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Asked: 6 years ago

How to input my cheats?

I'm having putting my cheats into two worlds. I tryed every thing i could i tryed puttin in . twoworldscheats 1 and putting the cheat in so many places i tryed just putting the cheat in but i cant get it... Please help?

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To open the code menu hold down LB + RB and hit A
You will see a small text box appear. Now hit X to open up the keyboard menu.

Remember, only codes that start with "Bonuscode" will not affect your acheivements.

All codes other than the Bonuscodes require you to put in "twoworldscheats 1" first before entering the code. This will permanently disable acheivements for this character.

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Yeah, thats what it says on the faq, but doesnt seem to work...
twoworldscheats 1 addgold 9999 (doesnt work)
twoworldscheats addgold 9999(doesnt work)
twoworldscheats 1addgold 9999 (doesnt work)

How exactly do you put them in?

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Example; first type twoworlds 1 then enter addgold 9999 do it separately and for the bonus codes for an example bonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832 exactly like this format

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1. twoworldscheats 1 on it's own line
2. addgold 9999 (or whatever cheat you want) on it's own line

Do them separately and they will work, you only have to enter twoworldcheats 1 the first time
as for the bonuscodes, you DON'T need to use twoworldscheats 1 first.

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I need some help too. I keep putting up the box, but i cant do it while im playing. This may be because im playing online but i dunno...

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I dont think it matters if you put the 1 in, I dont....

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