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    Introduction by PoP_PiP
First thing first, if any of the authors have a problem with anything found 
in this FAQ, please inform me by e-mail.

Greetings.  I am writing this FAQ to help newcomers avoid scouring through 
the 40+ pages that now make up the thread best known as: "Ikeb0b's Tips, 
Tricks, and Strategies for every faction!" found in the message boards at 
GameFAQS.  There's a terrific amount of useful information stashed in between 
those pages, and my goal is to provide a permanent home for all of it.

Most importantly, note that Ikebob is the author of most of everything that 
follows, and I am only editing and sorting it.  If anyone is to thank for 
these tips and strategies, it is he.

Lastly, these strategies should be taken as advice, and not the final word.  
Improvisation will often be necessary, as the enemies will always be adapting 
to your armies.  

        Version History
Dec 28, 2006.  Date of Birth of this FAQ.
Dec 30, 2006.  First submission.

       Table of Contents
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Tips and General Strategies ------------------------------------ [#A000]
    Economy ------------------------------------------------------ [#A001]
    Rushing ------------------------------------------------------ [#A002]
    Counter-rush ------------------------------------------------- [#A003]
    Powers ------------------------------------------------------- [#A004]
    Heroes ------------------------------------------------------- [#A005]
    Using Cavalry ------------------------------------------------ [#A006]

Race Specific Strategies --------------------------------------- [#B000]
    Men of the West ---------------------------------------------- [#B001]
    Dwarves ------------------------------------------------------ [#B002]
    Elves -------------------------------------------------------- [#B003]
    Mordor ------------------------------------------------------- [#B004]
    Isengard ----------------------------------------------------- [#B005]
    Goblins ------------------------------------------------------ [#B006]

Advanced Strategies -------------------------------------------- [#C000]
    Flanking Maneuver -------------------------------------------- [#C001]
    Wedge Formation ---------------------------------------------- [#C002]
    Envelop ------------------------------------------------------ [#C003]
    Feigned Retreat ---------------------------------------------- [#C004]
    Cauldron Battle ---------------------------------------------- [#C005]
    Sneak Attack ------------------------------------------------- [#C006]
    Countering the Dwarves Rush ---------------------------------- [#C007]
      Men of the West ---------------------------------------------- [#C007A]
      Dwarves ------------------------------------------------------ [#C007B]
      Elves -------------------------------------------------------- [#C007C]
      Mordor ------------------------------------------------------- [#C007D]
      Isengard ----------------------------------------------------- [#C007E]
      Goblins ------------------------------------------------------ [#C007F]
    Overpowered Units -------------------------------------------- [#C008]
    Unit Stances ------------------------------------------------- [#C009]

Beating the Brutal Computer ------------------------------------ [#D000]
    Men of the West ---------------------------------------------- [#D001]
    Dwarves ------------------------------------------------------ [#D002]
    Elves -------------------------------------------------------- [#D003]
    Mordor ------------------------------------------------------- [#D004]
    Isengard ----------------------------------------------------- [#D005]
    Goblins ------------------------------------------------------ [#D006]

Unit Statistics ------------------------------------------------ [#X000]
    Men of the West ---------------------------------------------- [#X001]
    Dwarves ------------------------------------------------------ [#X002]
    Elves -------------------------------------------------------- [#X003]
    Mordor ------------------------------------------------------- [#X004]
    Isengard ----------------------------------------------------- [#X005]
    Goblins ------------------------------------------------------ [#X006]

Frequently Asked Questions ------------------------------------- [#Y]

Credits / Disclaimer / Legal Information ----------------------- [#Z]

|[#A000]                  Tips and General Strategies                       |
*Note: This section refers to all structures with their Men of the West 

[#A001]     Economy
Often, new players only build their first 2 - 4 farms at the beginning of the 
game and stop.  Farms do not need to be built constantly but to maximize your 
game; one has to understand when best to build them.
- Farms control your supply limit; build them when you are running out of 
- Build farms where they will receive 95% or greater of the resources. 
- The best time to build farms is after the opponent has attacked. 
- Build your farms in obscure areas of the map so they are hidden and are 
free to level up. 
- Try not to build more than 4 farms at the beginning of the game.  If you 
are rushed, you'll be in big trouble.  
- Farms are great scouting tools; build them near chokes to spot enemy 
movement. (The game announces when enemies come into view.  Hit "Y" 
immediately, and it will show you where they have come into view.)
- Don't worry too much about enemies destroying your farms that you might 
have put far away from your base.  They are inexpensive to build, and usually 
pay for themselves quickly.  The resource advantage of having plenty 
scattered around the map usually outweighs the danger of losing them.  
However, note that having an army that can fight should still always come 
first.  You don't want to have only buildings, and nothing that can fight 
back if the enemy decides to go smashing down all of them.

- A farm will produce resource approximately every 10 seconds (when its 
animation completes) The amount of resource gathered is based off of this 
1/4[%(100)] = x (rounded) = y 
1/4[%(100)]+(y-x) = x1 (rounded) = y2 
Read aloud it says one fourth the percent of your farm times 100 equals 
variable x rounded which becomes y. The next time your resource structure 
generates it becomes one fourth the percent of your farm times 100 plus the 
difference of y minus x from the previous equation gives you x1 which is 
rounded to y2. The second problem repeats with new x and y variables.

[#A002]  RUSHING (n00bs 101)
Rushing is not a tactic; it's a way of life.  The first to rush is very often 
the first to win.
- The basic rush build order: Barracks, Farm, Farm, Unit. 
- Powers are crucial for helping your rush succeed.  Pick buffing powers like 
Rallying Call or Tainted Land. 
- The unit you should produce MUST BE THE SOLDIER! This lets you fight other 
units and destroy structures. 
- Rushing can also be a form of scouting, so walk around and find out what 
your opponent is doing. 
- If you find easy to capture outposts on your way to your opponent's base, 
go ahead and capture them. 
- Your opponent's base is usually directly across from you on 4-player maps.  
So if you started in the top-right of the map, chances are, the opponent is 
located in the bottom-left. 
- When you reach the enemy base, target the builders and unit production 
structures first, and don't bother fighting his troops. 
- If no enemy troops are present, put your troops in aggressive stance and 
attack structures. 
- Stay out of range of your opponent's fortress. 
- Don't forget to manage your own base as you're fighting at the enemy's.  
Crank out more soldiers and send them if the enemy is on the verge of defeat, 
or pull back and regroup if you already have the advantage.  Don't waste your 
soldiers, as this gives the enemy experience, and result in the enemy having 
stronger powers. 

[#A003]   Counter-rush
- Build Order: Farm, Farm, Barracks, Soldier, Farm. (Build the first two 
farms and barracks within arrow range of your fortress.) 
- Put your soldiers in defense stance if your opponents units get in arrow 
range of your fortress.  
- Put your soldiers in aggressive stance if your opponent's units are 
ignoring yours and aiming your structures. 
- Don't forget to use your powers, as the enemy will almost certainly be 
using theirs. 
- When the time is right, build another barracks and pump soldiers out of 
both of them to push the enemy back. 
- If you succeed in thwarting the attack with minimal losses, immediately 
counter-attack the enemy base.  Target farms and builders first. 

[#A004]      Powers
Some people believe that the low-cost powers are only meant to help branch to 
high-costing powers. WRONG! Buy the powers you need.
- If you're playing one of the "Evil" races.  Get The Watcher as fast as 
possible, find your opponent's army and cast it underneath them and win. Keep 
your units away from the Watcher because it attacks everything.

- If you're playing one of the "Good" races.  Get Rallying Call, Heal (mainly 
the heal your heroes), Arrow Volley, Tom Bombadil, Industry (if money is an 
issue), Barrage, Summon Rohan Allies, and Summon Ent allies.  After getting 
as many of the powers above, then go for Army of the Dead, Earthquake, and 

[#A005]      Heroes
The highest costing hero is not necessarily the best. I am going to list the 
best heroes for each faction, meaning, unless you know what you're doing 
never buy the ones not listed.
- Men of the West: Eomer, Boromir, Theoden, Aragorn
- Elves: Haldir, Legolas, Thranduil, Elrond 
- Dwarves: Gloin, Gimli, King Dain (All three heroes are excellent) 
- Isengard: Lurtz 
- Goblins: Drogoth the Dragon Lord, Shelob 
- Mordor: Mouth of Sauron, Nazgul, Fell Beast 

[#A006]   Using Cavalry
Cavalry is one of the harder units to use effectively.  They move around 
differently from other units, and usually have to be controlled with care in 
order to make the most use out of them.  Here are some tips:

- Don't rush cavalry into pikemen (duh!) 
- Do not simply use the attack-move command.  You must keep an eye on them, 
because if they run into pikemen, they will be slaughtered quickly.  
Exceptions to this rule are Spider Riders and Rohirrim in bow mode.  Though 
it may be a bit risky with Rohirrim due to their heavy cost.
- Cavalry are meant to trample - this is done by having your Cavalry move 
(not attack-move) to an area where your opponent's units are in the Cavalry's 
- Retreat cavalry that are wounded, horses are expensive.  Don't fight to the 
death, no matter how honorable it may seem.  You will only be giving the 
opponent more power points.
- Use waypoints to help you so you don't have to manage your cavalry the 
whole time. 
- You must keep building soldiers to support your cavalry most of the time.  
Only certain cases with the Men of the West's Rohirrim can you use only 
- You may attack pikes with cavalry only when they are in battle with 
something already, and should always be from the side or from the rear.
- It's not recommended to set cavalry to aggressive stance in most cases due 
to the risk of pikemen.  Only do so against structures, and when your cavalry 
is safe.

*Cavalry do well against heroes. 
*Cavalry do well against structures. 
*Cavalry do well against archers.
*Cavalry do well against soldiers. 

|[#B000]                  Race Specific Strategies                          |
*Note: If you don't know what to do after following these build orders, just 
continue upgrading (I recommend upgrading the fortress if you haven't done 
so), and build more resource structures around the map.

[#B001]   Men of the West
Early Game - Men have a relatively weak early game, with only Gondor soldiers 
and possibly a hero to defend themselves. You must understand this weakness 
and respond properly. Usually, the best way to start is to build 2 barracks 
and churn out soldiers until you can get cavalry.
Mid Game - Mid game for men is when they get their first hero. Boromir is a 
good choice if you are still on the defense while Theoden and Eomer are 
better choices if you decide to get cavalry. Rohirrim are the best cavalry in 
the game. When you get your stables do not bother getting Gondor Knights, 
simply upgrade and build only Rohirrim. Eomer and Theoden should back them up 
with leadership. Note: keep building soldiers.
End Game - End game comes very fast for men. Once they have a stable economy 
and an army of Rohirrim, they must build a blacksmith and upgrade their 
horses. The key to winning is having Theoden reach level 4 where he receives 
Glorious Charge.  This ability allows cavalry to receive only 10% of the 
normal damage. Attack your opponent's structures and turn it on when you 
start taking heat.  It will be GG in no time.

Rohirrim usage:
- Rohirrim have the particular ability to switch between swords and bows.  
This gives them a slight advantage over pikes, but requires a bit of work. 
First, you can pick them off at a distance, and second you will not charge 
into their spears (which does most of the damage).  Rohirrim can also always 
retreat behind your lines or simply run circles around your enemy's pikes. 
- The best way to deal with pikes is to use King Theoden. When he reaches 
level 4 he gets glorious charge which allows him and nearby cavalry to 
receive only 10% damage. You can run through enemy pikes and into his base.  
Be warned that King Theoden is however super weak and difficult to level up 
but, he levels up moderately fast. Always put him in defensive stance and try 
and keep him standing behind your troops to provide leadership while still 
gaining experience.  
- Another method of dealing with Pikes is with Boromir.  His horn negates the 
piercing of the pikes, so your cavalry can trample over them.  Soldiers eat 
up pikes as well, especially with Boromir's leadership stacked with Rallying 


----------Heal----------------Rallying Call-----------Rebuild--------- 
--Hobbits-----------Arrow Volley-------------Tom-------------LoneTower-- 

One possible order is to get Rallying Call for early soldier spamming. Next 
get Arrow Volley if he is also spamming, get Hobbits if he gets heroes, or 
get Heal if you get an early Boromir. Then it's always Tom Bombadil, and 
Rohirrim and attempt to get Theoden's Glorious Charge.  Then go for 
Cloudbreak and Army of the Dead, which owns all enemy units for 2 minutes of 
the game.

