Samurai Warriors 2
Tadakatsu Honda
Jiyu Aifu
Version 1

* Contents *

1. Introduction
2. History Lesson
3. Unlocking Tadakatsu
4. Move List
5. Tadakatsu's Tale
     Chapter 1: Battle of Anegawa
     Chapter 2: Battle of Mikatagahara
     Chapter 3: Siege of Ueda Castle
     Chapter 4: Battle of Kusegawa
     Chapter 5: Battle of Sekigahara
     Tadakatsu's Dream: Tournament of Champions
6. Weapons
7. Stats
8. Movies
9. Credits
10. Update History
11. Contact Info
12. Copyright

**                             1. Introduction                               **

Tadakatsu, the mighty warrior serving Ieyasu Tokugawa. Tadakatsu is very
powerful with a strong sense of honor and justice. The only difference between
him and everyone else in that area is he doesn't go yelling about how important
honor is. Instead, he focuses on how important the might of a warrior is. He's
unique from the other "mighty" warriors in that he has strong morals, a firm
warrior code, and is generally a good, loyal person. I like him for such
reasons. I also find him to be a very good looking man with a very intricate
character design. Aside from how good their move set is, or how cool their
personality is, a marvelously designed appearance also adds to the enjoyment
of playing a certain character.

Tadakatsu is like a tank. Literally. He's extremely powerful and he just tears
up the battlefield. When you fight him, it can sometimes even be difficult to
interrupt his charge attacks, which will kill you. He even has a special move
that allows him to plow right through enemies. Add that to his attack range and
you have yourself quite an impressive character.

**                            2. History Lesson                              **

Tadakatsu Honda - 1548-1610

Also called Heihachiro Honda, Tadakatsu is a native of the Mikawa Province. He
served Ieyasu Tokugawa all his life and participated in nearly all of his
battles with his famous spear, Tonbo-Giri, one of the "Three Great Spears of

He first gained distinction when he led troops in the second rank at the Battle
of Anegawa (1570), aiding in the defeat of the Azai and Asakura armies along
with the Tokugawa's ally, Nobunaga Oda.

In the battle before the actual Battle of Mikatagahara (1572), Tadakatsu and
Tadayo Okubo made contact with the advancing Takeda army and were able to
escape due to Tadakatsu's skillful leadership. In the struggle afterward, he
commanded the left wing of Ieyasu's army and faced off with one of the Takeda's
most notable generals, Masatoyo Naito. The battle ended in defeat, but
Tadakatsu was also present at the Battle of Nagashino, three years later. He
commanded a rank of riflemen and combined with Nobunaga's highly effective
strategy of firing in cycling volleys, the Oda-Tokugawa force annihilated the
Takeda army.

During the Komaki Campaign (1584), he was left at Komaki while Ieyasu went out
to engage the Toyotomi at Nagakute. Tadakatsu observed a huge host, under
Hideyoshi himself, move out in pursuit. With a handful of men, Tadakatsu rode
out and challenged Hideyoshi from across the Shonai River. Hideyoshi
outnumbered Tadakatsu by 50 or 60 to 1, but was said to have been so moved by
the bravery of this warrior, that he ordered that no harm come to him or his

In 1586, Tadakatsu accompanied Ieyasu on a trip to Kyoto and was given the
title, "Nakatsukasa-taiyu". He accompanied Ieyasu in the Siege of Odawara and
was present at Hideyoshi's Korean Invasion Headquarters in Kyushu (1593-94).
Tadakatsu commanded troops in the Battle of Sekigahara (1600), where Ieyasu
defeated the Western army led by Mitsunari Ishida, giving Ieyasu control of
Japan and bringing the Sengoku era to a close.

Afterward, he was promoted from daimyo of the Otaki, with a fief in Kazusa
(100,000 koku), to daimyo of the Kuwana, with a fief in Izu (150,000 koku). In
addition, his son, Tadatomo Honda, became daimyo of the Otaki. Tadakatsu
retired in 1609, and his son, Tadamasa Honda took over his role as daimyo of
Kuwana. His other son, Tadatoki Honda married the granddaughter of Ieyasu, Sen.

Tadakatsu became increasingly estranged from the Tokugawa Shogunate as it
evolved from a military to a civilian political institution and in 1610, he
passed away.

A few legends sprang forth due to Tadakatsu's impressive skills in battle. It
is often said that he never once received a wound from any of the many battles
he participated in. It was also said that his spear, Tonbo Giri, was so sharp
that when a dragonfly rested on its blade, it was split it half. This is where
the spear gets its name, which translates into "Dragonfly Cutter".

Tadakatsu was easily recognizable in battle with a helmet adorned with deer
antlers and along with Naomasa Ii, Yasumasa Sakakibara, and Tadatsugu Sakai,
Tadakatsu Honda was one of the "Four Guardians of the Tokugawa". Nobunaga Oda
praised him, "Samurai in Samurai", and Hideyoshi Toyotomi praised him,
"Tadakatsu Honda in the east, Muneshige Tachibana in the west."


