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How do I beat Winter Soldier in CapAmerica's sim mission?

i can clear the map of enemies and those three bombs with over 12 minutes left on the clock, but immediately upon facing Winter Soldier, he activates the rocket, and there's only 60 seconds to disarm or defeat him. i can't touch the four panels, and i can't destroy them, and i can't defeat Winter Soldier in only 60 seconds... what's up? what's the strategy here?

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overcracker answered:

Before fighting winter soldier he goes into a monologue where he refers to the console and how the only way to delay the countdown is to activate them in a specific order.

Well that order is determined by the red flashing light on each console.
Each console has a type of flat screen panel, that will flash red when it can be activated.

Basically you need go around the consoles and activate the one that has the red light flashing. Once you activate 3 of them , the timer resets. If the time left was over 20 seconds it will go back up to 1 minute. if not it will go up to 40 seconds.

So you need to bash on Winter soldier for 25, 30 seconds, And then go activate the consoles ,to get the timer back up. Repeat until Winter soldier goes down.
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trustd1 answered:

Something extra to help you if you are going for the Gold on Cap America's disc (or any other sim disc that takes place on the Helicarrier).

The room where the second bomb is located actually respawns enemies. You just need to clear the room and then go back one room and reenter. The enemies should come back. This is a good way to farm for the points needed for the Gold instead of having to speed through the level.
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mikehross8800 answered:

Personally, I have been experiencing a few glitches in the game and could not delay the countdown so I beat it by hitting him with fully charged Shield Bashes until he was defeated, I only had six seconds left on the countdown, but it was enough for me to grab the keycard and disable the nuke. Try using this method next to the console he is standing by when he gets done with his monologue and he will drop the key next to that console so that you can shut it down more quickly.
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