[#B002]      Dwarves
        Credit: Arion
Early Game - The Dwarves have a very dangerous early game that revolves 
entirely around the Guardian Rush. This strategy is where you build a Mine 
and a Hall of Warriors while sending your second builder closer to the enemy 
to construct a forward mine. Positioning of your structures is very important 
in this strategy, if you build your mine too close to the enemy they will see 
it and most likely destroy it. Once your guardians are produced from your 
Hall you should order them to enter the mine at your fortress and order them 
to evacuate the mine closest to your enemy. This saves time as the dwarves 
are slow units and do not cover ground quickly. While doing this you should 
be expanding your economy having your builders construct more mines to 
increase income and producing more guardians to apply pressure.
Mid Game - Get an archery range and purchase axe throwers. This part of the 
game is the most fun because you build mines all over the map and send units 
through them everywhere. The objective is to stop your opponent from 
expanding. By the end of the mid game, you need to purchase King Dain and 
begin leveling him up.
Late Game - 2 choices in the end game, both involve the siege works. The 
first option is to build battlewagons to augment your guardians and destroy 
enemy archers and soldiers. The second choice, which is more risky, is to buy 
upgrades to enhance your guardians' destructive capabilities. This involves a 
level 3 siege works and the siege hammer upgrade. You charge your opponents 
structures for ultimate damage.

Men of Dale-------Dwarven Riches-----------LoneTower----------------Hobbits 

--------------------Earthquake--------------Summon Citadel----------------

A couple of orders are: 
1) Rallying Call, Heal, Hobbits, Undermine, Citadel
2) Rallying Call, Men of Dale, Barrage, Earthquake

[#B003]      Elves
Early Game - Buy a Mallorn Tree and Barracks. Some believe in an Arwen rush 
on small maps with lots of capture points. For this tactic you must build 
Arwen first thing and run her around the map capturing everything to regain 
an economy (VERY RISKY). Most players will rush with some lorien warriors and 
defend to mid-game with lorien archers. Defending does not mean sitting in 
your base. Your goal is to contain your opponent in their base so that you 
are free to expand.
Mid Game - Mid game for Elves involves buying the forge and upgrading 
Silverthorn arrows. Before you do that however, you should maintain a very 
stable hold on your enemy. Fill the map with mallorn trees first, and buy a 
stables to build lancers to replace any losses of your early game units. 
After all this, then buy the Silverthorn arrows. The end of the mid game is 
marked with a hero purchase. Legolas versus Elves. Glorfindel against Men and 
Isengard. Elrond versus Dwarves. Haldir versus Goblins and Mordor.
End Game - Churn out units and upgrade like crazy. Elves do not have the 
force to really make an amazing end game. Hopefully you have your summon ent 
power or flood/sunflare to finish your opponent's structures.

--------Rallying Call-------------Heal--------------------Farsight--------
--Mist------------Arrow Volley-----------Elven Wood--------------------Tom-- 

One possible order: Rallying Call, Farsight, Tom, Arrow Volley, Eagle/Ent,  
Cloudbreak, Sunflare, Eagle/Ent, Flood.

Rallying Call uses: 
Use on your starting rush units to maximize damage to buildings. 
Use on lancers right before you trample to get less slowdown on trample. 
Use on archers if you getting pushed back to finish the push.

Heal uses:
Don't wait to use on heroes in red if you don't trust the lag get them when 
they're in the low yellow. A very good use for cavalry when they take the 
crush revenge damage to bring the group back to full health

Farsight uses:
Use right off the bat to "scout" your opponent's base for his buildings and 
his starting build order. Use in combination with ent summon.  This can often 
end the game.

Arrow Volley uses:
This is a great power but is very easy to dodge so don't just use it on 
stationary forces because most of the time they will move their units out of 
the effected radius. Use it in the middle of battle and make your opponent 
make the choice of whether to dodge it and get struck freely bye your units 
or stay and "attempt" to take it.

Mist uses:
Provide stealth for your units and lowers the def of your opponents units. A 
good power but is overshadowed by others.

Elven Woods:
Changes the ground to a pretty green giving your units the def LD. Allows 
stealth.  Don't waste points on it.

Tom Bombadil:
He just puts a smile on your face as he dances and sings and tears the dookie 
out of your enemy all in one.  What more could you ask for?

Stuns enemies and lowers def rating. Extremely useful. 
Opens up both 25 pp powers.

Ent Summon:
Summons 4 ents to the field. Great power to make the final push on your 
opponent.  It can tear down his fortress in seconds and other buildings with 
greater ability. Farsight combined with this power are devastating to any 

Mighty beam of sunlight scorching units and buildings alike.  It does more 
damage to units and heroes than flood, but less damage to structures.
Summons a wave of horses made of water destroying everything in its path. 
Better of the high tier points, does excellent damage to building and units. 
Sometimes fails to destroy fully upgraded units.

[#B004]      Mordor
Early Game - Mordor strives on its ability to mass orcs. During the early 
game you want to build an orc pit first thing and then build a second after 
the first is finished. Keep building orcs and never stop, they are the 
backbone of your army. Only build 2 battallions of orc archers because of 
their cost. By the end of the early game, you should have rushed, have 4 orc 
pits, and orcs being made in all of them. Once you reach 1500, you must make 
a choice: you may buy the Mouth of Sauron or save for the Fell Beast. The 
Mouth of Sauron is the ultimate overpowered hero. He starts with HP equal to 
that of a fortress and levels up quickly with amazing abilities. If you save 
for the Fell Beast, your ultimate goal is to rush in with orcs and then flank 
your opponent's fortress with the fell beast, who can level it in seconds. If 
your opponent is going even remotely heavy towards archers, DO NOT GET THE 
Mid Game - Almost every faction at this point will be supporting their armies 
with leadership. Build a troll cage and upgrade so you may purchase drummer 
trolls. Still never stop building orcs. You want to begin containing your 
enemy (keeping him inside his base) so you may boost your economy by building 
slaughterhouses all over the map. This will get you ready for buying attack 
trolls and mumakil in the late game. You may buy all three Nazguls at this 
time to get their dread visage ability, which will give your troops an edge. 

End Game - NEVER STOP BUILDING ORCS!!! Upgrade your troll cage and build a 
mumakil pen. Purchase attack trolls and mumakil. Mumakil must be used 
properly, otherwise they are a waste. Never send them to battle if your 
opponent is using pike. Simply let their haradrim pick off enemies from 
behind your lines. When you get into your opponent's base use your mumakil on 
his fortress (They destroy it faster than the fell beast). Buy the second 
Fell beast.

Fell Beast usage:
 - Use them to level fortresses (it takes seconds) 
 - Never send them to attack ground units unless NO (ZERO, NONE, NADDA) 
archers are present.
 - Use the fell beast's screech on your opponent's army during an attack to 
get the upper hand.

   Alternate Mordor Strategies
        Credit: Redarmy
One significant difference with Mordor is that they do not have a specific 
cavalry unit to trample over enemy archers.  They must instead rely on Mouth 
of Sauron, Nazgul, Trolls, and Mumakil to act as their cavalry.  

In a typical game, Mordor needs to pressure early by spamming Orcs.  As you 
take down resource buildings, anything else you can reach, you should be 
teching up the tree yourself.  
Some counters against archers: 
Catapults - Mid game 
Nazgul - Early to Mid game transition 
Mouth of Sauron - Early to Mid game transition

       More about Mordor
Mordor will always start with this build order. The idea is to constantly 
spam orcs who get a horde bonus when created in mass. So your build order is 
Orc pit --> SH --> SH --> Orc --> Orc Pit 
Then what you want to do is CONSTANTLY build Orcs and slaughterhouses until 
your total supply is about 600. Orcs in mass will stop all types of forces 
except a perfectly balanced army which at this point in the game is not often 
seen. If they seem to be getting the upper hand, buy a Nazgul and treat him 
like cavalry. Once he gets dread visage your enemy will get a passive de-
buff, so you will have the upper hand. You don't want to lose the Nazgul 
though because he is expensive to replace. Your main goal is to save up for 
one of these three things: 
A) Fell Beast - If he has no archers on the battlefield then save up (only 
buy Orcs) and buy this and destroy his fortress and it's GameOver. 
B) Attack Trolls - If he is becoming tough and sending small very powerful 
forces at you (ex: cavalry, guardians) buy the attack trolls and smash them 
C) Catapults - These own up armies in mass. If your opponent is spamming like 
crazy (you should be too) get this. Use their skulls shot to cast fear on the 
enemy. When they run you get to push towards their base and get a flanking 
bonus on his troops. 
Unless he is building only cavalry, don't bother with the Haradrim palace. 
Haradrim are late game units. Buy 2 AND ONLY 2 battalions of archers to get 
free hits over your Orcs. Remember, against some factions the fight will be 
right into your base and against others you can overrun his forces easily 
with just Orc spam.


----Tainted Land----------------Eye of Sauron---------------Warchant-------- 
Barricade-------Untamed Allegiance----------Industry--------Arrow Volley-- 
--------Summon Wyrm-------------Darkness------------------Barrage--------- 
----------------------Balrog-----------------Rain of Fire---------------

Eye of Sauron: the standard Mordor pp spell, for only 5 pp it makes all your 
units via monsters and heroes, travel faster and fight better with an armor 
and attack bonus. This should always be your starting 5pp spell, especially 
as it can be moved to diff units, and when you're finished can be used to 
scout. Situated in the middle of the pp tree it can be used to access all 
kinds of bonuses. 
Tainted Land: a good armor and attack boosting 5pp spell like the eye, 
however, it stays on the ground at the target location, so only to be used 
when you're trying to take out an important building. Generally good to get, 
but it is on the wrong side of the pp tree. 
War Chant: the last 5pp spell for Mordor, it also gives a strong bonus to 
troops in armor and attack, however unlike tainted land, war chant is on the 
right side of the pp tree, allowing access to all of Mordor's favorites! To 
be used effectively, tell units to go from left to right and right to left, 
so they cross over in a big mess, this allows you to war chant many many 
Barricade: the first 10pp spell, situated on the far left, pretty much 
useless, it has a high damage output, but a terrible armor and health amount. 
Used only for support, when not attacked it can take out many troops, but 
that is about it, and it does not lead to any other good pp, this should be 
your second from last or third from last pp you get. 
Untamed Allegiance: the second 10pp spell takes control of a target creep 
lair and is IMO rather useless unless there are drakes on the map, I mean 
it's great to get cheap cave trolls, or free spiders and goblins, but is it 
worth 10pp when it can easily be destroyed, the answer is, apart from drakes, 
no. I would get this as one of my last pp spells. 
Industry: the third 10pp spell, can be sometimes great, but then sometimes 
not worth it over other pp spells, to be used when you do not need to have a 
troop killing spell, or a drake (tamed allegiance), this pp is great for when 
you are trying to reach attack trolls fast, or tech to fast Fell Beasts or 
even fast Mumakil, or hero spam. 
Arrow Volley: The final 10pp spell is a great support pp to be held in 
reserve when attacking with many orcs, it can be used to take out even fully 
upgraded Uruk-Hais (unless in formation). When using this pp, don't just use 
it for killing a small portion of an army, use it to either hit annoying 
rangers (or in this case axe throwers), or many troops that are bunched 
together when told to attack. This pp can even be a serious life-saver.  This 
power and Industry are usually the only two that are worth picking up 
Fire Wyrm: Pretty much useless sadly, as you cannot easily control him, you 
may tell him to move but he is to busy torching other things and may die 
easily, can scatter units when he does obey by coming up from the ground, and 
always remember... fire is a hero killer!!! Otherwise this should be your 
last or second from last pp. 
Darkness: A great 15pp spell power, if games last long it is a must! Think of 
it as a permanent eye that covers the whole map for 3 mins, and even effects 
attack trolls and Mumakil! It may not seem like a siege power but combine 
this with two attack trolls, or a Mumakil on a fortress and you will be 
Barrage: The final 15pp spell can be used to severely damage buildings, or 
completely slaughter an enemy army. See it as a weak ROF but a strong arrow 
volley that affects buildings with a wider area. Great support pp, best used 
when you are fighting the enemy and you can target it on enemy archers and 
still hit their combat units, with yours unharmed. The most used 15pp spell 

Rain of Fire: A truly devastating power! Basically a stronger barrage with a 
larger AOE, great for stopping fortress that are fully upgraded, and can even 
get them down to almost half health, also excels in destroying entire armies! 
Also can leave a fire raging on the ground. Great for killing those annoying 
fully upgraded axe throwers. A MUST VS DWARVES! 
The Balrog: Also an amazing power! His breath fire can be used to destroy 
entire armies and buildings fast! His whip does uber damage to fortresses and 
heroes, and his inferno can be used to scatter units as well as boosting his 
attack power, let alone the damage he can cause an army with his summoning! 
Do not forget that he can also fly, and you can land on enemy buildings to do 
damage to them when you want to get there fast as well! To be honest, this 
power is truly underestimated, though against dwarves some people want to go 
for Rain of Fire first. However it is a strong option unless you see massed 
fully upgraded axe throwers.

