FAQ/Walkthrough by mianatw

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/03/08 | Printable Version

                  Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
                       System: XBox 360 / PC
                          Author: Mianatw
                           Ver. 1.0 - 2/3/2008

1 - Updates
2 - Controls
3 - The Cast
4 - The Bosses
5 - Character Quests
6 - Skills
7 - Legal Stuff

1. Updates
V. 1.0 - 2/3/2008 - Completed the FAQ.

2. Controls
Left Analog - Move Character
Right Analog - Shift Camera
Directional Pad Up - Target First Ally (online only)
Directional Pad Right - Target Second Ally (online only)
Directional Pad Down - Target Third Ally (online only)

Blue X Button - Attack, Hold: Charge Attack, Hold - Use Enhancement
Yellow Y Button - Pick Up Items, Hold - Use Detection
Red B Button - Use Ability
Green A Button - Attack, Hold: Charge Attack, Hold - Use Enhancement

Click Left Analog - Zoom in / out of mini-map
Click Right Analog - Move camera behind character

Left Bumper - Use Equipped Item
Left Trigger - Use Ability
Right Bumper - Use Equipped Item
Right Trigger - Switch to Aiming View

Back Button - Options Menu
Start - Character Sheet

3. The Cast
Kendal - The Church of Ecclesia knew Kendal as the ideal military commander: a
zealousknight with unshakable belief in the tenets of his faith and his duty to
the church. But behind his inscrutable faceguard, Kendal hid his worries and
self-doubt. To escape the confusion in his mind, he threw himself into the
certainty of battle. His bravery saved the Age of Light from the encroaching
Darkness and brought about the end of the Encablossa War. But when the dust
settled, Kendal was nowhere to be found. What happened to Kendal after he dove
into Encablossa? Did the holy knight choose the path of righteousness? Or is
the cosmos more complicated than it seems.

Description: Strong but slow, relies on heavy armor and raw power over speed
and manuverability.


Regnier - In the history of Bersia, no man has been more influential or more
infamous than the man now known as Regnier. Once the noble Rick Miner, he was
slaughtered during the First War of Heroes by the lich, Khiliani. Ressurected
by the Ancient Heart, he surfaced as Rick Blood, commander of the Dark Legion,
in the Second War of Heroes. Finally, weilding a flaming blade with devastating
strength and ruthlessness he reemerged as Regnier, the immortal warlord of
Hextor. Forging an unlikely truce with the Human Alliance, Regnier united with
Kendal to pierce the body of Encablossa and prevent the Age of Light's
destruction. Where is Regnier now, and what form has he taken? What secrets lie
hidden in his past?

Description: Power with moderate speed relies on a mix of speed and power to
dominate his foes.


Celine - Quick, agile, and deadly, this seemingly fragile elf has led her
people to victory through countless battles. During the Second War of Heroes,
Celine's elven nation allied with King Curian and the humans to protect the
Ancient Heart from falling into the grasp of the Dark Legion. Fighting side by
side, Celine and Curian fell deeply in love. All seemed destined for happiness
until the end of the war, when the two disappeared without a trace. What
happened to Celine? And what fate has befallen her lover?

Description: Quick and talented with a bow, she does best with a bow and magic
spells while not faring the best in melee.


Curian - The monks of Hironeiden raised Curian to be a messenger of peace. The
eager young orphan cherished his message... and brought it with him to the
battlefield. As the Second War of Heroes raged about him, Curian proved himself
a brilliant leader and eventually took the throne as King of Azilla. With
Celine, his elven lover, at his side, King Curian and the Alliance of Light
soundly defeated the Dark Legion and returned peace to the continent of Bersia.
The thankful masses sang his praises, but the king was nowhere to be found. Did
Curian abandon the people of Azilla? Will the king reclaim his throne?

Description: Rather like Kendal he uses raw power and heavy armor to decimate
his foes.


Duane - Arrogant and vain, Sir Duane is the epitome of narcissism. He may be
balding, battle-scarred, and potbellied, but in his mind, Duane has always been
an awe-inspiring warrior... and an irrestistable ladies' man. Born into a
wealthy noble family, Duane used his connections to obtain a respectable (and
profitable) position as Kendal's officer during the Encablossa War. Yet the
position was more than he bargained for - he, too, disappeared with his
commander at the end of the war. What role is left for Duane to play in the
drama of Bersia? Is it his turn to shine as a true hero? Or is he too self-
absorbed to care?

Description: Duane uses a mix of close range combat and a variety of guns to
perform excellent crowd control.


