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How can unlock DLC characters without xbox live?

How can i get the DLC characters without getting xbox live and the special edition????

Kippim170 asked for clarification:

I know a way to fix it all.Guys!!!Do you have a menory stick for computers?

First if you have the DLC is to put on consle then put the menory stick in and go to hard drive once you done that you can copy the DLC on to the menory stick.Then there you have it.Then we can give that to friends who do not have the DLC...People can play as DLC its fixed...

Kind regaurds

Accepted Answer

sundog1991 answered:

The Hero/Villain Pack was for some reason deleted off of Xbox marketplace I was going to download it yesterday but it won't come up. so if anyone has the link that works and will let me download it please post it here.
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overcracker answered:

You can't. You either buy the Gold Edition of the game or you need to download them. There's no other way, because the characters are not in the game to be unlocked they are add-ons that need to be installed.
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