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Asked: 5 years ago

I cant get my game to let me use multiplayer?


Additional details - 5 years ago

Help please!

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Mercenaries 2 uses a,"Drop in, Drop Out" Online Multiplayer Set-up. Start the game, then pause. Go to Options, then hit Multiplayer. Change the privacy depending on who you want in your game. If you really want to play with someone, choose,"Anyone". If you don't like that, and have a lot of friends who can play with you, switch it to,"Friends". Finally, if you don't want anyone joining without your permission, switch it to,"Invite Only".

This can be compared to your NAT settings, with Invite Only being Strict, Friends being Moderate, and Anyone being Open.

And remember, Multiplayer is only available on System Link, where you need an Ethernet cable, two gaming consoles, and two TVs, and need to connect the Ethernet cable to both consoles, or you can go Online. Unfortunately, playing offline on the same console is impossible in Mercenaries 2.

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Sonic does that work?

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