to end the nightmare.
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| 2 | 4 | CONTROLS                                                           |
Up     = Binoculars
Down   = Select special weapon
Left   = Select primary weapon
Right  = Select secondary weapon

A = Jump
B = Melee attack
X = Interact, reload
Y = Feral powers

LB = Scroll through throwing objects
LT = Throw object, hold breath
RB = Switch between weapons and traps
RT = Shoot, place trap

Left analog  = Move character
Press left   = Adjust body position
Right analog = Move crosshair
Press right  = Zoom

Start = Pause menu
Back  = Mission objectives

| 3 | W A L K T H R O U G H                                                  |
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 1 | INSTINCTS: TRAINING                                                |
After a pretty long intro, in which Jack gets shot at and jumps off the boat,
you are in the water and you get control over him. Just move forward and try
to stay under water, above water the chance to get hit is a lot bigger. On
your way you’ll get information in the shape of pop-up screens, read them or
get rid of them right away and continue swimming. Ahead you can enter the hull
of a ship using the ramp of sand, do it quickly to evade the bullets of your
opponents. It’s very dark in the ship, but you can get to an exit blocked by a
barrel using the stairs to the left of the back right corner. Kick it aside
with the B button and continue a little, then turn left and climb the ladder
in the back left corner. Follow the walkway and let yourself fall where it
ends. Go left through the passage and you can see a lower area to the right.
First you need to duck to be able to continue there, then you even have to go

Both you can do with the left analog stick as indicated on screen. Once past
the lower obstacles you can go through the door in the back right, then turn
left to find the exit of the ship. Jump into the water there and swim to the
beach right in front of you. Quickly climb the vines against the rocks and run
into the bushes at the top. Duck and walk a little slower the coming part, it
will be explained how to quietly take out the man with the binoculars.
Approach him from the rear and press B when prompted. Follow the path ahead to
a next opponent. According to the information on screen you need to press RB,
walk to the branch at the indicated tree, bend it around by holding RT and
then walk away. Throw a rock from the bushes with LT close to the just
activated trap, this will take out the opponent when he comes to close. Pick
up his gun and continue to follow the route.

When it is explained to you that you can zoom by pressing the right analog
stick, an enemy is ahead of you, use this action to take out this enemy with a
single shot in the head. You can then pick up his weapon as well and wield two
pistols at the same time. Follow the obvious path ahead until you reach a hut.
Crouch through the grass and underneath the hut, then aim at the head of the
enemy through the openings in the floor boards and shoot him. In the hut you
can pick up health and his weapon before you continue along the route in the
direction of the blue dot on your radar. When you get there you can see the
hut with the blue glow inside where you need to be. There is one enemy around,
shoot him in the head and let yourself slide down the hill. Jump to the
balcony of the hut using the crates and you’ll automatically pick up the
earpiece and hear someone talk to you. Outside is more health, inside as well
and there you can also trade in your pistol for a silenced one. Move into the
direction of the water and the level will end after ending up in the water
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 2 | INSTINCTS: BEACH                                                   |
On your radar you can see a green dot, which means there’s an enemy ahead.
Shoot him in the head with your silenced pistol and follow the beach more to
the right. Check out the bushes just on the left before the next rock to find
some vines which you can use to climb up. So do that and follow the ledge to
the right. Ahead is the first secret phial, collect five of them in each level
to unlock the Achievement for this. Return to the vines and continue your
route along the beach. A second enemy is on guard just past the campfire,
quickly shoot him in the head or stab him in the back. At the end of the small
camp is some health on the left, use your binoculars to spot the two enemies
ahead. As soon as the split up you can go over there through the bushes. You
can try to stab them one by one, but because they stick so close together you
can also try to shoot them quickly. Two more soldiers will come this way, make
use of the rocks to hide behind and take them out.

Continue in the direction of the blue dot across the beach and you’ll go
through a rock passage. Follow the path up the hill and descend through the
bushes along the same path. Stab a man with binoculars in the back, then crawl
underneath the hut and up the boards to do the same to the guy in the door
opening. From here the route you can follow will become very wide. There are
multiple huts and quite a few enemies walking around. Try to take them out
unnoticed for as long as you can, but there comes a time when you just need to
attack them head on. If the boat on the water bothers you, then shoot the
explosive barrels near it. Search the huts for health, but make sure you don’t
accumulate the amount of enemies chasing you. Eventually you can see a
helicopter take off and you’ll reach a commando tent ahead. There are four
enemies there, try to take them out by blowing up the explosive barrel and
then shoot at them.

When it is safe you can enter the tent, you can pick up multiple items and
health after standing inside the blue glow. Prepare for an attacking wave and
stay in motion when it starts, the tent will not provide much cover. When this
wave is defeated, don’t follow the route towards the blue indicator but the
one more to the left of it. Ahead and to the left is a waterfall with some
vines to the right of it, so climb up there and follow the route to a valley.
The log in front of you can be pushed down to take out the enemies below. If
it doesn’t work perfectly you can shoot them as well. To the left is a large
collection of waterfalls, follow them and check an alcove on the left for the
second phial in this level. Then fight your way along the river and past the
tent to reach an intersection. Look right and you can see a rock over the
water. Shoot the opponents on your way there and walk underneath is. Follow
the rock wall to your right until it turns into a hill you can climb.

Then walk back to the rock over the water up here so that you can reach the
top side of it, where the third phial is located. Jump off of the rock into
the water on the right and on the left try to shoot the enemies in the head
quickly. Grab the items inside the hut and follow the route further through an
open fence. You can listen in on the conversation being held next to the
helicopter by using your binoculars. As soon as the helicopter and the people
around it have left you can walk down more. Try to take out the person in the
booth on this side of the fence unnoticed and open the gate inside that booth.
Shoot whoever you need to shoot to reach the machinegun on the left just past
the gate and use it to mow down everybody that shows up. When everyone is
defeated you can search the buildings for items and take out any remaining
enemies. Eventually you need to go towards the hangar. There are quite a few
enemies there, shoot them from cover near the building before going inside.

Get into the terrain vehicle met with and press B right away to get behind the
on board turret so that you can suppress all opposition before you leave.
Drive outside and to the left, here’s the road where the other terrain vehicle
came from. On the parker lot you can find a bunch of barrels in a corner on
the left, behind these barrels is the fourth phial. Return to where you came
from in the terrain vehicle and drive to the right, around the hangar and
throw the fences to leave this area. Follow the obvious route and ignore all
human opponents. Other cars and barricades need to be avoided though while
also being shot by helicopters. Keep your speed up to avoid falling trees and
make the jump over a destroyed bridge. A little ahead the road is completely
blocked, so shoot the only opponent there and continue on foot.

Crawl underneath the hut when nobody is looking, shoot the guy standing inside
with your silencer. The other two enemies will come and look, but you’re safe
under the hut. Also shoot them in the head through the cracks in the
floorboards. The two enemies on the hill are easily taken out by blowing up
the barrel to the right of the hut. This will make the tower collapse and the
hut will be demolished. Grab whatever you can grab from inside the huts and
then get into the terrain vehicle at the bottom of the hill. Again you have to
follow an obvious route with the vehicle while being shot at from all sides.
Don’t jump over the bridge that explodes at the end just yet, but turn around
and backtrack along the route a little. Ahead the route you came from will
turn to the right a bit and it is separated from a valley full of trees by a
small hill. At the end of this valley is the last phial, hidden in the grass
and against a tree. When you have this you can just continue to the blown up
bridge and jump off of it.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 3 | INSTINCTS: NATIVE                                                  |
Walk down the hill and into the water. Climb over the log ahead and when you
get to the bushes and the path you can walk along it in cover. There are about
five enemies in the first part, a part of which you can take out by setting
traps and throw rocks if necessary. You can obviously also shoot the rest.
Eventually you’ll go around the corner to the left when following the path and
also a little upwards. Follow the rock wall to the right and climb the vines
there, at the top you have to go back to the left a little to get up higher
using some more vines. Go to the right and ahead and when you crawl under a
tree you can also crawl through a hole in the fence. When getting to the
buildings you can go underneath the left hut and shoot the man through the
openings in the floor. More opponents will come and check, take them all out
from this safe location underneath the hut. Only continue when you don’t hear
anyone anymore. Also take out the sniper in the tower, climb up to take his
gun from him if necessary.

Once up there, jump onto the surrounding fence and from there onto the roof of
the tower to find the first phial in this level. Use your new sniper rifle
from up in the tower to kill some opponents down below in advance walking in
the direction of the blue dot. Grab some stuff from the two huts here and then
continue. To the right of the route is a building with two floors. It is
actually possible to use the crates to jump through the opening on the top
floor. Kick out the two crates in the exit on the other side and let yourself
drop down on this side of the fencing. Move towards the blue dot again and go
underneath the huts to be able to easily take out the opponents, but here you
are less safe from enemies not standing inside the hut itself. Eventually move
to the higher hut in the corner, go to the top floor and drop down on the
other side so that you’re on the other side of the fencing. Continue to the
next bunch of huts.

Use traps and cover to take out the enemies, also take cover below the huts if
necessary. You can easily take out the tower by blowing up the barrels
positioned below it. Continue your route and try shooting down opponents from
afar with your sniper rifle. You can place traps here once again and lure them
into them. Also try to take out the shooter in the tower quickly and hide
underneath the huts when necessary. At the intersection you need to go left,
more into the direction of the blue dot. Ahead is another guard tower, shoot
the guard before you head over in that direction and work your way from hut to
hut. If you are discovered it might get a little crowded, so hide effectively
and try to separate the enemies to be able to take them on one by one. Close
to the hangar where you need to be is also a machine gun, you can use it if
you manage to walk around everything. At the hangar, jump onto a box to the
left of it, smash the window with the B button and head inside. First climb
into the racks using the boxes and shelves, up there is a lot of health and
the second phial. Below is some C4 on a crate to the right, place it on the
indicated spot directly opposite from it.

Using the other crate you can get outside again after smashing the window, do
that before the bomb goes off. Then take cover again right away inside the now
demolished storage hangar. From the village multiple opponents will show up,
try to shoot them with your sniper rifle. When they come to close you can
retreat into the small room to the side which is now open, where you can also
find ammunition and armor. Only walk out of the hangar when the coast is clear
and follow the path into the direction of the blue dot. Two ATV’s will show up
and many people will get off of them and start shooting at you. Quickly place
some traps on the trees and retreat into the direction of the hangar. A good
spot to hide in is the little booth next to the machine gun. Clear the area
and return to the ATV’s, use one to follow the coming route. Ahead you’ll be
blown off of it and Crowe will show up in his helicopter, after which you’re
on foot again and have to give chase. Don’t go over the bridge, but walk down
to the left of it and into the river. The third phial is under water directly
against the waterfall.

