• New Game +

    After beating the game and watching the credits roll, you will be given the option to save. If you do, your game will be flagged as a game clear file. Once back in the main menu, load your clear game, you will be prompted for the difficulty and the game will start again, only you will retain all of your points and developed weapons and specials from your previous game.

    Contributed By: ChronoHawk.


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    1,000 Ships Shot Down Medal (30)Awarded to pilots who shoot down 1,000 enemy ships while battling in space.
    10,000 Ships Shot Down Medal (70)Awarded to pilots who shoot down 10,000 enemy ships while battling in space.
    Civilian Protection Medal (20)Awarded for safe escort of 7 refuge carriers.
    Defense of Schloss Base Medal (20)Awarded for total prevention of attack to Schloss base.
    Distinguished War Service Medal (40)Awarded to pilots who destroy the enemy's main forces with utmost resolution.
    G-Ton Club Patch (70)Awarded to pilots who destroy a total of 1 Gigaton mass of enemy ships and battleships.
    Guilty Rose Corps Patch (40)Awarded to pilots who manage to ward off Guilty Rose Corps' attack.
    Hellfire Corps Patch (40)Awarded to pilots who manage to ward off Hellfire Corps' attack.
    Hot Pursuit Badge (40)Awarded to pilots who repeatedly strike the enemy without negligence.
    Large Battleship Destruction Patch (30)Awarded to pilots who defeat the second large Battleship of the enemy fleet's reinforcements.
    Medal for Joining the Battle in Space (20)Awarded to pilots who have experienced fighting in the void of space.
    Medal for Solo Descent Into the Atmosphere (30)Awarded to pilots who descend into the atmosphere alone to fight.
    Nebula Blaze Tactics Campaign Medal (30)Awarded to pilots who accomplish their duties in the difficult tactical campaign, through gallant will.
    Night Raven Corps Patch (50)Awarded to pilots who destroy the enemy Night Raven Corps with utmost resolution.
    Ship Hunter (50)Awarded to pilots who sink 100 enemy battleships while battling in space.
    Solar System Defense Campaign Medal (40)Awarded to pilots who perform meritorious deeds in the defense of the Solar System.
    Unified Army Jupiter Medal (30)Awarded for escorting the armada through brave retreat under fierce attack from the enemy.
    Unified Army Lunar Medal (20)Awarded for exceeding duties during the escape of friendly troops.
    Unified Army Mars Medal (40)Awarded for exceeding duties during the enemy's fierce attack.
    Unified Army Pilot Merit Medal (100)Awarded to most excellent pilots.
    Unified Army Terra Medal (40)Awarded for shielding your fellow fleet, escorting them and enabling them all to escape.
    Warrior's Amulet (50)Awarded as proof of receiving Raymond's trust.
    Weapon Lord Patch (80)Awarded to pilots who collect all the equipment the Delta Sabre can use.
    White Griffon Corps Patch (20)Awarded to the commander and pilots at inauguration of new flying corps.

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.


  • Skipping Stages

    When you die 3 times in one mission for the main story mode, the Skip option will be available in the Game Over screen. It can be used to skip the stage you do not want to complete and onward to the next mission.

    Contributed By: AceOfVoiceover.

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