[#B005]      Isengard
Early Game - Many players believe in a warg rush for the early game. This 
build order includes 2 furnaces and then a warg pen. Use the warg riders to 
trample enemy battalions and then switch to aggressive stance and howl before 
taking down enemy structures. You will still need to get an uruk pit if your 
rush fails. Other players take a more reserved approach, using uruk warriors 
who are decently strong. Remember that uruk crossbows are low damage and have 
horrible range. The goal of the early game is to get Lurtz, who is an amazing 
combat hero with leadership and pillage.
Mid Game - If you have got wargs in the early game, this is your chance to do 
so. I am an advocate of Wormtongue and I would get him here but many players 
believe he is micro heavy and not worth the money. The mid game is where you 
try to churn out as many units as possible. Build many furnaces and have more 
than one uruk pit and warg pens. I always go for a mine rush here but it is 
EXTREMELY RISKY. The mine rush involve leveling up your siege works and uruk 
pit, and building a mine and berserker. The real reason why I do this is to 
get berserkers, who are super-effective versus heroes. To mine rush properly, 
you must send your army to attack his base, but stay just close enough that 
he will rush out to attack you. If they don't come to you, use warg riders to 
harass him until his units chase them back to your army. Once he is fighting, 
drop the mine next to his fortress, light your torch on the berserker, have 
the berserker attack the mine, and BOOM! his fortress is gone. 

End Game - The end game is easy. It is the same as mid-game except now you 
will add a blacksmith into the equation. If you start overflowing on cash get 
the iron armor upgrade for your fortress. If you are still cash floating, buy 

------------Vision -----------War Chant-----------Crebain------- 
Devestation-----Tainted Land-----------Wild men-----------Industry-- 
---------Watcher----------Freezing Rain-----------Fuel Fires------ 
-----------------Dragon------------------Dragon Strike------------

Crebain: The best first power to get vs any faction. Crebain gives a debuff 
to your opponent removing leadership and lowering defense and attack. Crebain 
is a group of crows that can navigate the map and reduce the performance of 
your opponent's units.

War Chant:  Provides a 50% attack and armor buff to your units for a selected 
amount of time. War Chant is probably best to get as your third power after 
wild men because usually when using wild men you get War Chant.

Vision of the Palantir:  Removes the fog of war from a select area of the map 
for a short period of time. Probably one of the worst powers Isengard has and 
should not be gotten. Crebain is like a moving Palantir except it gives de-
buff.  However, Crebain can be killed.

Tainted Land: Makes an area of the map tainted which give out a leadership 
bonus to your units when standing on it. An ok PP but should only be gotten 
if you are doing bad and need something to help defend your base.

Industry: Provides one furnace with a boost to its resource out put. Industry 
is a good power but is on the wrong side of the tech tree because only other 
possible choice after it for 15pp is Fuel the Fires and it is a horrible 
power because Lumber Mills are worthless. Only get this if your economy is 
really tight or have points to spare.

Wild Men of Dunland: Summons the Wild men of Dunland on to the battlefield 
for a short amount of time or until they die which ever comes first. This is 
a really good power and could be a game winner so you should get it second 
for 10pp. Every time a Wild Man attacks a building you get +2 resources added 
to your stockpile.

Devastation: When used on trees you get resources for each tree that is 
chopped down added to your stockpile. Devastation is also a good economic 
power but is placed badly below Palantir so it is almost never used.

Fuel the Fires: It is a passive ability that increases lumber mill resource 
production. This would be a good power if lumber mills were worth there cost 
and useable but they aren't so don't get Fuel the Fires.

Freezing Rain: Causes rain to come down for a short amount of time erasing 
all leadership bonuses. It works very well combined with Crebain.

Watcher: Summons the watcher and kills everything. Summon under the 
opponent's army for best effect.  This is a game winner in many cases.

Dragon Strike:  Summons a dragon to fly by an area and breathe fire over it 
lighting trees on fire and killing enemies. Dragon Strike is your 5th pp 
because of its ability to wipe out armies.  The dragon takes awhile to come, 
so be careful.

Summon Dragon: Summon a land-based dragon to fight for your cause much like 
the Balrog. He has a massive fire blast. A Good summon that destroys heroes, 
but is actually easily killed.
     Fire Breathing- blows a massive blast of fire to destroy enemy units 
     Fly- allows the dragon to fly to another location, similar to the Balrog 
fly ability

[#B006]     Goblins
Early Game - The early game for goblins is really easy. You must follow this 
build order against every faction but dwarves. Tunnel, Goblin Cave, Goblin 
Cave, Tunnel. This will let you produce goblins at alarming speeds. Rush and 
keep rushing almost the entire game. The pressure is what allows the goblins 
to tech. When you rush use the aggressive stance and attack any structures 
and builders. When you come across enemy units, turn on your poison blades 
and stick your battallion in defense mode. KEEP BUILDING GOBLINS, and never 
build goblins archers. Build 1 or 2 more tunnels depending on whether you 
have captured any outposts.
Mid Game - Mid game can come very early for the goblins. Once you have 600 
dollars build a spider lair and begin producing your bread and butter unit, 
spiderlings. Spiderlings are super-cavalry and can kill any swordsman or 
archer. They are super fast and decent versus structures. Use them to harass 
and contain your opponent while you spread builders across the map. Your 
goblin production should still be high but you can start slowing down once 
you build your second spider pit and upgrade it to build spider riders. Some 
players will buy Shelob here for a strong combat hero. It is also a good idea 
to buy Shelob if your opponent has heroes.
End Game - Stop with the goblins they will now only feed your opponent's 
Power points. Get a fissure and build half-troll marauders. These units are 
invincible when fully upgraded. So buy a treasure trove and bring it to level 
2 and research scavenged armor and forged blades. Upgrade your spider lair to 
level 3 to get venom sacs for your spiderlings. Build spiderlings, spider 
riders, and half trolls until you can buy Drogoth. Drogoth is not a combat 
hero. You just fly him around and use his fireball on enemy units NOT 
STRUCTURES. Once he uses his fireball, retreat him until it recharges (it 
takes like 20 seconds so be aware of the fast recharge).
Drogoth usage: 
- Drogoth's abilities charge quickly, use them all the time (never use 
- Use Drogoth to level fortresses (it takes seconds) 
 - Never send him to attack ground units unless NO (ZERO, NONE, NADDA) 
archers are present.

   Alternate Goblin Strategies
        Credit: Redarmy
Build Order 1: Tunnel, Cave, Tunnel, Cave
Build Order 2: Tunnel, Cave, Cave, Tunnel
Build Tunnels towards the enemy base, and spam Goblins.  It is usually 
recommended to go for the first build order, but those extra few seconds 
might make a difference in a rush situation. 
If all goes well, you can get 4 Goblins out at the 2:30 minute mark if you're 
fast. This allows you to build 4 more while you're on your way for your first 
attack.  Once you reach the enemy, you should have 4 more to send to the 
forward Tunnel.  Now start building a Spider Pit, and train 4 more Goblin 
Warriors.  Continue as you normally would, but hopefully you have weakened 
the enemy. 
Drogoth is recommended in mirror matches (Goblins vs. Goblins), against 
Dwarves (because they like to spread mines all over the place), and against 
Mordor (good anti-air against Fell Beasts).  Drogoth is not recommended 
against Elves and Men of the West due to their powerful archers.  
Shelob is an average hero, and most effective when leveled up.  Be careful, 
Shelob is weak initially and will get beaten down by Lurtz, Gimli, or any 
other decent hero out of the gate.  
One choice is to quickly go for fully upgraded Half-Troll Marauders instead 
of Shelob.  A good strike force is 4 to 6 of these bad boys, mixed with 
Goblins and Spider Riders. 


---------War Chant-------------TaintedLand-------------------Bats------ 


A couple of orders are: 
1) Tainted Land, Scavenger, Darkness, Balrog
2) Bats, Spiderlings, Watcher, Balrog

War Chant: Temporarily endows targeted allied units with +50% damage and +50% 
armor. Does not stack. Use this when you have units clumped together coming 
out of a tunnel for best effects. 

Tainted Land: Mark your territory with your taint and your army will fight 
more fiercely. This desolate, barren plain will give ally units a +50% damage 
and +50% armor bonus. Does not stack. Stacks with Rallying Call, a great 
power for 2v2s.  
Cave Bats: Cave Bats can be summoned anywhere and detect stealth units. But 
their most useful ability is to reduce the attack damage and armor of nearby 
enemy units by -25%. Use this to counter enemey Eye/Rallying 
Call/WarChant/Howl/Tainted Land. This is generally the first power you buy. 

Untamed Allegiance: 
When cast on a lair, you can take control of that creep building and spawn 
the associated units from it. If you have to, ONLY use it on a Drake Lair. 

Summon Spiderlings: Summon some spiders to fight for your cause. These little 
buggers destroy buildings like nothing. Use these to go on a rapid Building 
killing spree . Also good vs cavalry and Swordsman. 
Scavenger: All kills earn extra resources. Something I've heard that is 
useful in a goblin v goblin, generally a power I wouldn't get. 

Summon Wildmen of Dunland: Summon several hordes of Wildmen. Wildmen pillage 
resources when attacking enemy structures. With a buff can total a fortess 
and is generally a good power, but I prefer SpiderLing Summon and the other 
side of the PowerPoint tree. 

Summon Wyrm: Summon a subterranean wyrm and it will explode from under the 
ground to breathe fire on the enemy. A wyrm is a long, wingless dragon. Hard 
to control and easily killed, a waste of 15 PP. 
Darkness: Temporarily shrouds the entire battlefield in darkness. All allies 
get +50% damage and +50% armor. A good power that gives you access to both 
top tier Powers.  

Watcher in the Water: We all remember the Watcher from the pools outside the 
doorway to Moria. The Watcher explodes from an underground watertable 
(instantly killing non-hero units above him) and flails his tentacles to 
damage nearby enemies. Occasionally he picks one up and eats him! The best 
power of its tier, can total an army and is usually a game winner. 
Summon Dragon: Summon a land-based dragon to fight for your cause much like 
the Balrog. He has a massive fire blast. A Good summon that destroys heroes, 
but is actually easily killed.
     Fire Breathing- blows a massive blast of fire to destroy enemy units 
     Fly- allows the dragon to fly to another location, similar to the Balrog 
fly ability 
Summon Balrog: The Balrog explodes from his underground lair(instantly 
killing non-hero units above him) and can decimate an entire army with his 
fire-breathing ability. He can also take down structures very quickly. This 
dude is a beast. Owns heroes/armies/buildings in seconds, just don't try it 
versus a fortress.

|[#C000]                    Advanced Strategies                             |
    Credit: Son of Morgoth
There are many forms and definitions of the term micromanagement. I am simply 
quoting the terms and how to perform the actions and what their outcome will 
be. The key is having the best unit formation. Mastering this will make you 
seemingly invincible to anyone who attacks using the attack-move command. 
 [#C001] Flanking Maneuver
    Credit: Son of Morgoth
The most basic of tactical maneuvers is the flank. Flanking is an attempt to 
attack the side of the enemy's formations, while it is simultaneously engaged 
in the front. BFME2 calculates flanking bonuses, so let's use them! 
Say you have two battalions of orcs going up against a battalion of 
guardians. Place both battalions on Defensive stance, then move only one up 
to engage the guardian battalion. Have your other battalion move around the 
side of the enemy battalion, or even better, around to its back, then place 
that flanking battalion in Offensive stance. For added effect, cast the Eye 
of Sauron on the Guardians, so the eye will cover both the first and second 
[#C002]  Wedge Formation
    Credit: Son of Morgoth
This was first used by Alexander the Great. What do you do if both sides are 
facing each other in open battle, and you are outnumbered by 50%? Run? Too 
cowardly. Scream? Too girly. Taunt them? Too risky. What do you do??? 
Alexander figured out that if you attack a straight-line formation (assume a 
horizontal wall of battalions like this: ---------------) in a wedged 
formation, you can outnumber the opponent at the point of the wedge. I'm not 
talking about a Star Destroyer-type wedge, with the point in the middle. I 
mean an oblong one, where there are more battalions on one side of the army 
than the other. Something like this: 
O EEE O=orcs 
OO EEE E=enemy 
In this picture, Mordor (on the left, see all the angry orcs? The enemy is on 
the right) is evenly matched in numbers (15 on both sides). Though even in 
number the orcs are outmatched, since orcs aren't the mightiest of creatures. 
If you notice, that the bottom rank of orcs has 5 lined up, and the rank 
above that has 4, the rank above that has 3. The enemy, meanwhile, has 3 
deep. If the orcs advanced in perfect formation, the bottom rank would reach 
the enemy first and begin fighting before the rank above it arrived. What 
happens is the bottom rank or orcs outnumber the bottom rank of enemies, so 
they will easily overwhelm and defeat them, looking something like this: 
[picture forthcoming] 
Imagine the left side meeting the right side. The left side touches the right 
side first at the bottom. As the forces engage, the enemy's right side if 
overwhelmed and eventually defeated, something like this: (O = Orcs, E = 
Figure 1. 
Figure 2. 
Figure 3. 
Figure 4. 
Figure 5. 
Figure 6. 
Figure 7. 
Figure 8. 
Figure 9. 
Figure 10. 