**                          3. Unlocking Tadakatsu                           **

To unlock Tadakatsu, you must complete Story Mode with Ieyasu Tokugawa. Or you
can also have him unlocked automatically by having Samurai Warriors: Xtreme
Legends data saved on your memory card.

**                              4. Move List                                 **

This is a description of Tadakatsu's moveset. Move Lists start out small and
then increase with newer attacks as you level your character. I first listed
his original moveset and then followed with what it becomes at its maximum
growth. The Move List's type refers to what type of attack the character's main
development reflects. And as a note, S refers to the Square button and T refers
to the Triangle button.

Type: Charge
The main development is found in the increase of charge attack strength.

Initial Move List:

Normal Attack- S - S - S - S
                  \   \   \
Charge Attack- T   T   T   T

Special 1- R1 + S
Regain one division of the musou gauge

Special 2- R1 + T
Damage enemies simply by running into them

Final Move List:

Normal Attack- S - S - S - S - S - S - S - S
                  \   \   \
Charge Attack- T   T   T   T
               |   |   |   |
               T   T   T   T
               |   |   |   |
               T   T   T   T

Special 1- R1 + S
Regain one division of the musou gauge

Special 2- R1 + T
Damage enemies simply by running into them

Normal Attacks:
Tadakatsu's normal attack set is relatively the same attack repeated so I just
split it up into where it gets a subtle change.

SS: Tadakatsu swings his spear from side to side.

SS+S: Tadakatsu swings his spear from side to side, then thrusts the end of his
      spear forward.

SS+S+SSSS: Tadakatsu swings his spear from side to side, then thrusts the end
           of his spear forward, followed by four charged swings from side to

SS+S+SSSS+S: Tadakatsu swings his spear from side to side, then thrusts the end
             of his spear forward, followed by four charged swings from side to
             side, and ending with one last powerful swing.

Running + S: A powerful horizontal swing.

Jump + S: Tadakatsu swings his spear downward.

Charge Attacks:

T: Tadakatsu charges his spear and swings it around.

T+T: Tadakatsu charges his spear and swings it around, followed by a forward
     thrust which shoots a small wave of energy forward.

T+T+T: Tadakatsu charges his spear and swings it around, followed by a forward
       thrust which shoots a small wave of energy forward, and ending with a
       powerful swing which sends a slightly larger wave of energy forward.

S+T: Tadakatsu bats the enemy in the air with his spear.

S+T+T: Tadakatsu bats the enemy in the air with his spear, and then smacks
       them back down.

S+T+T+T: Tadakatsu bats the enemy in the air with his spear, and then smacks
         them back down, followed by rushing forward with two swings of his

SS+T: A powerful horizontal slash.

SS+T+T: A powerful horizontal slash, followed by a powerful upward slash which
        slightly throws the enemy above you.

SS+T+T+T: A powerful horizontal slash, followed by a powerful upward slash
          which slightly throws the enemy above you so you can jump back and
          bring your spear down on them.

          Comment: The last part of this move is not easy to connect with the

SSS+T: Tadakatsu hits the ground which emits a small pulse of power forward.

SSS+T+T: Tadakatsu hits the ground which emits a small pulse of power forward,
         then swings his spear from side to side.

SSS+T+T+T: Tadakatsu hits the ground which emits a small pulse of power
           forward, then swings his spear from side to side four times and ends
           with spinning his spear around in front of him a pulse of power
           emits from him when he finishes.

           Comment: It indicates to press Triangle three times, but you'll have
                    to press Triangle for each time he swings his spear once he
                    gets to that part. So it's really more like an
                    SSS+T+T+T+T+T in the end.

Jump + T: Tadakatsu slams his spear into the ground.

Special Attacks: 

R1 + S: Regains part of the Musou Gauge. It's pretty self-explanatory.

R1 + T: Damage enemies simply by running into them. I told you he was a tank.
        It works sort of how it does on a horse. It's an entertaining skill,
        seeing enemies just get knocked down because Tadakatsu walks through

Musou Attack:

Samurai Warriors 2 has a new feature. Instead of filling one Musou Gauge, there
will be a maximum of three gauges to fill. Each one higher will give a stronger
Musou attack than the last. You'll start off with one and as you level your
character it will grow into the next two. You may still also tap the O button
to perform normal attacks with the Musou effect or you may hold the O button to
perform the character's own Musou attack. This here is Tadakatsu's own Musou.

One Gauge: Tadakatsu quickly swings his spear from side to side, followed by
           an area attack.

