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Im getting pisseder thhen pissed. My Pinatas wont romance i direct them to eachother then they either look at eachother then walk away or just tottally ignore me and i spent to days(in game) looking around for my tufflys i fond then and they WOULDNT ROMANCE!!REALLY!!****ING PISSED!!!

Satanburger provided additional details:

another thing is that I will order the pinata to eat a candy, theyll go up to the sweet, shake their head and then walk away

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Sephiroth99000 answered:

Tafflys are notorious for doing that. There must be something about their AI that makes them dumb on purpose because they're a total pain to direct
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sampj answered:

1. Have the 'Romance Requirements' been achived.
2. Is there a house in the garden.
3. Have you tried feeding tem a romance sweet (this only works if '1' has been done at least once)
4. This is unlikely but possible; are they too unhappy if piniatas get depressed they won't do what you tell them to. Solution: Buy them some gifts.
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Kidedan answered:

It could be because there are too many pinatas in your garden and/or not enough space for new ones. That happened to me with my Twingersnaps, try getting rid of some stuff.
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scyther633 answered:

Buy your pinatas a gift or a happy sweet check romance requirements or it could be that your garden is allready full.
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cdawgpat answered:

Just buy the pinatas house and then feed them romance candy u can find romance candy at costolots shop then just direct one twords the other and BOOM romance
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icetailgreg answered:

Well ive heard somewhere that u can only make a pinata eat a romance candy when it has romanced first before you give it the candy.Also the candy can't fill in the house requirements so maybe thats whats wrong
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