Leinhart - Half-vampire prince of Vellond, Leinhart is as greedy, amibitious,
and ruthless as his father, King Valdemaar... but he lacks His Majesty's wit
and wisdom. Leinhart's life has been a series of disappointments. His father
stole his lover, Morene, and stripped him of his rank. So, in disgrace,
Leinhart joined Regnier's army. Although he became Regnier's right-hand officer
Leinhart's thirst for power did not abate. With the nation of Vellond now
fractured by the Encablossa War, can Leinhart restore his kingdom? How far
would this foolish prince go to satisfy his ambition?

Description: The prince relies upon quick surgical melee combos mixed with some
good crowd control to handle his foes.

4. The Bosses
Forest of Embracing
While this boss seems kind of hard at first, if you have a ranged weapon then
it isn't actually all that bad. This is a general rule for all boss battles
though, as melee with them almost never works out very well. A good ranged
weapon will serve you infinitely better than any powerful melee weapon almost
ever will.

The boss is comprised of four heads, a circular body and a number of legs. The
dangerous points of his body are the legs, which can stomp on you, and the
various mouths which will spit acid out on you. The legs are very little threat
to you since they don't do much damage on the rare occassion that they hit you.
You have to watch out for the mouths since the acid that they spew will do alot
of damage if the whole stream catches you and then it stays on the floor, doing
yet more damage to you.

To make your life simple just stay back and start throwing ranged weapons at
each face. When the face gets down to 50% health the four petals that look like
a mask will shatter. This is your signal to move to the next one and attack it.
Keep doing this until all four are destroyed.

Once that is done the boss will leap into the air and start climbing on the
ceiling area. Enter look mode to lock onto him and start flinging your ranged
weapons into his gut. Try to keep him from getting above you since the red goop
that drops down damages you and when he plummets from the ceiling he does some
radial damage. When he does land simply start circling him again and start to
attack the exposed faces. You can destroy them now.

When you do destroy a face he will usually drop a powerful ranged weapon suited
for your class, so start using that. If he drops a fire enchanted one, all the
better, so start using that. Keep on attacking his heads until they are all
destroyed. This will cause him to start leaping into the air over and over. Now
all you need to do is keep hammering on his belly area and he will give up the
ghost soon enough.

End of Desolation
This boss is fought only by playing as Kendal in solo play. If you are playing
online co-op then if someone in your party is playing as Kendal then you can
all fight him. Coming with a party makes this almost unfairly easy but then
again it's not your job to go easy on these boss monsters.

Curian is a melee based enemy thus you can easily defeat him if you have a good
ranged attack weapon. All you really need to do is hang back and pluck away at
his health, throwing in any ranged attack magic spells that you might have.

If you are fighting him as Kendal then you may need to resort to a different
tactic. I would heavily suggest that you invest in some decent armor and learn
the Heal spell. Stock up on small and medium health potions and wait some time
to go after him (level up a bit). When you actually engage him, try to move
away from him when you see him powering up for his radial attacks and then move
in and combo him a few times. If you have to retreat then heal up with the
spell or use healing potions.

It isn't a complicated fight although it can be a bit hard in a straight up
slugfest with him. Just be patient and careful.

Hall of Arrogance
When coming into this fight I suggest equipping anything that allows you to
resist lightning attacks easier. Also bring in a bunch of white and red potions
so that you never have to worry about your health and SP. Make sure that you
have a good ranged attack weapon on hand so that you can cut down his life, any
melee attacks will end up badly for you here. Try to also have the Magic Shot
spell with you, it makes the final fight easier.

Loki only has three main attacks. He can spin around and ram into you, he will
lay down on his back and try to ram into you and he will send lightning arcing
around the walls. As you hurt him his armor will fly off, the goal is to take
off all of his armor and get to the gooey bits beneath it.

When he spins at you simply back up and start flinging ranged weapons at him as
you back up. Every time you hit him he will stop moving for a moment. This lets 
you move to the side to evade his attacks and slowly but steadily put distance 
between you two. If you see him laying back to charge at you he doesn't home in
on you as well as when he is spinning at you so just move to the side and keep
on hitting him with your ranged weapons.

The lightning blast dances around the walls when he fires it and then flys at
you, doing a lot of damage. There isn't much you can do to evade it so keep on
moving and just hope for the best. Simply keep on trying to hit the armored up
parts of his body and tear off that protection.

