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Is the colt the only pistol?

Is the colt 45 the only pistol you can use? If not, what is the other one, and how do I get it?

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No there is another pistol, the mauser which you find in a safe by the control room in the 5th level. but you can only use it in the last level.

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Thanks random guy, this is my question, and shatr_360 was me, but it messed up, and i couldn't log into it anymore, so i made a new one, I tried your answer, and it worked, thanks.

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The only pistols are the colt 45 and the mauser pistol.

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No, there is another pistol in a safe on the second to last mission.

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The Colt 45 pistol is one of the only tow side arms in Airborne. The other is the German C96 Mauser found in a safe in the second to last mission. The Colt is the better pistol with its final upgrade and better semi-auto firing rate. The Mauser is faster but weaker. I would not even both with the Mauser because it doesn't still in the load out menu even when you beat the game. And the Colt is forever and more needed than the Masser...even against the Super Germans.

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