Do you see what is happening? By concentrating forces on one side, even 
though you are outnumbered, you create an advantage by giving yourself an 
advantage in numbers on the bottom rank. With the superior numbers, you 
destroy the enemy faster and lose less men. Once the bottom ranks have 
destroyed all the enemy ranks on their side, they begin to move and flank the 
opponent, again creating an advantage in numbers and flanking. While the two 
forces engage, your army defeats the opponent at one end, then move to 
envelope the enemy. The end result is that you surround the enemy army or 
crush him from one end to the other!
Think about a 2v2 team game. When one opponent is defeated, both you and your 
ally converge your forces on the enemy base. This is the same concept. You 
defeated your enemy at one point, then move to flank, envelop, and overwhelm 

[#C003]     Envelop
    Credit: Son of Morgoth
Similar to the Flank Maneuver, the Envelop (rhymes with "Develop", and no, 
it's not something you put letters in) is an extreme flank. Instead of 
sending a battalion to attack the flank, or side, of an enemy battalion, you 
send one battalion to engage the enemy in front, two battalions to flank both 
sides, and another battalion to close in on the enemy's rear. Obviously, this 
requires superior numbers most of the time. Enveloping maneuvers are highly 
effective, even when outnumbered, when you can isolate a single battalion and 
concentrate your attack on it using 2-4 battalions (with 2 batt's, just have 
one engage the enemy's front and have the other engage his rear). I will 
speak more on this technique later.
BFME2 accounts for flanking and for rear attacks, so enveloping maneuvers can 
pay off (particularly since our orcs aren't as strong as other units). To get 
the most bang for your buck with this maneuver, make sure that your front 
battalion is in defensive stances, as well as your 3 flanking battalions. 
Once the flanking battalions engage the enemy on their flanks and/or rear, 
place them in offensive stance to increase their damage output. Placing them 
on offensive stance before the flanking maneuver can make your batt's 
movement more difficult, since they may attempt to engage the enemy and 
ignore your directions.

[#C004]  Feigned Retreat
    Credit: Son of Morgoth
This maneuver was made famous by Genghis Khan's Golden Horde. The Mongolian 
nomads were a pastoral horse people (think of migratory Rohirrim), said to be 
some of the toughest people to ever live. They perfected mounted archery 
using a compound bow, which was a short, powerful bow equal in power to a 
Welsh Longbow (which could not be shot from horseback and required 
specialized, lifetime training to use). The compound bow was accurate up to 
300 yards (9 football fields) and could shoot through a solid oak door at 
point blank range. 
When the Mongols enemies, they did so ruthlessly and efficiently. They would 
march their horses up to the enemy, then turn and flee (on horseback, that 
is). The enemy would pursue them, but receive a terrible surprise when they 
were ambushed while pursuing the fleeing Mongols. If the pursuers were 
infantry or heavily armored (as was much of the Western knights), the fleeing 
Mongols would fire at them while retreating (and they were very accurate). 
Then they would stop, let the pursuers catch up, and start riding away again, 
firing as the went. Their enemies were too slow to catch them, and had no way 
to counter the might of the compound bow (are the OP or what?).
The Feigned Retreat is used for two purposes: luring an enemy into a trap, or 
luring an enemy away from something. Luring an enemy into a trap is easy and 
requires no examples (elves would benefit highly from this using Mirkwood 
Archers in the forest), the second I will illustrate.

Your enemy is camping his base with several battalions of swordsmen. It is 
too difficult to attack his base, as your orcs will easily get pwned by his 
fortress' arrows and troops. So you send a lone Nazgul up to attack one of 
his resource buildings. Your opponent sees this, and sends his forces down 
for an easy Nazgul kill. The Nazgul runs away, the opponent's forces 
following behind in hot pursuit. Obviously, your opponent has not sent all of 
his forces, but he sent two batt's after your Nazgul. Your Nazgul does not 
have far to go before he meets up with two battalions of orcs. He is very 
injured, so you keep him running back home, through the orcs. His battalions 
engage yours. On seeing this, your opponent sends more battalions from home 
to reinforce his two. The opponent has taken the bait. His home defenses are 
greatly weakened, but he is confident that this will be all right, since he 
knows where you army is and is at this very moment attempting to crush it. 
What he doesn't know is that you have the Mouth of Sauron, a Nazgul, two 
battalions of orcs, and an AT hidden off to the west, waiting for an 
opportune time to attack. You send two more battalions of orcs up to help 
your almost demolished two. This gives your opponent the impression that this 
battle is important, and you do not want him to win it. He sends most of his 
forces to overwhelm your poor orcs. Perfect.
You send your ambush into his base and before he knows it, his base is 
destroyed. Your opponent may have won that piddly little battle (which was a 
diversion) with plenty of forces left, but now he must choose: attack your 
base or attempt to reclaim his. At this point he has lost. He does not have 
enough forces to attack your base, since you will surely be bringing 
reinforcements (and what about your Gorgoroth Spire?), so he goes to reclaim 
his base. The Nazgul and Mouth of Sauron run around, wasting the opponent's 
time as he tries to catch them, meanwhile you bring up more orcs, a healed 
Nazgul, and an AT from home to reinforce. Pnwed. 
[#C005]  Cauldron Battle
    Credit: Son of Morgoth
A cauldron battle is where you draw the enemy into the pit of a cauldron 
formation. Think of a "U". The bottom curve of the "U" is the perceived front 
line, to your enemy that is. The left and right side of the "U" are the 
walls, or flanks, of the cauldron. These forces are hidden. You draw the 
enemy up to the front lines (in the pit of the "U"), often by means of a 
feigned retreat, then your hidden forces launch an ambush from either flank, 
trapping the enemy into a battle it cannot flee from. This works very well 
when you are outnumbered. This also makes it difficult for your opponent to 
flank you. Cauldron battles typically refer to more grand-scale attacks than 
we see in BFME2, but we can still use the same concept. Cauldron battles are 
excellent ways to draw of one or two enemy battalions, ambush them and 
destroy them. Divide & Conquer. 
[#C006]  Sneak Attack
    Credit: Son of Morgoth
Do I even need to address this? I showed an excellent example under the 
Feigned Retreat section above. Sneak attacks are the most common method of 
"unexpected" strategy. They typically only work once (twice if your opponent 
is retarded), so they must be carefully planned and set up. In BFME2, sneak 
attacks are most effective when launched at an enemy's base. As laid out in 
the Feigned Retreat section, Sneak Attacks are the most effective if you can 
lure the enemy's forces away from his base. 

Two examples: 
- First: You have a delicious Balrog to use, so you lure your enemy out of 
his base using a Feigned Retreat. You cast EoS on his base, cast Balrog, gg. 
- Second: You have a beautiful Gorgoroth Spire with a fireball just waiting 
to annihilate an enemy army. You lure his army away from his base using some 
orcs. A huge enemy army descends on your ugly orcs, GS fireball destroys them 
all (orcs included), and MoS, two ATs, and a Nazgul suddenly appear in your 
enemy's base (which you had held in reserve just for this sneak attack).gg.

[#C007] Countering the Dwarves Rush
*Note: The forward mine is a term for a mine placed close to the enemy base 
and outside yours. The Dwarven player would build Mine #1. Then he builds a 
hall of warriors close to Mine #1 while sending a builder to the second 
location close to then enemy base and builds Mine #2. When the hall of 
warriors is done, he will build guardians. The completed guardians are then 
ordered to garrison mine #1. This will connect them to the tunnel network so 
that when they select mine #2, the player can then un-garrison the guardians 
and they are instantly teleported to mine #2.

The guardian rush is one of the most deadly in the game.  Here are tips for 
each faction on how to counter this rush.

[#C007A]  Men of the West
Build Order: Barracks, Farm, Soldier, Farm 
Powers: Rallying Call, Rebuild 
Strategy: Build all your structures within arrow range of your fortress. As 
soon as your barracks is completed you must build a soldier battalion. After 
your first farm is completed you will use that builder as a scout to find 
your opponent's forward mine. If you haven't found the forward mine with your 
builder you must use your soldier battalion and scout in another direction. 
Found the mine (No Guardians): GJ. You were fast enough. Set your soldier in 
aggressive stance and use rallying call on them and have them attack the 
mine. If guardians come out whilst attacking mine, keep attacking the mine 
and then send your soldiers to hit the builder if it already hasn't fled. 
Then set your unit in shield wall + defensive stance. 
Found the mine (Guardians): Try to hide your battalion or get out of the 
guardian's way before your attack the mine. This may mean walking around them 
DON"T WALK THROUGH THEM. Otherwise follow the step as if no guardians are 
there. You might not be able to destroy the mine. ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! This 
is tough. You need to build infantry like crazy and don't upgrade your 
fortress. BUILD A HEROIC STATUE between your fortress and buildings or so the 
guardians will have a tough time hitting it. Send another battalion for a 
sneak attack on the forward mine again. Pay close attention and hide them the 
best you can until you can attack. Another option that is more risky is to 
try for their base and hit their hall of warriors (SUPER RISKY). Just put 
your infantry in shield wall + defensive stance and keep them between the 
dwarves and your structures. When you get your rebuild power use it if 
necessary. Just build soldiers out of your 1 barrack and save until you can 
buy Boromir who will put an end to the rush.  Also remember to put your 
troops on aggressive stance if he's ignoring them and targeting your 

[#C007B]     Dwarves
Build Order: Hall of Warrior, Mine, Mine 
Powers: Rallying Call 
Strategy: Build all your structures within arrow range of your base and put 
up a heroic statue that is hard to be hit by your opponent. This is easy, 
just be aware that you must slowly push back with heroic statues and rallying 
call until you hit his forward mine. For this, I will not write about hitting 
his forward mine because guardians are too slow to ever make it in time. Get 
2 more mines and an archery range to get ax throwers and rush him back using 
Rallying Call.

[#C007C]     Elves
Build Order: Barracks, Mallorn Tree, Mallorn Tree 
Powers: Rallying Call or Farsight 
Strategy: Elves tend to have a hard time.  Buy Farsight on maps where you 
know there will only be 2 possible point for the Dwarves to place their 
forward mine. The objective is similar to MotW, but you will be using lorien 
archers to hold your ground. First you will buy a lorien warrior from your 
barracks when it is built and use your builder who created the first mallorn 
tree to scout for the forward mine. The lorien warrior must kill the mine. 
Forward Mine (No Guardians): If you bought rallying call, use it and put your 
lorien warriors to aggressive and take down the mine, regardless of what 
comes out of it. Then hit the builder if it has not fled already. Once all 
that is complete, put your warriors in defensive stance if guardians are 
attacking them. 
Forward Mine (Guardians): Try to hide your battalion or get out of the 
guardians' way before your attack the mine. This may mean walking around them 
DON"T WALK THROUGH THEM. Otherwise follow the step as if no guardians are 
there. You might not be able to destroy the mine. If so, you need to build 
1:1 ratio of warriors to archers and don't upgrade your fortress. BUILD A 
HEROIC STATUE between your fortress and your buildings or so the guardians 
will have a tough time hitting it. Send another battalion of warriors for a 
sneak attack on the forward mine again. Pay close attention and hide them the 
best you can until you can attack. Just put your warriors in defensive mode 
in front of your archers who are in aggressive stance and keep them between 
the dwarves and your structures. This will hopefully counter the rush. I 
would then go for another barracks for a fast powerful counter attack by 
massing warriors.