When you take away half of his health all of his armor will be gone. He is now
immune to ranged attacks so you have two chioces, magic spells or melee him. He
will begin emanating off electricity in all directions. If you try to get close
to him you will be hit like it and hurt rather badly, being staggered by it. If
you have Magic Shot then you can move in, hit him with the spell and then back
off and heal up from the electricity that he radiates. Keep on doing that and
he will go down sooner than later.

When he dies, complete the roll for the item quickly and move over to his dead
body and wait. You will see a worm looking thing moving, kill it as quickly as
you can. If it gets away from you then fire off a magic shot and try to kill it
before it gets away. This nets you an achievement.

Valley of Solitude
You would think that an ice based boss would be harder to defeat but apparently
that is not the case. She only has four attacks and none are all that hard to
totally evade, I beat her the first time as Celine without taking any damage
and then repeated it with Curian.

The Ice Maiden only has four primary attacks. The first is a two hit melee type
attack that has very limited range. The second is a ground based attack where
the ice crawls along the ground at a slow pace at you. She can do this in a
pair if she so chooses. Third is a move where she makes several clones and they
all try to kill you. Lastly she makes a bunch of Frozen Ice Maidens appear 
around the area, turns immaterial and trys to attack you.

Try to keep your distance and hit her with a ranged weapon, a fire enchanted
one if you have it. Aim for her head/chest area for the best results. Keep on
your toes and keep moving away from her while you attack. This will protect
you from her melee attacks. If you see her trying for her ranged attack all you
need to do is strafe to the side and you will avoid it.

When she summons the clones ignore them totally and simply keep running around
the battlefield until they go away in puffs of smoke. If you see her summon up
all the ice maidens keep moving, stay away from the edges and watch out for her
ghostly form. You can destroy the maidens for the loot but avoiding her is more
important, if she touches you she does a bit of damage and the screen goes
totally insane, showing you trees for some reason.

As I said before, just keep moving and hitting her with ranged weapons whenever
possible. You can use Magic Shot to chunk her health and you can melee her if
you so choose but it doesn't really matter.

Cave of Rage
Many people seem to think that this is the hardest boss in the entire game but
I don't see it that way. None of these bosses are particularly all that hard.
The Balrog is definitely cheesy but if you have the Magic Shot and Heal spells
then he isn't all that hard.

You don't have much room to stand in this fight. The lava will recede away a
bit at times giving you more room to stand on but this doesn't last all that
long so you have to move back to your little island to start with. When you see
him starting to attack you, if you don't believe that you have enough space on
your little platform then move onto the other space. Sometimes when you walk on
the lava you will take less damage than if you had simply let your character
get whiffed by the boss. Keep it in mind.

The boss has two primary moves that he uses. The first is a simple charge type
move where he tries to ram into you. Dodge to the sides to avoid this one and
you should have little problems dodging it. He will often flail about if you
stand close to him after this charge so don't be there. The second attack is a
weird one. He fires his hands at you, from the forearm down, and they will slam
into the floor nearby you. Then, using the chains that attach his forearms to
his upper arms, he will throw himself at you. This attack does a fair bit of
damage but if you want to avoid it simply don't stand between the two chains.

Another thing to watch out for is the fact that he will occasionally run right
up one of the walls. While he is up there he is immune to attack so this is a
great time to heal up with the Heal skill. After a bit he will dive from the
ceiling right at you before thrashing around and trying to hurt you. Get as far
away from where you were standing while he was on the ceiling so he doesn't hit
you. He will then march back into the lava pool to start this all over again.

To defeat him you will have to keep hitting him in the face and forearms with
any ranged attacks at your disposal. If you have Magic Shot use it whenever he
gets close to you but keep on hitting him with the ranged weapons as best you
can and you will slowly whittle his life down to nothing. When he tries to dive
from the ceiling at you sidestep out of the way and wait for him to start to
march into the lava. While he does this hit him with a Magic Shot and then hit
him in the arms/back of the head with ranged weapons.

When you take away half of his life he will move to stand behind the lava
pillar in the middle of the room. When he is standing there he will start to
fire his arms at you. They do a lot of damage when they hit you but if you're
sidestepping then they will almost always miss. As soon as they miss fire off a
Magic Shot and then try to attack them. What you want to do is to shatter both
of his arms by attacking them. Do NOT attack his body while this is going on or
you run the risk of the fight advancing to the next stage without you having
destroyed both of his arms. If this happens you're basically dead, so don't let
it happen. Destroy his arms to push the fight into its next stage.