On the other side of the bridge, descend immediately to the right. Hide in the
bushes and use your sniper rifle to take out enemies here and at the docks
before heading that way yourself. Check out the huts for items and use the
piers to go into the direction of the blue dot. Move through the bushes again
when you can and look out for enemies coming from behind. Climb the hill ahead
to your left, so that you have a good view of the entire bay with all the huts
and connecting piers. There are a lot of enemies walking around, use your
sniper rifle to shoot them down and wait for others to come outside. When it
is safe you can go from hut to hut to check for stuff, also pick up the
ammunition from defeated enemies. When you get near the middle of the bay two
boats will show up. Use the mounted machine gun or your sniper rifle from
cover to take care of this threat. Eventually you can continue to the back to
enter the jungle in the northwest. Use the trees to place traps and take out
the many enemies. In the outside of the bend going right is a tent with armor
inside, grab it and follow the route towards the blue dot.

At the buildings first shoot the sniper on the roof of the high building.
Systematically take out the rest and head up on the right side of the large
building and then climb the ladder. Ahead on the roof is the fourth phial.
Descend down the ladder and stairs, go through the door underneath the stairs
and then up again. Flip the switch in the corner with the blue glow to open
the gate and then quickly run downstairs to get behind the machine gun inside
the bunker. Mow down everyone that comes through the gate and go through it
only after securing the area, but do that on the ATV that also showed up. Take
it along with you, you can choose whether you want to drive forward quickly or
check out all the huts on foot. Either way, make your way to the next couple
of huts. First take out whoever you can hit with the sniper rifle, including
the gunner inside the helicopter when it shows up. Only when the gunner is
dead will the helicopter usually take off. Move from hut to hut and pick up
health and guns. At the end on the right is a barricade with some rusty

Take care of the enemies there and follow the route behind it to a new bunch
of huts. Just shoot the opponents and follow the path while checking the huts
for useful stuff. It’s best to drive the rest of the route, ahead you will
come to a pretty large and open field. Walking through it will take too long
and is dangerous, so driver around it with a curve to the left and head into
the direction of the blue dot. At the end are some vines in the back corner,
but head over the closest hut before climbing up there. Underneath it is the
last phial, grab it quickly and also quickly head up the vines. Shoot the
sniper at the edge ahead. Valerie is down below and you need to protect her by
shooting down the enemies on the pier as soon as possible. Depending on your
remaining bullets this can be pretty tough or not. It has to be done fast
either way, before Valerie’s health in the top left corner of the screen runs
out. When you manage to do this you’ll end up with a tranquilizing dart in
your neck and the level will end.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 4 | INSTINCTS: RIVER                                                   |
You’ll hear some conversations outside, but you can escape as soon as you
regain control. Press B while looking at the thin line of light, after three
hits you bust open the container and are able to escape. Take out the only
opponent here, you can also do this with the B button, and head over to the
northwest corner. It is directly opposite the front end of the truck and
behind that container is the first phial in this level. Return to the other
side of the truck and smash open the doors in the first and second fence so
that you can follow the path behind it. First you’ll get an explanation on how
to use your Feral power and that you can use MRE like here on the crate
amongst other things to fill up your Adrenaline, which enables you to use your
Feral powers. When you continue you’ll come to a tent. Take out the man inside
and head out on the other side. When the alarm goes off you have to smash the
button on the post just on the left past the tent, because the sound will
affect your health.

Also smash the pole to the right past the tent, opposite the alarm post, to
start a fire and blow some stuff up. Take out all the opponents here, by
shooting or hitting, and run through the area. Head right at the intersection,
in the direction of the blue dot. Ahead is another base with quite a few
opponents. Lure them back in groups to where you came from and switch between
shooting and hitting. The alarm probably went off, so smash the control box on
the pole on the left when you get back to the base. To the left of it is also
a fence with some crates against it. Climb on top of them, jump over the fence
and descend into the shaft. Follow the tunnel to the end to find the second
phial over there, then climb back outside and over the fence again. Check the
huts for useable items and head out of here through the large opened gate.
Follow the route to the right and you’ll come to another camp. Take out
everybody who can be taken out unnoticed and also defeat the rest, work
quickly when the alarm goes off to clear the area and break it.

Check the huts again for items and follow the road north. You’ll come across
multiple crates and little buildings, just shoot your way through them and
when enemies get to close you can just smack them away. Eventually you’ll come
to a large well guarded warehouse. Take out whoever you can and retreat if
necessary. There are two alarms here, on the pole in the middle and on the
right wall inside the warehouse where the ATV is parked. Take this ATV as
transportation and driver it south, because the eastern gate is closed. Head
over the bridge and smash through the fence (Hitting it in the middle will
slow you down the least!), quickly head left and away from the enemies to
prevent taking too much damage. Also smash through the next fence and force
the enemies to get out of the way so that they won’t fire at you. Ahead
burning barrels will be rolled towards you, get of the ATV here and shoot the
two opponents ahead after avoiding the barrels. Ignore their ATV’s and follow
the road on foot. Ahead you’ll be shot at from the right, take out the guy
there and steal his ATV.

Drive along the small path and through the trees to the camp. Smash through it
to the right and follow the long descending route through the valley. At the
end you’ll come to a small dock, ignore the opponents if you want to and jump
straight from the ATV into the water. Swim to the boat under water and press X
to get in. Take off right away to escape enemy fire. Ahead is a platform with
a base on it, you can’t just move past it. Jump in the water and swim
underneath the pier, go onto land somewhere over there and take cover right
away. Shoot the enemies one by one and especially watch out for the mounted
machine guns and the opponent with a rocket launcher. In the tent is some
health, for if you need it. Follow the route upwards and across the bridge,
then descend to the right to reach another boat. Kick it to get it into the
water and then get on board. Move along the river and shoot the guys on the
left coast from your boat, then use the machine gun there to take out the
enemies left of the water gate on the other side of the river.

Go over there and turn the wheel in the little booth to open the water gate.
Before you go through it, first head over to the waterfall at then end of the
river. Climb up on the right and find the third phial on the rocks. Return to
the pier and get on the jet ski to use it to travel through the water gave
while defeating the shooting opponents in the board are just taking off.
Continue and you’ll eventually reach a mine field. Do your best to go through
it in front of the enemy, then you’ll certainly lose it. Head over to the next
pier with some mines ahead and also a bridge. Make a short stop here, so get
onto land just before the pier and the first bridge and make your way to the
roofed bridge further ahead. Watch out for the enemy standing there and
launching grenades. When you take place behind that weapon yourself, a
helicopter will show up which you can take out with it. On the other side of
the bridge, turn around and jump onto the roof of that same bridge. About
halfway is the fourth phial. Return back to the pier and take one of the boats
fitted with weaponry. Shoot the mines below the bridge and continue.

Around the corner you can already get out and take out the opponents around
the square. Grab the terrain vehicle on the left path and drive it to the
crates at the edge of another base. Quickly take out the sniper in the tower
to your right and use that position to take out all the enemies that appear.
For this you can use your sniper rifle, your other weapons, the canon on the
terrain vehicle and your powerful claw attack. When the coast is clear you
first have to disable the alarm at the post on the right and then another one
at another pole left of the tent. Grab the items in the camp and get into one
of the hovercrafts at the pier. Don’t stop for anything, just speed through
all the opponents and obstacles until you go over a hill and you can see a
pier higher then you. Bump into a pole so that the whole thing collapses, get
out of the vehicle and take out all the enemies above you. At the other pier
you can get into another hovercraft again and follow the river. When Valerie
contacts you there’s a destroyed camp just ahead.

Get out for a short stop to pick up the last phial behind the burning crates,
then continue to follow the river. Eventually it will end and you can get onto
land on the right at the pier. Get into the still working terrain vehicle up
there and drive along the route right in front of you. It will be blocked
later on, so get out and jump over the barricade. Open the gate by flipping
the switch in the booth to the right of it. Follow the route right on the
other side of the gate to a bigger destroyed camp. Climb over the containers
on the right and prepare for a large battle. Kill the sniper in the tower on
the right and the crawling man on the floor to the left. As soon as the
strange creatures take off the place will be infested with human enemies. Keep
moving, hide where you can and make use of your strong punches. Move over to
the northeast slowly and take out the sniper in the next tower. Stay on land
and follow the route, eventually you’ll come to the blue dot where the level
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 5 | INSTINCTS: RAIN FOREST                                             |
Run past the truck and towards the water. The first phial is along the coast
right away, at the extending part on the left side. Follow the route ahead and
you’ll get to see that from now on you’re easily able to notice smells, by a
creature that runs off but does leave a trail. Grab the ammunition at the dead
man against the tree and follow your way. A bit ahead at another pool of water
you will get to meet the creature that ran away from you for the first time.
They’re not really strong, but there are a lot of them. So switch between your
weapons and your punch while looking around all the time. Afterwards you can
collect the items by the tent past the water and continue in that direction.
On the hill you have to climb the vines, then follow the descending road to
the left and fight a bunch of tiny creatures at the light. Walk underneath the
log and step into the blue glow to meet Valerie at a campfire. Collect the
items in and around the tents and continue, in the corner you can find a small
crashed plane with behind it the second phial. Grab it and continue, shoot the
man off of the log before going underneath it.

When you’re at the top of the rocks ahead, shoot two talking men from there
and also the rest of the enemies that will show up. Jump down, pick up there
weapons and continue along the water. As soon as you see the sniper on the
platform it can get pretty crowded. Mow him down quickly and then keep moving
to take on enemies that keep appearing one by one. Go around the bend to the
right, underneath the log and shoot the next sniper and his colleagues on the
ground. When you follow the water you’ll come to a dead end at a blockade,
more to the left of it is a passage between the rocks. You’ll approach a tent
with quite a lot of enemies around it, approach them carefully and place some
traps if you want to catch them for you. After the battle you can search the
tent for items and then follow the walkways to a sniper on a platform to the
left of them. Follow the water further and kill another sniper on another
platform to the right. At the ends there’s another one, kill him and the rest
so that you can climb the rocks. A little higher you can continue using the
vines on the rocks and once up there you’ll walk past a crashed helicopter.

Shoot the guy on the hanging bridge and walk underneath it and to the right.
Take out all enemies on the hill and use the bridge to get to the other side
of the valley. Continue further in the direction of the bunker and take your
time to place a lot of traps on the trees. Then start the fight and take out
all enemies, especially the one behind the machine gun on top of the bunker.
Enter the bunker and smash through the fence to the left of the stairs to
stock up, then descend that stairs and watch out for creatures that possibly
show up behind you. To the right is some armor, grab it before following the
hallway to the left. Crawl underneath the blockade and shoot the opponents in
both hallways. First check the left one, it will end at some items so then
follow the other one. At the next intersection the left path is a dead end
again, so eventually go right again through the tunnel and outside. Walk
underneath the first log and defeat the horde of creatures that appears, every
time you walk underneath another log a new group will appear.