[#C007D]     Mordor
Build Order: Orc Pit, Slaughterhouse, Slaughterhouse, Orc, Orc Pit, 
Powers: Eye of Sauron 
Strategy: This is difficult because Dwarves own Orcs really bad, but it's the 
only way to counter them. With 2 Orc pits and a constant stream of Orcs you 
will be able to eventually buy a Fell Beast and destroy all of his 
structures. Try to keep the fight outside your base and save the Eye of 
Sauron for your Orcs. Remember, all Orcs should be in defensive stance the 
entire game except when attacking the forward mine. 
Forward Mine (No Guardians): Put orcs in aggressive stance, use Eye of Sauron 
and hit the mine regardless of what comes out of it. Once destroyed go for 
the builder unless it ran away and then switch to defensive stance to fight 
the guardians.  
Forward Mine (Guardians): Buy 2 and ONLY 2 Orc archers and keep them alive 
for as long as possible. Spam orcs in defensive stance and line them up as 
far outside your base as possible. Just don't get caught sending 1 battalion 
of orcs versus 3 battalions of guardians, if that happens retreat to your 
base for reinforcements. If archers are alone and guardians are chasing them, 
retreat, you are much, much faster. Save up for the Fell Beast and trample 
his fortress with it. Keep it a secret. Move the Fell Beast so it remains out 
of his sight until you decide to attack his fortress with it (but do it 

[#C007E]   Isengard
Build Order: Furnace, Furnace, Warg Pit, Warg, Uruk Pit, Uruk, Furnace  
Powers: Crebain, Warchant 
Strategy: Isengard > Dwarves. If you build the Warg pit early it is bye to 
his rush and his hall of warriors if you are fast and micro well. Simply rush 
in with wargs to cripple him badly and then use Uruk-hais to counter his 
pikes who he wasted money on to counter your 1 batallion of wargs. Uruk-hai 
warriors own up structures as well as wargs. You MUST USE THE BUILD ORDER 
ABOVE and you will win. Crebain helps you find the mine early. 
Found mine (No Guardians): Easy. Put Wargs in aggressive stance, howl and 
destroy the mine. If dwarves come out during the attack, don't fight them 
just head towards his base and own his hall of warriors, builders, and mines. 
When he builds phalanx (not guardians) run away. The trouble is juggling the 
micromanagement of the wargs with completing the build order. Just be aware 
of your money. Uruk-hai spam with more furnaces and pits will win the game. 
You shouldn't have to build anything but Uruk-hai warriors. Use Rallying Call 
when you get it and send your Wargs in to harass him. 
Found mine (Guardians): Same as above. With wargs, you can trample right 
through his guardians and attack the mine. It's the easiest Dwarven counter 
in the entire game. Isengard has the most overpowered early game so take 
advantage of it. 
[#C007F]    Goblins
Build Order 1: Goblin Cave, Tunnel, Tunnel, Goblins until Spider Hole 
Expansion on fortress
Build Order 2: Spider Pit, Tunnel, Spiderlings until money for second tunnel. 
PP: Bats, Tainted Land, War Chant 
Strategy: You got to hold out and destroy his forward mine or you will lose. 
The second build order is much riskier and will result in a loss if it fails. 
They both have faults so flip a coin at the beginning of the game to decide 
what to do. This is close to impossible. The idea is to hit his forward 
tunnel with either goblins or spiderlings. Use bats to help find it. BUILD 

Found Mine (No Guardians): Guardians will come out by the time you level it. 
Switch to aggressive and destroy it, and then attack the builder if it didn't 
run. Spiderlings should switch to aggressive stance, attack the guardians, 
and push onward. Goblins switch to defensive stance and turn on the poison 
blades to fight the guardians. Now you can attempt a counter attack or with 
tunnels until you can purchase Half-Troll Marauders. Build them and 
Spiderlings exclusively from that point on (Goblin Warriors will only feed 
his power points). Upgrade the Half-Trolls before attacking.
Found Mine (Guardians): You are doomed unless you get SUPER LUCKY. The 
strategy is the same as above except you need to get the Spiderhole expansion 
at your fortress first thing. Stop all building of units and structures and 
get the spiderholes (at least 2-4 depending on severity of enemy rushes). If 
you're lucky you can get just one spider hole but it takes major skill to 
defend and it is not recommended.

      Goblins Alternative
       Credit: Redarmy
When playing against the Dwarves, you can't play Sim City, you need to get 
some Warriors to his base ASAP and start your own harassment.  You want a 
build order that allows for super quick troop building, but not at the 
expense of your overall economy.  
Example build order: Farm, Barracks, Farm 
Get some Warriors out fast and scout the outskirts of your base in search of 
their forward mine.  Also send a battalion to his base to scout and possibly 
harass. Destroying their forward mine is extremely important, and can often 
lead to an edge if you also kill the builder. 

Goblins can use their own forward tunnel to counter plus spiderling 
expansions can be put up in 5 seconds at your fortress and they own 

1. Never start with a Spider Pit against anybody unless it's Isengard and 
that is still very very risky! 
2. Cave, Tunnel, Tunnel, Cave, forward Tunnel is acceptable but don't put 
down a defensive spiderling extension unless you absolutely have too! It 
takes 5 seconds to build and you should have plenty of resources with 2 caves 
spamming goblins for your own assault.  
Here is the problem... the guardian rush is very dangerous, but you can't 
assume that every Dwarves player is using it because they are not. The early 
game for a goblin player is critical. You can't sell out your economy and own 
attack force waiting for something that only might be coming. 
The key to stopping guardian rush for Goblins really comes to down to finding 
his first forward mine quickly. If you do, you have a chance. If you don't, 
you're most likely going to lose to it.  
Use bats, builders, and your first batch of Goblin warriors. Use whatever you 
have to and stop that mine. In the meantime, (it takes multitasking skill) 
prepare for your own harassment.  
Lastly, just because you can follow an easy early build order and strategy 
doesn't mean you can recover when it fails... Many of these guardian players 
using this strategy are picking up easy wins because it works. Stop the 
initial rush and many of them will lose.  
If you stop the first forward mine, I would suggest buying the fortress 
upgrade BAT CLOUD, with the money you saved by not laying down a spiderling 
extension early. This will allow you to spot any future forward tunnels.

[#C008]  Overpowered Units
This section is just to help people understand which units are overpowered 
and details how to exploit them. 
Isengard - Wargs - Howl first, then switch to aggressive stance. The Wargs 
get +150% damage and an additional +25% with aggressive stance.  In total, a 
gain of 187.5% damage increase from an already super high attack power. 
Isengard - Uruk-Hai Warriors - Shield Wall + Defensive stance. Works the same 
as the Wargs. Use shield wall first for +40% then with the +25% from 
defensive stance brings a total of 50% more defense to a unit who seemingly 
never dies.  Note that your attack will be halved by the defensive stance 
Goblins - Drogoth - Structures are destroyed if no archers present. 
Goblins - Half-Troll Marauders - When fully upgraded, they will have an 
ultimate boost in armor and attack. With the already insanely high HP with 
already insanely high armor, Half-Troll battalions will easily live to become 
level 5. 
Goblins - Spiderlings - Lings own everything but pikes. Lings > Swordsmen, 
Archers, Heroes, Cavalry, Structures. Lings < Pikes. 
Mordor - Fell Beast - Structures are destroyed if no archers present. 
Mordor - Nazguls - Dread visage gives -25%/-25% to attack and armor of enemy 
units. Combo'ed with Eye of Sauron, your units will have 75% advantage over 
opponents assuming a mirror match. 
MotW - Soldiers - Same as Uruk-Hai Warriors. 
MotW - Tower Guard - Ultimate pikemen. Their spears must be pointed at the 
cavalry charge to work. Only pikemen that can win 1v1 win against the 
MotW - Rohirrim - Ultimate crush damage and long bogging time. Combos with 
Eomer and Theoden for double leadership (stacks) and Glorious Charge giving 
them +100% attack and receiving only 10% damage from and already +100% armor. 
Stack with Rallying Call to stack on another +50% attack and armor. Upgrade 
add another +25 attack and armor bringing it to 175% 
MotW - Ithilien Rangers - Seemingly the best unit power in the game. Increase 
the power damage with fire arrows. 3 volleys are equal to the arrow volley 
Elves - Legolas - Never dies. Best melee and ranged fighter in the game, 
hands down. 
Elves - Lorien Archers - Has the attack of a dwarven gardian and gets +80% 
damage with silverthorn arrows upgrade. Ranged too! 
Dwarves - Guardians - High attack, High, Armor, High HP. The TANK. 
Dwarves - Battlewagon - Will never be bogged down for ultimate soldier 
Dwarves - Axe throwers - Only archer that can take down buildings. Good 
versus swordsman and (Although not listed) Archer because their damage is 
base on crush and archers have a 200% weakness to crush.

[#C009]    Unit Stances
         Credit: Ranger08

       Aggressive Stance
       Credit: Ranger08

When in Aggressive Stance, the unit gains +50% attack, but suffers a -25% 
armor penalty. The unit gains a larger field of vision towards the direction 
it is moving to. Units auto-acquire enemies when they come into the unit's 
attack range. So its stats become: 150% damage, 75% armor. 
So, your units deal 1.5 times the attack damage than at the cost of losing 
some armor. Therefore, it is best to use this stance when your units attack 
buildings, when de-buffed, and when you can make a flank/rear attack on an 
opposing enemy unit. I'll explain why: 
When you are attacking buildings, unless it is upgraded with an arrow tower, 
or has gained some defenses, the building is not going to attack back, and 
armor isn't much of an issue. So, you can take down buildings faster than 
normally, without causing too much of a penalty on yourself. Using this 
stance makes taking down buildings easier. Then you can move on to the next 
one faster.  Also, be sure to use Aggressive Stance when attacking enemy 
builders. You take them down quicker due to the damage bonus, so they have 
less of a chance to escape.
Make sure that when your units are under a de-buff (Cave Bats/Crebain, Dread 
Visage, Doubt) that causes them to lose armor and attack damage, use 
Aggressive Stance. Since your units are going to die easily anyways, might as 
well make them deal as much damage as possible to whatever they are facing. 
When you have troops under a hero's leadership or under leadership spells 
like Rallying Call and War Chant, or both, you should be using Aggressive 
stance as well. Your units are gaining +50% damage and +50% armor at a 
minimum, so you only lose 25% armor, but end up doubling your damage output. 
This combo makes them very powerful versus fortresses, especially with a 
Mordor ally, since you can have the Eye of Sauron + Leadership Spell + 
Aggressive Stance, and buildings will literally fall after one attack round.

With Cavalry, they have two types of attacks: the melee and trample. Stances 
have recently been found to alter the damage from trampling. So, when you 
have a group of Lancers for example, you can charge some enemy infantry in 
Aggressive Stance and deal +50% more damage than normal. Though, remember to 
switch back to Guard Mode, and get out of the enemy battalion, as they will 
deal damage back to you, and try to "latch on" slowing down your cavalry as 
they try to retreat, taking free hits from behind.

Rohirrim and Spider Riders are a special type of cavalry. They can be melee 
cavalry, and ranged cavalry. What is good with this, is that the Stances give 
bonuses to these guys when they are in either mode: Melee or archer mode. So 
if you use Aggressive Stance on Rohirrim with bows taken out, the pierce 
damage they deal is +50% higher than in the default stance. They will also 
target enemies up to their maximum shooting range while in Aggressive Stance 
with bows out. 
Another note: When you have melee infantry and cavalry, when facing heroes 
that are on foot or on horse, use Aggressive. Heroes will one-hit kill most 
infantry anyways, due to their x2 damage multiplier with Hero damage vs 
regular units. So like when under de-buffs, you want to use this to deal as 
much damage as you can vs the enemy hero. What is great too, is that if he 
retreats, your units (which already are dealing 150% damage to him) deal 
double damage, so he either has to stand, fight and die, or retreat and die 
twice as fast. It's a win-win situation for you, especially if you have the 
hero flanked or surrounded. 
When you have units in Aggressive Stance, they gain a bonus to their field of 
vision. This allows them to see farther in front of them, which allows them 
to see threats sooner than normal. It might be a good idea to use it when 
entering territory you haven't visited in a while, as it will let you scout 
as much of the surrounding area as possible. Thanks to EagleEye82 for 
mentioning this.
So, you want to use Aggressive Stance vs anything that can't attack you back 
(like buildings), when trampling, when you have Leadership, or when you have 
de-buffed stats. It helps you deal as much damage as possible, while not 
hurting you too much, since your troops are either going to die (from de-
buffed armor), kill buildings much faster than normal, or deal heaps of 
damage with extra armor.