When both of his arms are destroyed he will start freaking out and thrasing all
over the place. He is going to start charging at you and spinning at you as he
tries to whale on your face. To stop him here you are going to want to keep on
hitting him with your ranged weapon in the head area. Whenever you hit him you
will stagger him briefly. Keep on doing this, mixing it up with Magic Shots as
he gets closer and you should find him dead sooner rather than later.

If by some chance he does get close enough to you to hit you with his arms you
are going to be sent flying all over the place. Simply try to get your bearings
and start hitting him in the head as you try to heal up. If you find yourself
all the way stuck in the lava then don't even bother trying to run past him and
get back on the land. Simply keep on hitting him in the head with your ranged
weapon and wear him down. Once he's staggered you can try to strafe onto safe
land and keep hitting him. So long as you stay healed you should be fine.

Road of Chaos
When I first fought Keither I was using Celine and thought he was one of the
hardest bosses ever. Then I did it with Curian... the differences were totally
astounding. Ranged characters will actually have a much harder time with him
than a melee character which is a total change of pace. He's the only boss
where this stands true as well.

Keither has five attacks and three of them only matter if you stay close to him
long enough. First he has a three hit combo that does a lot of damage if you
are close to him. You will need to get away from him as soon as possible if you
hope to avoid damage. There's a thrust move where he stabs you with his polearm
and spews out some crows at you. It doesn't do much damage but it's nearly
impossible to dodge if he starts the move. He can also surround himself with a
barrier of earthen horns that make him invulnerable for a moment and can knock
you for a loop.

If you try keeping your distance he will sometimes rip up earthen spikes from
the ground and throw them at you, although this is rare and I only saw it when
he was lower on health. Normally he will simply send a group of Crows flying at
you, damaging you and afflicting you with the darkness status. You can easily
sidestep the crows but the spikes are a bit harder.

Keither is a powerhouse of damage but he is super slow. This means that, so
long as you are careful you could theoretically whittle his health down without
taking any damage. The real trick to fighting Keither comes when you finally 
manage to whittle his health down to 50% he has a trick up his sleeve.

When you finally do this he will summon up two clocks behind himself which will
attach chains to him. He is immune to damage during this animation and when it
ends he will be covered in a red aura that attaches to the clock tower in the
middle of the arena. While he is covered in the aura he is immune to damage and
he will be healing slowly. 

To counteract this you will need to attack the clock tower and do enough damage 
to it to make the aura go away. You cannot see what health it has left and it 
seems to be based on how many times you hit it rather than how much damage you 
deal. So what you will want to try to do is keep the clock tower between the
two of you and keep on hitting the clock tower until the aura dissipates.

The best way to approach this fight is risky but it should be doable so long as
you have a few things. You will need all the red potions you can carry of all
the various sizes, max white potions, the Heal and Magic Shot skills and a good
melee (power 80 or higher) and ranged weapon (power 40 or up).

What you want to do is equip your ranged weapon and hang back, hitting him with
it as much as you can while trying to dodge his crow attack. Mix in some magic
shot attacks when possible and keep up that distance until you whittle down his
health to the point where he summons up the clock tower aura. This is the best
time to heal up with the Heal skill.

Switch your attention to the clock tower and keep hitting it until the aura on
it breaks. Once that aura breaks quickly move on over to Keither and get into
melee with him. Start hitting him with your strongest weapon while you try to
stay behind him as much as possible. If you see him start doing the three hit
combo move away, wait for the combo to end and then charge into melee. If he is
doing the thrust move just keep on hitting him and don't worry about the hit
you will recieve.

Generally you can simply slug it out if you have enough health. By staying in
close range with him Keither will quite often do his best to kill you and just
totally ignore healing himself with the clock tower. If you try to stay at a
distance he will continually keep on healing himself up to 50% health with the
clock tower aura. Locking him into melee with you is the best way to avoid him
using his obnoxious little regeneration ability over and over.

End of Chaos
Encablossa is actually one of the easier bosses in the game so long as you have
plenty of health potions. He has a variety of attacks and most are near but
impossible to actually dodge. As such you will be getting hit near constantly
so don't panic over that fact. Most of the hits don't do too much damage by
themselves, they simply add up over time.

The boss has two forms, that of a white shadow and that of a black shadow. The
white shadow can only be hurt by magical attacks while the black one can only
be hurt by weapon attacks (melee or ranged). Regardless of his color he uses
the same attacks over and over again.

As he flys around he will send the organic looking debris that makes up the
area flying at you, hitting you fairly accurately and doing very little damage.
He can also fire off fireballs, lightning bolts and ice shards at you that do
some damage and afflict you with the appropriate status effect. When damaged a
bit he will also fly into you head first like a spinning torpedo, step to the
side to avoid this one.

