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Help them Stop!!!?

Yeah, does anyone know how to stop the pinatas from fighting after they've started?

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Abidon answered:

There is no way to stop a fight once it's started. You can sometimes discourage the pinatas from fighting if you arrive quickly enough to hit one with a shovel, though most of the time you'll probably accadently kill it.

Pinatas' won't fight unless the sour bonbon is in the area, or there ill/mistreated, or there rivals. Some pinatas like Kittyfloss and Barkbarks will ALWAYS fight with each other, so if you want to keep them in your garden you'll half to build fences.
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PimpMasterT36 answered:

I agree with Abidon, the only way to stop a fight is to TAP one of the pinatas in the fight, if you do it early enough it will stop the fight sometimes.
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