        Battle Stance
       Credit: Ranger08
This is the Default Stance. Offers no bonuses or penalties. The unit gets no 
vision bonus or penalty. Units will acquire enemies over a medium range. 
Stats are: 100% damage, 100% armor. 
There are only two points really, that your units should be in this stance. 
Otherwise, opt for one of the other stances: 
If you have Gondor Soldiers or Uruk-Hai Warriors, and they have some for or 
Leadership, it is a good idea to use Battle Stance. Mainly since, you can use 
Block Formation, and get to the 75% armour cap, while gaining 50% damage. It 
makes these guys last really long, and deal a lot of damage. Thanks to 
Gansnudel for making that point. 
The only time I would use this, is if I need to retreat from a desperate 
situation. Let's say I have an Elven Lancer battalion that has been 
harassing, and is down to 2-3 members, while enemy pikes are chasing them. I 
want to make sure I have some armor so enemy archers won't pick off my guys, 
but I can't afford to switch to Guard Stance, since the pikes will latch on, 
and kill the rest of the battalion. I can use Battle Stance then, so I can 
make my retreat, and so that the Lancers can heal up and get back into 

          Guard Stance
         Credit: Ranger08
For other units, it is necessary to keep them in Guard Stance when moving 
around, and when in combat. Why so? Because it makes them live longer. If you 
need to micro in a couple of areas, if your units are in Guard Stance, units 
are a lot more hardy to things like Archer battalions that may be hidden 
around trying to pick off your foes. The only real way units would die 
quickly, is if a melee unit came and hit them from behind, or a cavalry unit 
trampled them from a flank or rear attack. Remember, your opponent will be in 
Guard Stance too. This lets you keep even ground with them, as in both will 
deal around normal damage to each other, and the outcome will be of the 
better unit in terms or health of damage. It also allows units with small 
amounts of health (Elven units, Orcs and Goblins) to survive much longer so 
they can benefit you more. Run around with Lorien Swordsmen in Guard Stance 
to take enemy fire, then switch to Aggressive when attacking his building, to 
unleash 120 damage per sword strike against the building. 
For example, take a group of Lancers are in Guard Stance. It also makes it so 
that they hold their ground and don't pursue enemy forces. It is especially 
useful for when the opponent has pikes, so your cavalry doesn't blindly 
charge into them, killing every single member of the battalion or horde. 
Another good example of using Guard Stance is with a battalion of Goblin 
Warriors who would normally die from 1-2 arrows. But, now that they are in 
Guard, they need double the amount of arrows before dying. This allows them 
to get to where they need to go, while ensuring that quite a few members of 
the battalion or horde remain after to harass and/or fight. 
Units should be in Guard Stance when facing opponents in combat. Why? Not 
only does it give them extra armor, but it also keeps the enemy tied up in 
combat longer than he probably wants. You can bring in reinforcements from 
behind his troops, and use them in Aggressive stance to deal a whole bunch of 
damage to his units. The only time you will not want to be in Guard Stance 
when fighting enemy melee troops with your own, is when it is either a Gondor 
Soldier battalion or Isengard Uruk-Hai Warrior Hordes, in BOTH Guard Stance 
and Block Formation. In this case, their units will beat yours if you stay in 
Guard Stance, so use Aggressive to deal as much damage as you can versus 
these highly armored guys.

        Heroes Specific
       Credit: Ranger08
When heroes and archers are in Aggressive Stance, they only gain the ability 
to auto-acquire enemies up to their maximum attack range, and will pursue 
them until they reach their range limit, where they will then return to the 
starting position. Not affected by damage and armor stat changes. 
When in Guard Stance, heroes and archers will only attack when you instruct 
them to do so.  Not affected by damage and armor stat changes. 
Also, a thing often missed by players when in the game and in combat, is with 
the Gondor Soldiers and Uruk Warriors. If you use a formation, the stance the 
battalion was in is cancelled out, and is reset to the default Battle Stance 
(100% damage, 100% armor). So, when using these troops with Stances, use the 
Shield Wall Formation first, then choose what stance you want to use, whether 
it is Guard Stance or Aggressive Stance. This will let both the formation and 
the stance stack with each other. Normally people will use the stance they 
want, then the formation. They think that they have a stance and formation 
activated, when only the formation is being used. So, use your formation 
first, then the stance. It allows these guys to deal a lot of damage with no 
armor penalty, or allows them to tank and soak up a lot more damage than 
normally possible.

|[#D000]                Beating the Brutal Computer                         |
[#D001]    Men of the West
Build Order: Farm, Farm, Barracks, Barracks, Soldier, Soldier 
Powers: Rallying Call, Tom Bombadil, Rohirrim, Heal 
Start off with the standard dual barracks build order (listed above). Start 
spamming soldiers and harass a little. Don't worry about hiding your 
buildings because the AI knows where they are, just put them near your 
fortress. Hold off the enemy/harass with a lot of soldiers.  With your extra 
cash build a stables and upgrade it to lvl 2 for Rohirrim. Build one 
battalion and have them crush the enemy. Build a well to heal and another 
battalion of Rohirrim. Next get Theoden. Keep him near your men to give them 
leadership and so he levels faster. Get a third battalion of Rohirrim and 
Boromir, and attack (your forces should be something like this: 4 battalions 
of soldiers, Boromir, Three Rohirrim, and a lvl 6+ Theoden. Use glorious 
charge and kill their fortress then come in with the soldiers, Boromir, and 
Tom Bombadil to finish off the enemy. (Summon Rohirrim if you can)

[#D002]       Dwarves
Build Order: Mine, Hall of Warriors, Mine, Guardians 
Powers: Rallying Call, Men of Dale 
You basically need to use a standard guardian rush with one change, don't 
hide your forward tunnel. Since computer players know where you are anyway, 
put your tunnel out in the open to gain more resources. Attack with one 
battalion of guardians to the left of their fortress. A building should be 
there so kill it, and then attack their first battalion of soldiers. Get your 
second battalion to flank and kill their production building. Then simply use 
your men to kill their fortress. 

[#D003]        Elves
Build Order: Barracks, Mallorn Tree, Mallorn Tree, Archers, Archers Or 
Mallorn Tree

Powers: Rallying Call, Heal, Elven Woods, Ents
Start with that build order. Play defensively. Save harassment until the mid 
game. Have about four or five battalions of archers hold off the enemy. Then, 
get a mirror. As units get hurt move them back to your mirror. If you do this 
correctly you should not lose a single battalion. The goal is to have high 
level battalions at the end so they do more damage. Next get about four 
Mithlond Sentry battalions. Upgrade Silverthorn Arrows and forged blades. Now 
attack. Slowly push the enemy back (upgrade armor to keep your cash float 
down) and then summon Ents to finish them off.  

[#D004]       Mordor
Build Order: Slaughterhouse, Slaughterhouse, Orc Pit, Orc Pit, Orcs, Orc 
Powers: Eye of Sauron, Industry, Bombard 
Start off with the above build order, if you play your cards right you can 
kill a rescource building and a production building. Next get some archers 
and more orcs. Use these to defend your base. If you manage to hold the 
enemy, now try and get the Mouth of Sauron. Next get a siege works, and 
upgrade it.  Now buy some Nazgul.  Get some Catapults to help defend your 
base. Next get industry and cast it on a protected slaughterhouse. With this 
extra income get more catapults and get a Fell Beast. Attack now. Use the 
catapults to kill their men and use the Orcs to tank. Use your Bombard power 
to finish them and bring in the Witch-King to finish them.

[#D005]      Isengard
Build Order: Uruk Pit, Furnace, Furnace, Uruk-hai, Crossbows 
Powers: Crebain, Wild Men, War Chant 
First of all, don't bother trying a Warg rush. The cpu players seem to 
counter that fairly well. Use the above build order and send your first 
battalion of Uruk-hai at the enemy. If you do it right you should be able to 
kill a resource building and a builder (and maybe a production building). 
Next spam some more Uruk-hai and Crossbows to protect your base. Buy Lurtz 
and level him up to at least level three (preferably level five). Then 
attack. Put your Uruk-hais in shield wall and defensive stance and have Lurtz 
use carnage for the splash damage. While you are attacking there are three 
other things you need to do: summon Wild Men behind the battle and destroy 
their fortress; build an Armory and research upgrades; and bring in more 
Uruk-hai from your base.  

[#D006]      Goblins
Build Order: Tunnel, Cave, Tunnel, Cave, Goblins 
Powers: Bats, War Chant, Wild Men 
First off use the build order above. Then use your first battalion of Goblins 
to harass. Try to do this more effectively by correctly using stances. Then, 
build a fissure to get Half-Troll Marauders to kill their cavalry and 
buildings. Buy War Chant and build a Treasure Trove to upgrade your armor. 
Then, wait until you have about 6 power points and attack. Buy Wild Men as 
soon as you hit 10 power points and summon them behind the battle to kill 
their fortress. Push forward and win.

|[#X000]                     Unit Statistics                                |
*Note: These are the stats found in the PC version of LOTR: BFME2.  They may 
be off by a bit in the 360 version.

[#X001]   Men of the West
Gondor Soldier:

Class: Swordsmen 
Health: 200 
Damage: 40 
Attack Speed: 1.5 
Cost: 200 
Horde size: 15 
Speed: 50 
Abilities: Shield Wall Formation 
Upgrades: Forged Blades, Banner Carrier, Heavy Armor. 
Gondor Tower Guard:

Class: Pikeman 
Health: 320 
Damage: 50 
Attack Speed: 1.5 
Cost: 350 
Horde Size: 15 
Speed: 40 
Abilities: Porcupine Formation 
Upgrades: Forged Blades, Banner Carrier, Heavy Armor. 
Gondor Archer:
Class: Archer 
Health: 100 
Damage: 25 
Horde Range: 200 
Cost: 250 
Horde Size: 15 
Attack Speed: 1.75 
Speed: 40 
Abilities: Bombard 
Upgrades: Fire Arrows, Banner Carrier, Heavy Armor. 
Ithilien Ranger:
Class: Archer 
Health: 400 
Damage: 75 (Upgrades to 100 piercing and 50 flame dmg) 
Attack Speed: 1.75 
Horde Range: 300 
Cost: 500 
Horde Size:10 
Speed: 50 
Abilities: Bombard, Longshot 
Upgrades: Fire Arrows, Banner Carrier. 
Gondor Knight:
Class: Cavalry 
Health: 400 
Damage: 60 
Attack Speed: 1.5 
Cost: 500 
Crush damage: 80 
Number of units it can crush before slowing down: 1 
Horde Size: 10 
Speed: 70 
Upgrades: Forged Blades, Banner Carrier, Heavy Armor. 
Rohirrim Cavalry:
Class: Cavalry 
Health: 800 
Damage: 60 
Attack Speed: 1.5 
Archer damage: 20 
Cost: 750 
Horde Size: 10 
Crush damage: 160 
Number of units it can crush before slowing down: 2 
Speed: 90 
Abilities: Alternate Weapon 
Upgrades: Fire Arrows, Forged Blades, Heavy Armor, Banner Carrier. 
Class: Siege 
Cost: 1000 
Health: 2000 
Speed: 45 
Damage: 600+ an additional 600 with huge splash 
Attack Speed: 9.6 
Range: 500 
Abilities: Bombard, Auto-acquire toggle 
Upgrades: Fire Stones.

= Heroes =

Cost: 2000 
Health: 2400 
Damage: 400 
Attack speed: 1.6 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1500 
Speed: 40 
Dodge: 50% 
Abilities: Athelas, Blade Master, Leadership, Elendil, Oathbreakers. 
Build cost: 1250 
Health: 2800 
Damage: 300 
Attack speed: 1.599 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1100 
Speed: 40 
Heavy armor 
Dodge: 50% 
Abilities: Horn of Gondor, Leadership, Captain of Gondor. 
Build cost:1000 
Health: 2400 
Damage: 80 
Attack speed: 1.5 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1100 
Speed: 40 
Mounted speed: 90 
Dodge: 50% 
Abilities: Mount/Dismount, Horse Lord, Outlaw Leadership, Spear Throw. 
Costs: 1200 
Health: 1600 
Damage: 150 
Attack speed: 2.5 S 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1100 
Speed: 40 
Mounted speed: 81 
Dodge: 50% 
Abilities: Smite, Mount/Dismount, Disguise, Shield Maiden. 
Build cost: 1200 
Health: 2000 
Melee damage: 200 
Melee attack speed: 2.2 
Ranged damage: 150 
Ranged Attack speed: 1.75 
Range: 350 
Exp needed to get level 10: 500 
Speed: 40 
Mounted speed: 72 
Dodge: 50% 
Abilities: Toggle Weapon, Wounding Arrow, Knight/Ranger Toggle, Leadership, 
Captain of Gondor. 
Build cost: 3000 
Health: 2400 
Damage: 100 
Attack speed: 1.533 
Exp needed to get level 10: 2000 
Speed: 40 
Mounted Speed: 90 
Dodge: 50% 
Abilities: Wizard Blast, Lightning Sword, Mount/Dismount, Istari Light, Word 
of Power. 
King Theoden:
Cost: 1200 
Health: 1600 
Damage: 180 
Attack speed:2.4 
Mounted damage: 35(Bugged) 
Mounted attack speed: 1.5 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1100 
Speed: 40 
Mounted speed: 81 
Dodge: 50% 
Abilities: Mount/Dismount, Leadership, Glorious Charge, King's Favor.

