Question from marshallbonds

On the last level how do i kill irene?

Its the last level and every time i make an attempt to kill irene I lose how do I kill Irene?

b-ray2 asked for clarification:

What do you mean Gamer God? Because I'm having the same problem. After I kill all the other people I go upstairs to the control room..she's inside the room and you can see her through the windows. But then she runs to the left and I failed my mission. It says "You failed to kill Irena". But it doesnt even give me a chance to kill her!!


Gamer_God_7 answered:

u cant kill just kill the other enemies then u have to chase her into this room THAT is when u kill her
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DUANE1200 answered:

How can i kill irena in the lab i the rainbow six vegas game
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kemble answered:

kill the guys in the room, but don't go upstairs yet. order your team member to hack the computer in a small space under the room where Irene standing. defend yourself from more enemies. then go upstairs and wait for the door to open. proceed through the door and after a small shootout with soldiers kill her.
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