Eventually you have to climb up some vines on the left to be able to reach the
large bunker. Move towards the tent and collect the items inside. You can’t
continue here just yet, so head back up the hill and more upwards to the right
of the large bunker. At the campfire you can climb the stairs at the backside
of the bunker. From here things get dangerous, as soon as you attack an
opponent a whole army will come for you and a helicopter will start flying
around while shooting at you. Try to walk around the complex and to hide in
the little towers and hallways. First take out all the opponents and make sure
you look around a lot. When all the men are defeated there are three ways to
take out the helicopter. There’s a rocket launcher on a platform on the top
floor of the bunker, you can also shoot the gunner with your sniper rifle. All
the way on the other side of the bunker there’s also a mounted machine gun,
you can take down the helicopter pretty quickly with that. Drop down behind
the machine gun and walk through the grass to a ledge, on the level below you
is the third phial.

Return to the machine gun on top of the bunker and head over to the door with
the green light next to it. It will open, so quickly shoot the enemies and
head inside. Follow the obvious route and kill everyone on your path.
Eventually you’ll reach the room with the generator, flip the switch and
follow the route back. There are some new enemies, take them out and climb the
ladder to be able to get through the door up there. Grab the armor from behind
the fence and follow the hallway. Take out two enemies behind the barricade,
watch out for mines and first grab the fourth phial from against the wall in
the section straight ahead before heading into the left hallway. Fight your
way to an elevator shaft, head up to the left there and smash the door out of
the way. You can get on top of the elevator using the ladder, shoot the man
inside and head through the grating in the floor twice. Follow the hallway at
the bottom of the shaft, to the left is some kind of storage room but
eventually you need to go right. Keep left and follow the route through
sliding doors to the blue glow. When you pick up the item there you can go
back the way you come, to the hallway with the storage room, while
encountering new enemies.

The entrance to the elevator shaft is now close off, follow the hallway around
it and defeat a lot of enemies while moving through the hallways and sliding
doors. Smash through a door in a fence and crawl through the ventilation
shaft. On the other side you can check the other side of the fence to the
right for armor, then follow the hallway left. You’ll come to a large hall
with a crash plane, when you approach it two men will show up. Shoot them down
and a larger amount of opponents will show up from all sides. Use the hall
left of where you came in to find cover and especially make sure the mounted
machine gun isn’t used. Eventually you can exit through the passage opposite
the plane wreckage and get outside again. Follow the route and watch out for
the mines, about four guys will attack from the rear when you get there.
Follow the path, at least you can see the mines there, and shoot them to be
able to continue. Ahead another group of enemies will show up and at the
building ahead might also be a sniper. Quickly take care of them and pick up
the last phial to the right of the mine entrance. In the mine you need to
activate the elevator, then keep the enemies from getting inside until it
comes up. Get inside and flip the switch.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 6 | INSTINCTS: MINES                                                   |
When you continue two enemies will come down the stairs around the elevator
shaft. Take them out and use the B button to break down the wooden barricade
opposite the elevator entrance. Walk inside and shoot the opponents that show
up while heading up the ramp in the back right and follow the route across the
walkways. Smash through the wooden boards ahead to be able to continue and
expect more enemies. At the end, demolish the wooden boards blocking off the
tunnel, then walk inside through it. In the next room there are quite a lot of
men, but you can easily take them out from up on this ledge. As soon as you’ve
done that you can jump down on the right of the ledge to another platform,
where you can also find the first phial behind the turned over table. Jump
down to the bottom floor and walk underneath above you where you started to
get into the tunnel that continues further. After some movement in the area it
will get pretty dark and you’ll get a hint on using Y to see the enemies’ heat
so that you can always locate them in the dark. Fight your way through the
hallway, to the next room and into another hallway to the left. In the wider
space you just have to fight some more, but make sure you don’t get attacked
from the back there.

Eventually this hallway will bring you to a large cave with a construction in
the middle, with some Adrenaline and armor on the right at the beginning. Make
your way around the construction clockwise and keep an eye on everything
behind you, especially when walking past a rope which enemies use to slide
down. Also make use of the explosive barrels and head into another tunnel at
the end. Smash and shoot your way to the next bigger room, where two men are
talking to each other. Shoot them and watch out for enemies coming from behind
you. Follow the walkways to a ladder and climb it, up there you can use the
broken rails to get up onto the platform at the end. Take out everyone coming
at you and take the route in the back left. After the earthquake new enemies
will appear, shoot them and use the walkways to get to the lower part. On your
way to the blue dot you can shoot opponents on the platforms and behind you.
Past the blue glow there are some items on the lower platform, like health and
armor. There’s also a big engine here, but you can’t turn it on just yet. On
both sides of the rooms are pipes with valves on them, turn them open and then
go to the horizontal pipe opposite the elevator.

Flip the switch here and then do the same at the engine on the lower platform.
Now you can summon the elevator at the fence. As soon as you get to close to
the elevator, both before and after activating the engine, opponents will keep
appearing on certain spots in the room. Take out whoever you want and
eventually head inside the elevator, activate it to go down. When you get out
you have to open the fence right in front of you, but it will only go up a
little. Crawl underneath it and follow the route left, take out some opponents
and climb the rocks at the yellow cart. Up there you can see the second phial
on a beam immediately to the right, you can get there using a very narrow beam
and grab the object. Head left from where you got up here and take out some
opponents in the next room. Because of the darkness it is hard for them to
spot you and they will often just shoot randomly. This is a good time to
switch to the fast firing weapons they’re using. To the left are multiple
carts, use one of them to get onto the broken tracks. Turn right and you can
already see the third phial. Using the end of the rails you can get to a
vertical beam and from there to the rails on the other side.

Then jump left over the railing to get onto the platform with the phial and
pick it up. In the next part of the mines there are multiple platforms and
levels with quite a lot of opponents. Clean each section bit by bit while
advancing towards the next tunnel entrance. You can also make your way here
along the upper route and shoot the enemies around that entrance from the
safety of the ledge. Eventually head into the tunnel and you’ll come to a room
with two tracks on the ground and at the end an enemy behind a mounted machine
gun who will start to fire at you. The carts on the tracks can be pushed
forward so that you can keep hiding behind them. You do get attacked from
behind every now and then, so keep an eye on everything around you. Try to use
your sniper rifle while hiding behind one of those carts to shoot the enemy
behind the machine gun and then take place behind it yourself to mow down a
small army of enemies that come up from where you came from. To your right,
seen from behind the machine gun, is another tunnel through which you can
continue. It will collapse behind you, so follow the tracks further and hide
behind the cart on the slope. When you blow up the barrel on the right the
rock above it will come crashing down while hitting enemies if they’re
standing there.

Clear the rest of this bigger space and climb the hill in the middle. Cross
over to the other side using the walkway and you’ll encounter a few of those
small weird creatures. Shoot them and walk into the tunnel, at the end is the
fourth phial next to some armor. Return to the bigger room and follow the
route on the ground further. When you reach the tunnel first shoot down
whoever comes from behind you before heading through it. You’ll come to a
large open space with a waterfall, descend to the right while bringing down
enemies. Then get back up and jump to the walkway along the waterfall at that
waterfall. Follow the route past the long ladder down into a small tunnel and
to the right. Ahead there are some enemies below you to the left, shoot them
and follow the upper route to some boards that lead you down. There’s a hole
in the rocks right there where you need to go through. Follow the creature
upwards and smash through the boards so that you can go into the dark tunnel
on the right. There are shooters here with flashlights, so try to shoot them
from a distance. At the intersection is a flipped over cart to the left, check
directly behind it to find the last phial.

Then head the other way and along some other shooters through the tunnel to
the exit. Watch out here and jump from platform to platform without falling
down between them. Go through the passage into the very large cavern and shoot
a couple of creatures. To the left are some items, but first focus on taking
out the human opponents. In the back you can see a red spot on the rocks,
place the C4 over there and temporarily leave the cave before the bomb
explodes. Go back inside and where the C4 had been you can now go up and
follow the route. Defeat the creatures coming up to you along the way and head
out of the cave, through a smaller one and into another larger space. First
clear the platform in the corner on the right and watch out for opponents
coming from behind. Using a small beam you can get to the platform in the
middle. Take cover and first take out the enemies in the direction where you
came from, then focus on the ones on the other side and the barrels over there
can help you. Using one of the two small beams you can get over there, more
opponents will appear. Fight your way into the tunnel and through it, then
follow the route right and up. There are a lot of enemies both left and right,
with a sniper among those on the right. First clear the left side and then
work your way over to the right. There’s a cable here across the pit, jump up
and grab it to slide down to the end of the level.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 7 | INSTINCTS: CLIFFS                                                  |
Walk to the exit of the cave and wait for what the opponents on the other side
of bushes are going to do. There are small dinosaurs and people, they will
attack each other so you only have to shoot down what remains. Search the
tents and then walk pas them on the right, you’ll find an ATV which you can
use to follow the route straight ahead. Stop ahead to shoot another enemy off
of his ATV and check out the big dark rock around here. To the left of it is a
path leading upwards, follow it and climb the vines further ahead. Up there
you need to walk along the ledge in the direction of the blue dot. After some
walking and descending you’ll come to an enemy next to a hang glider. Shoot
him quickly, he has a rocket launcher, and pick up the first phial left of the
umbrella. Use the hang glider and fly to the left. Follow the river and you’ll
see a helicopter wreckage up in the mountains. Go around the corner to the
left of it and land close to the red smoke. Care out whoever bothers you and
follow the route along the mountain wall counter clockwise to end up at
another hang glider.

Get in and flight straight towards the helicopter wreckage you spotted
earlier, directly below it is a platform where you can land for some items and
also the second phial. Then let yourself fall down and swim to the right, at
the end of the river you can exit the water and run up to get back to the red
smoke. There is another hang glider there, use it to fly back along the river
and to land at a pier on the left side where there’s also a boat. Shoot
everyone down there and get into the boat to follow the river into the
direction where you didn’t came from. Ahead is another pier. There are also
some rocks and a cable leading down there. Take out the enemies and grab the
third phial from one of the tents. Get back in the boat and follow the river
back in the direction of the blue dot. Climb up again but this time walk left
along the red smoke towards the tents and search them for useful stuff. Follow
the route upwards and you’ll come to a metal tower. Using the hill on the
right you can get onto the construction and you can reach a ladder when
walking around it to the left.

Do look out though, enemies on top of the building will throw down crates. Try
to take them out by tossing a grenade onto the roof, then climb up there and
shoot down the remaining enemies while having very bad vision. At the blue
glow you need to smash the computer with B to get this back to normal. Head
through the bunker and follow the route when getting out on the other side.
Ahead you can see a helicopter along the cliffs, try to shoot the gunner from
as far away as possible with your sniper rifle. When you follow the route to
the right you will notice that you’re running faster. When you jump it will be
higher than usual. Ahead you’ll get an explanation about this, so that you
know how to activate this. Also take out the next opponent in the helicopter
with your sniper rifle. Use your new powers to get across the two broken
bridges. Do this to practice, you can always just walk around them. Follow the
route further between the walls and eventually descend to a second river after
defeating more enemies.