Two Gauges: Tadakatsu quickly swings his spear from side to side, followed by
            an area attack. The range, power, and length of this one is

Three Gauges: Tadakatsu quickly swings his spear from side to side, accompanied
              by bolts of power striking down all around him, followed by an
              area attack. The range, power, and length of this one is

Double/True Musou: This is just like his regular musou except the damage is
                   increased with an extra lightning element charge and before
                   he does his area attack he swings his spear a few more

**                          5. Tadakatsu's Tale                              **

In this section I will walk you through Tadakatsu's Story Mode. I will show the
story for each stage, the victory and defeat conditions, the officers attending
the battle, and I will give a step by step guide on a good way to proceed
through the battle. And note that these stages were done on the Normal
difficulty setting. Other difficulties and circumstances may change the way the
stage goes for you, but these will just provide a basic guide. Feel free to
play the stages however you want to though.

                           "Only conflict remains."

-                         Chapter 1: Battle of Anegawa                        -

    "When a true warrior enters the battlefield, enemy numbers mean little."

                          Oda-Tokugawa VS Azai-Asakura

Tadakatsu Honda was one of Ieyasu Tokugawa's finest warriors. Armed with his
great spear called the "Tonbo-giri", he was a formidable warrior on any

In the year 1570, Ieyasu and his ally, Nobunaga Oda, became bitter enemies with
the Azai and Asakura.

Ieyasu joined his ally Nobunaga in the invasion of the Azai territory of

While the Oda forces engaged the smaller Azai clan, Ieyasu was forced to deal
with the Asakura, who had an army three times the size of his own.

Despite these seemingly insurmountable odds, Tadakatsu showed no signs of fear
or trepidation...

  Victory: Defeat Nagamasa and Yoshikage.
  Defeat: Nobunaga or Ieyasu is defeated.

-Oda-Tokugawa-                     -Azai-Asakura-

Nobunaga Oda                       Nagamasa Azai
Ieyasu Tokugawa                    Yoshikage Asakura
Hideyoshi Hashiba                  Oichi
Magoichi Saika                     Kazumasa Isono
Katsuie Shibata                    Masazumi Azai
Tadakatsu Honda                    Sadayuki Atsuji
Hanzo Hattori                      Naoyori Shinjo
Tsuneoki Ikeda                     Naotsune Endo
Nobumori Sakuma                    Kiyotsuna Akao
Yoshinari Mori                     Tsunachika Kaiho
Masahisa Sakai                     Kagenori Asakura
Tadatsugu Sakai                    Jinpachiro Maeba
Masanobu Honda                     Kagetake Asakura
                                   Yoshimune Kawai
                                   Nagashige Tomita
                                   Kagekata Uozumi
                                   Naganori Yamazaki

1) Begin by defeating Nagashige Tomita and Kagenori Asakura. Also defeat that
Reserve Captain nearby as well.

2) You'll be prompted to head for the central garrison. Once you arrive you'll
get a mission to defeat Yoshimune Kawai and seize it. Do so, and also defeat
the Reserve Captain.

3) Now head for the Asakura main camp and defeat Kagekata Uozumi, Naganori
Yamazaki, and Jinpachiro Maeba.

4) Now the Asakura will be weakened. Enter the camp and defeat Kagetake Asakura
and Yoshikage Asakura to defeat the Asakura army. Take out that Reserve Captain
in their camp too.

5) Oichi and other officers will begin marching to stop the Tokugawa. Punish
Tsunachika Kaiho, Naotsune Endo, Kiyomasa Akao, and Oichi.

6) Nobunaga Oda and his main camp should be in danger from Nagamasa Azai, but
hopefully Nagamasa will tire out from fatigue now. Race on over there to assist
Nobunaga. Defeat all remaining officers and finish off Nagamasa. If he has
exhausted by fatigue then you'll only have to beat him once, otherwise he'll
keep coming back until he tires.

-                      Chapter 2: Battle of Mikatagahara                      -

         "A samurai has but two options in battle. To live, or to die."

                          Oda-Tokugawa VS Takeda Army

It was due to Tadakatsu's mighty strength that the Battle of Anegawa was won.
Some said his skills were comparable to that of the legendary Zhang Fei of
ancient China.

After returning to his homeland, Ieyasu found himself once again in danger. The
Tiger of Kai, Shingen Takeda, was now on the move.

Ieyasu, to prove how brave a warrior from Mikawa was, set out to stop Shingen's
journey towards the capital.

However, Shingen had anticipated such a move and ambushed Ieyasu at

Tadakatsu rose once again, this time to fight Shingen and protect his lord...

  Victory: Defeat Shingen or Ieyasu and Tadakatsu arrive at the Escape Point.
  Defeat: Ieyasu is defeated.