To defeat this form all you need to do is continue pounding on him with your
best attacks. To hit his white form fire off Needle or Poison Needle spells at 
him. Needle is more reliable than Magic Shot because Magic Shot will try to hit
the debris that is flying around instead of Encablossa. When his black form is
out simply start hitting it with a good ranged weapon, he will go down in just
about no time.

Once you have removed half of his health he will call the debris from the area
to surround him in a ball. This is still easy enough to defeat though. Simply
side step around as much as you can to avoid him ramming into you at the slow
speed he moves and hammer on him with your ranged weapon and spells. He will go
down eventually and you will have completed the game.

5. Character Quests
Unlike most of the other quests this one should start very quickly after you
start talking to the people in your dreams. Once it starts you will be told
that you need to find the Spirit Crystal. Your clue is that it is in the place
where Curian and Celene split up from five years ago. Like that means anything
to anybody...

Go back to the beginning of the Forest of Embracing and scour the maps for it.
The crystal is located randomly on one of the maps here so it is going to take
you some searching to find it. Once you have it go to sleep and Moonlight will
tell you that he needs the mind of those who once lived. You can find plenty of
undead soldiers and knights in that section of the forest. Once you have done
this head back to sleep and you will be told to get an elixir from the Idol of
Death. So wake up and do so.

The Idol wants you to get the Splinter of Death. Head on over to the City of
Desolation and start killing off the Blacksand Soldiers and Warriors. You will
have to do this for some time but eventually the quest will complete itself.
You will get a notification that the quest has been completed eventually. Go on
back to the Idol of Death and get the elixir from him. Sleep again to end the 
quest for the time being.

When you go to sleep you get congratulated and not much else.

The quest picks up again when you reach the Valley of Solitude and sleep at the
first Idol. Talk to Moonlight and he will explain that Curian is dead but his
spirit is holding on in the form of his Will. Go speak to the Idols before his
Will passes on. Head on back to the Idols and talk to all three of them, each
wants you to bring something back to them to offer you their aid.

Starting with the Idol of Death, he wants Cursed Honors. To obtain these you
need to kill the Ghost Knight type enemies. You can find them spread across the
world. Warp back to the Forest of Embracing and kill the Ghost Knights there.
Then move on to the City of Desolation and take out the Flame and Lightning
Knights. Move on to the Hall of Arrogance and take out some Dark Knights. Last,
but most certainly least, is the Ice Knight in the Valley of Solitude. Once you
have gotten all that head on back to the Idol of Death to get the Mind Trace.

Moving on to the Pure Gold you need to kill the Golden Louse enemy. These small
enemies are only found in the Hall of Arrogance, Twilight Corridor map. However
the Louse only appear five at a time but, as a nod to your sanity, they respawn
in whenever you leave that map square. So kill the five enemies, leave the map,
come back, kill them again and keep on doing this until the quest completes.
Return to the Idol of Greed and he will take the Mind Trace and start trying to
trace Curian's Will. This will take some time and go for the next quest.

You need to get the Cold Love now. It can be obtained from the Valley of
Solitude by killing the Yuki Onna and Yuki Otoko enemies. Once you have killed
enough of them you will be told that the quest has completed so head on back to
the Idol of Love. She will tell you where Curian's Spirit Crystal is located.
Go to the Cave of Rage and search around the first area to find the golden orb
that contains the Spirit Crystal.

Sleep at the next three statues to advance the plot. At the fourth one you go
to sleep at you will be told that the side quest is over. Celine doesn't fight
Keither so it's just a matter of taking out Encablossa.

You will need to sleep three times to get the quest started. Talk to Walter and
wait until he mentions his pendant. Now talk to Moonlight to get the quest to
retrieve said pendant. Head for the City of Desolation and start killing off
all the enemies you see. One of them will eventually give you the pendant. Now
head for the nearest idol and go to sleep. Chat with Moonlight and he will
point you towards the Idol of Love.

The Idol of Love points you towards the Halls of Arrogance and says to go and
find the five pieces of Spiritual Purity. Go the Halls of Arrogance and venture
through them, searching every nook and cranny to find them. They can be seen
from a distance with ease since they all look like glowing golden orbs. Once
you have all five of them go find another Idol and chat with the Idol of Love.
Sleep again and talk to Moonlight.

