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Why does my game keep freezing at the main menu?

Hi there. I bought Mercenaries 2 yesterday used at the local Gamestop. When I got home and popped it into the Xbox, it froze at the menu. So I take it out, clean it with some alcohol, and try it again. Still doesn't work. I put in another game to make sure my 360 isn't broken, and it runs fine. I bought another one today and I'm having the exact same issue.

So am I just getting really unlucky with my copies or does my 360 just hate Mercenaries 2?

zez4eva asked for clarification:

How do you get the patch??????

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Bahahnkur answered:

The reason is that when it is trying to connect to ea servers it can't connect therefore it freezes so either download army of two demo which makes it connect to ea servers or play offline
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shadowwolf1917 answered:

Hmmmm... It might be that you don't have the patch downloaded? Are you hooked up to Xbox Live, have you downloaded the update? That might be the reason. But, where does it freeze at? While loading in the menu? Or just in the menu? If it is loading just wait a few minutes, this game has horrible load times.
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StrangeKid1412 answered:

This also happen to me
I first start up Mercenaries 2 offline when i am pass the main menu i go back online
go online when you are playing the game like doing the story.
This is what i did
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gimliskar answered:

I had the same problem. Recently bought a used copy and thought that it was the disc. After disconnecting from Xbox Live the game worked just fine. Though many of the achievements can only be completed while online.

Bahahnkur was correct about the Army of Two demo, the reason for this is to connect to the EA servers you have to agree to allow them to send your Xbox Live data to their servers. The Army of Two demo is the easiest as doesn't require a purchase and can be easily obtained from the game marketplace.

Downloading the demo (about 1.3 GB) and going to any of the Co-Op modes will give a few prompts and connect to the EA servers. Upon returning to Mercenaries 2, the freezing stopped.
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