-Oda-Tokugawa-                     -Takeda Army-

Ieyasu Tokugawa                    Shingen Takeda
Tadakatsu Honda                    Nobutoyo Takeda
Hanzo Hattori                      Nobukimi Anayama    
Yasumasa Sakakibara                Masatane Hara
Tadatsugu Sakai                    Moritomo Saegusa
Kazumasa Ishikawa                  Nobufusa Baba
Tadazane Honda                     Masatoyo Naito
Nobumori Sakuma                    Nobushige Oyamada
Hirohide Hirate                    Masatsugu Tsuchiya

Reinforcements-                    Reinforcements-
Yoshinobu Natsume                  Katsuyori Takeda
Tadatsugu Matsui                   Kotaro Fuma
Kyuzaburo Suzuki                   Masanobu Kosaka
                                   Masakage Yamagata
                                   Nobukado Takeda
                                   Sakon Shima

1) Basically, you should be travelling with Ieyasu Tokugawa for this stage
until he reaches the Escape Point. Nobushige Oyamada will start to pursue him.
Defeat him, and knock out that Reserve Captain up top as well.

2) Once Ieyasu reaches the open area just below Shingen Takeda's camp,
Katsuyori Takeda will ambush him. Defeat Katsuyori.

3) Continue following Ieyasu and once you get to Masatsugu Tsuchiya's position,
Kotaro Fuma will appear and attempt to assassinate Ieyasu. Thwart his attack by
defeating him and take out Masatsugu as well.

4) I would leave Ieyasu for a moment and quickly loop up and defeat Moritomo
Saegusa, Masatane Hara, and Nobukimi Anayama. Once you get up there, you'll get
a mission to protect the Oda Army's retreat. Doing this will help them in their
retreat, but Ieyasu is more important so rush back down to his side.

5) Once Ieyasu reaches that area in the southwest, Masanobu Kosaka, Masakage
Yamagata, and Nobukado Takeda will ambush him. If you took the time to do step
4, then hopefully you did it fast enough so Ieyasu could survive. Defeat the
three officers mentioned to protect your lord.

6) You'll get a few allied reinforcements about now. Yoshinobu Natsume,
Tadatsugu Matsui, and Kyuzaburo Suzuki will arrive and each of them will claim
to be Ieyasu Tokugawa to distract the Takeda Army and help the real Ieyasu
escape. However, they will probably be slain soon after.

7) As you head along with Ieyasu, defeat Masatoyo Naito. Once you get to
Hamamatsu Castle, you'll find Sakon Shima guarding it. Defeat him so Ieyasu can
escape. The rest of your remaining allies will begin to fall back as well.

8) You can follow Ieyasu into the castle, but where would the fun be in the
that? Instead, ride up the Takeda camp and confront Shingen Takeda. Defeat
Nobutoyo Takeda and Shingen to complete the stage.

-                       Chapter 3: Siege of Ueda Castle                       -

          "No strategy can defend a warrior as well as his own might."

                          Tokugawa Army VS Sanada Army

Ieyasu managed to survive the Battle of Mikatagahara.

Later, Shingen died due to illness before he could reach the capital. Soon
thereafter, Nobunaga tried to take control of the land but was assassinated at

Following Nobunaga's death, Ieyasu made an alliance with the Hojo. They moved
their forces into the land of Shinshu to make it their own.

In response, Masayuki Sanada and the Uesugi Army rose to stop them.

The battle between Tadakatsu and Masayuki was to take place at Ueda Castle...

  Victory: Defeat Masayuki and Yukimura.
  Defeat: Ieyasu is defeated.

-Tokugawa Army-                     -Sanada Army-

Ieyasu Tokugawa                     Masayuki Sanada
Tadakatsu Honda                     Yukimura Sanada
Hanzo Hattori                       Kanetsugu Naoe
Mototada Torii                      Nobuyuki Sanada
Nagamori Okabe                      Shigenori Suzuki
Naomasa Ii                          Yorisada Yazawa
Tadayo Okubo                        Genba Karasawa
Yasumasa Sakakibara                 Shigenaga Honjo
Tadatsugu Sakai                     Tomonobu Saito
Chikayoshi Hiraiwa                  Yataro Onikojima
Tadataka Okubo                      Takahiro Kitajo
                                    Chikanori Suibara
                                    Nagazane Irobe

                                    Zushonosuke Yumoto
                                    Mino Kaneko
                                    Bitchu Kozuki
                                    Kotaro Fuma

1) Head straight and take out the Reserve Captain. Continue on and defeat
Nagazane Irobe. You'll get a mission to seize the southeast garrison and an
ambush unit will appear behind you as well. Defeat Zushonosuke Yumoto and Mino
Kaneko. Then enter the garrison and defeat Takahiro Kitajo to capture it. Also
defeat that Reserve Captain.

2) Head up to the east garrison and defeat Shigenaga Honjo. Another ambush will
spring. Defeat Bitchu Kozuki.

3) Many of your allies will act on a false call for reinforcements and head up
to Naomasa Ii. However, this was the Sanada's ploy. Ueda Castle's floodgate
will open and force a good amount of your allies to retreat.