Take care of the opponent and head up the river with the jet ski available
next to the pier. Shoot the enemies on the bridge if you want to and follow
the river to a group of huts. There are a lot of enemies here, so carefully
work your way through them and then follow the route across land. Up ahead you
take out all the enemies around the buildings and especially the one with the
rocket launcher on top of the big bunker on the right. Seen from the huts
where you came from you can head left between the big rock and the demolished
bunker tower. Underneath the rock is a pier with some items and also the
fourth phial. Go back up and search the tents for stuff. Descend in the north
by walking in that direction from the larger bunker and get onto the jet ski
next to the pier there. Follow the river and stop at the red plume of smoke to
the right of the water. When you go to far, armed boats will come over the
blockade ahead and they are easier to fight from land. When they get to land
you can use their own weapons to kill off all the enemies instead of your own

Move towards the bunker, on the lowest floor you can enter the hallway. Take
the first hallway on the right straight away and then follow the route to a
room with a view. Climb the ladder in the corner and duck down to be able to
shoot the gunner in the helicopter over the wall. You can also shoot down the
entire helicopter with the mounted grenade launcher a little lower on the
bunker. When that is done you can get on the ATV prepared for you on the road.
Follow that road and try to evade the grenades and rocks as well as you can.
Stop the ATV underneath the big rock and shoot the gunner in the helicopter up
ahead. Then follow the road and up there quickly run over the metal walkway to
get inside the building and to the room on the right. Take a breath over there
and then take the time to take out everyone out in the main room. Leave that
room through the exit in the back right and follow the small road to the
right. The rest of the route brings you along a couple of metal walkways with
an opponent here and there.

In the last room you can use the elevator in the back right to go down.
Activate the panel at the blue glow and you’ll let a huge monster out of its
cage. Diagonally behind you and to the left is a hallway that will bring you
outside. First head right into the big cage to pick up the last phial there.
Then walk outside and follow the carnage through some rooms until you can jump
down into the arena by an opening in a fence to the left. You will now take on
the large monster. You need to especially watch the things it will throw at
you. Avoid them and shoot your entire supply of ammunition for all weapons at
him. There are two containers in which you can find items and weapons, but the
two mounted machine guns can also provide support. When the monster hits them
they can’t be used again. If you’re out of options to shoot at him you can
still attack him with your heavy punch, but quickly take distance after
hitting him. As soon as the monster goes down Doyle will open a gate for you,
follow the route behind it to the end of the level.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 8 | INSTINCTS: SUB-AQUATIC FACILITY                                    |
Just follow the route and make use of the jungle to approach and kill your
opponents by shooting or placing traps. Ahead you’ll come to a building in the
rock face and quite a lot of opponents between the crates and barrels in front
of it. Make a circling movement to the left along the square through the
jungle and tae out the guy on the platform with the mounted machine gun. If
you want you can use this to take out the rest, but you’re not very well
protected over there. Also more opponents will come from the direction where
you came from. Try to take everyone out from the cover of the jungle and
between the crates, but watch out for the sniper in the back corner. If the
alarm goes off you need to smash it as well to not be bothered by it. When you
go into the tunnel in the rocks you need to hold Y until you can see better
again. Quickly take out the three enemies ahead on the left between the crates
and disable this Feral vision. Crawl underneath the gate and use your Feral
Sight with Y sporadically to find your way and be able to shoot enemies. Even
when you run out of Adrenaline you can use your Feral Sight very shortly to
catch a glimpse in the dark. Ahead the alarm will go off, the hallway will
close behind you and a lot of enemies will show up.

The alarm will make your health decrease very slowly, so shoot your way
straight ahead and take a rest in the small room on the side in the back where
you won’t take damage. If you want you can return and take the other hallway
to find some items, but to get away from the alarm you need to just continue
from this room, go around the corner and underneath the blocked sliding gate.
Also crawl underneath the second one and shoot everyone in the hallway to the
left while working your way through it towards the blue dot. Then walk around
the room to the left, around the bend and through the door on the left. Clear
the rooms and collect the items, then follow the hallway outside further. Go
through the sliding doors into the restroom and crawl into the ventilation
shaft in the back left corner. It’s pretty crowded on the other side, hide in
this room and carefully work your way to the other large space and watch out
for enemies coming from behind. Follow the route and go around the corner to
the left. Shoot everyone on your way and move through the fences ahead and the
lockers between them. Search the last parts of those for useful items before
crawling underneath the sliding gate to get outside. Shoot the two guys and
use the crates to climb over the fence.

Follow the route while swimming under water to avoid getting hit and get to
the building at the end. To the right of the open fence is a valve, turn it to
turn off the flow of water. Then swim inside through the hole en upwards to
climb out of the water there. Follow the route through the gate, past the blue
glow and to the right at the intersection. Duck into the hallway to the right
and ignore the people behind the windows. Just go through the sliding doors
until you get to the blue glow in the back right and find the required keycard
over there. When you go back you can see Crowe talking to the workers through
the glass on the left. Walk past him and follow the route back to the
intersection, now go straight and through the next sliding door. To the right
is another blue glow at the entrance of a room, run past it for now and go
through the door in the back left. Inside you’ll find the first phial grab it
and go through the door with the blue glow. Here you will meet Valerie and
Doyle and an implant is removed from your body. As soon as you regain control
get out of the room and go to the left, then to the right into the room just
before the one on the left where you picked up the phial. Most doors are
closes, so go through the ones that are open and you’ll come to a large room
with a lot of enemies.

You are unarmed, so take out a single enemy to get your hands on his weapon
and then take care of the rest. When that is done a part of the floor will
slide open, so jump into the water and use the tunnel to swim outside. To your
left you can climb out of the water, then continue along the beach and clear
it from enemies. These are zombies with weapons who approach you fairly
quickly, so aim at their heads to take them out quickly. Continue through the
water towards the blue dot and between the towers you can wait for humans and
zombies to kill each other off. Shoot whoever is left and follow the path
through an open gate. In every area between fences the zombies will attack the
humans, always wait and take out the opponents that survive. It’s a good idea
to switch over to the weapon that the zombies are carrying, because you can
pick up a lot of ammunition for it. Eventually you’ll get to a wall between
two towers where people are shooting at the many zombies. Make sure everyone
on the wall and in front of it is taken out and then climb the ladder. On the
other side is a large group of zombies, to take them out you can hold B at the
mounted machine gun to carry it along with you. Mow down the entire group and
jump off of the wall on that side. Follow the route, shoot everyone and take
out the sniper in the tower ahead on the right and the other side of the water.

Swim towards that tower, head inside on the right side and jump up to the
ladder. Upstairs you can grab the second phial, then return to the main route
and follow it through the next gate. The path is littered with crates and
opponents, use the crates to advance bit by bit and shoot the enemies one by
one. At the gate you can climb over it to the left of it. Head left right away
and hide next to the container. Crowe will send a large amount of zombies your
way by opening up extra containers that hold them. He will do this with his
rocket launcher and you really watch out for that. It’s a good idea to just
stay put where you are and let the zombies come to you. Only between Crowe’s
shots can you peak around and gather some items. When all the zombies are
defeated you can use the fallen down tower to get onto the roof and continue
behind it. Watch out for a sniper in the outside of the bend to the left. In
the outside of bend to the right you can collect some items, then walk to the
right of the gate along the wall and head through the hole at the end. After a
cut scene with Valerie you need to quickly remove the machine gun from its
support so that you can walk around with it. Keep moving and watch the three
directions where enemies come from.

Mow everyone down as quickly as possible and grab the items that are left
behind. As soon is everyone is defeated the large gate will open, take out the
alarm inside with a punch immediately to the right. A little ahead is a
passage on the right, past it you can meet Valerie. Listen to what she and
Krieger have to say and then head through the door to Valerie’s right. To the
left you can get outside, get on the jet ski at the water and follow the
river. Move quickly because rockets will fly all around you. Ahead there are
two towers to the left of the water, quickly move onto land between those
towers and hide against one of their walls. Take out whoever you can see on
the ground and also the snipers inside the towers. A little more back there
are some items, including the third phial. Jump back onto a jet ski and follow
the river as fast as you can. Avoid the mines and ignore the opponents until
you get to a larger dock with a also a helicopter. Use the building on the
shore in the middle for cover and shoot whoever comes for you, then also the
shooters in the towers and the helicopter.

All the way on the right on the coast is a tower with a cable leading to the
roof of the bigger building. Slide down here and use the canon to take down
the helicopter. Return to the tower where the cable is attached to and use
your special power jump and speed to get to the tower next to it. From there
you can jump further to the lower building in the middle of the shore. On the
roof you can find the fourth phial. Continue to the southeast and watch out
for mines on the path in that direction. Activate your Feral Sight and make
your way through the tunnel in the rocks to the other side. Move through all
the containers, shoot the enemies and make your way down and towards the blue
dot. Clear that room and flip the switch at the blue glow. Head back outside
and through an opening on the right between the containers. Take out the
enemies and climb the container using a crate and head into the container you
just walked underneath to find the last phial. Then clear the entire area
surrounding the water and walk to the other side along the left side, where
you walk pas the blue glow on the pier.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 9 | INSTINCTS: DEAD MARSHES                                            |
Go straight and a bit to the left, ahead you’ll find a house with three men
inside near the light and the tower. Take them out, collect what’s inside and
follow the route to the log that blocks the path. Crawl underneath it and wait
for what happens. The zombies in this level can explode and eventually one of
those zombies will come at you. Shoot him before he can get to you and do
watch out for the explosion that follows. When it calms down you can walk left
around the container to climb the stack of barrels and jump onto the roof over
the car from there. The first phial of this level can be found here. Follow
the route and only shoot the zombies that come at you. Eventually you’ll reach
two containers. A zombie is eating in the first one, shoot him and then check
the other container. You’ll be attacked from behind, so quickly dispose of the
enemies and continue towards the blue dot. Climb the hill after taking down
the enemies and continue to the next fire. On the other side of the broken
bridge is one of those enormous enemies which you had to defeat as a boss two
levels ago.

Go left along the bridge and shoot everyone down below. Before heading left,
first go right and pick up the second phial in the container. Move through the
swamp and you’ll come to an open area where people and zombies are battling
against each other. Wait for what happens and only take on the enemies that
get too close, also watch out for exploding zombies coming from the side or
behind. When the area is safe you can pick up all the items and especially the
unhinged machine gun behind the fire. Move towards the fence in the correct
direction and an exploding zombie will make a hole in it so you can go
through. Ahead you will be told that you now can use Feral Sense to really
distinguish targets, use this in combination with your machine gun to shoot
down the many opponents before they can get to you. Move towards the blue dot,
but not too fast, to get to a large factory. Ignore it for now and walk around
it on the left. Ahead you’ll come to a small booth with a zombie inside, left
of it is a helicopter wreckage in the water.

