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Asked: 6 years ago

How do i get a Pigxie?

It is a flying pig.

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From: Kablammo1234567 6 years ago

You'll need both a Rashberry and a Swanana ready to romance- filling all of their requirements, including the respective houses. You then need to build a mystery house, feed both the Rashberry and Swanana a Joy Sweet and then they'll be able to romance.

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After you buy a mystery house from Willy Builder, you have to cross-breed a Swanana and a Rashberry. The resulting egg should be a Pigxie.

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A pigxie is a cross between a Rashberry and a Swanana. You must get the Mystery house, a Swanana house, and a Rashberry house, and then fulfill there separate romance requirements or give them a joy candy. They'll be ready to romance with each other.

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If you are having trouble trying to get the Rashberry and Swanana to romance, direct the Rashberry to the swanana. For some reason that tends to work better than directing the Swanana to the Rashberry.

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