[#X002]      Dwarves
Dwarven Guardian:

Class: Swordsmen 
Weak vs: Archers and Cavalry 
Good vs: Pikemen and other Swordsmen 
Building: Hall of Warriors; Level 1 
Cost: 250 
Health: 400 (Increases by 20 when they gain a level) 
Maximum Level: 5 
Build time: 20 seconds 
Damage: 50 (Upgrades to 100 with Forged Blades) 
Attack Speed: 1.5 
Damage per second: 33.33 
Hordesize: 15 
Speed: 40 
Abilities: Charge Ability 
Upgrades: Forged Blades, Mithril Mail, Banner Carrier, Siege Hammers 
Dwarven Phalanx:
Class: Pikemen 
Weak vs: Swordsmen and Archers 
Good vs: Cavalry 
Building: Hall of Warriors; Level 1 
Cost: 300 
Health: 500 (Increases by 20 when they gain a level) 
Maximum Level: 5 
Build time: 30 seconds 
Damage: 45 (Upgrades to 90 with Forged Blades) 
Attack speed: 1.5 
Damage per second: 30 
Horde size: 15 
Speed: 40 
Abilities: Porcupine Formation 
Upgrades: Forged Blades, Mithril Mail, Banner Carrier 
Dwarven Axethrower:
Class: Archer 
Weak vs: Cavalry and other Archers 
Good vs: Swordsmen, Pikemen and Buildings 
Building: Archery Range; Level 1 
Cost: 250 
Health: 240 (Increases by 20 when they gain a level) 
Maximum Level: 5 
Build time: 20 seconds 
Damage: 50 (Upgrades to 75 with Forged Blades) 
Attack speed: 3.2 
Damage per second: 15.625 
Range: 150 
Horde size: 15 
Speed: 40 
Upgrades: Forged Blades, Mithril Mail, Banner Carrier

Dwarven Men of Dale:
Class: Archer 
Weak vs: Cavalry 
Good vs: Swordsmen and Pikemen 
Building: Archery Range; Level 2 
Cost: 500 
Health: 200 (Increases by 20 when they gain a level) 
Maximum Level: 5 
Build time: 25 seconds 
  Ranged Damage: 50 Upgrades to 100 with Fire Arrows (50 Pierce and 50 Fire) 
  Melee Damage: 5 (attacking with the bow itself)  
Attack speed: 1.75 
Damage per second: 28.57 
Range: 280 
Horde size: 10 
Speed: 40 
Dwarven Battlewagon:
Class: Cavalry 
Weak vs: Pikemen and other Cavalry 
Good vs: Swordsmen and Archers 
Building: Forge Works; Level 1 
Cost: 500 
Health: 3000 (Increases by 250 with every level it gains) 
Maximum Level: 5 
Build time: 30 seconds 
  Melee Damage: 300 
  Crush Damage (Trample): 300 
Units it can crush before it slows down: 30 
Attack speed: 1.5 
Damage per second: 200 
Horde size: 1 
Speed: 85 
  - Axethrowers: Upgrades the Battlewagon with 2 Axethrowers, who can throw 
axes while the Battlewagon is moving. Not recommended as they do very little 
  - Men of Dale: Upgrades the Battlewagon with 2 Men of Dale, who like the 
Axethrowers can fire arrows while the Battlewagon is moving. Also not 
recommended as these too deal little damage. 
  - Banner Carrier: Upgrades the Battlewagon with 2 Phalanxes and gives it a 
Banner, which allows the Battlewagon to heal itself and give a leadership 
bonus to nearby allied units. Very much recommended as it's a great addition 
for your ground army, the Phalanxes themselves also deal some damage, but in 
most cases that's not important. 
  - Hearth: Upgrades the Battlewagon with a Hearth that both heals the 
Battlewagon and nearby idle allied units. Also recommended as it serves as a 
mobile well for your army. 
Dwarven Demolisher:
Class: Siege 
Weak vs: Units 
Good vs: Buildings 
Building: Forge Works; Level 2 
Cost: 600 
Health: 4000 (Increases by 250 with every level it gains) 
Maximum Level: 5 
Build time: 30 seconds 
Damage: 1000 
  - Can only attack structures 
  - Crush level: Endless; Kills all units it can trample
Attack speed: 4.3 
Damage per second: 232.56 
Horde size: 1 
Speed: 30 
Upgrades: Mithril Mail 
Dwarven Dual-Shot Catapult:

Class: Siege 
Weak vs: Cavalry and Heroes 
Good vs: All Infantry Units and Buildings 
Building: Forge Works; Level 2 
Cost: 800 
Health: 2000 
Maximum Level: 1 
Build time: 40 seconds 
Damage: 300 x 2 
  - Upgrades to +200 x 2 Fire Damage (Total of 500 x 2) with Flaming Shot 
Attack speed: 6.8 
Damage per second: 88.24 (Upgrades to 147.06) 
  - Maximum Range: 500 
  - Minimum Range: 150 
Horde size: 1 
Speed: 30 
Upgrades: Flaming Shot

= Heroes = 

(Gimli's Father) 
Cost: 2000 
Rebuild Cost: 1500 
Buildtime: 30 seconds 
- Level 1: 3000 
- Level 2: 3060 
- Level 3: 3120 
- Level 4: 3200 
- Level 5: 3300 
- Level 6: 3400 
- Level 7: 3500 
- Level 8: 3600 
- Level 9: 3700 
- Level 10: 3800 
Damage: 300 
- Increases by 10 per level; Increases by 20 when it hits level 10 
Attack speed: 1.033 
Damage per second: 290.42 
Experience needed to get to a specific level: 
- Level 2: 50 
- Level 3: 100 
- Level 4: 200 
- Level 5: 300 
- Level 6: 400 
- Level 7: 500 
- Level 8: 700 
- Level 9: 900 
- Level 10: 1100 
Speed: 45 
Heavy Hero Armor 
Dodge: 80% 
- Slam 
- Shake Foundation 
- Shatter Hammer

King Dain: 
(King of Erebor) 
Cost: 2500 
Rebuild Cost: 1500 
Build time: 30 seconds 
- Level 1: 3000 
- Level 2: 3060 
- Level 3: 3120 
- Level 4: 3200 
- Level 5: 3300 
- Level 6: 3400 
- Level 7: 3500 
- Level 8: 3600 
- Level 9: 3700 
- Level 10: 3800 
Damage: 300 
- Increases by 10 per level; Increases by 20 when it hits level 10 
Attack speed: 1.033 
Damage per second: 290.42 
Experience needed to get to a specific level: 
- Level 2: 50 
- Level 3: 100 
- Level 4: 200 
- Level 5: 300 
- Level 6: 500 
- Level 7: 700 
- Level 8: 900 
- Level 9: 1100 
- Level 10: 1500 
Speed: 45 
Heavy Hero Armor 
Dodge: 80% 
- Leadership 
- Mighty Rage 
- Stubborn Pride 
- Summon Royal Guard 
(Gloin's Son) 
Cost: 4000 
Rebuild Cost: - 
Build time: 30 seconds 
- Level 1: 4000 
- Level 2: 4060 
- Level 3: 4120 
- Level 4: 4200 
- Level 5: 4300 
- Level 6: 4400 
- Level 7: 4500 
- Level 8: 4600 
- Level 9: 4700 
- Level 10: 4800 
Damage: 500 
- Increases by 10 per level; Increases by 20 when it hits level 10 
Attack speed: 1.033 
Damage per second: 484.03 (becomes 577.034045 with Slayer on) 
Experience needed to get to a specific level: 
- Level 2: 50 
- Level 3: 100 
- Level 4: 200 
- Level 5: 300 
- Level 6: 500 
- Level 7: 700 
- Level 8: 900 
- Level 9: 1100 
- Level 10: 1500 
Speed: 45 
Heavy Hero Armor 
Dodge: 80% 
- Throw Axe 
- Leap Attack 
- Slayer

[#X003]       Elves
Lorien Archer: 
Class: Archer 
Health: 125 
Damage: 40 
Attack Speed: 1.625 
Range: 300 
Cost: 300 
Horde Size: 15 
Speed: 60 
Damage per Second: 24.62 
Lorien Warriors: 
Class: Swordsmen 
Health: 125 
Damage: 80 
Attack Speed: 2.2 
Cost: 300 
Horde Size: 15 
Speed: 60 
Damage per Second: 36.36 
Mithlond Sentries: 
Class: Pikemen 
Health: 125 
Damage: 55 
Attack Speed: 2.2 
Cost: 300 
Horde Size: 15 
Speed: 50 
Damage per Second: 25 
Mirkwood Archers: 
Class: archer 
Health: 150 
Damage: 90 
Attack Speed: 0.875 
Range: 350 
Cost: 800 
Horde Size: 10 
Speed: 60 
Damage per Second: 102.86 
Abilities: Can become invisible while standing still. 
Rivendell Lancers: 
Class: Cavalry 
Health: 300 
Damage: 60 
Attack Speed: 1.5 
Cost: 500 
Crush damage: 100 
Number of units it can crush before getting slow: 2 
Horde Size: 10 
Speed: 90 
Class: Siege 
Health: 2000 
Damage: 600 
Melee Attack Speed: 3.9 
Rock Damage: 400 
Rock Range: 500 
Ranged Attack Speed: 7.4 
Cost: 1000 
Horde Size: 1 
Speed: 50 
Enraged Speed: 50 
Panic Speed: 80 
Melee Damage per Second: 153.85 
Ranged Damage per Second: 54.05 
Armor: Has a different armor set than standard siege units. 500% from 
lumberjacks, 100% from pikes siege, magic and flame, 50% from hero and swords 
and the rest, 5% from hero ranged, 1% from pierce and crush. 
Health: 2000 
Damage: 500+250 
Attack Speed: 11.4 
Cost: 2000 
Horde Size: 1 
Speed: 88 
Damage per Second: 65.79 
Armor: Has a special armor set being a flying unit.100% from pierce and Hero 
ranged, 50% from flame and magic.

= Heroes = 

Cost: 2500 
Health: 3500 
Damage: 250 
Attack Speed: 1.8 
Exp needed to get level 10:1500 
--Elven Grace (Heals 600 to allied heroes 90 sec cooldown)  
--Farsight (Sees target location of 250 radius 60 sec cooldown) 
--Whirlwind (5 min cooldown)  
--Restoration (90 sec cooldown heals 30% hp to all units and restore their 
special abilities). 
Speed: 65 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 800 
Health: 2000 
Damage: 100 
Attack Speed: 2.5 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1100 
--Elven Grace(Heals 600 to heroes, 120 sec cooldown) 
--Summon Floods (5 min cooldown). 
Speed: 65 
Mounted Speed: 110 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 2500 
Health: 2000 
Damage: 100 
Attack Speed: 1.0 
Range: 400 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1500 
--Wild Walk (Allows Thranduil to shoot without breaking his stealth near 
trees, on open ground stealth breaks after attack) 
--Move unseen (Radius 50 camouflages all allies duration 30 sec 90 sec 
--Elf cloak (Same as the hobbit cloak) 
--Dead Eye (increases range from 400 to 500 for 20 sec and makes him do magic 
damage and piercing damage, 60 sec cooldown) 
--Thorn of Vengeance(Does 2000 hero ranged damage+1000 fire damage + 1000 
magic damage, 60 sec cooldown) 
Speed: 65 
Light Armor 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 3000 
Health: 2500 
Bow Damage: 150 
Ranged Attack Speed: 1.0 
Knife Damage: 200 
Melee Attack Speed: 1.0  
Range: 400 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1500 
--Hawk strike 
--Knife fighter 
--Train archers 
--Arrow Wind 
Speed: 65 
Light Armor 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 1500 
Health: 1500 
Damage: 150 Small Area of Effect 
Attack Speed: 1.0 
Exp needed to get level 10: 800 
--Blade of Purity (+100% damage, 50% armor for 30 sec 90 sec cooldown)  
--Windrider (adds 40% speed and 50% armor, cant crush for 30 sec 90 sec 
--Starlight (Heals allies for about 50 hp a second and gives them LD for 30 
seconds, radius 200, 120 sec cooldown) 
Speed: 65 
Mounted Speed: 110 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 2000 
Health: 2000 
Bow Damage: 100 
Ranged Attack Speed: 2.0 
Range: 400 
Sword Damage: 120 
Melee Attack Speed: 1 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1100 
--Switch weapon  
--Golden Arrow(Does some damage and makes it day which stuns orcs, goblins 
and spiders lasts 10 seconds 200 radius 45 sec cooldown). 
Speed: 65 
Light Armor 
Dodge: 50%

