Question from Raven_71

Asked: 5 years ago

Why isn't my cluckes hatching dragonache's egg?

I direct her to the egg but it stays next to it without doing anything, only looking at it. Which can be the problem? I ensured the pinata is happy at the maximum.

Accepted Answer

From: runner94 5 years ago

Well. It looks like you have a glitch in your game. Give it some time and keep the egg away from sour pinatas. If this action continues then try to contact someone on the back of the video game box.

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Well... is youre cluckles unhappy???

Cause my cluckles hatched the dragonache egg on the first try...

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It's not a glitch. Why do people keep saying that? Programmars put more thought into game before sending it off with tons of glitches. Your problem is that you have too many pinata in your garden. You can easily check a whirlm (if you have one) and see if his heart above his head is there or not. If it is not sell a pinata and try again. :D

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It has to be on land that u did not hit with your shovle

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The egg has to be on hard soil, and you should make sure you don't have too many pinatas.

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The Cluckles Will Hatch The Egg Eventually, The Same Thing Happened On Mine but i Got Rid Of A Few Pinatas Left It A While And Tried Again And It Hatched. Theree Are Different Variants Of Dragonache Depending On Where You Hatch It Here Is A List

Hard Cracked Soil-Gold
Grass or long grass-Green

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