Moonlight gives you a key and says that you have to destroy Curians mutated
form. Go to the City of Desolation and head for the fourth area and scour the
map until you find the doors that lead to the End of Desolation. Open them up
and go inside, taking out Mutant Curian. Go to sleep and have a chat.

Go to the Hall of Arrogance and complete the level but do NOT head for the End
of Arrogance. Head for the entrance to the Sunrise Atrium instead of going up
the stairs. When prompted to enter the Sunrise Atrium refuse to do so and then
keep walking forward. Hidden behind a table you will find some stairs, go down
them to find the Glass of Serenity.

Head back upstairs and go to the Idol and sleep. Have a chat until the Water
Embracing Time is mentioned. Go to the Forest of Embracing and head to the
second map. Keep going until you see a waterfall on your right while you cross
a land bridge. Grab up the orb and head for an Idol to sleep.

You will now likely have two quests to do simultaneously: destroy the glass and
water in the Caves of Rage and gather up the three tomes from the Halls of
Arrogance. I picked the Halls of Arrogance one.

There is no simple way to do this quest. Essentially you have to scour every
area of the Halls until you have completed it, return and scour it again until
you find all three tomes. I suggest having a Greed enchanted weapon and that
you pick up a few skills to learn while doing this.

Then head to the Caves of Rage and make your way to the End of Rage. You should
see a glowing orb right in front of the door to the boss, go over to it to get
rid of the glass. Now head for the nearest Idol and go to sleep. Chat with
Encablossa to get the key to the Gap. Make your way to the Road of Chaos fourth 
map, called the Gateway, and enter the Gap. Kill Keither and then go to the
Idol and sleep. From there you only need to kill Encablossa to complete the
story quest.

You will have to sleep about three times to get your quest even started up.
With that done wake up and talk to the Idol of Death. He will send you to the
Idol of Greed. He in turn tells you that he wants the Seed of Lust, something
you can only get from the Idol of Love. I wonder if they're being this spiteful
to you because Leinhart is an absolute arse to them.

To get the Seed of Lust you need to get a regular seed and transform it into
the Seed of Lust. Getting the seed requires that you kill off 10 Plant Kings.
You can find two of them on your first pass through the level so simply find
your way back here once you have beaten the Forest Guardian. A bunch of Plant
Kings spawn into each of the Forest of Embracing areas so you can easily get
all 10 of them.

Once you have the seed bring it to the Idol of Love. You will need to get the
Endless Desire to nurture the seed in it. This will turn it into the Seed of
Lust. To get this you will need to kill the Ice Maiden in the Valley of
Solitude. Once you do so and get the Endless Desire from her find the first
Idol in your path.

Wap from that Idol to the Forest of Embracing and turn around towards the white
ruins. There is a golden orb floating there, go over and touch it. You will
plant the seed there and be confused when nothing happens. Head for the next
Idol and wait for it to become the Idol of Love. Talk to her and you will find
out that the Water Embracing Time is needed.

To find this you will need to head to the second section of the Forest of
Embracing and look for it. You can find it on a land bridge when you can see a
waterfall to your right. Go to the golden orb and pick it up. Now head back to
the white ruin where you planted the seed before. Using the Water Embracing
Time on the seed will net you the Seed of Lust.

Head on over to the Idol of Greed and he will arrange a meeting between you and
Encablossa in the dream world. Sleep at the Idol and chat with Encablossa. He
wants to test you now so head on over to the Spiral of Desolation to find the
Paused Hourglass. This is found in the third map of the City of Desolation. All
you need to do is follow the path in a straight line until you see the glowing
orb in the middle of a huge spiral filled with dozens of vermin. Grab up the
Paused Hourglass and head for the next Idol.

Sleep again and talk to Encablossa who tells you that you must get the Narrow
Wisdom and the Potion of Self-Confidence to mutate. Warp to the Road of Chaos
and turn around. You will see the Narrow Wisdom as a glowing orb right behind
where you started off. Pick it up and then head for the Gateway map in the Road
of Chaos, this is the fourth map. Find the entrance to The Gap and defeat
Keither to get the potion.

Now go to sleep and talk to Valdemaar and Morene until they stop saying new
things. Once that is done head on to the final fight and take out Encablossa.

You will need to sleep at the statues four times to actually start th quest. To
get it started you must use different Idols although you can sometimes sleep at
the third one twice to start this. Now you need the Blessing of Absolute from
the three Idols. Wake up once you have the quest and cycle through the Idols
until you can talk to the Idol of Death. Do so to find out that you need the
three Splinters and must make them into perfect versions of themselves.