Further back is another section with water, search the bottom in the back left
corner to find the third phial. Then return back to the factory and walk
around it to the right along the fence and climb over it using the fallen
metal tower against it. Duck into the room with the truck in it and shoot all
the opponents from inside this room. Sometimes you’ll have to go outside to
lure them towards you and you also need to clear the buildings in the
southeast. The building in the corner is the one where you need to be. Enter
the building next to it, climb the ladder and jump to the roof of the correct
building from this roof. Drop down through a hole in the roof and grab the
explosives at the blue glow. Remove the machine gun from its post and don’t go
outside before exterminating the entire large horde of opponents with it. When
that’s taken care of head outside through the hole in the wall. Move towards
the blue dot so that you get to the east side of the factory. There’s a ladder
leading up against the shack. Climb it, turn around and climb the ladder you
can see from there. Place the C4 on the roof, after which you have to take
some distance quickly. After the explosion a hole appeared in the fence next
to the building where you found the C4.

Go through it and take out some opponents around the busted vehicle. Ahead it
will get pretty crowded in the open part of the forest. Both zombies and
humans will attack you, so take care of them while trying to avoid getting hit
too much. Move past the fire and onto the hill on the right and blow up the
barrels or the zombies below will do that while you’re standing next to it.
You can also blow them up with the barrel next to them. Follow the sometimes a
bit unclear route towards a corner shaped by walls, over there you’ll be
attacked by the large monster you saw passing by earlier. In the smaller
corner there is some useful stuff. Shoot everything you have at him and watch
out for the things he throws at you. You can evade him when he tries to hit
you and then smack him one in the back, it will do a lot of damage. As soon as
this opponent goes down a few more exploding zombies will come up to you, so
shoot them down quickly. Follow the wall to the right and continue until you
get to a guard tower. Walk past it and then north, at the end you’ll find the
fourth phial next to a tree. Return to the tower and climb up, shoot whoever
you can see from there.

To the right of the closed gate you can climb over the fence using the crate.
Search the camp for items and then get on board of the big raft at the end of
the pier. This raft will start to drift to the opposite side and from on top
of it you can easily hit enemies. Swimming and walking is also allowed of
course and it’s even necessary if you want to get back some ammunition. Once
docked on the other side you have to go a little to the right and up the hill.
Shoot the enemies on the ground and in the tower and look right. Go to the
truck and watch out for the zombies hiding in the back. Turn around and head
into the water to the right of the bridge, swim directly into the pipe on the
right to find the last phial there. Head back across the bridge and keep going
straight. Use the turned over car to get over the obstacle and to the other
side into an arena in which you face another one of those big monsters. A
little later a second one will show up. You just don’t have enough ammunition
to kill them both with weapons only, so try to isolate them and hit them with
punches one by one. When they are both defeated Valerie will contact you. Head
out of the arena and smash away the wooden boards at the shack to the left to
find a large supply of ammunition and items inside. Stock up before you head
out of the level.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 10 | INSTINCTS: WASTELAND                                              |
Move towards the blue dot and you’ll get to the first camp. Shoot the people
down and investigate the building, but watch out for zombies coming from
behind. At the next group op buildings first take out all the men, then search
the buildings and stand inside the blue glow. You will contact Valerie and
after that a terrain vehicle will come crashing through the gate. Stay inside
and shoot all opponents from here through the windows and the door. When it
safe you can hijack the vehicle and follow the road past the fence. Ahead is
another encampment, drive through the construction on the left and evade the
other terrain vehicle to just follow the road behind it. Ahead you’ll come to
a large open area with to the right a large stone building. Get out of the
vehicle there, clean up the direct opponents and climb the hill behind the
building. Use your special jump to get to the roof of the building and find
the first phial in the middle of it.

Further down is a guy with a rocket launcher on a platform up in the trees,
take him out and the rest as well and search along the left side of the swamp
seen from where you entered for a passage in the bushes to the north. Follow
that route to a container at the end and pick up the second phial over there.
Return to the swamp and walk in the direction of the blue dot. You can run
into a building with an ATV inside and grab it to follow the route to the
right of the building. There you’ll run into another unmanned terrain vehicle
which you can also take if you want. Ahead you’ll drive underneath a bridge
and end up in deeper water. Get out on the left and go through the pipe, then
follow the path and take care of the shooting and exploding zombies while
moving through a hole in the fence. Ahead is another big sewage pipe, so walk
through it to get inside a building. To the left on a ledge is the third
phial, use the ladder in the back right to be able to reach it and then head
outside after shooting all the opponents you can see there.

Hide behind the crates outside to also take out the rest, including someone
with a rocket launcher. Using the stairs and the roof of the southern building
you can get behind the fence of the eastern building. Climb up there using the
ramps and head inside through the door. Shoot down the enemies down below
before going down there yourself using the stairs on the right. Search the
hall and move through it clockwise until you can go to the left into another
hall. Do watch out for snipers and other opponents on your way there.
Eventually you’ll get to the blue glow, walk past it and outside to get to the
next blue glow and flip the main power switch. Then return to the previous
blue glow, with new opponents on your path, and also take out new enemies
inside. Use the now working elevator and remember the big window. First search
this top floor for items from previously defeated opponents and then go out
that window.

Do watch out for the heavily armed sniper on the next roof. Shoot the two
other guys down below and the two that appear behind you as soon as you want
to run into the jungle. After doing that for real you can go left at the first
intersection for items and then right to continue. A big fight is going on
behind the hill, take out whatever remains and continue to follow the route.
Keep moving and especially watch out for the heavy snipers while following the
route which bends more and more to the left and then right to get to a
building. Pick up the stuff at the entrance and try to shoot down the strong
enemies from outside. Once inside you can head over to the other side, where
you can climb the racks to get over the fence. Another large monster will show
up right away, try to beat him primarily with punches and pick up the stuff
that’s waiting here for you. When he is defeated you can walk through the hole
in the wall where he came out of.

Follow the path, take out the opponents and check the containers along the way
for items. After a long road you’ll eventually end up at the next building.
The entrance is heavily guarded, so take your time and use the containers.
Once inside take the first hallway to the left. Follow the hallway and climb
over the obstacles. To the right behind the crates is the fourth phial, grab
it and get back to the intersection. Follow the route straight ahead and smash
through the doors at the end to meet Doyle again. From this point you need to
protect him, so watch his health displayed in the top left of the screen
carefully. Always stay in front of him and take on the most dangerous enemies
first. Look around you carefully to take out enemies coming from behind and
always watch where Doyle is going, he can move fast sometimes but will also
take cover now and then. If he remains where he is, work ahead and he will
eventually follow you. Hide in the buildings and pick up items that may be of
use to you. Eventually Doyle will keep waiting next to a helicopter. Before
getting in yourself first head into the building left of it. In the corner
immediately to the right is the last phial located on a crate. Grab it and
walk up to Doyle to finish the level.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 11 | INSTINCTS: BLACK FOREST                                           |
Swim left and ahead and get onto land. Past the wall there are quite a few
enemies walking around with some explosions here and there. Wait for how
things turn out and shoot whoever remains standing while moving to the camp on
the right. Underneath the broken down truck next to the camp is the first
phial hidden more near the front. Then head the other way through the forested
area. Watch out for exploding zombies and slowly work your way through the
area. In the back you need to go uphill, than back down again and further to
finally get to a fence. In the area behind it an enormous amount of zombies
will show up. Use your best weapons and pick op those dropped by the zombies
to avoid running out on ammunition. In this area there are multiple items and
two closed off pipes. Smash through the grating on the right one and grab the
second phial before smashing open the other pipe and entering it. On the other
side you just walk further and you’ll see a stream of exploding zombies coming
from the left running up to the two bunkers on the right. Let them go and
follow them when the last one has passed you.

Take out the gunners in the bunkers and get inside the bunker on the right.
Use the mounted machine gun to keep the horde of exploding zombies at bay and
then take the gun from its post to take it along as your weapon. To the left
in the corner is also the C4 you need. When you come out of the bunker you
have to jump on the debris next to it. From there you can use your special
jump to get on top of the bunker and then jump along to the roof of the other
bunker, where the third phial is located. Place the C4 at the red spot on the
rocks and take some distance before the bomb goes off. Walk through this new
opening and over the path between the abysses towards the building. Over there
is a sniper, shoot him before you get to close and then take out the stronger
enemies inside and two from behind when you’re inside yourself. Clear the
building and the roof for items and jump from the roof in the eastern corner
to go down using the debris. Ignore all enemies and just quickly get onto the
ATV right in front of you next to the crate. On your way you can ignore all
opponents, just follow the road past a terrain vehicle, a grenade launcher and
an army of zombies.

Do watch out for the land mines on the road in and past that section. Get off
at the fence and approach the bunker in the rock face. First help the ground
forces to take out the two gunners above, then shoot whoever is left. In the
low part of the bunker is a grenade launcher, first blow up the barrel next to
it and then get behind it. Keep the enemies away from you and take down the
helicopter as quickly as possible. You can take this weapon with you if you
want to. Approach the doors in the side wall of the bunker and you’ll meet
some new enemies in a cut scene. To get out of this situation you need to
punch a lot and avoid getting cornered. When you’re done here, jump through
the opening near the crates to get inside the bunker. There are a lot of
enemies here, clear the group on the bottom floor and then head up the stairs
to shoot more enemies on your and the lower level. At the end of you walkway
you can head left into the hallway to end up at the firing window, the fourth
phial is located here on a crate. Return to the lower floor and go through the
door in the northwest.