[#X004]       Mordor
Orc Warriors: 
Class: Swordsmen 
Health 125 
Damage: 30 
Attack speed: 1.633 
Cost: 100 
Horde size: 20
Speed: 50
Abilities: If there's 100 or more Orcs in a group they get +50% dmg and +25% 
speed bonus. 
Orc Archer: 
Class: Archer 
Health: 100 
Damage: 20 
Range: 175 
Attack speed: 1.75(Pre-attack delay only when repositioning) 
Cost: 300 
Horde size:15 
Speed: 50 
Class: Pikemen 
Health: 320 
Damage: 60 
Attack speed: 2.15 
Cost: 400 
Horde size: 15 
Speed: 50 
Class: Archer 
Health: 400 
Damage: 38 
Range: 350 
Horde range: 250 
Attack speed: 3 
Cost: 500 
Horde size: 10 
Speed: 50 
Class: Swordsmen/Special 
Health: 200 
Firebomb Damage 25 
Ranged attack speed: 2.433 
Melee damage: 40 
Melee attack speed: 1.5 
Cost: 400 
Horde size: 12 
Speed: 70 
Mountain trolls: 
Class: Monster/Siege 
Health: 1500 
Damage: 200 
Attack speed: 1.5 
Rock damage: 200" 
Rock range: 500 
Rock attack speed: 7.5 
Cost: 500 
Speed: 55 
Drummer troll:
Class: Monster/Support 
Health: 2000 
Damage: 120 
Cost: 750 
Abilities: Leadership, Roar 
Speed: 32 
Attack Troll:
Class: Monster/Siege 
Health 3000(Has twice the armor of a normal troll vs most damage types) 
Damage: 400 siege (Deals half damage to heroes/pikes) 
Area of effect: 60 radius, 180 degree arc. 
Cost: 1000 
Abilities: Dominate troll (Takes over a troll permanently) 
Attack speed: 2.0 
Speed: 55 
Class: Monster 
Health: 8000 (Takes 25% damage from piercing and 100% from fire 100% from 
slashing 175% from pikes) 
Damage: 600 
Attack speed: 6.6 
Cost: 1600 
Crush damage: 400 
Abilities: Charge, Has 6 Haradrim archers on its back 
Speed: 50 
Panic speed: 60 
Enraged speed: 80 
Class: Siege 
Cost: 300 
Health: 2000 
Damage: 400 + 100 flame 
Attack speed: 6.8 
Range: 500

= Heroes =

Nazgul (Can build 3):
Cost: 1000 
Health: 2000 
Damage: 150 
Attack speed: 1.5 
-- Mount
-- Dread Visage (Aura that cancels enemy leadership and gives them a debuff)
-- Morgul Blade (Stuns an enemy for 10 seconds 45 secs cooldown and spawns a 
wight if it kills the enemy)
-- Screech 
Crush damage: 80 
Footspeed: 55 
Has Hero armor/Hero mounted armor. 
Dodge: 50% 
Fell Beast (Can build 2):
Cost: 3000 
Health: 6000 
Damage: 500 + 250 
Anti air damage: 100 
Exp needed to get level 10: 1500 
Abilities: Screech 
Move speed: 95 
Attack speed: 150 
Panic speed: 160

Mouth of Sauron:
Hp: 5000 
Damage: 320 
Attack speed: 1.5 
Exp needed to get level 10: 800 
-- Mount
-- Doubt (reduces enemy armor by 25% and damage by 25%)
-- Dissent (radius 100, duration 45 sec causes enemies to fight each other, 
cooldown 2 mins.) 
-- Evil eye (Same as Gandalf's Istari Light, but has a range of 250 and a 
cooldown of 90 seconds.). 
Foot speed: 40 
Mounted speed: 90 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 5000 
Health: 8000 
Fell Beast damage: 500 + 250 
Mace damage: 600 
Mace Area of Effect: 40 range 80 degree arc. 
Mace attack speed: 3 
Fell Beast damage: 500 + 250 
Exp needed to get level 10: 2000 
-- Mount fell beast
-- Dread Visage (Aura that cancels enemy leadership and gives them a debuff)
-- Screech
-- Hour of the Witch-King (cooldown 5 min, radius 50, resets cooldown of all 
enemy spells). 
Speed on foot: 65 
Flying speed: 95 
Attack speed: 150 
Panic speed: 160

[#X005]       Isengard
Uruk Warrior:
Class: Swordsmen 
Health: 300 
Damage: 80(Upgrades to 120) 
Attack speed: 2.6(1.833 upgraded) 
Cost: 300
Horde size: 15 
Speed: 50 
Uruk Pikemen:
Class: Pikemen 
Health: 400 
Damage: 45 
Attack speed: 1.5 
Cost: 400 
Horde size: 15 
Speed: 50 
Uruk Crossbow:
Class: Archer 
Health: 160 
Damage: 25 (Upgrades to 30+25 fire) 
Horde Range: 200 
Attack speed: 1.5 
Cost: 300 
Horde size: 15 
Speed: 50 
Warg Rider:
Class: Cavalry 
Health: 400 
Damage: 100 
Attack speed: 2.666 
Cost: 500 
Crush damage: 60 
Number of units it can crush before getting slow: 1 
Abilities: Howl (gives 50% dmg/armor for 45 secs, 2 min cooldown) 
Horde size: 10 
Speed: 80 
Class: Special 
Health: 800 
Damage: 300 Hero damage (Double against all unit types)(aoe dmg, 15 radius 
180 degrees knockback) 
Attack speed: 1.2 
Cost: 300 
Abilities: 80% dodge chance.  Has 10% extra dmg and speed when damaged, and 
50% extra dmg and speed when very damaged.  
Speed: 75 
Explosive Mine:
Class: Siege 
Health: 1500 
Cost: 500 
Damage: 7000 
Battering Ram:
Health: 2000 
Class: siege 
Cost: 400 
Attack speed: 4.3 
Damage: 500 
Health: 2000 
Cost: 300 
Damage: 400 
Attack speed: 9 
Range: 500

= Heroes = 

Cost: 1200 
Health: 2400 
Ranged damage:150 
Melee dmg: 200 
Melee attackspeed: 2.5 
Range: 350 
Exp needed to get level 10: 800 
-- Toggle weapon
-- Cripple (Gives some damage and makes the target unable to move for 30 
secs, 60 sec cooldown)
-- Carnage (triple damage, area of effect attack, and gives an attack speed 
of 1.567 between attacks)
-- Leadership
-- Pillage 
Speed: 50 
Cost: 800 
Health: 2000 
Damage: 100 
Attack speed: 2.566 
Exp needed to get level 10: 500 
-- Escape (Becomes invisible, cooldown 90 secs)
-- Venomous Words (-25% armor and -25% dmg)
-- Backstab (200 damage + 200 poison damage, only on heroes)
-- Corrode Allegiance (Takes control of an enemy hero for 30 seconds 180 secs 
Speed: 50 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 3000 
Health: 3000 
Melee damage: 100(throws back units around Saruman) 
Attack speed: 2.666 
Exp needed to get level 10: 2000 
-- Wizard blast(500 dmg 110 range 60 sec cooldown) 
-- Fireball(400 fire dmg+400 siege dmg +50 magic dmg radius 30 range 250 
Cooldown 60 secs) 
-- Dominate enemy
-- Speechcraft 
-- Lightning strike(1000 spell dmg+2000 fire dmg, radius 50 cooldown 60 secs) 
Speed: 50 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 1200 
Health: 2400 
Base damage: 150 
Attack speed: 2.5 
Exp needed to get level 10: 500 
-- Mount
-- Blood hunt (Leadership to warg riders)
-- Tame the Beast (Takes control of target wargs/Warg riders, 2 min cooldown) 
-- Man Eater(50% dmg and 50% armpr for 20 secs and heals to full, 60 secs 
Speed: 100 
Dodge: 50%

[#X006]       Goblins

Class: Swordsmen 
Cost: 75 
Horde size: 20 
Health: 75 
Damage: 20 
Attack speed: 0.767 
Damage per second: 26.08 
Speed: 65 
Goblin Archer: 
Class: Archer 
Horde Range: 175 
Cost: 200 
Horde size:20 
Health: 80 
Damage: 20 
Attack speed: 1.75 
Damage per second: 11.43 
Speed: 65 
Class: Special Cavalry 
Costs 300 
Horde size:10 
Health: 300 
Damage: 75 
Attack speed: 2.566 
Damage per second: 29.23 
Speed: 120 
Spider Rider: 
Class: Cavalry/archer 
Cost: 600 
Horde size:6 
Health: 600 
Melee Damage:150 
Melee attack speed: 2.2 
Archer damage: 100(BUG! Upgrades to 40 piercing and 20 fire) 
Archer attack speed: 1.625 
Damage per second: 68.18 melee 61.54 archer (With bug upgrades to 36.92) 
Speed: 90 
Half-Troll Marauder: 
Class: Pikemen 
Cost: 450 
Horde size: 10 
Health: 600 
Damage: 100 
Attack speed: 1.500 
Damage per second: 66.67 
Speed: 63 
Class: Monster/Siege 
Health: 1500 
Damage: 200 
Attack speed: 1.5 
Rock damage: 200 
Rock attack speed: 7.5 
Damage per second: 133.33 melee 26.67 ranged 
Speed: 63 
Mountain Giant: 
Class: Monster/siege 
Health: 4000 
Melee damage: 600 
Melee Attack speed: 3 
Rock damage: 400 
Ranged attack speed: 7.2 
Damage per second: 200 melee 55.56 ranged 
Speed: 55 
Health: 4000 
Damage: 750 
Radius: 30 
Attack speed: 3.0 
Damage per second: 250 
Speed: 63

= Heroes =

Goblin King:
Cost: 3000 
Health: 3000 
Damage: 300 
Attack speed: 1.6 
Exp needed to get level 10: 800 
-- Skull Relic (Creates a scout)
-- Mount
-- Battle Frenzy (Gives leadership to units for a period)
-- Poison stinger (Stuns an enemy for 15 seconds 60 sec cooldown and does 3k 
poison damage over 30 sec)
-- Call from the Deep (Summons 3 drakes). 
Speed: 50 
Mounted speed: 81 
Dodge: 50% 
Cost: 2000 
Health: 4500 
Damage: 250 
Exp needed to get level 10: 800 
-- Instill Terror (Fear effect)
-- Poisoned Stinger (Stuns an enemy for 15 seconds 60 sec cooldown and does 
9k poison damage over 30 sec)
-- Tunnel (Teleport). 
Speed: 80 
Attack speed: 1.6 
Special armor set: Takes 50% damage from hero attacks and 25% from the rest. 
Crush damage: 200 
Units it can crush before getting bogged down: 7 
Cost: 5000 
Health: 6000 
Damage: 500+250 
Exp needed to get level 10: 2000 
-- Fireball(Same as Saruman's but 400 range)
-- Wingblast 
-- Incinerate (1k fire dmg, 210 radius, 180 degrees arc, 90 sec cooldown 
Double damage in middle), 
-- Fireflight (1k hero damage + 1k fire damage, 100 radius, 300 range 120 sec 
Move speed: 95 
Attack speed: 150 
Panic speed: 160

|[#Y]                     Frequently Asked Questions                        |
Q: Which icon is for which faction?
    Men of the West - White Tree, Blue Background 
    Elves - Tip of a Silverthorn Arrow, Green Background 
    Dwarves - Yellow Triangle, Yellow Background 
    Mordor - Eye of Sauron, Red Background 
    Isengard - White Hand, Black Background 
    Goblins - Goblin Head, Orange Background
    Random: Weird Symbol, Brown Background

Q: How do the horde size and health relate in the above unit statistics?
A: Health is the total amount of health of all the units combined and not 
each individual.

Q: How are Strategic and Tactical skill calculated?
A: Credit goes to _shadow_mage_

      Strategic skill: 
        (Units Destroyed + Buildings Destroyed) / Money Spent 
      Tactical skill: 
        Units Built / Units Lost

Q: How long did it take you to write all this?
A: I did not write all of it.  Just about all the information found in this 
guide was taken from the thread: "Ikeb0b's Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for 
every faction!" in the message board at GameFAQS.  I organized everything, 
added a couple of my own tidbits, and edited spelling and grammar.  You can 
see my progress in the Version History I wrote up top. 

|[#Z]              Credits / Disclaimer / Legal Information                 |
Special Thanks:
- Of course to Ikebob, for being the author of much that can be found here.  

- Arion, for the Guardian Rush section.
- Ranger08 for the Unit Stances/Formations section.
- Redarmy, for various strategies.
- Son of Morgoth, for the Advanced Strategies section.
- _shadow_mage_, for various tips. 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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