Question from alxjh120

Asked: 5 years ago

I can't download the hero/villain pack?

I know it doesnt show up on the xbox list but i even went to and found it but the offer is expired. Is there anyway around this because my profile already has the achievements on the list for the packs even though i havent downloaded them yet. if there is no way to download the pack can i rent the ultimate alliance gold addition but use my orginal save file?

Accepted Answer

From: overcracker 5 years ago

They have been removed from Live Market Place. There's a entire discussion about it in the MUA 2 form as their DLC was removed too.

The only way to get them now is to get the gold Edition of the game on disc.

Yes you can use saves from an Original Game on a Gold edition game, however if you save with the Gold edition then your original game will not be able to open those save file.

But if all you want are the achievements, you can rent the game get the achievements, but don't save or if you do don't open the save file again once you are done.

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