Grab the weapons and approach the computers to talk to Valerie for a bit. Then
leave this booth and head to the open elevator in the west of the big room.
When you get out, quickly shoot the enemies and head through the hall to the
west. You will lure a lot of enemies towards you from all sides, so fight your
way back to the elevator and defend that room with everything you got. Once
things calm down you have to go to the room in the back right of the house,
seen from the elevator. You can go through the kitchen and take some items
from the small room there. From the mentioned room you can use the debris to
go up, where some more opponents are. Go to the elevator at the end of the
hallway to the left, when you get out you get to meet Crowe and Krieger and
you’ll have to face a heavily mutated Crowe. First off a small army of zombies
will enter the arena one after the other. Keep some distance and punch and
shoot them down. Now only use your Feral powers to punch. When things calm
down you will be able to hit Crowe on the ledge where is standing and do
damage to him, but if enemies show up you first have to get them out of the

He will start to shoot more often when there are now more enemies and switch
between bullets and grenades. So always keep moving or try to keep the rocks
between you and him. When you’ve done enough damage Crowe will come down. Fire
everything you’ve got at him and grab the machine gun from the left side of
the helicopter if necessary. On the other side you can also fire missiles, but
this will only be useful if Crowe is standing on a specific location. In this
part you have to use your Feral powers to be able to run faster, do this
backwards through the entire arena while shooting at Crowe. As soon as he
stands still between his runs and strikes a certain pose you have to hit him
with a Feral punch with the B button. Do that consecutively to finish Crowe
off. Return to the house through the fence and approach the blue glow on the
right. Krieger will be killed by the last enemies, so you don’t have to shoot
anyone anymore. Just turn around one last time to pick up the final phial left
of where you came from. Then run up to the helicopter and jump towards it,
ahead again if necessary.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 12 | EVOLUTION: PIRATE ENCLAVE: PART 1                                 |
In the flashback in which you’re sitting next to Kade in the car you will
automatically mount the machine gun on top of it. She will drive while you can
mow down some opponents. It’s not like they’re really in the way, so just
finish out the ride.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 13 | EVOLUTION: PIRATE ENCLAVE: PART 2                                 |
After the cut scenes you’ll be attacked by opponents who come up to the beach
and pier with boats. Use your acquired weapon to take them out and pick up the
weapons from defeated enemies to replenish your ammunition. There’s also a
machine gun to pick up from a crate next to the airplane. Make your way to the
large wooden building on the beach. You can still use your Feral Attack with B
and your Feral Sight is also still available by holding Y. Eventually the blue
dot where you need to go will appear inside the building. Smash through the
door in the back left inside, head up the stairs and approach the next door.
You’ll talk to Kade briefly and she’ll send you away, so head back down the
stairs and outside. Northwest of the building you come out of a large gate has
now opened, so walk through it and into the jungle. Get on the path in the
back left and follow it to the right. On your way you’ll encounter multiple
enemies. When you get to the stack of logs you’ll also be attacked from the
rear, just shoot the support beams on the logs to take out most of those
enemies and kill the rest yourself. Ahead on the hill you’ll get information
on how to replenish your Adrenaline with plants, which you can see with Feral

Defeat the enemies ahead and smash the door in the rocks. Find your way
through the tunnel with Feral Sight and grab the binoculars and the map of the
area in the bunker where you end up. Collect the rest of the items and head
through the door on the right. Once outside of the tunnel, fight your way to
the blue glow, where you’ll get an explanation about pipe bombs. Use those to
blow up the tower and take out the two enemies. Descend further to the water,
clear the area and check the huts before getting on the jet ski next to the
pier. Move straight ahead and underneath the gate before it closes and you’ll
come to an open sea. In the northwest you can see an island with a large
pagoda on it, move around it along the left of it until you eventually find a
smaller island behind it. On the back side of this island there’s a beach with
text in rocks and a wreckage of a boat ahead. In this wreckage you can find
the first phial of this level. Get on the jet ski or other kind of
transportation you got your hands on and continue to the east. You’ll see a
large rock coming out of the water on the island that’s the same size.

Dive down deep under water on the east side of that rock and you’ll discover a
large ship. Follow it a bit to the left and you’ll find a small door to swim
through. Inside that room you can find the second phial. Return back to your
transportation and travel to the most eastern island, it is separated from the
large island with the communications tower by a strip of water. Move through
that strip of water to the southwest and when you can bend to the left you
have to check the opening in the rocks under water on the corner of the
island. You’ll come to a cave where you can pick up items, including the third
phial. Go back to your transportation and head back to where you came from,
the wooden water gate at the first island. Go to the northwestern corner of
this island by following the coast to the right while looking at the water
gate. Deep under water, but not the deepest part, there’s a wreckage of a
little boat. Inside this boat is the fourth phial amongst other things. For
the last phial you need to go to the most northern island. On the south side
of it is large gate in a wide wall. Follow the coast to the right from there
until getting to the corner of the island, it’s a rock surrounded by
vegetation. Look south into the direction of the island over there.

Dive under water and keep swimming in the same direction while moving along
the floor. Ahead you’ll dive so deep that you’ll end up in a pit with a plane
wreckage. Look underneath the wing for the fifth phial. Now that you have all
the phials you can get on with the mission. When you’re at the wooden gate
where you came out of with your jet ski there are blue dots in the northwest,
the northeast and the east. First head over to the dot in the northwest, this
is on the island with the large pagoda rising above the trees. The route to
the blue dot can be variable, depending on where you get onto the island. It
shouldn’t be too hard though to get to the plantation the blue dot is pointing
to. The plantation has four guard towers and you need to blow them up. There
are barrels that can do that at the bottom of each tower, when you shoot at
them the towers will fall over and part of the plantation will catch on fire.
The blue dot will indicate the location of a hut in the middle of the
plantation. Here you can hide from a lot of enemies that will eventually come
your way and show up from between the plants.

There are some items inside and there’s a mounted grenade launcher which you
can use to blow up the towers you can hit with it. When all towers are down
you will have accomplished your goal. Make your way back to the coast of the
island and arrange some transportation. It is highly recommended to go the
farthest blue dot now. On the southeastern side of the island where you can
find that dot you can also find a close water gate. Follow the coast to the
north from there and you’ll get to a pagoda on the beach. Behind it is a path
you need to follow to get to an encampment with a couple of boats and a closed
water gate. Shoot the enemies from your higher position and especially take
out the opponents who will get behind the machine gun in the middle of the
area. When it is a little safer you can descend and start blowing up boats.
You’ll find them on the piers along the water and there’s one next to each
hut. They can almost all be blown up by the barrels next to them, but a
grenade will also work well. Don’t demolish the jet ski, when you’re done here
you can open the water gate in the booth to the right of it and use that jet
ski to move through it and outside.

Now move towards the last dot, on the island with the large communication
tower on it. At the northeastern side there’s a river leading to the center of
the island, follow it and get off on the left to follow the route. In the camp
there’s a large warehouse and a shack a little further. Break through the
doors of the shack and grab the C4, then head over to the warehouse and climb
onto the crates next to it. You’ll need your special jump for this, so press Y
and charge it. Drop down through the hatch on the roof for a cut scene. Before
placing the C4, first open the gate at the side of the warehouse where the
cable is. Place the C4 and jump to the cable to slide down. Fight your way to
the booth to the right of the water gate downstairs, also open the gate there
and return to the jet ski next to the pier. Head through the gate, go right at
the intersection and continue to follow the route. When getting into open
water you can see the water gate on the island ahead of you open. Behind it
are two boats with gunners, try to get to land and shoot them from there. Move
through the gate and dock at the pier, then follow the route on land. You’ll
come to a large gate, walk around it to the right towards the blue dot and
this part of the level will end.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 14 | EVOLUTION: PIRATE ENCLAVE: PART 3                                 |
Follow the path to the red terrain vehicle. Clear out the opponents, grab the
items to the left of the path and get in. Drive a bit further and you’ll come
to a rock platform on the left with a wreckages on it. Jump towards it using
the rocks to find the first phial next to the wreckage. Get back into the car
again and continue further. Blow up the other terrain vehicle and the men
around it with your on board canon and continue again. In the corner to the
right there is an opening in the plant life, drive down there to get directly
to the beach. Immediately to the right and a little in front of you is a group
of tries with a car wreckage between them, the second phial is underneath it.
On the beach are multiple other cars driving around which are out to get you.
Make your way to the big rock arch in the middle and just get behind your on
board canon to blow up the other vehicles. Only do this when they are not too
close to your own car.

Approach the rock and get out, use your special jumping powers to climb up on
it on the southwestern side and find the third phial on top. Then drive your
car further into the direction of the blue dot. At the gate multiple enemy
vehicles will show up, so blow them up and do the same thing to the gate.
After about three shots you can drive through the gate, do that and follow the
route to a blockade. Jump over it, with your special jump if necessary, and
follow the road behind it. Eventually you’ll come to a terrain vehicle where
Kade is as well. You’ll automatically use your Feral powers and the goal is to
smack away all the opponents that come too close to Kade while she is trying
to start the car. Don’t get into the car right away after you succeed, walk
east from the car between the hill on the right and the wall on the left.

On a little patch of sand over there is the fourth phial located. Return to
the car with Kade and then walk to the southwest along the wall to your right.
On a little patch of sand at the end you can also find the last phial. Now you
can get into the car with Kade. She’ll drive for a short while and you’ll end
up at the place where the flashback in the beginning of the level started.
Kade will control the car and you control the on board canon, you need to
shoot at the cars that appear from all side. If you can take out the gunner
that’s a good thing, but it’s easier to just shoot at the engine and blow up
the entire car. Do the same thing to the truck that tries to ram you. At a
blockade Kade will turn left into the jungle. After the flat part she will
drive through a couple of huts and smash through a large fence. Keep shooting
at the vehicles that chase you while going through a cave, turn to the right
and park at the pier where this level ends.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 15 | EVOLUTION: SHANTY TOWN                                            |
Try to stay as quiet as possible in the beginning and to take out the enemies
by approaching them and stabbing them in the back. Take your time to search
the huts and evade the opponents or take them out. Head in the direction of
the blue dot and you’ll find a path between the rocks. Take the enemies here
if you want and go around the bend to the left. There’s an intersection, to
the left up the hill or to the right into a tunnel. Take the route up the
hill, shoot your way past all the enemies and go down another hill to the left
a bit ahead. Approach the shoreline and stab the only guard at the boats in
the back. Follow the shoreline to the east and a bit through the water to get
to a lantern, the first phial is in the cage next to it. Return to where you
killed the guy and head northwest. You’ll walk to the left of the route where
you came from and stumble upon a new village. Work your way through this
village any way you like, evading or taking out enemies.

In the north you will find the building indicated by the blue dot, you need to
climb into this building with the ladder underneath it. You will meet Kade and
another familiar person, Doyle. After the conversation the building is heavily
attacked. It’s a good idea to hide behind a window, preferably the most left
window. Shoot opponents through the other windows and just stab the enemies
that come rolling in through the window above you in the back. You do have to
take action and also take out the opponents outside a but farther away, or
else this will have no end. Eventually multiple enemies will come inside, also
through a door. This is your chance to run outside and kill off the remaining
enemies with more freedom before heading into the direction of the blue dot.
Go through the opened passage into the tunnel, out on the other side and then
up the hill to the right. Continue until a bunch of barrels is thrown down at
you. Take some distance to avoid them and take care of the enemies that threw
them down.

Ahead there are some rocks to the right of the route, jump on them with your
special jump and continue like that to the northeast. You’ll see a lantern on
the other side with a tree and the second phial next to it. With a perfect
special jump you can make it to the other side and pick up the phial. Jump
down and first take care of the enemies coming from above, then descend
further down. There are hidden enemies in the bushes here who will jump you,
so watch out for them and kill them quickly. The bridge ahead is broken, just
head into the water and out of it on the other side using the board. You’ll
come to an extremely huge area with a lot of hills, small streams and
especially enemies. Use the blue dot as your navigation and you’ll eventually
need to head east across a large hanging bridge, with a large waterfall to the
left of it. Climb the left side of it and a few steps higher you can go around
a rock and find some items at another lantern, including the third phial. From
there you need to follow the rock wall to the west and keep following it when
it bends off to the right.