4) Go through the cave that Bitchu Kozuki appeared in to arrive at Ueda's south
gate. Defeat Genba Karasawa and Yorisada Yazawa. Then complete the mission to
defeat Yukimura Sanada. He's pretty tough here, but you should be able to
manage with Tadakatsu. If not, then you can ignore him for now and take Ueda
Castle behind his back. Me, I like to beat him up. ^_^

5) Kanetsugu Naoe will start advancing as well. Chase after him and defeat him.

6) Now just for fun, head up to the northwest. Wipe out all the Reserve
Captains along the way if it pleases you. It pleases me. Then seize control of
Toishi Castle by defeating Chikanori Suibara and Yataro Onikojima.

7) Head back to Ueda Castle and defeat the Defense Captain to open the door.
Get rid of Nobuyuki Sanada when he comes out.

8) Take the left path into the underground main keep and defeat Shigenori
Suzuki. Kotaro Fuma will also appear on the top floor with Masayuki Sanada.

9) Defeat Kotaro and then Masayuki to complete the stage.

-                        Chapter 4: Battle of Kusegawa                        -

           "A warrior's greatest battle is always his next battle."

                          Eastern Army VS Western Army

The Battle of Ueda Castle ended in victory for the Tokugawa Army, who then
established peace with the Sanada.

Eventually, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who had avenged Nobunaga's death and seized the
land, died himself.

It was at this moment that Ieyasu decided it was time for him to rule the land.

Mitsunari Ishida opposed this and mobilized his troops to stop Ieyasu.
Mitsunari's Western Army and Ieyasu's Eastern Army clashed at Kusegawa.

This battle was to determine who would rule the land. With his cunning tactics,
the commander of the Western Army, Sakon Shima, was poised to eliminate the
Eastern Army once and for all...

  Victory: Defeat Sakon.
  Defeat: Kazutada, Kazuhide, Toyouji, and Tanamo are defeated, or Tadakatsu is

-Eastern Army-                     -Western Army-

Tadakatsu Honda                    Sakon Shima
Ina                                Musashi Miyamoto
Naomasa Ii                         Hideie Ukita
Kazutada Nakamura                  Yukinaga Konishi
Kazuhide Nakamura                  Tamehiro Hiratsuka
Toyouji Arima                      Satoie Gamo
Tanomo Noisshiki                   Teruzumi Akashi
                                   Shigemasa Toda

                                   Yoshitsugu Otani
                                   Yoshikatsu Otani
                                   Ginchiyo Tachibana
                                   Yoritsugu Kinoshita
                                   Yoshihiro Shimazu
                                   Toyohisa Shimazu

1) First, let me just clarify the defeat conditions. You're told to keep those
four allies alive. However, if some of them are defeated, you will not lose the
stage. Only if all four of them are slain. With that in mind, go forward and
take out Teruzumi Akashi.

2) When you continue forward, you'll get a mission to rescue Kazuhide Nakamura.
Defeat Satoie Gamo and Shigemasa Toda to allow him to retreat to the south

3) Yoshitsugu Otani and Yoshikatsu Otani will arrive in the west and Ginchiyo
Tachibana and Yoritsugu Kinoshita in the south.

4) Go assist Tanomo Noisshiki's retreat first by defeating Yoshikatsu Otani.
Then defeat that Reserve Captain.

5) Then defeat Yoshitsugu Otani and that Reserve Captain by him.

6) Run back down to the south garrison and defend it by defeating Ginchiyo
Tachibana and Yoritsugu Kinoshita. Make sure you take that Reserve Captain out
down there if that gate was taken by the enemy. The flow of troops could end up
killing your allies down there.

7) Yoshihiro Shimazu and Toyohisa Shimazu will arrive soon. Since you're
already down there, defeat Toyohisa Shimazu.

8) Now you've left the north garrison dangling long enough. Go help Toyouji and
Ina, (If they're still there), and defeat Yoshihiro Shimazu, Yukinaga Konishi,
and Tamehiro Hiratsuka.

9) Head down to the Western Army's main camp and defeat Hideie Ukita and
Musashi Miyamoto. Then enter and finish off Sakon Shima to complete the stage.

-                       Chapter 5: Battle of Sekigahara                       -

          "The loss of one's blade pains like the loss of a friend."

                          Eastern Army VS Western Army

The Battle of Kusegawa was won by the valiant efforts of Tadakatsu.

The Eastern Army wished to finalize their victory, while the Western Army
hoped to avenge their earlier loss. The two forces gathered at Sekigahara to
determine who would emerge victorious.

This would be the last battle for Tadakatsu and his beloved spear, the

  Victory: Defeat Mitsunari.
  Defeat: Ieyasu is defeated.

