Question from whatthefliplol

How do i get a queen buzzlegum/queen raisant?

I've tried just about everything :(


crazyjj45 answered:

You give it a crown like the roario. also the roario will be tempted to go in.
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explosion213 answered:

QUEEN BUZZLEGUMS AND QUEEN RAISANTS DONT EXIST thats just a rumor from leafos and most of them dont work.To get the roario to appear u nid a level 38 garden and it to visit u nid 5 doenuts and garden worth 40k CC theres one more requirement but i dun hav a roario so its ??? and for it to become a resident u nid it to eat two doenuts and a garden thats worth 50k CC and theres a 3rd requirement which is ??? again :/
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