Talk to all three Idols to get their respective splinters. To make them grow to
their perfect forms you will have to do a lot of killing. Start with Perfect
Greed by heading to the Hall of Arrogance. You will only have to go around and
kill off a bunch of the Sculptor Apprentices, Sculptor Maestros and a variety
of the statues. As you fight them you will get messages saying that the
splinter has grown. Sooner, rather than later, you will get a message saying
that it has grown into Perfect Greed.

Now you have to go to sleep and chat with Encablossa and you will be told to
start working on the Perfect Love. Wake up and use the statue to go to the
Valley of Solitude and start hunting down the immortal lovers, Yuki Onna and
Yuki Otoko. You will need to kill them off for quite some time but you will
eventually be told that it has become the Perfect Love.

Now go to sleep and talk to Encablossa again. You are told to start working on
the Perfect Death splinter now. To make this splinter grow you need to kill off
enemies that are dead but not, ie. the Undead. This requires that you start to
kill skeleton soldiers, Flesh Men, Flesh Spears and Ghost Knights. You can find
them scattered in each of the levels so I would suggest you start at the Forest
of Embracing and work your way to the final levels. You should complete it by
the time you finish the Valley of Solitude.

Just as a note, the splinter will say that it is growing but sometimes it is
not doing so. To find out if this is the case, check to see what the percentage
is like in your quest menu.

When it turns into Perfect Death head to an Idol, sleep and talk to Encablossa.
After the cutscene ends simply play through the final level as normal, killing
off Keither, sleeping and then Encablossa and you will complete this quest.

6. Skills
To gain skills you must kill enemies. Unfortunately the game doesn't tell you
what enemies you must kill to gain the skill until you ask to learn it. As such
this should help people out. I have also detailed where it's best to acquire 
the skill in question.

Novice Skills
Cherub Statue
Skeleton Soldier x16
Skeleton Archer x13

- Best Learned: Can be gotten on your first pass through Forest of Embracing.

Chilling Touch
Blue Lizardman Wizard x13
Rare Blue Lizardman Wizard x3
Blue Lizardman Warrior x5
Rare Blue Lizardman Warrior x2

- Best Learned: Second trip through the Forest of Embracing.

Red Lizardman Soldier x6
Blue Lizardman Soldier x6
Stalker x13
Red Lizardman Warrior x1
Blue Lizardman Warrior x1
Wooden Golem x1

- Best Learned: Second trip through the Forest of Embracing.

Red Lizardman Wizard x20
Blue Lizardman Wizard x20
Plant King x7

- Best Learned: First trip through Forest of Embracing.

Magic Shot
Stalker x60
Blue Lizardman Wizard x10

- Best Learned: Second trip through Forest of Embracing.

Plant Jack x7
Plant Queen x7
Stalker x33

- Best Learned: When passing through the Forest of Embracing the second time.

Throw Sand
Red Lizardman Soldier x30
Blue Lizardman Soldier x30
Red Lizardman Archer x30
Blue Lizardman Archer x30

- Best Learned: Second trip through Forest of Embracing.

Poison Needle
Plant King x2
Stalker x20
Ripper x13
Poison Ripper x13

- Best Learned: Second trip through Forest of Embracing.

Intermediate Skills
Darkness Hand
Ghost Knight x17
Rare Ghost Knight x8
Dark Knight x17
Rare Dark Knight x8
Blacksand Shaman of Darkness x100
Blacksand Warrior x33

- Best Learned: Will likely require two trips through Desolation to get this.

Forest Guardian Head x12
Forest Guardian x2

- Best Learned: Will take three fights against the Guardian to acquire.

Chain Lightning
Lightning Knight x6
Rare Lightning Knight x3
Blacksand Shaman of Fire and Lightning x13
Iron Golem x6
Rare Iron Golem x3

- Best Learned: If you can find the rare Lightning Knights and golems this can 
be gotten by the time you finish the Hall of Arrogance.

Mirror of Abyss
Chandelier x2
Sculptor Apprentice x20
Sculptor Maestro x20

- Best Learned: Hall of Arrogance, first time. The chandelier is found in the
Sunrise Atrium. Look at the ceiling.

Frozen Flesh Spear x13
Ice Knight x13
Blacksand Soldier x66
Frozen Flesh Man x13

- Best Learned: It will likely take several trips through Solitude to kill
enough enemies.

Ripper x66

- Best Learned: In the Forest of Embracing, at any time.