-Eastern Army-                     -Western Army-

Ieyasu Tokugawa                    Mitsunari Ishida
Tadakatsu Honda                    Sakon Shima
Ina                                Yoshihiro Shimazu
Naomasa Ii                         Musashi Miyamoto
Masanori Fukushima                 Satoie Gamo
Nagamasa Kuroda                    Yoshitsugu Otani
Tadayoshi Matsudaira               Hideie Ukita
Yadaoki Hosokawa                   Yukinaga Konishi
Yoshiaki Kato                      Teruzumi Akashi
Nagachika Kanamori                 Hideaki Kobayakawa
Hirotaka Terasawa                  Suketada Ogawa
Kazutoyo Yamanouchi                Yasuharu Wakisaka
Terumasa Ikeda                     Toyohisa Shimazu
                                   Ekei Ankokuji
Reinforcements-                    Hiroie Kikkawa
Magobei Fuse                       Hidemoto Mori
Hideaki Kobayakawa                 Morichika Chosokabe
Suketada Ogawa                     Masaie Natsuka
Yasuharu Wakisaka                  Shigemasa Toda
Hiroie Kikkawa                     Tamehiro Hiratsuka
Hidemoto Mori
                                   Ginchiyo Tachibana

1) This battle can be pretty chaotic with all the missions that appear pretty
much all at once as well as the large amount of enemies that gather in the
center. If worst comes to worst, just by all means keep Ieyasu Tokugawa alive.

2) First capture the Western Army's cannons as they can be a nuisance. Defeat
the two indicated Defense Captain and take out the Reserve Captains as well.

3) Help a few allies out in the middle by defeating a couple of enemy officers.
Masanori Fukushima and Naomasa Ii will need the most help. Don't spend a lot of
time doing this.

4) Ginchiyo Tachibana will show up in the north and go after your main camp.
Prevent her from entering by besting her in combat.

5) Magobei Fuse will arrive to force Hideaki Kobayakawa to defect. Go down and
escort him to Mt. Matsuo. Defeat Masaie Natsuka and Morichika Chosokabe who
should be in his way. Also defeat that Reserve Captain. Once Magobei begins
firing bullets upon Mt. Matsuo, Hideaki Kobayakawa, Suketada Ogawa, and
Yasuharu Wakisaka will defect to the Eastern Army. This is very helpful.

6) Defeat Ekei Ankokuji to get Hiroie Kikkawa and Hidemoto Mori to defect to
your side.

7) Yoshihiro Shimazu will start to retreat. Prevent him from doing so by
defeating him and Toyohisa Shimazu.

8) Now finish off any remaining enemy officers that you have not already taken
out in the middle. Musashi Miyamoto will have charged out as well and he'll be
in hyper mode.

9) March on over to the Western Army's main camp and defeat Sakon Shima to open
the gates. Enter and defeat Mitsunari Ishida to claim victory.

Completing this stage unlocks Tadakatsu's final movie, To Rest at Last. It also
unlocks his Dream stage and Ina as a playable character. If this is the first
Story Mode you completed you'll also unlock the Credits 1 movie.

                      "Only the final conflict remains."

-                 Tadakatsu's Dream: Tournament of Champions                  -

         "Might perfects the samurai, the samurai perfects not might."

                              Tokugawa Guardians

Amidst the chaos, some of the most powerful warriors in the land gathered for a
little competition.

The free-spirited fighter, Keiji Maeda, the master swordsman Musashi Miyamoto,
the elusive and enigmatic Kotaro Fuma.

And the legendary warrior, Tadakatsu Honda.

These mighty warriors strove to prove once and for all who the best warrior in
the land truly was. It was a battle the likes of which had never been seen
before in history...

  Victory: Defeat all enemy officers.
  Defeat: Any allied officer is defeated.

-Tokugawa Guardians-                     -Rival-

Tadakatsu Honda                          Swordsmen-
Naomasa Ii                               Musashi Miyamoto
Yasumasa Sakakibara                      Kojiro Sasaki
Tadatsugu Sakai                          Tadaaki Ono
                                         Munenori Yagyu
                                         Shigetaka Togo

                                         Keiji Maeda
                                         Dokyu Yamagami
                                         Danemon Ban
                                         Matabei Goto
                                         Shigenari Kimura

                                         Kotaro Fuma
                                         Hanzo Hattori
                                         Genba Karasawa
                                         Koroku Hachisuka

                                         Minor Lords-
                                         Hideyoshi Toyotomi
                                         Ieyasu Tokugawa
                                         Masamune Date
                                         Ujinao Hojo
                                         Yoshihisa Shimazu

1) The other three Tokugawa Guardians are here to join you in this battle. They
don't do anything but guard the three garrisons located on the map though. Four
waves of enemies will come to challenge you, each of them will try to break
into the three garrisons and attack your comrades. If any of them with unique
character models, like Musashi and Kojiro for example, enter a garrison, they
will go into hyper mode. And the garrison each one attacks is not set. They can
attack any of the three garrisons each time you play this stage, so keep that
in mind as you decide what order to take everyone out. The ordering of what
wave comes next can also be different.