In a separated area you’ll find a crashed plane wreckages, with the fourth
phial located behind it next to a lantern again. Return to the waterfall and
walk underneath the large hanging bridge. You’ll encounter a lot of enemies,
but you will end up behind the machine guns guarding the bridge. Look out for
ambushes by enemies and work your way to the plantations on the hills. There
are a lot of opponents here and also mounted weapons, take them with you of
you want and keep left while going through this area. In the back part you’ll
find small huts from which mounted machine guns and grenade launchers are
shooting at you, they are easily taken out if an explosive barrel is standing
next to them. Eventually you need to go up some ramps. Follow the orange balls
on the poles here to the left and you’ll come to a large closed gate. To the
left of it is a route leading down on some ramps, at the end of it you will
find the last phial again next to another lantern.

Follow the route back and climb the next ramps in the direction of the blue
dot. At the buildings there are quite a lot of enemies, take them out and
check the rooms if you want before heading up the wide fabricated steps. At
the top you need to jump over the gap with your special jump, if you don’t
make it you will have to walk around and try again. Once on the other side you
can follow the road towards the blue dot, the path is pretty wide so choose
your own route and take out the many enemies. Doyle will contact you later on
and mention snipers. Now you have to walk from pagoda to pagoda using the
walkways while killing off both regular enemies and snipers. That last kind is
usually up in higher buildings and on large rocks in the middle of the area
you’re going through. Eventually you can go across a hanging bridge to the
right, but just follow the path straight ahead. You’ll get to a larger
construction where you need to climb the stairs in the hallways. At the end
you will meet Kade and Doyle.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 16 | EVOLUTION: SHANTY TOWN ESCAPE                                     |
From the rock that you’re standing on you have to keep jumping to a lower rock
platform. So check to the left and right of the rock to find the highest
platform below you and jump safely to this rock. Eventually you will work
north along the rock wall and lower yourself to a lower roof in the west.
Descend more and head across the walking board to the east, follow the ramps
down and look out for enemies. Work your way down and jump from roof to roof
to the west. When you’re on the building with an additional cane roof you need
to jump down at the southwest corner of the roof. From the house you were
standing on there’s a cable leading down, approach it to slide down. When you
move through the village here a bit the blue dot will appear on your radar
where you need to be. You can go underneath the buildings and go up again
closer to the dot.

In the building where you need to be there’s a wooden door you need to smash
with B next to the entrance. Downstairs is the basement, head inside and step
inside the blue glow to talk to the hostage. When you get that over with you
can head back upstairs, where you’ll see that the exits are blocked by fire.
The only way out is up and over there it seems like you can only keep fighting
the never ending stream of enemies. The goal here is to use your special jump
to jump through the opening in the roof and land on it. Then you can go down
on the west side and continue along some boats. Climb the ladder coming out of
the water and continue through the buildings. Work your way west and go onto
main land. You’ll be threatened from all sides, so quickly head through the
hole in the fence and underneath the rolling hatch at the right part of the
building. When you go through the door on the left you will meet Kade, to the
right is also a phial in the closed off room behind the bars.

Crouch and move against it to grab it anyway. Quickly take care of the
opponents that come dropping in and head through the door they came out of in
the west. Collect useful items in this storage room and head over to the
right. There are two ATV’s in the garage, but the door will be closed. Shoot
the enemies and climb the ladder in the back right to flip a switch there in
the corner and make the door go open again. Get onto an ATV and take off,
through the little hole in the fence and along the route until you come to an
opening in the fence. Leave the ATV behind here and swim through the water
towards the west. On the other side there’s a lot of vegetation, there’s also
a mineshaft you can enter to find some items inside, including the second
phial next to the mummy. The shaft is more on the right side of the wall. When
you have the phial you can return to your ATV and drive straight. Head over
the bridge and drive along the cliffs. Keep left and follow the wall left of
you when getting to a more open area.

You’ll come to a fence where the opening is blocked off and on fire. Use your
Feral jump to get over the blockade through the fire. Shoot your way to the
larger building ahead and search it for items, then get in a car behind the
building and use it to follow the route further. Ahead there’s a group of
buildings, including a tower. Take place behind the on board canon and shoot
everybody until no more new enemies will appear. Get out and walk through the
hole in the fence, to the right of the blue dot. Follow the coast to the right
to get to a hut, inside this hut is the third phial. Return to the camp and
approach the blue dot. You don’t need to be on top of the platform but inside
the bunker of which the platform is the roof. You’ll be surrounded right away,
so keep an eye on both the window and the door and don’t forget to flip the
switch before you leave. Immediately use your Feral power to run over the
bridge, ignore the opponents that appear. The bridge will go up pretty
quickly, so you need to cross it fast and flip the switch again if you fail.

Once on the other side of the bridge, follow the road up the hill and along an
open area with tents and booths. More ahead is a construction has been built
along the left wall. Climb it using the ramps and ladders to get to the top,
take out everyone there and get behind the machine gun to mow down the enemies
coming from the southwest. Then jump over the machine gun and climb the hill
where the enemies came down from, do watch out for the rocks coming down
there. On top of the hill, jump over the barricade to the right after taking
out the enemies. Run towards the north, to the left of the tent and you can
see a crate left of a ladder leading down. You have to open this crate, by
shooting it heavily, punching it or throw a well aimed grenade. The fourth
phial will fall out of the crate, so descend to pick it up directly below it.
The climb back up again and leave this camp. Ahead is another large
construction on the hill, just walk around it on the left and take out the
opposition on the will along the way. Do watch out for a gunner in the bunker
on the southwestern side of the camp.

Follow the route until you eventually end up at a lower open area with a large
close gate on the other side. Fight your way to the bunker on the left and
grab the machine gun before heading outside again. Keep moving and looking
around to shoot down everyone. When that is done, multiple terrain vehicles
will show up, one of which will crash through the gate. Shoot the gunners as
quickly as possible and evade the cars when they get too close. As soon as the
cars aren’t used anymore you can go through the new opening in the gate and
head outside. Turn left immediately and climb the guard tower. Check the
corner on the left when you get to the top, behind the vegetation is the last
phial. With this in your pocket you can climb back down, then go left and
you’ll get a message about jumping over the bridge. So ignore all the
opponents and use your Feral powers to run over to the bridge, jump over the
fire and keep running as fast as possible. Always keep pushing forward,
because the bridge will collapse but if you manage to stay close to the boards
you will grab them and be able to climb up.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 17 | EVOLUTION: REFINERY ASSAULT                                       |
Head east from Doyle and make your way through the jungle while running into
an enemy here and there. Eventually you’ll get to a campfire with same tents
and quite a few opponents. Shoot at them from the hill and collect the items
in the camp afterwards. Continue behind it to the east and ahead Doyle will
contact you. Climb the vines on the rock face at the water and up there you’ll
come to a pretty larger forest area. Work towards the northeast to get to a
stream. Close to where it starts, at a waterfall, there’s a rock arch across
the water. The first phial is on top of this rock, so you have to climb it to
get it. After that you have to travel a large distance through the woods. You
can take it easy if you want and follow the stream while taking out enemies
you come across, but it’s faster and easier just to activate Feral Speed and
run along the river. You’ll automatically end up where you need to be by
following it, but sometimes you will have to swim underneath rocks or take a
small detour. Eventually you will see a truck take off.

Take care of the enemies that stay behind and get on the ATV parked underneath
the roof to the left. Follow the clearly visible route along the trucks and
down the hill. Stop just before you get to the first huts and walk down the
hill on the right side of the road. There’s a crashed airplane wreckage in the
pit with the second phial in the cockpit in the front. Return to your ATV and
just drive further, ignore the huts and enemies. Keep following the tracks on
the ground that shape the route and eventually you’ll come to a road block
where the truck you’ve been following also is. Take care of the enemies and
use the button in the guardhouse on the left to open the blockade. Get inside
the truck yourself and follow another part of the route again. You’ll come to
another bunch of huts, ignore them and keep going. Ahead is another road block
where things are blocked of and you can’t smash through it. So get out, shoot
all the enemies and open the blockade again with the button in the left
guardhouse. Continue in the truck until you have to go underneath a bridge
ahead. Park the truck there and jump next to the bridge to be able to get onto

Run west from there and you’ll come to a bunch of huts. Shoot the men first
and then especially check the hut on the left for the third phial. Return to
the truck and keep driving, to the factory at the end where you need to smash
through the gate and get out quickly to shoot all the surrounding opponents. A
lot of them will also come out of the factory, work your way up the stairs and
inside. First head left up the stairs, go right at the top. Walk to the room
at the end, there’s a pinball machine on the left with the fourth phial
underneath it. Go back down and head the other way to meet Doyle at the blue
flow. He will explain what needs to be done and after that you have to head
back upstairs and destroy a computer inside a room with a blue glow. Head
through the room to the left of the one with the pinball machine and then go
left to get outside. There are blue dots on your map both in the east and
southeast. Descend more and first head over to the south-eastern blue dot.
Enter the building there, take out whoever bothers you and go into the water
using the ladder in the left corner. Swim directly to the south-eastern corner
to get out of the water and then fight your way to the ladder in the opposite

Follow the route to the room with the blue glow. A few opponents will show up
from behind, take them out before blowing up the pumps at the blue glow. When
that is done you have to follow the exact some route back to get outside
again. There you need to go towards the other blue dot, at the highest tower
in this area. There’s also a sniper in the top of it, take him out as soon as
you can see him. There’s a lot of opposition and you have to be careful but to
get too close to explosive stuff. Use the weapons of defeated enemies to take
out the rest and eventually get inside the tower from the back. You have to
destroy the machine next to the blue dot, this is the easiest with a bomb, a
grenade or a Molotov cocktail. You’ll talk to Doyle briefly, after which you
need to head over to the new blue dot. You’ll meet Kade on the way and the
factory will be under attack. Run after Kade and use your special jump to be
able to get over the obstacles and run into the building. Descend along the
stairs and you’ll get to Kade and Doyle. Follow them when they start running
to get outside, use the walkways there to get to the blue glow and turn the
valve when you get there. The commando leader will appear all the way at the
bottom, but this is a long way down.

If you go down a couple of stairs you can get even lower by going down in the
south-western corner, but the fastest way is to jump all the way down and to
land in the water. In that water there are bars on the side where the water is
coming from and a blocked off grid on the other side. Over there is also the
last phial on the bottom and there’s a ladder you can use to get out of the
water. The commando leader is walking around with a rocket launcher, so that
makes it dangerous to get close to walls and other obstacles. It’s best to
stand on the other side of the water and at the same level, then it’s pretty
easy to dodge the rockets. You only have to make sure they don’t hit anything
close behind you to avoid ending up in an explosion. Move left and right and
shoot everything you have at him if necessary, he will succumb pretty quickly
if you keep hitting him head on. Left of the blocked off grid at the end of
the water you can now exit this area. You’ll get into a boat and take Doyle
along with you, after which you have to control the boat yourself. There are
multiple possible routes and the opposition is not that big, so you need to
make sure you’re always paying attention to the direction of the water and
don’t go up the stream. Eventually you’ll end up outside where the level will
end at a pretty big waterfall.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 18 | EVOLUTION: CANOPY FOREST                                          |
At the beginning of this level you have to protect Doyle. He’s behind the big
log and will be approached from a few sides. Keep an eye on both sides of
Doyle and take out the opponents that get too close. You can return to Doyle
only after clearing all the enemy dots on your radar to let him tell you what
to do next. A new blue dot will appear on your radar, follow the river in that
direction. You can just run and swim to get to a boat house on the shore.
Follow the route further on land to get to a large base where the blue dot
will bring you. In this base there is also a caged in rectangular section with
an ATV parked inside it. Get on the ATV and drive forward a bit, this will
pull open a basement behind you in which you can descend. There is a lot of
weaponry here and also the first phial. Leave the basement and approach the
boat house in this base. First open the gate with the switch to the left of
it, then get into the boat and head outside. Move along the river back to
Doyle, the new blue dot on your radar. On your way there you’ll be shot at
heavily from the shore and by another boat, but if you just keep your speed up
you shouldn’t have any problems.