Scorpion Spider x53
Blacksand Shaman of Darkness x10
Blacksand Soldier x66
Louse x66

- Best Learned: Pick it up in the Forest of Embracing, kill the Louses and then
go to City of Desolation. You should easily get it there.

Snow Bat
Snow Bat x60
Frozen Flesh Man x20
Ice Knight x25
Yuki Onna x40

- Best Learned: Likely by the second pass through Solitude.

Red Lizardman Wizard x33
Forest Guardian Head x7
Blacksand Shaman of Fire and Lightning x17

- Best Learned: You can get most of this in a single pass. It will take two
fights against the Guardian to get the heads.

Mutated Curian x1
Blacksand Shaman of Fire and Lightning x13

- Best Learned: Can only be gotten if you are playing as, or with, Kendal. It
can be gotten quite easily.

Driller x20
Ice Driller x20

- Best Learned: If you have it as a quest then you can get it by the time you
beat Solitude the first time.

Flesh Spear
Flesh Spear x20
Ghost Knight x6
Flesh Man x20

- Best Learned: Can be gotten by the first pass through Desolation.

Power of Love #1
Flesh Man x33
Frozen Flesh Man x33
Explosive Flesh Man x33
Frozen Ice Maiden x2

- Best Learned: It will take you two fights against the Ice Maiden but you will
have to go to Cave of Rage and fight a bunch of the Explosive Flesh Men but
that will only take you one or two passes, tops.

Forest Guardian x7
Forest Guardian Head x100
Plant King x33
Plant Queen x100

- Best Learned: It will take you 25 fights against the Forest Guardian and it
will likely take you at least 8 or 9 trips through the Forest of Embracing to
kill the required Plant Kings. Let the queens spawn from the kings until you
have the required amount.

Ice Sword
Frozen Ice Maiden x1
Frozen Flesh Man x33
Ice Knight x13
Rare Ice Knight x6
Ice Driller x13

- Best Learned: The only hard part here are the rare knights. Try to do all the
others first and worry about them last. Everything else can be gotten in one
clean sweep.

Golem Heart
Magma Man x33
Magma Giant x6

- Best Learned: Easily gotten in one pass of the Caves of Rage.

Necromancer x13
Fire Necromancer x13
Ice Necromancer x13

- Best Learned: Easily gotten in one pass through the game if you have it when
you fight the Ice Necros.

Angel Statue
Cherub Statue x33
Angel Statue x20 
Archangel Statue x13

- Best Learned: This might take you two or three passes through the Halls of
Arrogance but otherwise is easily gotten.

Vampire Bat
Flesh Man x100
Flesh Spear x100
Flesh Golem x20

- Best Learned: It will likely take you around 5 play throughs of the City of
Desolation to get this.

Petrify Breath
Sculptor Apprentice x200
Sculptor Maestro x20
Angel Statue x30
Archangel Statue x10
Invisible x50

- Best Learned: Go to the Halls of Arrogance and kill enemies until all that
remains are the Invisibles. Then play through the game, you will get it in due

Power of Love #2
Rare Encablossan Archmage x6
Encablossan Archmage x20
Yuki Onna x33
Yuki Otoko x26
Mutated Curian x3
Keither x3

- Best Learned: This is tough as it requires you to fight Keither 3 and Curian
3 times, meaning both levels will need to be played repeatedly. You can only
fight Curian as Kendal. Otherwise the hard part is the rare Archmagi.

Invisible x50
Rare Invisible x30
Mutated Curian x3
Keither x3

- Best Learned: This is tough as it requires you to fight Keither 3 and Curian
3 times, meaning both levels will need to be played repeatedly. You can only
fight Curian as Kendal. Otherwise the hard part is the rare Invisible.

Blacksand Shaman of Darkness x100
Dark Knight x50
Encablossan Archmage x25
Keither x10
Mutated Curian x10
Rare Dark Knight x25

- Best Learned: This is tough as it requires you to fight Keither 3 and Curian
3 times, meaning both levels will need to be played repeatedly. You can only
fight Curian as Kendal. Otherwise the hard part is the rare Dark Knight.

Keither x3
Encablossan Archmage x40
Rare Encablossan Archmage x15
Skeleton Soldier x50

- Best Learned: To learn this easily, beat the game and then return to fight
Keither a few more times. It shouldn't take you very long to get this.

Encablossan Archmage x30
Flame Knight x40
Balrog x3
Magma Man x50
Rare Magma Giant x30

- Best Learned: You will have to fight the boss 3 times to get this. During the
level runs to do so you can get most of the others. It will likely take you two
passes through the final level to get the required Archmagi kills.

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