2) The first wave is comprised of Swordsmen. Kojiro Sasaki and Musashi Miyamoto
are the ones you have to worry about. In most cases, it seems a good idea to
take out Kojiro first and then go after Musashi. It makes it easier if he's
close by Munenori Yagyu and Shigetaka Togo when you go after him since you can
distract them all from attacking your garrisons, but either way you'll want to
get rid of Musashi next. Defeat the remaining three officers to defeat the

3) Now for a wave of Miscreants. This wave is easy since Keiji Maeda is the
only one you really have to worry about. Go after him first and then finish off
the remaining officers to beat the Miscreants.

4) Next come ninjas. Try to lure both Kotaro Fuma and Hanzo Hattori at once so
you can prevent them both from entering the garrisons. Hopefully, Nene will
head for a garrison with a few soldiers to keep her busy while you're dealing
with Kotaro and Hanzo. After those two, hurry and defeat Nene. Then defeat
Genba Karasawa and Koroku Hachisuka to defeat the wave of Ninjas.

5) Now this is the tricky part. Another wave with three people you have to
prevent from entering the garrisons and this time they're all in hyper mode
already. Treat it similarly to the Ninjas wave. Hopefully Ieyasu Tokugawa will
go after the central or west garrison. That way you can battle it out with him
as well as Masamune Date. As for Hideyoshi Toyotomi, he will be rather tricky.
Your troops standing guard outside the garrisons will probably already be
depleted so he may be able to just walk right in while you're fighting the
other two. And since he's already in hyper mode, entering a garrison will just
make it worse. But, if that happens, it's no big deal. Just hope he doesn't
defeat any of your allies before you can get rid of him. Defeating the
remaining officers takes care of the Minor Lords which ends the stage and
proves that Tadakatsu Honda is the greatest warrior in Japan.

6) Remember that preventing the enemy officers from entering your garrisons is
not required to complete the stage. It just makes it easier and gives you more
experience or gold for completing missions. Defeating all enemy officers while
keeping your allies alive is all you really need to do to complete this stage.

And that completes Tadakatsu's Story Mode. If this was the first Dream stage
you did, you'll unlock the Credits 2 movie.

**                               6. Weapons                                  **

Everyone has four weapons. The first three can be gotten randomly, though the
increased difficulty and higher the Discern skill will increase your chances of
finding a more powerful version of these three weapons. The fourth weapon can
only be obtained on the Hard difficulty setting in Story Mode and you must have
completed that character's Story Mode. You do not need to complete their Dream
stage though. You will then have to fulfill certain requirements to obtain the
fourth weapon. These are Tadakatsu's weapons, including how to obtain the

Great Spear-
   Base Attack- 23

Tiger Slayer-
   Base Attack- 33

War Trident-
   Base Attack- 41

   Base Attack- 50
   Element- Fire
     Musou        +15
     Attack       +37
     Defense      +53
     Musou Charge +33

        Obtaining Tonbo-giri

You must play Tadakatsu's Dream stage in Story Mode, "Tournament of Champions"
on the Hard difficulty after completing his Story Mode.

What you must do is prevent nine of the enemy officers from entering any of the
three allied garrisons. The officers you must defeat are Musashi Miyamoto,
Kojiro Sasaki, Keiji Maeda, Kotaro Fuma, Hanzo Hattori, Nene, Masamune Date,
Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi. They show up in four waves accompanied
by a few generic officers as well. It does not matter if the generic officers
enter a garrison. You just have to prevent the ones mentioned from breaching
the garrisons' gates.

Now the flow of this particular stage can be random which makes it difficult to
give an actual strategy of obtaining the weapon. You'll have to form your own
strategy, but I do have quite a few useful tips which will help you strategize
on how to obtain this powerful weapon.

1) First of all, having a second player help you is extremely helpful. Have
them distract the other officers while you work on eliminating them. But you
as Tadakatsu MUST be the one to deal the final blow to the officers you need to
defeat. If you don't have a friend or sibling to help you, or you just want to
do it on your own, then you may find this weapon to be very difficult to
obtain, but not impossible.

2) Having Tadakatsu's stats maxed is a good idea. Especially his Musou and
Attack. His level 3 Musou is deadly and will be a great help to defeat these
enemies. Especially with that special move of his where he can gain a division
of his Musou Gauge. That's a good way to defeat enemy officers quickly.

3) Equip a fast horse so you can get across the map faster. Tadakatsu is not
very swift so this is essential.

4) Have a fully upgraded weapon. Extra Attack and Musou boosts will help
greatly if you can get them. And if you can't, reset the game after you
purchase the upgrades until you get a combination you want.

5) Save often. Preferably after each wave of officers you defeat. The reason
being that each officer does not have a set garrison that they attack. Musashi
may attack the west, he may attack the east, or even the central one. If they
attack one that you are not prepared for then you can reset and try again. But
make sure you save before the new wave arrives. You can also reset if they do
infiltrate one of the garrisons.