When you reach the spot where Doyle was you can see he is no longer there.
Your Feral powers will be activated so that you can follow his traces of
blood, these are the little smoke plumes you can see on the ground. The
location where you need to go is also indicated on your map, but if you follow
the route along the marks you will pick up some Adrenaline every now and then.
Strange things will happen on the way there, with enemies appearing on your
radar but not showing up on screen, dead opponents, weird shadows and so on.
At a certain point you do get attacked by enemies appearing around you
suddenly. Take care of them and head right from the location where they
attacked you, you will see a camouflaging net under which you can find
multiple items including the second phial. Continue towards the blue dot and
follow the scent of Doyle’s blood. A bit further you have to pay attention,
there are mines hidden but recognizable by their red glow and there are also
branch traps attached to the trees. Evade them and just continue through the
area. You’ll come to some large trees around water, where there are quite a
few opponents. Shoot them and run further until you get hit by a poisonous
dart in the arm and meet a new person.

You can just shoot him down right there and when you cross the bridge ahead
you’ll notice that next to the standard enemies more of these jungle
characters will come after you regularly. They have specific Feral powers like
yours. Take out the heavy force and walk towards the two trees at the end. You
will learn that you can also climb up trees and you can see where that’s
possible with your Feral powers. Climb up and inside the plane you will get
your hands on a blow pipe with darts which you can use to disable the Feral
powers of your opponents. Enemies can also do this to you, so keep that in
mind when engaging in battles. Walk outside and take the hanging bridge to the
right, continue to follow the route and take out some enemies, including the
sniper on the platform in the middle. Eventually you’ll come to a platform
with a mounted machine gun in the corner. Head back two platforms, turn on
your Feral sight and look towards the platform where the sniper was. You will
see two trees with climbing tracks on them, use the left one to climb up and
jump to the platform from there. You can find the fourth phial on this
platform. The other tree can be used to get back, but you can also just drop
down to restart from a previous checkpoint.

On the platform with the mounted machine gun you can find the first
transmitter you need to destroy. To the right of it is a cable you can use to
continue. In the west there’s tree then which you can climb, turn around and
jump on the platform you were just standing below. You can see a helicopter
wreckage hanging on one side, jump over it and grab the fourth phial from this
platform. Return to the last tree you climbed, from the platform below it you
have to jump to the platform in the southwest. There’s another climbable tree
here, so climb up and jump to the platform that has the hanging bridges
attached to them. These bridges are above solid ground and will bring you to a
last platform where the last phial is located on a table. Now you can
carefully descend to the level below you and walk over to the blue dot. It’s
correct that the other blue dot is behind you, you will get there later. Smash
the second transmitter when you get there and continue to follow the route.
Take the lower walkway instead of the one leading up to the left and follow it
to a platform that seems to be a dead end and where a lot of enemies are
jumping around. Here you can use the tree to which the platform is attached to
climb up and then use the cable to slow down.

You’ll end up directly next to the third transmitter, shoot the barrel next to
it to take it out. Jump down a level and head across the walkway. Follow the
platforms and watch out for jumping enemies appearing in irritating places.
Check the middle of the platforms when you get close to the tilted airplane
wing. There’s a red glowing switch you have to flip to rotate this wing and
turn it to form a bridge. Go across the wing and follow the obvious route
further. On your way you’ll hear a helicopter and after walking through the
airplane corridor you have to climb the tree in the middle of the next
platform. Jump on the elevator there to be transported and kill the guy with
the rocket launcher on the next platform. You’ll find a radio on the ground,
after which you run across the bridge and shoot your way through the enemies
on the rocks. Where the helicopter crashes you need to use your Feral jump to
get across the gap on the right side, after that it’s best to just run like
crazy and jump with your Feral powers on to avoid the explosions and enemies.
It’s worth a shot, because you’ll run straight out of the level.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 19 | EVOLUTION: REBEL FORTRESS                                         |
Walk straight ahead and activate your Feral Sight to see that you can climb
the dark wall at the end. So do that and get off of it on the right side, walk
in that direction and climb over the rocks at the sandbags. A bit to the right
are more items, including the first phial on some wood. Walk past it to the
right and use the rocks on the right to climb up there, then jump over to the
other side of the trench. Evade the rocks that will come down and climb the
black wall to your left. Up there you have to turn around and jump to the
opposite black wall. Climb a bit higher and jump back to the other side, to
the wall above the one you came from. At the top of this wall you will get to
an open area with a temple ahead. Approach the building and climb the wall at
the front side, there you will finally find Doyle with something in his mouth.
Head into the temple and through the door in the back right. In the next room
it’s pretty crowded, try to act only from the opening of the door and
eventually had through the passage in the back left. Follow the corridor to a
larger room, take care of the enemies there and head up the stairs at the
passage in the back right. Jump from platform to platform to get outside
again, then jump to the extended rock to the one on the other side and from
there to an opening in the rocks.

You’ll be shot at right away by a sniper on the left, take him out and with a
perfect jump to his platform you can get over there and pick up the second
phial. Jump to the ground and climb the stairs, to the right is another
passage. Choose which stairs you want to use and make your way to the back
right corner, from there you can jump to the passage in the other corner and
head through it. Try to shoot the gunner in the helicopter from the passage
opening to make it go away, then descend on the right and go left down below
to get to a climbable wall. At the top you walk ahead through the walls, climb
up on the left again and jump to another climbable wall in the northwest. You
will reach a lower trench with multiple enemies in it and along the sides.
Don’t drop down into the trench, or you will need to walk around and clear a
large distance to get back here. Instead of that, jump to the rock wall to the
right of it and then to the other side at the opening in the rocks. Ahead you
need to climb a wall on the right, jump to the wall behind you at the top and
then yet again. The wall you are now hanging on to you can follow to the
right, jump over to the black wall behind you when you’re lined up with it.

At the top of the wall you’ll come to an area where there are towers on both
sides and a big concrete wall on the other side. Move over to the eastern
tower and drop down behind it. Crawl through the hole to get inside and to
find the third phial among other things. Return to the open area and head
right towards the concrete wall. Use your Feral Sight to be able to see how to
get on top of it and climb through the hole in that wall. On the other side
you will meet Semeru by walking around a bit, you don’t have to do anything
here. Just let him approach you, everything will continue when he grabs you.
When that section is over you can follow the route upwards and jump to the
climbable wall. Past it is a tower in an open area. Walk past it on the right
and jump to the small piece of climbable wall, up there you can follow the
route past the tower. At the next tower there’s a guy with a rocket launcher.
Before that tower is a climbable wall on the left, climb up there and jump to
the tower to take out the enemy there. Continue and wait with jumping across
the gap until the rocks have come by. Be careful on your way to the next
tower, more rocks will come rolling down.

At that next tower, take out the enemy quickly and pick up his weapon to do
the same to the rest of them. At the back side of the tower you can smash
through the wall at a specific spot. You’ll enter a secret room with a lot of
weapons, ammunition and also the fourth phial. Continue to follow the path and
you’ll pass through two gates to eventually and up at a massive building. Walk
past the first tower and then enter the building to the left. Make your way to
the stairs and through the rooms to eventually end up in a large decorated
room on the northeast of the building. The fifth phial is placed neatly
between both exits leading outside. After picking it up, move through the left
exit, jump to the rocks and descend more to go through the passage in the wall
on the right below the awning. Both gates will close so that you’re stuck here
on the bridge. Stay away from the packages being dropped down, because several
explosions will follow. After each explosion multiple opponents will appear
that you have to take out, both on the bridge and the walls around it.

First take out the fast opponents on the bridge and then the snipers on the
walls. Be careful not to fall of the bridge at the locations where the
explosions have been. Eventually the gate you need to head through will be
opened again, so walk through it and follow the route across the walkways. You
can go both left or right, but behind the mountain both roads will meet up
again. Then follow the route to the east and up and when you get to the big
bridge with the building you have to go left over the rock path. Walk across
the bridge and follow the obvious route along stairs until you get to another
rock path and walk through a tunnel. The path ahead will crumble, so look
directly left and jump over to the climbable wall. At the top you can
continue, make some more jumps to eventually move up a hill in a southern
direction and climb another wall. At the top you will meet up with Semeru
again, after which you can only have your Feral powers to punch. Quickly take
out the surrounding enemies and smack everyone who comes down after that. When
you have some time, move over to the gate Semeru went through and smash
against the beam keeping it closed.

As soon as the beam breaks the doors will open and you can continue, armed
with weapons. Make your way through the hallway until you get to Kade. After
this cut scene you will lose all your Feral powers and face Semeru in battle.
He’s standing on the pillars and on both sides and you just have to shoot at
him when he’s standing still, while evading his bullets and grenades. The
pillars he jumps off of will usually fall down and as soon as he leaves you
can head through the hole in the western wall to follow him outside. Don’t
forget to pick up extra ammunition and health, both inside and outside. You
will regain your Feral powers, but it’s not always a good idea to punch
Semeru. Usually he will shoot and kill you pretty quickly if you do that. So
especially use your powers to be able to see the Adrenaline plants and climb
the rock platforms against the back wall for other items. When Semeru jumps
over the wall you can go after him with a few jumps at the some location. You
will take care of him and meet Kade before everything is finally over.

| 4 | C O N C L U S I O N                                                    |
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 4 | 1 | FINAL WORD                                                         |
First I played Instincts briefly on the first Xbox, but didn’t pay much
attention to it. The bounty on GameFAQs and the fact that I wanted another
Xbox 360 game finally convinced me to get this Predator. It took some getting
used to, especially graphically, but eventually you’ll get a lot of value for
money. It’s not really a superb game, but it just plays very nicely. But only
if you’re not writing a walkthrough at the same time.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 4 | 2 | CREDITS                                                            |
Predator may only be a compilation of two Xbox games and look a bit below
average graphically, but it is the most valuable Far Cry product to date.

For the detailed descriptions of the locations of all secret phials in each

For the detailed descriptions of the locations of all secret phials in each

For hosting this document.

For hosting this document.

For hosting this document.