Question from aalbano1998

Babality and Friendship?

do i need to perform a MERCY in order to do a Friendship? Also, I've tried to do Babalitiy, but for some reason they don't work? do i have to not block for a round or something?


timo4142 answered:

You do not have to perform mercy to do a friendship.To do a animality, you would have to do mercy.IF you press or hold block in the winning round,friendship and babality won't work.
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Hoogleboggem answered:

I will clear it up, In order to do a Babality, or Friendship, you musn't Block the ENTIRE winning round, if you are planning to win the round for the fatality, you cannot hit the right bumper or the right trigger for the whole round. In order to do an animality, you can block no matter what, but you need to do a mercy, in order to do so, both players must win one round, then whoever wins the last, you must jump all the way back to the end of the screen, hold Block, and hit Down 4 times, releasing block after you hit the fourth down, you will then do a mercy, and enables the opponent to live, then you must hit your opponent one more time, and FINISH HIM, will appear and that is when you do the animality
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