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"Great game, but little replayability destroys it."

It's funny, it really is. Just a few weeks before this game came out, people were asking on the message boards "Buy Spiderman 3? Yay or Nay?". And I always answered Nay. I assumed this game was going to be like every other poorly executed movie-based-game. I assumed it was going to be pointless and boring mission after mission. And I assumed I wouldn't be able to swing around all of NYC like I wanted to. And you know what I never assumed? That I could be wrong.


First things first, the graphics. While these are not Gears of War quality(In my opinion, the new graphical standard to shoot for), they are still good. Spiderman himself is pretty detailed, though his suit never gets ripped like it did in the movies which would have been a nice touch. All of your main enemies are pretty well detailed.

Unfortunately, the rest of the people aren't. The gang members and pedestrians are unbelievably repetitive. There are no more than 2 or 3 kinds of any type of person. How disappointing. Most buildings are decent, though some are quite bland. This game also contains some of the most beautiful water I have ever seen in a game.


Not much to be said about sound here, and that is a good thing. The punches, kicks, web sounds, yells, all of that, sound good.

My only problem with the sounds is that the one-liners that people say during a fight get VERY repetitive. After the first hour or so of playing the game, I had heard everything there was to be said.

Also, many of the real actors lend their voices to the game which helps.


DING DING DING! We have a winner! This game is amazing. I will break the gameplay up into sections.


Easily my favorite part of the game. As I stated before, I thought I wouldn't be able to freely roam the city with my webs carrying me. Boy was I wrong. You can completely move ANYWHERE in the city(minus Liberty and Ellis Islands unfortunately). You can swing from the tops of the highest buildings, to the depths of the subways and sewers. It is so much fun to fly along at 200 mph through the streets of New York.

Your webs do not magically attach themselves to thin air. You must aim at a building or tree, and shoot your web. Spiderman then latches on and you swing. Eventually, you gain the ability to use two webs to make for some interesting swings. Swinging is very easy, and after the games tutorial mission, you will be zipping along with ease.

-Crime Fighting-

Another part of the game I enjoyed. While traveling through the streets of NYC, you may hear a cry for help or a police siren. When this happens, a little yellow dot appears on your map, and you have the chance(you are not forced to) to save the day by solving the crime. Crimes range from gang fights to bank robberies to terrorist bombings to car chases. Very different, very fun.


I would have enjoyed this part more if IT WASN'T SO SHORT! Unfortunately, there are only 42 missions. Some are fun and easy, while others are just plain cheap/hard due to the sometimes insanely cheap A.I. There are 10 storylines in the game, the main one of the movie, and 9 other game-extra stories. Each contain anywhere from 2-a bunch of missions.

Each storyline is different from the other. The main storyline has you fighting Sandman and Venom, while the other may have you taking pictures, taking down gangs, or saving the citizens-turned lizards from themselves. They are all quite fun, but they go by so fast!


Combat in this game is simple. You can perform quick attacks, heavy attacks, web moves, jump, or special attacks. Chain them together for some intense combos that look beautiful when put together. You also have something called "Spider-reflexes" which make the game matrix-esque, allowing you to slow down time, dodge attacks and bullets, and then counter attack.

A major feature of this game is the new Black Suit. It has its own combos, special attacks, and it is stronger, faster, and capable of taking more damage then normal. It is very fun.

As the game progresses, you learn new moves, combos, and health/speed bonuses, which ensure that you are constantly becoming stroner.


Why oh why oh why, did the developers make such poor choices with replayability. There are only 42 missions in this game, that you can get through in 10-15 hours. After that, there is NO way to replay the missions. You can play through the game again with the Black Suit, but once you beat the game again, YOU STILL CANNOT PLAY ANY MISSION YOU WANT! No mission select? What!? How dumb.

There are only 2 playable characters in the game, Spidey and Black Spidey. That's it. After the game is over, there are still random crimes, and secret, hidden tokens to collect, but little else after that.

This category would have gotten a 1 or a 0 if it wasn't for one thing, and that is hope. There is, thankfully, a whole menu on the pause screen dedicated to DLC(Downloadable-Content). As of now, the menu is blank, because so far there is nothing to download. But in the future, we may get some new characters, levels, or PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us level select.

Buy of Rent?--Hard to say

This game is amazing, don't get me wrong. Awesome gameplay, lots of fun, and all that jazz. But if you are someone who would die if you couldn't replay your favorite mission, this is not for you. You get two chances to do any one mission. After that, you can never do the mission again. Horrible. I bought the game, and am very pleased, but this game is also a very worthy rent.


This game is tons of fun. Webslinging is amazing. The game looks and sounds beautiful. Fighting is simple yet fun and fast, just as Spiderman should be. If only there was more to do at the end. If only there was some form of level select. I guess even the games that have the biggest chance at being 10/10 perfect can't earn, just because of one little stupid decision some guy working for some company made.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 05/08/07

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