6) Keep an eye on how many troops are still alive guarding the outside of each
garrison. You only have a few stationed at each gate and they do not respawn if
they are killed. If all the troops at one gate are gone then the enemy can just
walk right into that garrison with no resistance. Use this to determine what
garrison you want an enemy to attack as well so they can be resisted for a
little bit until you can take out the other officers.

7) Though it is not required to prevent them from breaching your garrisons,
watch out for the generic officers too. They can kill the troops outside your
garrisons and ruin it for the next wave of enemies.

8) Though they do not have a set garrison to attack, they do have a set
position they arrive at. They are as follows:

Musashi Miyamoto- Northeast
Kojiro Sasaki- Southwest

Keiji Maeda- Southwest

Kotaro Fuma- Northwest
Hanzo Hattori- North
Nene- South

Minor Lords:
Hideyoshi Toyotomi- Southwest
Masamuna Date- Northwest
Ieyasu Tokugawa- Northeast

9) Ninjas and Minor Lords each arrive with three officers you are required to
defeat. Try luring Kotaro Fuma and Hanzo Hattori together so you only have to
worry about Nene and Masamune Date and Ieyasu Tokugawa together so you only
have to worry about Hideyoshi Toyotomi. They are close by each other at their
starting points and if Ieyasu doesn't attack the east garrison, he will be
approaching Masamune.

10) Pick up any White Blade items, which double your attack for 30 seconds,
that drop by any soldiers you happen to kill while attacking the officers, if
any do drop. They will help you deal more damage to the officers you need to

11) The Minor Lords group is in hyper mode so be aware of that. The officers
you need to defeat will also go into hyper mode if they do enter a garrison. So
aside from the Minor Lords, if you see one in hyper mode, then you know you

12) This goes without saying, but be careful not to knock the officer through
the garrison's gate while you're fighting them.

Whether this weapon is difficult or easy for you, let your love for Tadakatsu
or your obsessive need to get everyone's fourth weapon be your motivation to
keep trying if you fail.

**                                7. Stats                                   **

These are Tadakatsu's stats. First I will show his beginning stats followed by
his stats when they are maxed.

Beginning Stats:

Life      128
Musou     82
Attack    96
Defense   96
Ride      94
Speed     90
Dex       90
Luck      93

Maximum Stats:

Life      317
Musou     246
Attack    200
Defense   200
Ride      184
Speed     150
Dex       150
Luck      189

**                               8. Movies                                   **

Tadakatsu has five movies. Each of them is unlocked by progressing through his
Story Mode. I will show the name of each movie, what stage you get them from,
and give a brief description of what happens in them.

-Patience and Persistence-
Unlocked at the beginning of "Battle of Anegawa"

The Tokugawa army is preparing for battle and one of Ieyasu Tokugawa's officers
(I'm going to guess Tadatsugu Sakai) mentions how the Oda outnumber the Azai,
but the Asakura outnumber the Tokugawa. Ieyasu tells him that they will endure
and Tadakatsu Honda asks him why they are enduring so? Ieyasu tells him and the
whole army, that they will endure so all Japan may know their strength.

-The Heaviest Burden-
Unlocked after completing "Battle of Mikatagahara"

Ieyasu Tokugawa frantically rides through a gate and falls off of his horse.
He mourns the loss of all the men that died due to his lack of vision.
Tadakatsu Honda comes up and hands him his helmet, saying that those men died
for something greater than their own lives, they died for a future they fought
to realize. Ieyasu sees what he must do. He must carry the burden of fighting
for a future of peace.

-Incident at Honnoji-
Unlocked at the beginning of "Siege of Ueda Castle"

This movie just explains that Nobunaga Oda perished at Honnoji temple in Kyoto
after Mitsuhide Akechi betrayed him.

-Showdown at Sekigahara-
Unlocked at the beginning of "Battle of Sekigahara"

The Western Army is marching and Tadakatsu Honda tells Ieyasu Tokugawa of their
formation. He laughs and declares that the progress he has made to attain peace
cannot be stopped and he will win, as he was meant to win. His army cheers.

-To Rest at Last-
Unlocked after completing "Battle of Sekigahara"

Tadakatsu Honda rests his Tonbo-giri, his greatest ally through countless
battles, in the ground and says, "Your job is done, as is the era."

**                               9. Credits                                  **

Credits to Koei, W-Omega Force, and any others involved in the making of this
great game. Also credits to the real Tadakatsu Honda and all the achievements
he made to make him the famed warrior he is today.

Also thanks to:
Wikipedia for information on Tadakatsu.

Samurai Archives for information on Tadakatsu.

EChang for information on obtaining Tadakatsu's fourth weapon.

**                           10. Update History                              **

October 1
Version 1- Original completed layout.

October 14
Version 1- Fixed a few typing errors.

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